Best Rainbow Six Betting Sites in 2021

Obviously, we’re bringing forth the most important info right away. Here are the best Rainbow Six betting sites in 2021:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
#4 Esports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $250 Visit Site

Picture this! Rainbow Six invitational has just started. Your favorite team is up 5-2 and you’re waiting for just two more rounds to cash in in your first single. It’s a precious moment, and it makes the viewing experience that much better, really!

Rainbow Six SiegeBetting on esports is still growing in popularity. Everyone’s favorite pastime is just getting started on its path to worldwide recognition. It’s slowly creeping its way into the mainstream and is already going head to head with conventional sports betting in some parts of the world. Rainbow Six might not be the most prominent esports title out of the bunch, but it’s the one we’re focusing on today.

Real money Rainbow Six betting sites are the main subject of this piece; if you’re looking for useful info that’ll help you out in your upcoming betting adventures, then keep on reading!

Key Virtues of High-Quality Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites

Esports bookies are rather complex in nature! In fact, they are much more complex than most people think. The user experience is tailored by numerous traits, most of which aren’t common terms for your average joe.

But if you want to be able to recognize high-quality esports betting sites on the regular, you’ll have to learn how to recognize key characteristics. We’re talking about the characteristics that make for high-quality bookmakers. They are as follows…

Great Online Reputation

Even though online reputation isn’t everything and can be easily manipulated, it’s still good guidance over the general quality of a certain bookie. Don’t base your research off of visiting random Rainbow Six betting sites that you’ve never heard of. Keep your research on popular sites like betting forums or Reddit. That should be your best source of information for these sorts of things.

Mobile Rainbow Six Siege Betting

Rainbow Six Siege LogoMany people aren’t satisfied with online betting… Just think about it for a second—think about the privilege we have (to bet from the comfort of our own home), yet we still crave for more!

What’s more accessible than betting on Rainbow Six Siege from the comfort of one’s home?

Isn’t it obvious? The answer is betting on the go! With the rapid developments in smartphone tech, betting on the fly has been the go-to choice for millions of bettors all around the globe. People want to bet while they’re at work or on their commute. They want to be able to use real money Rainbow Six betting sites anywhere they go!

If that’s something you’d like too, then you must find a bookie that supports betting on the fly. We’re talking dedicated smartphone apps or mobile-friendly websites. Give betting on the fly a go; you might be in for a rather positive surprise!

A Healthy Variety of Bonuses

Esports bonuses aren’t very common. If you’re into them, you’ll have to look around a bit. Some of the above-featured Rainbow Six Siege betting websites do feature them, so they’re worth checking out if you’re into that sort of stuff, of course.

What’s so awesome about esports bonuses?

Well, they can come in handy, and that goes without saying! They allow you to bet on riskier bets without having to invest your own money. If that’s not a good enough incentive for you, then we don’t know what is.

In addition to esports bonuses, there are also other types of fun incentives that online Rainbow Six betting sites use to attract more players. We’re talking stuff like welcome bonuses, freebies, and similar offers. They’re excellent for building up on your betting bankroll and risk-free experimentations with specials.

Deep Coverage of Other Esports

We’re talking about real money Rainbow Six Siege betting sites here, so it’s obvious that R6S betting options are the focal point of our discussion here. However, if you’re going to bet on Rainbow Six, you might as well try other esports titles, too. We’re not saying you should, but your preferences may change in the future so it’s important to use a bookie that’s well-versed across the esports betting spectrum.

Fast Cashout Turnaround

Depositing is one thing! By depositing, you’re putting funds into your betting bankroll. Withdrawing, also known as cashing out, is pulling your hard-earned funds from your betting bankroll/account to your preferred payment method.

Your number one concern in this department is finding Rainbow Six betting sites that feature your preferred payment method. The second concern is finding a bookie that doesn’t have long waiting lines for payouts/cashouts.

Believe it or not, some bookies deliberately make their users wait for payouts, hoping they’ll change their mind, cancel the request, and spend more money on their platform. If you want to avoid this, pick any of the above-featured RS6 Betting sites and you should be good to go!

How to Use R6S Betting Websites

Now, we’ve reached the tricky part—actually using Rainbow Six betting websites. Of course, this part won’t be tricky for people who are used to spending time on online betting platforms… but for regular folks, it’s like a maze.

Find Rainbow Six Betting Options

Rainbow Six OddsThe first thing you’ll have to master is finding the matches you wish to bet on. Since we’re, once again, talking about R6 betting sites here, that’s the category you’ll have to look for. First off, you’ll have to navigate to the esports betting hub, under which you’ll see the likes of CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends betting options. Once you see all these esports titles, you ought to see R6S betting options as well. They’re all, typically, under the same (esports) category.

