Guide to Esports Betting Strategy

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If you are somewhat serious about your career as an esports bettor, then you
must’ve already researched various esports betting strategies. After all, a
proper esports betting strategy is what can make or break a bettor! Well, if all
previous strategies managed to fail you, and you’re still looking for that
miraculous one, perhaps we can be of service.

In the next couple of sections, we’ll do our best to explain the new age of
online esports betting as well as the best methods to be successful as an
esports bettor. There are many things to cover, so we won’t waste your time.

Let’s start off with the basics, shall we?

What is Esports Betting?

Esports betting is a relatively new form of online betting that allows the
user to make real money wagers on various esports titles. Various esports titles
can range from virtually all games bearing a solid dose of esports presence.
Game genres are irrelevant as far as esports betting is concerned – MOBA, FPS,
RTS, racing, and sports simulations are all put in the same basket when talking
about esports betting.

Betting on esports is a pretty common sight to see nowadays. But, a couple of
years ago this wasn’t the case at all. Barely anyone knew about esports, let
alone esports betting strategy – but we’re talking about a booming industry here, so it’s
no wonder trends change.

However, when compared to betting on traditional sports, esports betting
doesn’t exactly fit the recipe. Let’s check the matter up close and see what’s
it all about!

Differences Between Esports and Sports Betting

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Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between betting on regular sports
and esports. Even though it might not seem so at first, long-term betting
results will suffer if you use sports betting strategies with esports. Let us
elaborate on that:

A More Dynamic Environment

The esports industry has been making a name for itself in one simple way –
through the internet. And we all know the internet is a much more dynamic media
channel than what regular sports are using (that would mainly be television).
With a dynamic online media channel comes a dynamic environment prone to drastic
changes in the industry. However, esports can be considered as a more dynamic
environment due to Meta changes too.

Meta Changes Affect the Outcomes

For those of you who don’t know, Meta is the optimal way to play a certain
game/sport. It’s the optimal method to secure a win over the opposing team
that’s been recognized by the industry’s experts. There are certain things that
can drastically change Meta in the most popular esports titles. Changes in
weapon penetration or cost in CS:GO, or nerfing items or hero skills in League of Legends and
Dota 2 are the perfect examples of Meta changers.

While similar things do occur in other sports too (rule changes,
formation/play frequency), they are much rarer than in esports. Due to frequent
Meta changes, esports bettors need to keep up the pace in order to stay on top
of it. Luckily for them, esports information is a lot easier to access than
regular sports information.

Information Is More Accessible

Yes, we are aware there is plenty of regular sports information available
online, but hold on for a second. Here is what we’re referring to – social media
posts written by professional athletes. The best way to obtain valuable esports
betting strategy information is definitely following the world’s greatest esports
athletes. Football, basketball, and NFL players are very active too, but they
aren’t sharing as much personal info as frequently as the best esports players.
We’re sure this will change in the near future, so make sure you get the best of
it while you still can!

Most Common Esports Betting Methods | Staking Examples

Now, let’s switch our topic to some of the most common betting methods out
there. Even though they’re technically universal, their esports adaptation works
like a charm.

Double Chance

Most of the time people tend to bet on the simplest bets – 1×2. 2-way (in
matches without draws) and 3-way (in matches with draws) bets are still the most
popular ones even though there’s no lack in special bets nowadays. Double chance
betting works only with 3-way matches. You might think this automatically
eliminates CS:GO matches since they can’t end in draws, but that’s not always
true. Some bookies see 15-15 as the final result even though there’s overtime to
be played afterward.

If you want to increase your chances of winning 3-way bets, double chance
betting might be the way to go. Instead of going for either 1, X, or 2, double
chance bets allow you to bet on two out of three possible outcomes. In other
words, you can bet on 1X (team 1 wins or draw), X2 (team 2 wins or draw), or 12
(either team wins). Double chance betting odds are much smaller though, but some
people love them for minimizing the risk.

Modified Martingale

This system draws roots back to roulette and other casino games with 50/50
odds but is often used in a esports betting strategy as well. That’s why we are
calling it the Modified Martingale. Disregarding the odds since we are talking
about esports here – the classic Martingale betting strategy relies on doubling
up your bets after each consecutive loss. If your initial bet was $10 and you
lose six times in a row, your next bet would be $1,280. Not good at all, eh?

