Betting on the Atlanta Falcons – 2020 NFL Season

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What Is the 2019 Atlanta Falcons Schedule?

Week 1 – Date: 9/8 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  FalconsFalcons Logo
  Vikings Vikings Logo
Vikings – 28
Falcons – 12
Week 2 – Date: 9/15 | Time: 8:20 PM ET
  FalconsFalcons Logo
  EaglesEagles Logo
Falcons – 24
Eagles – 20
Week 3 – Date: 9/22 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  FalconsFalcons Logo
  ColtsColts Logo
Colts – 27
Falcons – 24
Week 4 – Date: 9/29 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  FalconsFalcons Logo
  TitansTitans Logo
Titans – 24
Falcons – 10
Week 5 – Date: 10/6 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  FalconsFalcons Logo
  TexansTexans Logo
Texans – 53
Falcons – 32
Week 6 – Date: 10/13 | Time: 4:05 PM ET
  FalconsFalcons Logo
  CardinalsCardinals Logo
Cardinal – 34
Falcons – 33
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Sites With the Best Atlanta Falcons Odds

2019 is the year to get your picks in early with the best Atlanta Falcons
betting sites, because after a disappointing 2018, this stacked roster is due
for a major bounce-back season! Led by Matt Ryan-who will be playing behind an
offensive line in which the franchise has invested heavily upon this
offseason-Atlanta hopes to return to their 2016 form, when they were the best
offense in the NFL. Replacing Steve Sarkisian with Dirk Koetter in the offensive
coordinator role will almost certainly help make that happen.

Besides some questionable coaching decisions in 2018, the Falcons were as
unlucky as any team in the NFL as far as injuries were concerned. But betting on
the Atlanta Falcons this year will be different. They’ll be getting back both of
their starting safeties, Devonta Freeman at running back, Deion Jones at
linebacker, and several other impact players. Throw in two first-round offensive
linemen, and this is a squad with serious Super Bowl potential.

Now, all you need are top-notch Atlanta Falcons betting sites. In the same
way Thomas Dimitroff took care of business improving the roster, we’ve got you
covered when it comes to supplying bettors with the best online sportsbooks for
NFL betting. Our team of experts has worked extensively vetting providers to
find the best Atlanta Falcons betting sites, which are listed in the table below.

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Atlanta Falcons Betting Stats

Team Win/Loss Win % ATS Record Cover % O/U Record Over % Under %
Atlanta Falcons 7-9 43.8% 8-8-0 50.0% 7-9-0 43.8% 56.2%
New Orleans Saints 13-4 76.5% 11-6-0 64.7% 9-8-0 52.9% 47.1%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9 43.8% 5-9-2 35.7% 12-4-0 75.0% 25.0%
Carolina Panthers 5-11 31.2% 6-9-1 40.0% 11-5-0 68.8% 31.2%
Only checking out Atlanta Falcons betting odds is NOT good enough!

As the season progresses, and while you’re betting on the Atlanta Falcons,
it’s critical that you continually keep track of how they are playing. You
should keep an eye on their current record coming into a matchup, how they’ve
performed against the spread, and how often their games have covered totals

This section is worth revisiting each week, as the table contains valuable
information that is automatically updated with the latest data at all times.
That way, you’ll log in to your top Atlanta Falcons betting sites with
up-to-date statistics that give you more insight into the team’s performances
than just wins and losses.

Here are the figures you’ll find covered in this section. The table is also
adjustable, allowing you to compare the Atlanta Falcons with other NFL teams:

  • Win/loss record
  • Win %
  • ATS Record
  • Cover %
  • O/U Record
  • Over %
  • Under %

What makes these numbers so helpful is that they can uncover hidden patterns
and trends that aren’t immediately identifiable, looking at surface-level
figures or wins/losses. A team with a winning record, but a low percentage of
covering the spread is probably playing in lots of close games with thin margins
of victory. Organizations with losing records but an excellent history of going
“over” totals lines, most likely has a potent offense and lousy defense. This is
all data that can inform your picks at Atlanta Falcons betting sites!

Falcons Logo

Atlanta Falcons Betting Predictions

Anytime you’re betting on the Atlanta Falcons online, it’s a good idea to
research the opinions of a wide range of pundits and handicappers, unless you’re
already an advanced bettor with foolproof systems. As the season progresses,
you’ll quickly learn which “experts” are pointing you in the right direction
most often, and which you should bet against when you can.

Our writers strive to be the voices you turn to when you want to win a big
bet. In this section, you’ll find our most recent articles concerning the best
Atlanta Falcons betting sites. We cover all of the weekly NFL action in our
picks and predictions articles, which you can see below. Don’t forget to keep
coming back for more about placing bets on the Atlanta Falcons. This area will
continually be updated with our latest pieces.

