Betting on CS:GO – ESL Pro League Tournaments

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ESL Pro League tournaments hold great significance in the CS:GO competitive
scene. Not only are they a part of the Intel Grand Slam, but they also feature
big prize pools – the biggest ones not counting Valve’s majors. These marvelous
events consist of two parts – the regional qualifiers, which decide the best
teams from Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, and South America; and the
prestigious Finals tournament which brings forth all the best teams to compete
against each other for outstanding prizes.

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We are talking about the longest running CS:GO league that’s already close to
double-digit seasons. With more than $6,000,000 already given out to the best
performing teams, there’s no denying the significance of this tournament in the
CS:GO betting scene.

Furthermore, the betting side of things is a pretty important aspect of ESL
Pro League tournaments. Bookies are competing amongst themselves to get the
biggest share of the betting cake with remarkable depth to their esports betting
markets during the Finals. With that said, we believe most of you are here
looking for ESL Pro League betting sites, so lets examine what makes
these sites the most notable options, after which we’ll further discuss their biggest

Betting on ESL Pro League Tournaments

After inspecting our list of the best esports bookies for betting on ESL Pro
League tournaments, here are all the great things you can expect from our picks.

Fast Payouts

Payment speed and a wide variety of payment methods are of crucial importance
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Despite the fact that payment speeds greatly vary from payment method to payment
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Great Betting Odds

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Variety of Special Bets

Match-winner bets are the most common options when it comes to esports
these days. However, seasoned esports bettors swear by specials which
are always present during the biggest esports events. Needless to say, ESL Pro

League tournaments belong up there with the biggest ones, so it’s only logical
to see all top tier bookies featuring an abundance of specials to cater to their
most demanding users.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

Fast payouts are important, but deposit/withdrawal options shouldn’t be taken
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Remarkable Customer Service

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Key Facts:

  • ESL Pro League Tournaments are held twice per year with regional
    qualifiers scheduled right before each of the Finals.
  • ESL Pro League Tournaments, alongside DreamHack Masters and other
    ESL-sponsored events, is a part of the Intel Grand Slam.
  • ESL Pro League was brought to life on April 28th, 2015 when
    ESL announced a joint venture with ESEA to form the biggest and most
    influential CS:GO league to this date.
  • Astralis and Fnatic are the best performing ESL Pro League teams with
    Team Liquid being the most frequent runner-up.

A Brief History of ESL Pro League Tournaments

The story behind ESL Pro League tournaments started all the way back on April
28th, 2015 after ESL and ESEA announced their plans to create the
biggest competitive CS:GO league on the planet. With tournament-like
competitions swarming the competitive scene, ESL Pro League took the
league-style approach and scored a jackpot.

Esports Championship Series took a similar approach, but
they concentrated on the nerve-wracking rivalry between just NA and EU regions;
whereas ESL Pro League opted to include South America, Asia, and Oceania regions
in their last couple of iterations.

The first two installments were called ESL ESEA Pro League Finals, and they
took place in Burbank, USA, and Cologne, Germany with just eight teams (four
from EU and four from NA) competing in the Finals. The prize pools were set at
$250,000, which was quite significant back in 2015. The third season marked the
first notable changes, ESL ESEA Pro League was transformed into ESL Pro League,
and the prize pool went to $512,000 with London and Leicester being the go-to
places for the Finals.

The number of competing teams changed the following season (4th
season) with the introduction of two additional slots for both NA and EU. Keep
in mind that just these two regions had their teams in the ESL Pro League. Other
regions (Asia, Oceania, and South America) were introduced later.

If we are to be more precise here, the process of integrating additional
regions started in Season 7 and continued till the 8th season. At the
moment, ESL Pro League covers all major CS:GO regions with a total of 16
teams competing for the prizes. The total prize pool amounts weren’t altered
since Season 5, sitting at a hefty $750,000 for the Finals plus a ton more for
the regional qualifiers.

Previous Winners

Here’s a quick look at some of the previous ESL Pro League winners:

Season Prize Pool Dates Winner Runner-Up
8 $750,000 2018-12-04 – 2018-12-09 Astralis Team Liquid
7 $750,000 2018-05-15 – 2018-05-20 Astralis Team Liquid
6 $750,000 2017-12-05 – 2017-12-10 SK Gaming FaZe Clan
5 $750,000 2017-05-30 – 2017-06-04 G2 Esports North
4 $600,000 2016-10-26 – 2016-10-30 Cloud9 SK Gaming
3 $512,000 2016-05-11 – 2016-05-15 Luminosity G2 Esports
2 $250,000 2015-12-10 – 2015-12-13 Fnatic Natus Vincere
1 $250,000 2015-07-02 – 2015-07-05 Fnatic Cloud9

Tournament Format

As we mentioned in the Brief History section, the format of ESL Pro League
tournaments has changed several times throughout the course of its existence.
But, generally speaking, this is the kind of format you can expect for future
tournaments. Keep in mind that the number of competing teams, best of series,
qualifying process and similar aspects could change, but not in a way that would
render the below-stated info useless.