Modified Martingale, on the other hand, lowers the third bet amount so
instead of going 10, 20, 40, 80; you’ll be going 10, 20, 30, 60. This method
gives out better odds for smaller bankrolls and can be effectively used with
esports bets too. Just make sure your odds are equal to or higher than two;
otherwise, you’re doomed to fail.

Fibonacci Formula

The Fibonacci sequence is an ever-present feature in our world. Many people
call it nature’s code because its numbers are present all around us. But what
good is this chain of numbers when it comes to betting? Well, just like all
other progressive betting systems, Fibonacci Formula most likely won’t help you
beat bookies. But, what it can do is give you a less risky environment for
winning some extra money.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, it
basically relies on the next number being the sum of the previous two. In other
words, here’s what the first few numbers of Fibonacci sequence look like: 1, 1,
2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on. By following this path on each consecutive loss,
you will get a much more forgiving betting curve.

Esports Betting Strategy | Checklist

Now that you know more about the most popular esports betting systems, it’s
time to sum things up into a small checklist. It’s not too long, so you won’t
have any issues with memorizing it:

Choose the Right Esports Bookmaker

Before doing your research, choosing a bet, and nailing down your bet, you
must have a proper esports bookmaker. If you’re a seasoned sports bettor, then
chances are you already have your favorite online betting website. Chances also
are that it might not be particularly suitable for esports betting.

That’s why we suggest you immediately switch to the best esports bookie you
can find and keep your current one for sports only. As we mentioned above,
there’s a big difference between esports and sports in terms of betting, so take
our advice and make the switch.

Choose Your Betting System

We’ve already given you the three most popular betting systems that are used
all across the betting industry. Casino games, sports betting, and esports
betting. All three of them are good in their own right, so you’ll have to choose
the one that suits your needs the most. If you can’t be swayed either way,
hopefully, our article gave you enough info to be able to create your own
esports betting strategy.

Let Google Guide You

This one might sound funny at first, but trust us, Google is your friend as
far as esports betting is concerned. Not only are there tons of websites
specifically created for investigating team stats, but there’s also a wide array
League of Legends Champion Jhin
of blogs and sites with esports news in focus. Add to that a huge presence of
professional esports athletes on social media, and you’ll begin to understand
just what a tool Google is for your esports betting research.

Measure Your Results

Last, but not least – if you want to see improvements you must keep track of
your results. Just pick up a pen and a piece of paper, separate it into several
columns with info such as waged, odds, potential win, results, and you’re good
to go! Better yet, create a new spreadsheet on your computer and enter all the
information as soon as you make each bet. Examine and track your results –
that’s the road to success!

Developing Your Esports Betting Strategy

In addition to the four things on the checklist above, there’s more to
esports betting strategies. However, we don’t want to overly complicate things
since we know a lot of beginners are reading this. However, we’d still like to
point out a few thing to keep in mind. Yes, it’s been mentioned already but
considering its importance, two mentions aren’t bad either.

Quickly React to Changes

It’s of crucial importance to quickly react to changes in the esports
industry. Whether we’re talking about Meta changes, team roster changes, or
anything else that might come up. If you are serious about your esports betting
career, staying on top of all industry changes should be your main priority.

How Can an Esports Betting Strategy Increase Your Chances of Winning?

Having a proper betting strategy can make or break your chances of winning,
and we are not exaggerating that statement. Sure, you can go all in with every
bet you make. It might even do you a world of good for quite some time. But if
you lose several consecutive all-in bets, your wallet will feel the burn, and so
will you!

And that’s where esports betting strategies come into play. If you prepare a
betting strategy, choose the right bookie, do proper pre-betting research, and
dig into everything surrounding the teams you’re betting on, your chances of
nailing the bets will be that much higher.

Wrapping Things Up

Esports betting strategy is one of those topics that can be stretched out for
miles and still have more information to be digested. That’s why we made our
article as simple and easy to understand as possible. With beginners in mind,
we’re sure the info was an easy read for people who haven’t bet on esports

We hope that all this info was useful and managed to shed some light on the
topic to such people. We all know esports betting can get tricky from time to
time, so having information on esports betting strategies all in one place is
something that had to be done. With that being said, we would like to thank you
all for reading and hope to see you again soon!