Betting on Rainbow Six Seige – R6S Pro League Tournaments

Rainbow Siege Six bannerCS:GO. Thanks to its rapidly growing esports presence, R6S might just be a
proper competitor to shake CS:GO’s dominance in the FPS segment of the
competitive esports scene. That’s why today we aim to answer the biggest
question surrounding this esports title – what are the best R6S Pro League betting sites?

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After all, Pro League tournaments are R6S’ biggest and most valuable
competitions, attracting thousands of fans from all over the world and bringing
in the biggest talents all in one place. That said, it’s no wonder these betting
inquiries are becoming more frequent with each passing month. So, why don’t we
stop beating around the bush and focus toward the first segment of this article
which would be examining the best R6S Pro League betting sites.

Betting on R6S Pro League Tournaments

Now that we’ve shown you the best Rainbow Six Seige Pro League betting sites, it’s time to
further elaborate on our choices and give you full transparency regarding our
picks. So, we’re proud to present you with the top five reasons why we listed
those particular bookies:

Professional Customer Support

If there are issues with your account, online wallet, betting slips, or
virtually anything else, good customer support is the key to all your problems.
However, it’s sad to see only a handful of esports bookies having a great
approach as far as customer support service is concerned. Luckily for you, all
of our picks belong to that bunch, so you can rest assured you’ll get the
customer service you deserve!

Frequent Bonuses

Betting with your own money is great, but betting with bonus money (AKA
freebie bets) is even better! If this sounds interesting, make sure you check
out our picks as they feature frequent bonuses, some of which are tied
specifically to esports bets.

Rainbow 6 Siege Soldier

High Betting Odds

High betting odds is something all bettors crave for. In terms of online
(esports) betting, this is even more important than that of regular sports
betting. How come? Well, esports bettors can check the odds on several online
bookies before making their decision. This is, obviously, not the case with
traditional physical betting shops. As far as our list is concerned, all bookies
on it rank pretty high thanks to low profit margins. So, be our guests, and
check them out so you can see for yourself!

Trustworthiness and Reputation

Online reviews can tell you a great deal about certain bookies. The same goes
for the ones we’ve listed above. All of them have great user feedback which just
goes to show you their quality and attention to details. After all, you know
what they say, a good reputation is more valuable than money!

User-Friendly Website

Last, but not least – user experience. The basis of good R6S Pro League betting sites is website fluidity. It all comes down to exactly that. A bookie can have great
odds, frequent bonuses, and plenty of available bets, but if its clients
consider navigating through the site too confusing and time-consuming, chances
are they’ll look for simpler alternatives. No worries though, those bookies
above are all user-friendly thanks to fluid page-to-page navigation and simple
user interface.

Key Facts:

  • The first year of R6S Pro League seasons was played on both PC and Xbox
    One. However, a switch to PC-only was made shortly after the first year came
    to a close due to much higher demand.
  • The pinnacle of each R6S Pro League season is known as the R6S Pro
    League Finals, a spectacular tournament with lucrative prize pools played in
    gorgeous venues all across the world.
  • R6S Pro League Finals puts the very best teams from each R6S’ major
    regions up against each other, posing as the most competitive R6S

A Brief History of R6S Pro League Tournaments

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is the top tier esports league for R6S,
organized and sponsored by ESL and Ubisoft (R6S’ developer and publisher). The
roots of this event date back to January 2016 when it was initially announced.
However, more than a year had passed until the first Pro League tournament
kicked off (PL Y1 S1 on March 4, 2017).

These R6S Pro League tournaments started off on both PC and Xbox One consoles
but quickly moved to PC-only due to a much higher demand for it. The
nomenclature during the first two years was quite complicated, even after the
switch to PC-only tournaments. The naming scheme was organized like this – <Year
Number> <Season Number>, and there were three seasons per year, each lasting for
roughly three months.

The second year saw the introduction of Latin America and Asia-Pacific
regions, which was the biggest alteration in contrast to the first one. The
tournament format was also slightly altered, but more on that in the Tournament
Format section down below.

The third year brought yet another wave of changes. The nomenclature became
much simpler and the seasons’ duration was significantly extended (it went from
three to six months in total). Nomenclature changes started with season 7 while
the format changes started with season 8.

