League of Legends Championship Series: North America and European

Legue of Legends Banner with NA Championship and EU Championship Crests

What the Premier League and La Liga are to soccer, the NA & EU LCS is to
League of Legends. Apart from the World Championship, this is the most coveted
LoL esports competition in the world. When you’re up against multiple extremely
good teams, there’s not a lot of room for error.

And after the final match has been concluded, there can be only one winner.
It takes dedication, training, lots of motivation, and a drive for success to
become champion of either of these two competitive leagues. The competition is
relentless; hence why winning the LCS brings so much respect and authority.

Both the NA LCS and EU LCS are popular competitions in their own right. The
EU LCS has an average concurrent viewer count at 113,141 while the NA LCS is
slightly more popular with 155,339. However, the EU LCS leads in terms of peak
viewership total with 491,239 whilst the NA LCS had 430,124 total. These numbers
are justified; the NA part of the competitive circuit generally brings in more
recurrent viewers while the EU part has better viewership numbers for
highly competitive matches between rival teams.

Those of you who are interested in betting on the NA & EU LCS tournaments
will have your hands full! The full season (spring and summer) is filled with
thrilling action and amazing plays; after all, team success here is directly
proportional to their chance to participate in the World Championship! So,
here’s where to bet on LoL NA & EU LCS tournaments!

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Betting on LoL NA & EU LCS Tournaments

Due to the number of star players in both the American and European scene,
the number of esports bettors has increased. In other words, when we compare the
current state of the LoL esports scene to how it was just six years ago, it’s
insane how far it has progressed.

So even if you’re rather new to the whole esports betting scene, you might
end up wanting to place a bet on Team Liquid or Fnatic every now and then
because they’re at the top of the food chain. But how do you start? What do you
do? Is it the same as regular betting?

Well, there are some components which are similar, but it’s a whole different
beast to tame. First off, you’ll need to do an extensive amount of research to
find the best esports bookies. Alternatively, you can cheat and use our esports
bookie list which can be found right above.

League of Legends Gameplay Screenshot

You should then select the bookies with the best betting options, payment
methods, and featured esports that cater to your needs. Oh, you might also need
to compare the odds from various bookies, maybe even test them all out before
putting a ring on one.

When you look at the grand picture, being a beginner in esports betting isn’t
easy. That’s why we’re here to help you out! It’s the least we can do. We’ve
compiled a short list of the best betting sites offering the best options for
LoL NA & EU LCS matches. Any of these bookies is great for both beginners and
experienced bettors, so at least consider checking them out! Who knows, perhaps
one will sweep you right off your feet!

Choosing a bookie from this list will not cause dissatisfaction or anger.
Instead, your experience will be sweet, simple, and rewarding. Besides, specials
also make an appearance every once-in-a-while, so why not give it a shot?

The Specifics Regarding LoL Specials

LoL specials are a completely different take on the regular LoL betting
scene. For all of you looking for where to bet on LoL NA & EU LCS tournaments,
perhaps specials will provide you with that extra bit of betting satisfaction.

As we all know, League of Legends is a MOBA game with plenty of
number-crunching, making it the perfect deal for special bets. The most popular
ones revolve around in-game aspects and are usually very thrilling to watch. We
are referring to the likes of first blood bets, first to 10 kills, first
turret/inhibitor destroyed, and similar.

For more information on League of Legends special bets, make sure you check
our in-depth League of Legends betting guide.

Key Facts

  • The 2018 NA LCS was North America’s first fully-professional LoL league
    following a partnership structure; it is the sixth NA LCS season overall.
  • 10 teams to participate in both NA LCS and EU LCS with the 6 best teams
    continuing to the playoffs.
  • Two of the best teams from each region receive a bye to the
  • 2018 EU LCS was won by Fnatic; its NA counterpart was Team Liquid.
  • Each LCS season consists of multiple parts; the spring season and
    playoffs, summer season and playoffs, and the Regional Finals.

A Brief History of LoL NA & EU LCS Tournaments

The LCS of today wasn’t always what it is now. During the first two seasons
of LoL competitive play, there wasn’t even an LCS. There were only open or
closed qualifier tournaments which ultimately seeded into the World

Some tournaments were more prestigious than others, but in the end, there was
no league or seeding system in place apart from what I already
mentioned. It was an unorganized, but highly spectated era of League of Legends.

After the first two seasons, a league system was finally formed which allowed
teams to go up against each other for end-of-season placements. If they did
well, they’d get a direct invitation to the World Championship. If they did
okay, playoff matches were played to determine the final teams. Relegation was
still not a worry because the league (both NA and EU) were still new.

The EU LCS was dominated by Fnatic and G2 esports from 2013 to 2018 (apart
from Alliance’s first place during 2014 EU LCS Summer). The North American LCS
featured four different winners over the years – Team SoloMid, Cloud9, CLG, and
most recently Team Liquid.

The prizes are much better than what they were before, and we have complete
sports coverage with journalists, casters, analysts, and much more. When the
first competitive season began, League of Legends was just a baby. Now, it’s a
handsome adult with a couple of issues, but people love it!

The team number has also increased from eight to ten, which is a welcome
change because nowadays we have lower-level leagues which predominantly exist to
help smaller teams reach the main competition.

Previous Winners

If you’re interested in history a bit more, here are the previous winners and
their respective winning years:

League of Legends EU Championship Winners
League of Legends NA Championship Winners

The EU LCS hasn’t seen too many upsets over the years (except for Alliance in
2014), but the runners-up have been colorful. Nine different teams finished
second over the course of six years. Fnatic won seven times, G2 esports four
times, and Alliance one; a commendable effort from them.

