Betting on the New England Patriots – 2020-2021 NFL Season

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What Is the 2020-2021 New England Patriots Schedule?

Week 1 – Date: 9/13 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  PatriotsPatriots Logo
  DolphinsDolphins Logo
Patriots – 21
Dolphins – 11
Week 2 – Date: 9/20 | Time: 8:20 PM ET
  PatriotsPatriots Logo
  SeahawksSeahawks Logo
Seahawks – 35
Patriots – 30
Week 3 – Date: 9/27 | Time: 1:00 PM ET
  RaidersRaiders Logo
  PatriotsPatriots Logo
Patriots – 36
Raiders – 20
Week 4 – Date: 10/5 | Time: 4:25 PM ET
  PatriotsPatriots Logo
  ChiefsChiefs Logo
Chiefs – 26
Patriots – 10
Week 6 – Date: 10/18 | Time: 4:05 PM ET
  PatriotsPatriots Logo
  BroncosBroncos Logo
Broncos – 18
Patriots – 12
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Sites With the Best New England Patriots Odds

The New England Patriots are going to look a bit different in 2020. For the first time in 20 years, Tom Brady will not be leading the Pats into battle. Bill Belichick is still here, but Brady fled for Tampa Bay this offseason. As a result, the Patriots are looking like a far more dicey bet to win the AFC East than they have in two decades.

If you have been betting on the Patriots in recent years, you’ve likely done pretty well for yourself. New England has won the division every single season since 2009. The Pats have failed to win the AFC East just once since 2002. It has truly been a remarkable run. However, Patriots betting sites seem to think there’s a good chance the run of glory comes to an end in 2020.

The Bills have emerged as slight favorites to edge New England in the division. While the Patriots still have a solid roster, there’s all sorts of uncertainty when it comes to the quarterback position.

New England is currently listed at +2500 to win Super Bowl 55. Those are the worst preseason Super Bowl odds we have seen for the Pats in years, and with good reason. Brady led the franchise to six Lombardi Trophies during his time in Foxborough, and oddsmakers are bearish on the team’s chances of succeeding without him.

If you believe Belichick is capable of winning regardless of who he has under center, what better time than now to place a bet on the Patriots to exceed expectations next season? New England won’t be the trendiest pick with Brady out of the picture, but the sites with the best Patriots odds are offering quite a bit of value on the Pats heading into the new campaign:

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New England Patriots Betting Stats

Team Win/Loss Win % ATS Record Cover % O/U Record Over % Under %
New England Patriots 7-9-0 43.6% 7-9-0 43.8% 5-11-0 31.2% 68.8%
Buffalo Bills 15-4-0 79.0% 12-7-0 63.2% 12-6-1 66.7% 33.3%
Miami Dolphins 10-6-0 62.5% 11-5-0 68.8% 7-9-0 43.8% 56.2%
New York Jets 2-14-0 12.5% 6-10-0 37.5% 7-9-0 43.8% 56.2%
Only looking at New England Patriots odds is NOT enough!

If you’re planning on betting on the New England Patriots, you’ll want to
keep track of how they’re performing throughout the season. And don’t just keep
track of their wins and losses, but their record against the spread and
covering totals lines as well. The table in this section will always be updated
with the latest info, so you’re armed with the most recent stats when you visit
the best New England Patriots betting sites.

Here are the statistics covered in the table, which can be used to search for
trends or for comparisons with other NFL teams:

  • Win/loss record
  • Win %
  • ATS Record
  • Cover %
  • O/U Record
  • Over %
  • Under %

You never know what kinds of patterns will emerge in numbers like these over
the course of a season. Some teams post excellent overall records but can’t
cover a point spread to save their lives. Others, which we’ve seen a lot of in
recent seasons, tend to consistently outperform totals lines no matter how high
the oddsmakers set them. Either way, it’s valuable information to have when
you’re scanning the odds at your top New England Patriots betting sites.

New England Patriots Betting Predictions

hurts to collect a wide variety of picks and opinions. Figuring out who to
listen to can be just as important as accurately handicapping New England’s
games yourself. That’s why our writers are going to be posting weekly picks and
predictions articles right here in this section!

Whether you’re betting on the Patriots online or any other matchup in the
NFL, we’ll continually post the freshest opinions and advice to help you beat
even the best New England Patriots betting sites!