Pre-Match Research

After you’ve found the match you wish to bet on, you’ll be facing the toughest, most demanding of challenges—pre-match research. You have to do it. It’s an absolute must for everyone who’d like to find their form on Rainbow Six betting sites.

Compare a ton of facts, leave no stone unturned! Stats-wise, you’ll want to explore everything that’s available for that particular match.

Sites like are going to be of real help here, not just for stats-crawling but for news regarding teams and upcoming events, too.

Finalizing Your Rainbow Six Bet

After you’ve done everything you can in terms of pre-match research, it’s time to wrap things up and place your wager. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is navigate back to the match you wish to bet on, select the option you wish to go with and enter your desired stake. The final step is to click on that inviting “place bet” button, and call it a day!

Types of Bets Offered on Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites

Rainbow Six betting sites offer all sorts of bets on your favorite esports title! Heck, not just for R6S but for other esports, too! Things have developed much beyond your typical set of match-winners. When talking about real money esports betting, most online Rainbow Six betting sites feature a vast deployment of specials. These specials will both intrigue and amaze you.

Here are the most popular betting options you’ll come across when using Rainbow Six betting websites:

  • Handicap
  • Correct score
  • Outright winner
  • Round totals
  • Player vs. player kills

Each of these bets brings forth a unique aspect to betting on Rainbow Six; each will provide you with an entertaining wager, that’s for sure!

More information can be found on our Rainbow Six betting guide!

R6 Betting Sites Offering Live Bets

Believe it or not, there are platforms for Rainbow Six betting online out there that offer betting on live matches. Yep, some bookies allow you to place wagers on ongoing matches. Of course, the live Rainbow Six odds carefully reflect the in-game happenings, but there’s still enough room for you to make your move and snatch a high-value bet.

Combine live betting options with accumulators and you’ll begin to understand why Rainbow Six Siege betting websites are in such high demand these days. Most platforms, however, don’t allow you to combine live bets into accumulators. But as time goes on, we’re sure that’ll change and allow for even more breathing space for aspiring Rainbow Six bettors.

Rainbow Six Betting Sites FAQ

Do Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites Offer Bonuses?

Plenty of esports betting sites offer valuable bonuses that help their users get the most out of their early game bets. The same goes for traditional sports betting sites, too. Bonuses seem to be the perfect incentive for luring new players in. And it’s a win-win situation. Rainbow Six betting sites get a pretty hefty influx of new users, while bettors get a nice little boost to their bankroll.

These days, you’ll find numerous bonuses available on online bookmakers. If you’re only interested in betting on esports, it might be a good idea to check the fine print, as some bonuses don’t work in the esports category. They’re in the minority, but it’s still something to keep in mind before you end up disappointed.

Is There Such a Thing as a Legit Free Bet?

Yes, yes there is! It might seem silly at first, but the best esports betting sites with odds on Rainbow Six Siege tend to offer free bets and other incentives for new and/or existing users. It’s all a part of their advertising scheme, though! You get a free bet after you deposit a minimum amount to your betting bankroll. You do get the free bet, but you had to spend real money to get it. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, you’ll have to either register or deposit a certain amount of money before you can get your hands on a legit free bet!

What’s the Difference Between Sports and Esports Bookies?

The fine line between sports and esports bookies is not even a real thing anymore. With the rise of legit online betting on esports across the globe, and with the push for the esports betting industry to get the recognition and online gambling regulations it requires, conventional sportsbooks went out of their way to adopt brand-new esports markets. Sure, esports-exclusive bookies do exist, but with such a fine array of age-old bookies with an excellent reputation (both offline and online), there’s really no need to look elsewhere.

Why Don’t All Bookies Offer Rainbow Six Betting Odds?

Believe it or not, most bookies these days do offer bets on Rainbow Six… and other esports titles, for that matter. It’s all about the big dogs. Once they had settled down and properly assessed the risk related to betting on esports, all other bookies followed in their footsteps. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find bookies with absolutely no esports coverage.

What Sort of Bets Are Featured on Rainbow Six Betting Sites?

The most common type of bets available on R6 betting sites are conventional match-winners. Their premise is as straightforward as they come. All you have to do is pick the winner and be done with it.

Additionally, though, online Rainbow Six betting sites have all sorts of extra stuff on the plate. There’s stuff like handicap wagers, totals, correct score, and many more. In fact, there’s a short list featuring the most popular bet types located above the FAQ section. If you’re looking to start improvising with your next wager, make sure you check it out!

Conclusion on Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites

That just about wraps up our real money Rainbow Six betting guide! Betting on Rainbow Six Siege has never been more accessible. You can bet on your favorite R6S teams in most places around the globe, and do everything from the comfort of your home. That’s the charm of esports betting; that’s the charm of online sports betting… And from the looks of things, neither are going away anytime soon!