Previous Winners

As mentioned above, the first year (first three seasons) of Rainbow Six Pro
League had both Xbox and PC competitions. The naming scheme was rather
complicated, so here are the basic explanations for abbreviations used in the
table down below:

Event Start Date Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
PL S8 Finals Nov 17, 2018 $167,000 G2 FaZe
PL S7 Finals May 19, 2018 $167,000 Liquid PENTA
PL Y2 S3 Finals Nov 18, 2017 $167,000 ENCE BD
PL Y2 S2 Finals Aug 25, 2017 $167,000 PENTA Elevate
PL Y2 S1 Finals May 20, 2017 $167,000 PENTA BD
PL Y1 S3 PC Nov 12, 2016 $62,500 cTm Ducks
PL Y1 S3 One Nov 12, 2016 $62,500 Vitality.B Sy
PL Y1 S2 PC Aug 6, 2016 $62,500 yNk Orbit
PL Y1 S2 One Jul 30, 2016 $62,500 Denial SB
PL Y1 S1 PC May 7, 2016 $50,000 PENTA GiFu
PL Y1 S1 One Apr 22, 2016 $50,000 eX Elevate
PL = Pro League S# = Season Number Y# = Year Number PC = PC-based competitions One = Xbox-based competitions

As you can see from this table, the most successful Rainbow Six Pro League
team thus far is PENTA with a total of three wins and one runner-up spot. The
unluckiest Pro League team is Elevate with two Grand Finals to their name but
not a single win.

Tournament Format

R6S Pro League features four major regions – North America, Europe, Latin
America, and Asia-Pacific. Each of these regions has their own league with two
top teams from each of them advancing to the Pro League Finals.

As for the regional leagues themselves, we are talking about double round
robin systems in which each team plays all other teams twice. There are no
overtimes here, meaning teams can either have three or zero points coming out of

Once again, only the top two teams from each region advance to the PL Finals.
7th place teams will have to go through Relegation and emerge
victorious for another chance next season. 8th place teams go
straight to the Challenger League where they’ll have to show their prowess if
they want to participate in their region’s Pro League once again.

R6S Pro League Finals

You’ve guessed it – this is the business end of PL regional tournaments – the
icing on the cake, some would say. With just eight participating teams, R6S Pro
League Finals put them straight into the fire (into the single-elimination
bracket, to be exact). All teams start from the quarterfinals with Bo3 matches
deciding the semifinalists and grand finalists. Lucrative prizes are on the line
here, so there’s plenty of motivation to work with for all eight participating

R6S Pro League Tournaments | FAQ

Where Can I Watch R6S Pro League?

If you already have your mind set on R6S betting, then you must be wondering
where you can watch the matches. Luckily, R6S Pro League has an abundance of
livestream coverage with the most popular options being the usual culprits –
YouTube and Twitch.

Which Is Better – CS:GO or R6S?

There is no definitive answer to this question since we are basically
comparing apples to oranges here. Yes, both of these are FPS titles, but their
gameplay and in-game mechanics are worlds apart. That’s why they can’t really be
compared. So, if we had to give you a concrete answer to this question, here’s
what it would be – none. Both are good, each in their own way!

Is Rainbow Six Seige Pro League Betting Popular?

Perhaps not as popular as CS:GO, R6S betting has been on an upward run for
quite a while already. Thanks to hugely popular tournaments such as the Pro
League and Six Invitationals, R6S has become one of the biggest names in the
esports betting industry. If it continues its rapid growth, it could even rise
to become the most successful FPS esports title in the world.

Is Betting on R6S Pro League Difficult?

Betting on R6S is as difficult as betting on any other form of sports or
esports. That said, you need to arm yourself with knowledge (regarding the
competitive scene and teams competing) before you can expect some serious profit
in your wallet.


After reading everything from above, we’re sure you all realize just how
popular these R6S Pro League tournaments are. While they are not yet at the
level of CS:GO and Overwatch, we are sure they’ll get there eventually thanks to
a healthy competitive scene and top-tier sponsorships.

Furthermore, it’s important to put the betting aspect of R6S under the
spotlight. There’s a ton of people actively betting on R6S matches, further
pushing the importance of this game in the highly competitive esports betting industry.
Considering all that, it’s safe to assume Rainbow Six Siege is here to stay for
years to come!