Betting on League of Legends – LoL Special Bets

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Even though many will argue that the golden era of League of Legends was way
back during the second and third competitive seasons, the numbers are painting a
much different picture. The viewership of LoL World Championships in season two
and three was 32 million and 27 million viewers respectively. Season seven, on
the other hand, swept everyone off their feet with an astonishing 60 million
viewers worldwide.

With that in mind, it seems as though League of Legends has just started
hitting its peak. Along with it, the LoL betting industry will only keep growing
stronger. And we all know what that means – more tournaments, more sponsorships,
more matches, and to top it all off – more events to bet on!

That’s why today we will be taking a closer look into the world of League of Legends
special bets. You know, all those other types of bets that are offered on top of
match winners. Not too many people explore them (or know about them), yet they
are a great way of spicing up your watching experience. If you’re interested in
LoL special bets, here’s a quick look at the five most popular ones.

Top 5 Popular LoL Special Bets

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1 – First Turret

The first objective in each lane is to destroy the outer turret. It might
sound easy, but considering there’s a bunch of creeps as well as opposing
player(s) standing on the other side, taking the first turret down can turn into
quite a difficult task. That’s why, if you are keen on betting on this
particular LoL special bet, make sure you opt for the team that’s known for
aggressive early game pushes. That’s basically the only thing you should take
into consideration when betting on the first turret destroyed LoL special bet.

2 – Will There Be a Pentakill/Quadra Kill?

Pentakill is the sign of true dominance in a LoL match. For those of you
unfamiliar with League of Legends gameplay, a pentakill occurs when a single
player kills all five enemies by himself. Quadra kill, on the other hand, occurs
when a single player kills four of the enemies by himself. Of course, assists
are not counted toward the score. There can be as many assists as possible, but
it’s going to count as a pentakill as long as one player gets all five killing
blows on enemy players. Pentakills, in today’s competitive scene, are quite
rare. Quadra kills, not so much. Where are we going with this? Well, if you
really want to bet on one of these two options, you have much better chances of
winning your bet if you go with quadra instead of penta.

3 – Which Team Will Score More Aces?

An ace in League of Legends occurs when a team member kills the last
remaining opposing team’s player. In other words, an ace occurs when a team has
all of their players dead for one or more seconds. This bet then reflects on the
total number of aces scored by a certain team to determine whether or not you’ve
guessed correctly. There are also several variations on this bet, the most
popular of them being how many aces in a match.

4 – First Baron

Baron Nashor is the biggest and most powerful neutral monster in League of
Legends. Not only is it immensely difficult to kill, but it’s also even more
difficult when you have the opposing team trying to steal it away from you
mid-fight. Well, all that is because Baron Nashor brings plenty of gold as well
as brutal buffs for the team that slays it. In the late game, Baron’s buff can
be, more often than not, the key figure in winning matches. First Baron bets
have grown more popular. They used to only be offered during LoL World
Championships, but now they are a common sight to see in regular LCS matches

5 – First Dragon

Pretty much the same concept as with Baron Nashor, however, there are certain
differences. This time around, we are talking about another (slightly smaller)
neutral monster. Dragon in League of Legends is still an important aspect,
especially the Elder Dragon, which can completely change the course of a match
the same way Baron Nashor can. However, we are talking about the first dragon
kill here, and we all know that can’t be the Elder. Instead, it’s one of smaller
elemental dragons which are still quite a feat to kill in one-on-one situations.

Common Esports Special Bets That Are Also Present With LoL

Total Kills Over/Under

Even though this is a special bet that’s specific to esports betting, it wasn’t in
the list above since it’s not LoL-specific. You see, total kills over/under can
be attributed to other esports titles too. We are talking about the likes of
Dota 2, CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more. Basically, every esports title
that revolves around kills is a viable option for total kills over/under special
bet. In terms of League of Legends, the concept is quite simple. This bet
doesn’t see the regular match winner. Instead, the team that has the most kills
at the end of the match is considered the winner. Sounds simple, right?

Match Length

Match length bets in League of Legends are not that common. In fact, they’ve
just recently showed up on our radar and on a relatively unknown bookie of all
places. Still, match length bets are an interesting concept since they reflect
on a variable which is prone to drastic changes throughout the course of a
match. Usually, LoL matches last anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes, but we’ve seen
shorter and longer matches over the years. To sum it all up – match length bets
will give you a choice between several durations. Pick one that you think will
be the closest to the actual time and you might just win some extra money. One
last thing – betting odds are pretty high, so match length LoL special bets are
actually a great way of getting some extra funds into your online betting

Maps Over/Under

If we are talking about best of three and best of five matches, then the
majority of you will be looking forward to maps over/under LoL special bets.
They are very popular, especially during the LoL World Championship in which
most matches are played as a best of series. Most commonly, for best of three
matchups, you will be given 2.5 as the mid value. What you have to do for this
bet is pick whether or not there will be two or three rounds in that match. So
basically, whether the end result will be 2:1 or 2:0 for the winning team. No
matter which team wins, if you go with under 2.5, you have to cheer for a 2:0
blowout. On the other hand, if you go with over 2.5, you better wish the team
that lost map one draws right back up in the second map.

Outright Bets Returning to Popularity

Outright bets, more commonly referred to as outrights, are a special bet type
that’s common throughout the betting industry. We’re not just talking esports,
but the regular sports betting industry too. But what do outright bets

Well, let’s start off by stating that outright bets aren’t based on single
matchups. Instead, you are offered to pick a team that you think will win the
competition between all teams competing at your desired tournament. The bets are
pretty solid too, making this type of LoL special bets even more enjoyable to try

Final Words

After going through outrights, there is only one thing left to be done: sum
things up. As you could’ve seen for yourself, there are lots of LoL special bets to
choose from. Best of all, those mentioned above are only the most popular ones.
Think of them as the tip of the iceberg. Bookies are known for surprising their
clients with special bets, especially during the biggest tournaments. That’s
when they are experimenting with various systems to see what makes their clients

If you are really eager to try out League of Legends special bets, the
best time for doing so would be during the LoL World Championship. That’s the
biggest tournament of the year and one that’s definitely going to attract
bookies’ attention as far as special bets are concerned.