  • 16 teams competing
  • Top 7 advance to the Finals
  • 8th to 13th place advance to following season’s
  • 14th to 16th place advance to Relegation

North America

  • 12 teams competing
  • Top 6 advance to the Finals
  • 7th to 9th place advance to following season’s
  • 10th to 11th place advance to Relegation
  • The 12th team is relegated to ESEA Premier Season


  • 8 teams competing
  • Winner advances to the Finals


  • 4 teams competing
  • Winner advances to the Finals

South America

  • 2 teams competing
  • Winner advances to the Finals

Group Stage

A total of 16 teams are competing at the business end of this competition.
For everyone looking for ESL Pro League betting sites, this is the
part you should be betting on! Well, this and the playoffs!

The group stage consists of two double-elimination groups with eight teams in
each. Group stage seeds are decided by the official Qualifiers placements. All
initial matches are set for Bo1 while all other rounds are set for a Bo3 series.
At the end of this stage, the top three teams from each group advance to the
semifinals. Group winners advance straight to the semifinals. 2nd and
3rd place teams, on the other hand, have to battle it out against
each other for a place in the semifinals.


Starting off with the quarterfinals, 2nd place group A will play
against 3rd place group B for their spot in the semifinals. We’re
looking at a single-elimination bracket here, meaning there’s no more room for
losses. Quarterfinals and semifinals matchups are Bo3 with the Grand Finals
match being Bo5. It’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it!?

Intel Grand Slam Season 1 Winner – Astralis

The inaugural season of Intel Grand Slam competition came to a close with Astralis going home
with a whopping $1,000,000 in prize pool money. They’ve done so by defeating
Team Liquid in ESL Pro League Season 8 Grand Finals match where they won an
additional $250,000.

In addition to ESL Pro League S8 Finals, Astralis also conquered IEM XIII
Chicago, ESL Pro League S7 Finals, and DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018. Those
four tournaments brought them the trophy, ensuring their name goes down in the
history books as the most dominant team in CS:GO history.

ESL Pro League Tournaments | FAQ

Where Can I Watch ESL Pro League Finals Matches?

Watching ESL Pro League Finals matches isn’t a tough task if you know where
to look for them. However, they are not your typical CS:GO tournaments that can
be watched on any livestream service out there. Instead, ESL Pro League
tournaments have exclusive partnerships with streaming services. Most of the
time, these tournaments can be watched on either Facebook or YouTube, depending
on the exclusive partnership deals for that particular iteration. For example,
S8 and S7 were available exclusively on Facebook while S6 was available on

What Is Intel Grand Slam?

Intel Grand Slam is a special type of competition announced by Intel all the
way back on the 4th of July, 2017. The premise is quite simple. The
team who manages to win 4 ESL-sponsored or DreamHack Masters tournament out of
10 attempts will be crowned as the winner. Of course, there’s also an impressive
$1,000,000 on the line, as well as a $100,000 spoil bonus for teams which deny
the fourth victory of another team.

How Many People Watch ESL Pro League Finals?

ESL Pro League tournaments enjoy pretty high viewership numbers for CS:GO
standard. Take Season 8 Finals as the perfect example. The Grand Finals match
between Astralis and Team Liquid was watched by more than 160,000 people.
Average concurrent viewership of the entire tournament was around 60,000, which
isn’t half bad considering the tournament went on for almost a week.

What’s the Biggest Prize Pool in ESL Pro League Tournaments?

The biggest prize pool of ESL tournaments was established back in Season 5
and hasn’t changed ever since. We’re talking about a pretty hefty sum of
money-$750,000. $250,000 of which goes straight to the winners’ pockets.
However, due to the fact these tournaments are a part of the Intel Grand Slam,
chances are there will be more than $1,000,000 on the line like was the case
with the ESL Pro League Season 8 Grand Finals match which was dubbed as the
biggest, most lucrative, and most important match in the history of CS:GO.

What Are the Best Specials for This Particular Tournament?

In all honesty, there are a plethora of special bets available during ESL Pro
League Finals. Considering their charm and worldwide popularity, it’s not
surprising to see bookies going out of their way to ensure the satisfaction of
their clients. With that said, here is a short list of our favorite special
bets, which are quite a common occurrence during ESL Pro League Finals:

General Special Bets

  • Outright Winner
  • Region of the Winner
  • Tournament MVP

Match-Specific Special Bets

  • Both Pistol Rounds Winner
  • Maps Over/Under
  • Rounds Handicap


At the end of it all, there are just a few more things to be noted. First of
all, ESL Pro League has big plans for the future. There were talks regarding
expansions to the qualifiers, bringing in more teams, and perhaps even spicing
up the Finals with more competing teams. Who knows, considering the sheer
popularity of these tournaments, anything can happen at this point.

Of course, all of this will further increase the prize pool as well as ESL
Pro League’s significance in the CS:GO competitive scene. So, for those of you
who want to know where to bet on ESL Pro League tournaments in the future, rest
assured the number of online betting websites that feature this competition will
continue to grow.