The NA LCS had a bit more variety regarding who won the series, with TSM
winning six times, Cloud 9 twice, CLG twice, and TL twice as well. The
runners-up were filled with TSM and Cloud9 over the years, with the odd
appearance of GGU, Immortals, and 100 Thieves.

Tournament Format

Even back in the days of Season 3 LCS (which was simpler than it is now), it
wasn’t too difficult to understand the whole league/tournament format. If you
have ever followed soccer or a sport that features a similar format to that,
you’ll already understand everything that’s going on. But still, it’s good to
have it in writing, so here’s what the LoL NA & EU LCS Tournament formats look

Spring + Summer Split

Both the spring and summer split of NA & EU LCS follow the same format. There
are ten teams in both leagues participating for the top spot. The format
features a double round robin system; a system in which every team plays every
other team twice. This is akin to the situation in soccer leagues –
there’s the first half of the season where they play each team once and the
second half where they play all others once more.

Matches are best of one since, well, there’s no need for anything more. You
still have a chance at redemption against a team if you lose, but there’s only
one extra chance (in one half of the season).

The six best teams at the end of the split qualify for the playoffs, which
we’ll cover in a bit. However, the two best teams get a direct bye to the
semifinals. So, there’s a pretty big incentive to do well throughout the season!


The playoffs are a bit more complicated when it comes to details, but I’m
sure it’s nothing you can’t handle!

This time, the format is single elimination, so you only get one shot, or do
you? Well, matches are best of five, so there is a second chance (in a
way). Also, the playoffs do include a 3rd place match because
placement is very important for the distribution of the prize pool (plus the use
of Championship points).

Teams get reseeded after the quarterfinals, meaning that the first-place team
always plays against the lowest-placed advancing QF team. The winner of the
playoffs qualifies for the current seasons World Championship.

Important note: This is where the NA LCS differs from its EU counterpart.
Once the quarterfinals are completed, the split winner chooses which of the
quarterfinals winning team they’ll play in the semifinals.

The EU LCS winner gets 40 percent of the prize pool as winnings, while the NA
LCS winner gets 50 percent.

LoL NA & EU LCS Tournaments | FAQ

What are Championship Points?

Championship Points are a relatively new addition to the LoL competitive
circuit. They’re a bit iffy to understand, but once you get into the whole deal,
they’re easy.

Now, the first placed team of a given summer split will automatically qualify
for the following World Championship. The team with the most Championship Points
throughout the full season also qualifies for the World Championship, albeit as
the second seed.

The third seed (with the 3rd most Championship Points) has to participate in
the World Championship play-in stage. This is determined during the Regional

Also, the 2nd to 5th position teams (in Championship Points) qualify for the
Regional Finals. The Regional Qualifier is something called the winner stays
event. The 3rd place Championship Points team gets a bye into the semifinals,
whilst the 2nd place team goes into the finals directly.

Where can I Follow the LoL NA & EU LCS Tournaments?

Since this is the biggest league-type event in League of Legends (one that
directly influences which teams will take part in the World Championship at the
end of the year), online streaming and coverage is a necessity.

You can easily find streams through Twitch (Riot host the official streaming
channel for the NA & EU LCS tournaments), or on YouTube. Additionally, you can
visit their official websites for the NA and EU regions respectively. Each
region has their own caster teams and analysts and the schedule is different as
well. If you’re from the EU and want to watch the NA LCS season, you’ll have to
adjust the viewing time according to the time difference.

Which Teams are Predicted to Win the Next NA & EU LCS Season?

As far as NA is concerned, Team Liquid are looking great. They won the 2018
LCS season, but it will be tough defending the title. Cloud9 are looking sharper
than ever; a team that struggled some time back. 100 Thieves may also take the
crown, but they’ll have to pull back from the performance and result at the 2018
LoL World Championship.

The EU scene is an easier one to predict. Fnatic are the only ones who are
completely on top of their game for the entirety of the 2018 season. Yes, this
means both summer and spring splits. The other teams have their positive sides
too, but they all need to up their game because Fnatic raised the bar. G2
esports seems like the biggest competitor, but they’ll have to work their magic
during training if they want to stand a chance against the likes of Fnatic.

Is It Tough Placing Bets on LoL?

In some cases, yes. Depending on how each team performs, the odds change as
well. Bookies often change their profit margins to help you out during the most
prestigious events (which the LCS definitely is). You might have to think long
and hard sometimes, but it’s all worth it!

When placing outright winner bets on NA LCS or LEC (the new name behind EU
LCS), you have to be in the know as far as the roster changes and meta game
factors are concerned. This sort of thing sometimes goes under the radar of some
bookies, which means you can easily exploit higher betting odds by doing
comprehensive (but on time) research.


After all of this talk about the LoL NA & EU LCS Tournaments, you’re probably
interested in some LCS action. Unfortunately, the LCS season is yet to start,
but excitement levels are at an all-time high. Many teams are looking to improve
over the pre-season and possibly challenge for the crown.

This is how the game goes; some seasons aren’t as exciting, but then comes
one which blows everyone’s minds. It’ll be tough to top the 2018 NA & EU LCS
season, considering how fun it was. League of Legends has been around for almost
eight years, and look at how far it’s come! This is the result of hard work,
plenty of patches, and a passion for greatness.

And it’s due to this that the current hot question regarding the LoL
competitive scene is Where to Bet on LoL NA & EU LCS Tournaments. So,
all of you that are interested in betting here – buckle up; it’s going to be a
thrilling ride!