League of Legends Betting Sites for 2021

For half a decade already, real money League of Legends betting sites have been enjoying exceptional demand during LoL Worlds. However, in recent years, that demand traversed to other events too. Mid-Season Invitationals were always popular to bet on but, these days, the same can be said about LoL Regional Championships.

In fact, LoL gambling sites are popular all year long thanks to League’s decentralized esports schedule that’s unlike anything else in the esports sphere. And that’s the charm of betting on League of Legends – there’s always stuff to bet on!

If you’re new here and you’re not sure where to start placing LoL bets, here are some great places to start:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
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SportsBetting.ag Esports
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League of Legends has been a significant part of the esports scene for roughly a decade. Riot Games’ globally famous multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) has figured out what it takes to remain at the very top of the esports food chain. It’s been there since the inception of modern esports, and it’s here to stay whether you like it or not.

What’s League of Legends’ secret ingredient? Well, the most critical factor is its global popularity. Yes, other esports fare pretty well across the globe too, but none come close to League of Legends. China, USA, EU, and a ton of Asian countries live and breathe LoL.

On top of that, League of Legends betting sites have been an important catalyst as well. The esports betting community has played a vital role in keeping League of Legends at the very top. We’re not saying LoL betting is the most popular esports betting market, but it’s not far from it either.

Lots of people are still coming into the LoL betting sphere. Unfortunately, many don’t know how to properly kick things off. The most common issue seems to be finding good League of Legends betting sites. If you have this issue and you came here looking for answers, we’re happy to provide.

Best USA Esports Bookies

Bookmaker With Best League of Legends Betting Odds – BetOnline

If you’re all about the best odds, then BetOnline is the LoL bookmaker you should opt for. They have fine coverage, an intuitive site, and exceptional odds across all esports markets. LoL futures are plentiful too, making BetOnline worth checking out if you’re on the lookout for good online League of Legends betting websites.

Bookmaker With Best Bonuses – MyBookie

If you rather find a bookmakers that gives you tons of options for taking your money to the next level with bonuses and rewards, then MyBookie.ag is the choice for you! With an extensive esports collection, League is definitely not lacking. Be sure to check out there bonuses and promotions page to see the current esports betting bonuses available.

Bookmaker With Best Event Coverage – BetUS

BetUS is one of the highest rated bookmakers in the United States due simply to the amount of game coverage they offer. Not only in traditional sports, but in esports as well. You will be able to find betting options for almost any tournament or League of Legends event that is going on. If you are looking for a League of Legends betting site option with great event coverage, BetUS has you covered.

Best Non-US Esports Bookies

Bookmaker for Best League of Legends Prop Bets – Betway

Betway always has an outstanding variety of LoL props. If you’re sick and tired of moneylines and you’re up for a change of pace, Betway won’t let you down! Their coverage is especially strong during LoL Worlds, but it’s at an admirable level during regional championship matches, too.

Best All-Around League of Legends Betting Site – 22Bet

22Bet is definitely among the best online LoL betting websites! They do everything they can to provide their users with a pleasant experience. 22Bet might not excel at any department, but they’re above-average left and right. If an all-around great online betting experience is what you’re chasing, 22Bet is a no-brainer!

Best Esports Coverage Bookie – 10bet

10bet is a great online betting site that covers not only League of Legends well, but many other fan favorites in the esports community. If you are an avid esports bettor and love to bet on more than one esport at a time, it would definitely be worth checking out 10bet!

Best League of Legends Betting Sites in 2021

League of Legends
We already examined the only LoL bookmakers worth your time. Now, let’s see what exactly makes them so good; let’s examine why they’re considered as the best esports bookmakers out there!
Here are some of the key factors that make for outstanding League of Legends gambling websites.

Mobile Betting

This is the norm! Bettors actively demanded support for mobile betting on esports, and bookies finally answered their prayers. For quite some time already, League of Legends bookmakers feature mobile betting.

Mobile betting represents bookies’ ability to support users on their smartphones. It can be done through standalone smartphone apps (iOS and Android) or mobile-friendly websites. Mobile betting is an essential characteristic every bookie needs to have nowadays.

Gambling Licenses

This goes without saying! If you’re looking for LoL bookmakers, the only ones you should opt for are those that possess all necessary gambling licenses.

Why are licenses so important? Well, the license is a testament to the bookie’s legitimacy. If you’re on an unlicensed LoL bookie, you won’t get the experience you deserve, and your personal info could be in jeopardy! Stay on the safe side. Choose licensed betting platforms!

League of Legends Bonuses

Not that many bookmakers have separate esports bonuses. Even fewer have dedicated League of Legends betting bonuses. If you love exploiting your bonus betting bankroll but you’re afraid the lack of options will leave you stranded, worry not! There are several top-tier bookmakers that do have esports betting incentives. We’ll take a closer look at them later on this page.