Atlanta Falcons – Quarterback Analysis

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan
Position: QB Throws: Right
6′ 4″, 217lb (193.0 cm, 98.4 kg)
Team: Atlanta Falcons
Born: Exton, Pennsylvania
College: Boston College
Total TDs: 330
TD %: 4.7
TDs Thrown: 321
TDs Run: 9
Passes Completed: 4,460
Interceptions Throw: 147
Times Sacked: 369
2019 Season
Total TDs: 27
TD %: 4.2
TDs Thrown: 26
TDs Run: 1
Passes Completed: 408
Interceptions Throw: 14
Times Sacked: 48

The Atlanta Falcons are one of the NFL teams blessed with a top-tier
franchise quarterback in Matt Ryan. The Boston College alum was drafted in 2008
and has earned numerous honors over his decade in the league, including four Pro
Bowl berths and the 2016 MVP award. He’s the engine that drives the Falcons
offense and a crucial voice on the field and in the locker room. If Ryan misses
time or is forced to play hurt, it will have a massive impact on the lines
posted on top Atlanta Falcons betting sites.

Matty Ice’s best season came in 2016, in Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme.
Over the past two years, we’ve seen his team decline, though Ryan continued to
put up impressive numbers. The Falcons’ regression was mostly due to the inept
system and play calling of former offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkisian. With
Dirk Koetter back as the OC in 2019, things are looking up.

In fact, he’s a smart pick for MVP futures bets, which you may want to place
at top-notch Atlanta Falcons betting sites before too much time passes and the
oddsmakers adjust the odds. With a beefed-up offensive line and a receiving
corps of Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Calvin Ridley, it’s likely his 2019
campaign will look more like 2016 than 2017 and 2018.

Don’t Forget These Players When Betting on the Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Off The Field

Team Stats

  • Super Bowls Attended: 2 (1998, 2016)
  • Super Bowls Won: 0
  • Playoff Appearances: 14 (1978, 1980, 1982, 1991, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017)
  • Division Champsionships: 6 (1980, 1998, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2016)


  • Name: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Former Names: N/A
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Capacity: 71,000
  • Opened: August 26, 2017
  • Construction Cost: $1.6 Billion



Arthur Blank: (2002 – Present)

Arthur Blank paid over half a billion dollars to purchase the Atlanta Falcons
in 2002. He’s since become one of the most powerful and influential owners in
the NFL. Blank made his fortune by co-founding Home Depot where he spent 19
years as the company’s president.

In 2017, the Falcons owner completed construction on Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a
state-of-the-art arena that cost $1.6 billion to build. The stadium includes a
unique, eight-panel retractable roof that opens like a pin-wheel. Blank enjoys
considerable influence with Commissioner Roger Goodell and will likely remain
the owner of the Atlanta Falcons for the foreseeable future.

Taylor Smith: (1990 – 2002)

Rankin M. Smith Sr. actively oversaw the Atlanta Falcons’ day-to-day
operations from 1966 until 1990, when he handed over control to his son, Taylor.
In the younger Smith’s first season as owner, the Falcons replaced their head
coach with Jerry Glanville and changed the jerseys to their all-black uniforms.

He also oversaw the team’s greatest season to date, when they went 14-2 in
the 1998 regular season and made the Super Bowl, before falling to John Elway’s
Broncos. Four years later, Taylor Smith sold the franchise for $545 million,
which was quite a return on what was initially an $8.5 million investment.

Rankin M. Smith Sr.: (1966 – 1990)

Rankin M. Smith Sr was first tapped to become a professional football
franchise owner in 1965, by the American Football League, which was looking to
expand to Atlanta. However, the NFL was interested in the city as well, and
convinced him to invest in the more established league instead. In June of that
same year, the local businessman paid $8.5 million to found the Atlanta Falcons.
The AFL then shifted their focus to Miami, where the Dolphins were established

In addition to his purchase, Smith received exclusive rights to
Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. The Falcons played there for 26 seasons. After
nearly three decades, Rankin wanted a new stadium, and began to threaten to move
the team if one wasn’t built. This resulted in the construction of the Georgia
Dome, which the franchise called home until 2017.

Falcons Fun Facts

  • Became a Team: June 30, 1965
  • Fight Song: “Fly High Falcons”
  • Mascot: Freddie Falcon
  • Team Colors: Red, black, silver, and white
  • Net Worth: $2.6 Billion
  • Official Website:

Team Logos

Updated “Letter F” Falcon (2003 – Present)

In 2003, the falcon logo was updated to look more aggressive and sleeker. The
head was bent slightly downward to look like the bird is dive-bombing. The
design of the wings was also altered to look more powerful and aerodynamic. The
talon and head received minor changes to make the logo look more like the letter
“F,” and red and silver accents were added as well.

All Black Falcon Crest (1990 – 2002)

In 1990, the Falcons changed the red outline around their falcon crest and replaced it with a black one.

Falcon Crest (1966 – 1989)

Atlanta’s Falcon logo has remained relatively consistent throughout the
entirety of the franchise’s existence. The earliest versions were a black
profile of a falcon, with the head facing right, a wing pointing downward, and
one outstretched talon also facing right. Until 1989, there was a thin red
outline, which was then changed to black.

Falcons Logos

History of the Atlanta Falcons