Rocket League Championship Series Tournaments | Where to Place Bets

Rocket League Championship Series Logo and a Blue Car and Orange Car Battling

Ahh, the RLCS; where Rocket League pros show the noobs how the game should be
played. It’s always shocking watching some of these professional teams play
because it seems like they always know what they’re doing. They position
themselves near perfectly, aerial balls are a big deal, and the moves they pull
off are straight fire.

It’s no wonder that the Rocket League Championship Series, which started in
2016, is getting bigger and bigger. On top of that, this is a tournament which
has grown thanks to the community who has played a massive role in increasing
the prize pool and making this one of the largest competitive events in the
Rocket League esports scene.

You’re probably wondering where to bet on Rocket League Championship
Series Tournaments. After all, this is the Rocket League tournament you’d
want to follow. Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about because we’ll answer
your question and end your search for the best Rocket League bookies out there.

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The first Rocket League Championship Series tournament was in 2016 and
featured eight teams from two major regions – North America (NA) and Europe
(EU). As of season three, the number of teams has increased to ten (with the
introduction of a third region – Oceania).

If you’re a fan of Rocket League and want to tune in on the action, this is
the best tournament you could have chosen. And such a prestigious tournament
requires some amazing betting odds as well. No worries, we’ve got everything

Why You Should Bet on Rocket League Championship Series Tournaments

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Key Facts

  • The Rocket League Championship Series happen twice a year.
  • Season 6’s prize pool (combined) is nearly $1,000,000!
  • The event was hosted outside the US only twice – Amsterdam in season
    two and London in season five.
  • Out of the six seasons of RLCS, there were six different winners!

A Brief History of RLCS Tournaments

If you were to pit this tournament against any other from other games, it
would always come out on top regarding competitiveness. The Rocket League
Championship Series started its career in 2016. Since then, we’ve had an
astonishing six unique winners; one for each of the seasons!

This is an unmatched fact by any other tournament, making the RLCS one of the
most difficult events in the world (for the teams participating, of course).

Not only is it difficult to figure out which team to look out for during the
tournament, but you also never know who is going to win. Surprises happen quite
often in Rocket League, making it an insanely unpredictable game.

The prize pool has also been increased drastically over the years. Season one
of RLCS had a prize pool of $75,000 – not too shabby for the first iteration of
a tournament for a new game. In just two years, this number has risen to nearly
$1,000,000! Here are some stats: Season two had 335% of season one’s prize pool
size. Season three was at 120%, season four at 117%, and season five at 143%
(over each respective previous season). However, season six has seen the prize
pool become 200% of the previous season. This caused a spike in prize pool money
from $500,000 to $1,000,000. Also, Psyonix took over as the tournament
organizers (Twitch had the honor prior to Psyonix).

Previous Winners

Rocket League Championship Series Winner Table

These results are from the Rocket League Championship Series World
Championship at the end of each of the first six seasons.

Tournament Format

This where to bet on Rocket League Championship Series
tournaments guide
is nearing completion, so stay frosty! Anyway,
the format for this tournament hasn’t changed much over the years which makes it
easy to remember.

First up, we’ve got the qualifiers. Now, these are region specific, but the
format is the same for each region. There’s a group stage which is a
style best of five. The best two teams directly qualify for the
finals. This gives them plenty of rest and not a lot to worry about since
they’ve done their job. The top six qualify for the Regional Championship (which
serves the purpose of seeding more teams for the World Championship spots). Two
of the worst teams are relegated into the promotion playoffs.

The Regional Championship consists of a single-elimination bracket with a
third place decider. This bracket features best of seven matches, so there’s a
lot to play. Any team participating in the Regional Championship automatically
qualifies for the next RLCS season; the top four qualify for the finals.

Now, as far as the RLCS season finals go, the format is rather
straightforward. We’ve got a double-elimination format where all the games are
best of five (except the winners, losers, and Grand Finals; these are best of

Rocket League Championship Series Bracket

Using this type of format for the finals is a good thing because it gives
every team a second chance. It’s a “Fail at the first hurdle? No worries, try
the next one” sort of thing. In any case, there’s plenty of action to see, and
we’re sure you’ve finally found where to bet on Rocket League Championship
Series Tournaments.

Rocket League Championship Series Tournaments FAQ

Where to Watch RLCS Tournaments?

As with all great esports tournaments, the Rocket League Championship Series features live streams as well. These can be found through Twitch or through the official Rocket League website. In any case, it’s good having more than one live stream medium because it allows you to have options!

Where to Bet on RLCS Tournaments?

If you go back to the top of the article, you’ll see we’ve already got a list of reputable bookies prepared for you. So, if you’re looking for the best bookmakers to place your Rocket League bets, look no further!

Why Is It so Close Between the Teams?

Rocket League is pretty interesting when it comes to this aspect. Even the best teams can get defeated early in a tournament, but this all boils down to how the game works. You simply cannot prepare for everything in the game because the matches are considerably chaotic. What matters here are reactions, respect of planned tactics, and plenty of team play and communication.


Some people are saying that Rocket League is slowly going out of favor in the
esports scene, but we disagree. Just by tuning in to some of the action you’ll
see how great this game (and the competitive scene) really are. There’s always
something new and interesting happening!

In any case, the RLCS is, as stated before, one of the most unpredictable
esports tournaments out there. This makes it tough to place bets, but if we
helped you get to the bottom of your burning question (where to bet on Rocket
League Championship Series tournaments), then there should be no issues placing
your favorite Rocket League bets!