Live Betting on League of Legends

Is live betting on esports an actual thing? Yes, it is! Most online League of Legends betting sites offer betting on ongoing matches AKA live betting. The only difference is the variety of available bets. Some only feature live moneylines, while others opt for some props as well. The story goes for both smaller events and big esports spectacles… though you might find deeper coverage for the latter.

How to Bet on LoL – Inisight Into How Our Team Bets on League

Here is a step-by-step explanation of our thought process when trying to make
the perfect LoL betting slip.

1. Pick the Optimal Bookie

As if anything other than choosing the best LoL betting sites could make it onto the first spot. Picking the optimal bookie means looking for three things – first, it’s supposed to have all the matches you wish to bet on with the highest possible odds. Second, it’s
supposed to give you access to your favorite payment options for quick deposits/withdrawals. Third, it’s supposed to be easy to navigate and hold a credible betting license to give you a safe and enjoyable experience.

2. Pick a League/Match to Bet On

After choosing the best LoL betting sites to bet on, the second thing we do is pick our desired matches. Depending on the time of year, we’ll pick between the most popular tournaments and leagues such as LoL Worlds (League of Legends World Championship), MSI (Mid-Season-
Invitational), and any of the regional leagues. At the end of this step, we usually go back to check the odds on our chosen betting website. If they’re not satisfying enough, we’ll go back to step one and choose another site.

3. Do Pre-Betting Research

Finally, step number three – doing the pre-betting research, and doing it marvelously while we’re at it. If there is one thing we hate, it’s placing a bet without proper knowledge
about the teams competing in it. Don’t be like that – you have the internet at your disposal, so use it to get the freshest information available. Form, news, gossip, statistics, and all that good stuff – use anything you can to turn your bet into a win!

Gambling on League of Legends Events for Real Money

Real Money LoL betting sites is what we’ve been talking about all this time. Is that all esports betting has to offer? Is there another way to bet on League? Are there other types of League of Legends betting websites?

League of Legends Championship

Well, there is another type, but you shouldn’t really use it. You see, many skin gambling sites offer LoL odds. Instead of betting on LoL with real money, you’d be betting with your Dota 2 or CSGO skins.

Obviously, we don’t recommend using such sites. Whether you’d like to play just a few bets every now and then or you’re planning a proper esports betting campaign, the only course of action is via 100% legal, fully licensed real money bookmakers!

But, what sort of coverage can you expect on online League of Legends gambling sites? Well, League’s competitive schedule is decentralized, meaning there are matches to bet on throughout the year. But hotspots do exist. Regional Championship splits always enjoy a lot of betting popularity. The same goes for Mid-Season Invitationals as well. But nothing comes even close to the League of Legend World Championships.

In fact, let’s take a closer look!

Regional Championships

League of Legends esports scene consists of multiple regions. What do they all have in common? They all run as standalone leagues, but they’re all a part of LoL’s Regional Championship circuit. They have two splits, Summer and Spring, with Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds as the pinnacle of each.

Mid-Season Invitational

Mid-Season Invitational is an annual event that happens between Spring and Summer Splits. It’s similar to the LoL Worlds in many ways, but a level below it in terms of popularity, lucrativeness, and overall prestige. It does gather the world’s best teams in a tightly-packed event. The tensions are much higher than on Regional Championships, as we get to see just how good some of these regions/teams are.

League of Legends World Championships

This is the pinnacle of competitive League of Legends! This is the event everyone wants to watch and bet on! It’s the most popular esports event on the planet. It has a massive betting demand as well! In 2019, LoL Worlds had more than a million viewers on average. That’s right, on average!

Peak viewership came in the semifinal clash between G2 and T1 when just short of 4 million viewers tuned into the action. LoL 2020, despite the pandemic, managed to have even higher average viewership at just over 1.1 million. The peak was slightly lower, but it was still miles above most other esports events.

LoL Betting Trends and Popularity

League of Legends gambling sites are enjoying plenty of demand! League of Legends is actually the third-biggest esports discipline by betting volume. Valve’s CSGO and Dota 2 are leading the charge, but that’s nothing surprising considering they possess massive betting communities.

However, what League lacks in quantity definitely makes up for in quality. You see, LoL betting is on top of the food chain in terms of average bet size. At over €32, LoL’s average bet is miles above that of CSGO and Dota 2.

As far as popularity goes, League of Legends is still the most popular esports on the planet. Their regional Championships enjoy lots of popularity, but they don’t come close to the big duo, MSI and Worlds. The game enjoys solid popularity across the globe, no doubt about that!

Basics of Betting on League of Legends

You’re new to online esports betting? You’re not sure where to start placing LoL bets?

No worries, we have just what you need in the following couple of paragraphs.

