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What Is the 2020-2021 New York Jets Schedule?

Week 1 – Date: 9/13 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  JetsJets Logo
  BillsBills Logo
Bills – 27
Jets – 17
Week 2 – Date: 9/20 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  49ers49er Logo
  JetsJets Logo
49ers – 31
Jets – 13
Week 3 – Date: 9/27 | Time: 4:05 PM ET
  JetsJets Logo
  ColtsColts Logo
Colts – 26
Jets – 7
Week 4 – Date: 10/1 | Time: 8:20 PM ET
  BroncosBroncos Logo
  JetsJets Logo
Broncos – 37
Jets – 28
Week 5 – Date: 10/11 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  CardinalsCardinals Logo
  JetsJets Logo
Cardinals – 30
Jets – 10
Week 6 – Date: 10/18 | Time: 4:25 PM ET
  JetsJets Logo
  DolphinsDolphins Logo
Dolphins – 24
Jets – 0
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Sites With the Best New York Jets Odds

The New York Jets emerged as a legitimate foil to the New England Patriots at the beginning of the last decade, but it’s been a while since the franchise has enjoyed much success. The Jets haven’t sniffed the playoffs since the 2010 season. Despite spending big money in free agency last year on Le’Veon Bell and CJ Mosley, New York slumped its way to another sub-.500 season in 2019.

However, there were some bright spots. The Jets’ season was derailed in the early stages when quarterback Sam Darnold came down with mononucleosis. The former No. 3 overall pick was limited to just 13 games as a result. He improved his performance as the season progressed, though, and the Jets wound up closing the season by winning six of their last eight games.

Whether they will be able to carry that momentum into the new season obviously remains to be seen. Most teams expect young quarterbacks to take big steps forward in their third pro seasons, so this is shaping up to be a crucial year for Darnold’s long-term status with the Jets. The AFC East is wide open, with the Patriots looking vulnerable for the first time in forever.

Even so, NFL betting sites don’t seem overly optimistic about the Jets’ chances of taking advantage. New York is listed at +700 to win the division, which ties them with the Dolphins for the worst odds in the AFC East. The Bills are slight favorites over the Patriots at most football betting sites as things stand heading into 2020.

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New York Jets Betting Stats

Team Win/Loss Win % ATS Record Cover % O/U Record Over % Under %
New York Jets 2-14-0 12.5% 6-10-0 37.5% 7-9-0 43.8% 56.2%
Buffalo Bills 15-4-0 79.0% 12-7-0 63.2% 12-6-1 66.7% 33.3%
Miami Dolphins 10-6-0 62.5% 11-5-0 68.8% 7-9-0 43.8% 56.2%
New England Patriots 7-9-0 43.6% 7-9-0 43.8% 5-11-0 31.2% 68.8%
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New York Jets Betting Predictions

New York Jets Logo

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Sam Darnold – Quarterback Analysis

Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold
Position: QB Throws: Right
6′ 3″, 225lb (190.5 cm, 100.7 kg)
Team: New York Jets
Born: Mentor, Ohio
College: USC
Total TDs: 50
TD %: 3.7
TDs Thrown: 45
TDs Run: 5
Passes Completed: 729
Interceptions Throw: 39
Times Sacked: 98
2020 Season
Total TDs: 11
TD %: 2.5
TDs Thrown: 9
TDs Run: 2
Passes Completed: 217
Interceptions Throw: 11
Times Sacked: 35

The jury is still out on Sam Darnold. The USC product entered the league with all sorts of hype, but his first two years have been inconsistent. The 23-year-old has thrown 36 touchdowns to 28 interceptions across 26 career games, and his improvement from his first year to his second year was incremental at best.

The NFL is a quarterbacks league. It’s extremely difficult to consistently win games at the highest level if you don’t have quality QB play on a week-in, week-out basis. Darnold has shown flashes of being a star-caliber quarterback, but the Jets won’t win anything of merit until he establishes himself as one of the game’s best at the position.

Darnold turned the ball over 36 times in 27 college games, so the fact that turnovers have continued to plague him as a pro is hardly a major surprise. He has all of the arm talent in the world, but until he can cut down on giving the ball away, the Jets’ offense isn’t going to be able to take the next step.

He lost his favorite target when Robby Anderson signed with the Panthers this offseason, and his weaponry is hardly top-tier. The Jets did draft Mekhi Becton in the first round to protect Darnold’s blindside, but the receiving corps featuring Jamison Crowder, Denzel Mims, Breshad Perriman, and Josh Doctson is hardly formidable.

Darnold may continue to struggle if he doesn’t get support in the running game. Bell was a massive bust out of the backfield in his first season with the team. The Jets ranked just 29th in passing yards per game last season and 27th in passing touchdowns while throwing the 10th-most interceptions.

Don’t Forget These Players When Betting on the Jets

New York Jets Off The Field

Team Stats

  • Super Bowls Attended: 1 (1968)
  • Super Bowls Won: 1 (1968)
  • AFL Championships: 1 (1968)
  • Playoff Appearances: 14 (1968, 1969, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010)
  • Conference Champsionships: 4 (1968, 1969, 1998, 2002)


  • Name: MetLife Stadium
  • Former Names: New Meadowlands Stadium
  • Location: East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Capacity: 82,550
  • Opened: April 10, 2010
  • Construction Cost: $1.6 Billion



Woody Johnson: (2000 – Present)

Woody Johnson is the great-grandson of Robert Wood Johnson, co-founder of
Johnson & Johnson. Following the death of Leon Hess, Woody and his brother
Christopher bid $635 million to win the auction, the third-highest price ever
paid for a professional sports team at the time.