Learn the Ins and Outs of the Game

There are currently 156 champions in League of Legends. Professional players need to know all of their abilities, statistics, passives, counters, EVERYTHING! As a bettor, you don’t necessarily need to know everything down to the very finest details. However, you should know the ins and outs of the map, lane counters, item buy orders, and whatnot.

Why do these things matter if you’re just betting on the game? Well, knowing what’s happening on the screen, who’s opting for more aggressive and who for more passive builds can make or break bets—especially if you’re betting on live matches.

Know the Pro Scene

League of Legends

Learning the game can only get you so far. To become profitable and make your stay on LoL bookmakers that much more enjoyable, you’ll have to learn a thing or two about the pro scene, too. How do you do that, though? Well, it all comes down to watching a ton of LoL esports content and connecting the dots on your own. Research will help you out, but not nearly as much as actually watching live games.

Websites like lol.fandom will provide you with much-needed information on the events, schedule, transfers, roster changes, and similar. Twitch, on the other hand, should be your go-to place for livestreams. All in all, there are plenty of materials online. It’s on you to take advantage of them!

Don’t Charge in With Too Much Money

Listen, if you are starting out, don’t bet too much money! Esports betting, no matter how innocent it might seem, is not to be underestimated. It’s just like conventional sports betting; it can get underneath your skin and become a serious issue that’s difficult to get rid of.

For that reason, it’s of crucial importance that you take things slowly at first. Ease into the whole ordeal with a few low-stake bets. Then, if you like what you’re doing, you may consider upping the tally. Doing things differently can (and probably will) result in financial issues later on.

Focus on the Biggest LoL Events to Bet on

The biggest LoL events like MSI and Worlds are the ones you should focus your betting campaigns on. We’re not saying you shouldn’t bet on anything else, it’s just that focusing on the big events is usually the best course of action.

Of course, wagering on split playoffs has a fair share of charm too. LoL bookmakers often have a good variety of available bets. It’s okay to test the waters, but save the big investments for MSI and the Worlds!

Online Sportsbooks With the Best League of Legends Betting Bonuses

Bonuses for betting on esports are no longer a niche thing. Nowadays, online sportsbooks include esports in their standard bonus options. Some even go the extra mile and feature standalone esports bonuses. Either way, bonuses are great no matter which category they belong to.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest LoL betting websites out there as well as their respective bonuses:

Bookie Bonus
22Bet 100% welcome bonus up to $122
GG.bet 100% welcome bonus up to $100
Unikrn $250 first deposit bonus
Buff.bet 100% first deposit and €25 free bet
BetWay Up to $30 in free bets
BetOnline 50% matched deposit up to $1,000
ArcaneBet 100% welcome bonus up to $100
888Sport $30 in free bets
BetUS 100% welcome bonus up to $2,500
MyBookie 50% welcome bonus up to $1,000

Live Betting on League of Legends

Betting on ongoing LoL matches does exist! In fact, it’s not even that rare to see online LoL bookmakers featuring live betting options. If you love the extra thrill of the chase, the extra possibilities, and great odds for live bets, then make sure the bookie you wish to register at offers live betting options.

What’s so special about live betting? Well, several things come to mind right away. For starters, if you’re too late to place a standard bet because the match started, finding the same match in the live category is the quickest solution.

Additionally, live betting is all about watching the game and analyzing in-game happenings—if a team snatches the Baron, if they have an extra 30 seconds to push, or even the little things like buff steals and slow rotations. All of these can help you understand the complexity of a matchup, predict the final outcome, and earn some money from the live betting category.

Different Types of League of Legends Bets

Betting on the outcome of a given match is a great way to get your feet wet! However, if you’re serious about becoming the next connoisseur of LoL betting, you’ll have to explore additional options. Luckily, League of Legends bookmakers have plenty of stuff available.

Here’s a quick look at the ten most popular special bets available on online LoL betting sites!

Bet Type Description
Team to Draw First Blood First blood represents the very first kill in a LoL match. It’s important for numerous reasons, which is why teams give their 120% to get it. It’s simple and quick, this one!
Team to Kill First Baron/Dragon Baron and dragon kills might not be crucial for winning matches, but they sure do bring a massive advantage to the team that gets the buff. Lots of LoL bookies feature this bet.
Team to Destroy First Turret/Inhibitor Destroying turrets and inhibitors is necessary to win the game. Guess which team will destroy the first turret/inhibitor and you’ll win this bet!
Player With Most Kills This one is pretty simple – guess which player will have the most kills at the end of the match and that’s it.
Player vs. Player Kills/Assists Bookies specify two players and you’re supposed to guess which of them will finish the match with more kills/assists.
Team With Most Lills After 10 Minutes Just pick the team you think will have a superior early game. Other variations include team with most kills after 5 and 15 minutes, so pick your poison carefully!
Total Maps This is an over/under bet for bo5, bo5, and bo7 encounters. The bookie specifies a number of maps and you’re supposed to guess if the end count is going to be lower or higher.
Match Duration This is another over/under bet. Typically, LoL matches last for 30 to 40 minutes, but the duration depends on teams’ champion pools and players’ aggressiveness.
Region of Winner This bet allows you to bet on which region the event willer will be from. Pretty straightforward, right?
Outright Winner This bet allows you to bet on the outcome of the whole event rather than a single match.

Mobile Betting on LoL | All You Need to Know

Mobile-friendly websites are everywhere. These days, it’s more difficult to find a bookie that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website than one that does. Gone are the days when we had to visit a brick and mortar shop or use our computers. Nowadays, everything is just a few taps away. Content and features remain the same no matter which device you’re using. What a time we’re living in!

Mobile-Friendly Platforms

Most League of Legends bookmakers do their absolute best when it comes to web optimization for smartphones. However, keep in mind that not all mobile-friendly bookies feature full cross-platform support. In other words, their mobile platforms might not have all features of the desktop version.

Dedicated Apps

That’s where dedicated smartphone betting apps come into play. For a full-on desktop experience on the fly, you’ll have to side with a bookmaker featuring dedicated smartphone apps. Be it for Android or iOS, dedicated betting apps are a no-brainer for people looking for the ultimate mobile esports betting experience.

League of Legends Betting Sites | FAQ Section

What Are the Key Characteristics of the Best LoL Gambling Sites?

Let’s repeat what we’ve gone through at the start of this guide:

  • Mobile betting
  • Live betting
  • Quality customer service
  • Fast and intuitive website
  • Good odds
  • Plethora of betting markets
  • Simple but lucrative bonuses

How Do I Know Where to Find the Best League of Legends Gambling Sites?

No need to look any further, ladies and gentlemen! This page contains all the info you need to make a valid decision! Online betting is no small thing and choosing a good bookie is of crucial importance. Scroll back to the top and check out our list of the safest League of Legends gambling sites in 2021!

Is Gambling on LoL Legal?

Licensed bookmakers are technically legal. However, you should check your country’s gambling laws before you put a ring on it. Some bookmakers aren’t allowed to operate in certain countries. In fact, certain countries deem esports betting outright illegal. If you’re serious about your little LoL betting crave, it’s best to check the laws first.

Is LoL Betting Safe?

Yes, betting on League of Legends is safe, for the most part. No, we’re not trying to scare you away; we are just being realistic. Betting on LoL is safe if you’re doing the right things, following all gambling laws, and using licensed online betting platforms. If you do so, you won’t have to worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands. Plus, betting on licensed online LoL bookmakers is the only form of legal esports betting.

Do League of Legends Bookmakers Offer Live Betting?

Yes, they do! Well, most of them, at least. If you’re just about to start your LoL betting adventure, take our advice and register at a bookie that doesn’t just offer live but mobile betting too. Combine both with good odds and plenty of options and you got yourself the perfect all-arounder!

What Are the Most Popular LoL Bets?

Moneylines or match-winners are by far the most popular bets you can place on LoL bookmakers. But there’s a handful of specials that ought to be of interest. Let’s go through the 10 most notable types:

  • Team to Draw First Blood
  • Team to Kill First Baron/Dragon
  • Team to Destroy First Turret/Inhibitor
  • Player With Most Kills
  • Player vs. Player Kills/Assists
  • Team With Most Kills After 10 Minutes
  • Total Maps
  • Match Duration
  • Region of Winner
  • Outright Winner

What Are the Most Popular LoL Events to Bet?

We’ve talked about this already, but there’s nothing wrong with giving you more details. Here are the four most popular regional championships as well as the two annual international events:

  • LCS
  • LEC
  • LCK
  • LPL
  • Mid-Season Invitational
  • LoL World Championship

Where Do I Begin With How to Find Odds and Lines on LoL Betting Sites?

Of course, not all bookies have the same website design. But typically, the esports category is located either on the left or top of the main page. Whether it’s just a category or a standalone hub, the location is usually in one of those two spots. Once there, select “League of Legends” and you’ll either be taken to the currently available bets or you’ll have to choose the event you wish to bet on.

How Much Money Should I Bet on LoL Bookmakers?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a proper answer here as such a thing does not exist. Just go with the amount that you’re not afraid to lose. What you don’t want to do is bet with the money you can’t afford to lose. That’s never a good idea and you should avoid it at all costs!

What’s the Minimum Deposit Amount on LoL Gambling Sites?

The minimum deposit amount is not the same across all League of Legends gambling sites. It varies from platform to platform, with the usual amounts being either $10 or $20. Minimum deposit amounts don’t just depend on the bookies but the payment method too. Some e-wallets might have higher minimums, so test out all payment methods you possess if you’d just like to test the waters with a low-stake wager.