During Johnson’s tenure, he attempted to get a new stadium built in Manhattan
but was denied in 2005. Five years later, in partnership with the Giants, he was
able to get a new Meadowlands Stadium constructed. It eventually became MetLife.

Woody was nominated to become the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom by the
Trump administration. He’s currently serving in this role, leaving Christopher
Johnson in the position as Jets chairman and CEO.

Leon Hess: (1968 – 1999)

Leon Hess was one of the investors that initially purchased the New York
franchise in 1963, along with Sonny Werblin, Philip H. Iselin, Townsend B.
Martin, and Donald Lillis. Between 1968 and 1984, Hess gradually bought out each
of his partners.

He became the controlling stakeholder after purchasing Werblin’s shares in
1968, then acquired Iselin’s in ’77, and Martin’s in 1981. Finally, in 1984,
Leon obtained the last quarter-share from Donald Lillis’ daughter, making him
the sole owner.

That same year, Hess moved the franchise to Giants Stadium in New Jersey.
Towards the end of his life, the Jets’ third owner started making questionable
moves in a desperate attempt to “win now.”

For example, in 1995, New York drafted Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp in the
first round. Hess was quoted as saying, “I’m 80 years old, I want results now.”
Leon died in 1999, and the franchise was put up for auction in January 2000.

Sonny Werblin: (1963 – 1968)

In 1963, Sonny Werblin and a group of investors bought the New York Titans
from Harry Wismer. Upon completing the purchase, Werblin changed the
organization’s name to the “Jets,” and ditched their blue and gold jerseys for
green and white. Under new ownership, the team thrived, primarily due to their
ability to spend money.

In ’63, he drafted Matt Snell, stealing him from the NFL’s NY Giants and, in
1965, Sonny forked over $400,000 to lure Joe Namath to the AFL as well. In 1968,
Sonny Werblin-who was resisting the AFL-NFL merger-was bought out by Jets
management. That same season, the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl

Harry Wismer: (1959 – 1963)

Harry Wismer was a broadcaster who eventually became the sports director and
NFL play-by-play announcer at WJR, a Detroit radio station owned by George A.
Richards (founder of the Lions). As an announcer, Wismer was a key figure in
trying to push the sport of football on primetime television, though he was a
little ahead of his time in that regard.

In 1959, he became one of the founding members of the AFL. As one of the only
AFL owners with experience in professional football, having owned stakes in the
NFL’s Redskins and Lions, Wisner designed the television revenue sharing concept
that set the standard still used today.

Harry’s franchise was initially named the New York Titans. Unfortunately, the
team was severely unpopular in their home market. It didn’t help that Harry
lacked the deep pockets of his AFL colleagues. Over time, the troubled founder
began to drink more and eventually ruined his relationships with the other
owners. In 1963, they arranged a sale of the team to more financially stable

Fun Facts

  • Became a Team: August 14, 1959
  • Fight Song: “Jets Keep Sailing Along”
  • Mascot: None
  • Team Colors: Gotham green, Spotlight white, Stealth black
  • Net Worth: $3.2 Billion
  • Official Website:

Team Logos

Classic “Jets” Football (2019 – Present)

Today, the Jets are utilizing yet another variation of their classic design.
The oval has been altered to more closely resemble a football shape again, but
the wordmarks are not layered on top of each other. Now, “NEW YORK” is written
in bold white font a few spaces above “JETS,” also in bold white. There is still
a white football at the base of the “E” and “T” in “JETS.”

Green Oval (1998 – 2018)

When Bill Parcells showed up in 1998, he wanted to change the culture of the
long-suffering franchise. The Big Tuna introduced a design heavily based on the
green football logos from the 1960s, only the football shape was changed to a
standard horizontal oval. Otherwise, the “NY” and “Jets” overlay was the same,
with white letters on a green background and a small white football graphic at
the base of the wordmarks.

“Jets” Wordmark (1978 – 1997)

For nearly two decades, the organization ditched their green football design
for a new logo. During this period, the logo was a simple wordmark that reads
“JETS,” with a stylized “wing” running from the top of the “J” over the rest of
the letters in a way that’s made to look like the logo is moving or aerodynamic.

Football With “Jets” Wordmark (1964 – 1977)

1964 – The Jets introduced a new logo in 1964 that would be the basis for
most of the franchise’s designs from that point forward. The graphic featured a
green outline in the shape of a horizontal football, with white interior. Inside
the football is a large “NY” with a similar green outline filled with white.
Layered above the “NY” is the word “JETS” in solid green bold font. At the base
of the “NY” is a smaller green football.

1967 – The team flipped the design in 1967. All of the areas that were
previously green were changed to white and vice versa. Otherwise, there were no
changes at this time.

Green Jet (1963)

After Sonny Werblin successfully acquired ownership of the NY franchise, the
team got an immediate rebrand. They lost the “Titans” name and blue and gold
color scheme for the green and white “Jets.” Their first logo under the new
administration was simply a solid green airplane shape with “Jets” written in
white font across the middle of the logo.

All New York Jets Logos

History of the NY Jets