Cam Newton – Patriots QB Analysis

Cam Newton
Cam Newton
Position: QB Throws: Right
6′ 5″, 245lb (196 cm, 111 kg)
Team: New England Patriots
Born: College Park, GA
College: Auburn
Total TDs: 260
TD %: 4.4
TDs Thrown: 190
TDs Run: 70
Passes Completed: 2,613
Interceptions Throw: 118
Times Sacked: 322
2020 Season
Total TDs: 20
TD %: 2.2
TDs Thrown: 8
TDs Run: 12
Passes Completed: 242
Interceptions Throw: 10
Times Sacked: 31

The Patriots spent most of the offseason planning to have Jarrett Stidham take over for Tom Brady. But in July, the team made the surprising decision to sign Cam Newton as a free agent. Newton reportedly didn’t get many offers after being cut by the Panthers earlier this year, and Bill Belichick was happy to take advantage.

Newton won the NFL MVP award in 2015, the same season he led Carolina to an appearance in Super Bowl 50. While the Panthers ultimately came up short, he has consistently been among the game’s most productive quarterback since coming out of Auburn in 2011. However, he played just two games last season after suffering a season-ending foot injury, and teams were concerned that he may never be able to replicate his old form as a result.

While Newton has a cannon of an arm, his ability to run the ball has been a key part of his game over the years. Newton has consistently ranked among the quarterback rushing leaders with the Panthers, and he will now look to take that aspect of his game to New England. Needless to say, it’s been quite a long time since the Patriots had a quarterback with the ability to tuck it and run.

The signing of Newton also improved the Patriots’ betting outlook considerably. Brady’s decision to sign with Tampa Bay resulted in the Bills overtaking the Pats as the odds-on favorites to win the AFC East. While the odds are still close, New England’s chances improved once they upgraded from Stidham to Newton.

The new-look Patriots are listed around +2000 to win Super Bowl 55 according to NFL betting sites. While those odds are significantly lower than we’re used to seeing for this team, New England is suddenly an intriguing long shot betting option to win it all heading into the new campaign.

Don’t Forget These Players When Betting on the Patriots

New England Patriots Off The Field

Team Stats

  • Super Bowls Attended: 11 (1985, 1996, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018,)
  • Super Bowls Won: 6 (2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, 2018)
  • Playoff Appearances: 26 (1963, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Division Champsionships: 20 (1963, 1978, 1986, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)


  • Name: Gillette Stadium
  • Former Names: CMGI Field
  • Location: Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Capacity: 65,878
  • Opened: May 11, 2002
  • Construction Cost: $325 Million



Robert Kraft: (1994 – Present)

New England’s current owner took over in 1994 after preventing two attempts
to move the franchise to New Orleans and St. Louis, respectively, by the
previous bosses. Due to Robert Kraft’s ownership of Foxborough Stadium, any
potential purchaser of the Patriots would be forced to stay put and fulfill
their lease agreement. It only made sense to sell him the rest of the team,
which Kraft purchased for $172 million.

Prior to Robert Kraft taking over the New England Patriots, they only made
the playoffs six times in their 34 years in the league. Since becoming the
owner, they’ve advanced to the post-season in 19 of his 24 seasons in charge,
winning six Super Bowls in the processes.

James Orthwein: (1992 – 1994)

Following Victor Kiam’s brief time with the Patriots was another short-term
owner. James Orthwein was a Busch family heir and made some early decisions that
would begin New England’s slow return to relevance. Namely, Orthwein hired Bill
Parcells to be his head coach, who then went on to take Drew Bledsoe in his
first draft-with the number one overall pick, no less.

The new owners undoing would be attempting to relocate the organization to
St. Louis. Robert Kraft, a long time Pats season ticket holder, also owned the
team’s stadium and was not willing to let the franchise out of their lease so
they could move. Instead, Kraft used his leverage to stage a hostile takeover of
the New England Patriots, convincing Orthwein to sell in 1994.

Victor Kiam: (1988 – 1992)

Victor Kiam, spokesperson and eventual owner of Remington shaver, purchased
the Patriots from Billy Sullivan; however, he only got the franchise. Foxborough
Stadium went to Robert Kraft during Sullivan’s bankruptcy sale. One of the more
memorable moments of Kaim’s tenure was an embarrassing sexual harassment
controversy centered around female reporters in the locker room. Kaim only owned
the Pats for a few seasons before ultimately losing money on the sale in 1994.

Billy Sullivan: (1959 – 1988)

The organization that would eventually become the New England Patriots was
founded by Billy Sullivan after a failed bid to establish a new NFL team.
Instead, the Massachusetts native paid $25k for an AFL franchise, originally
named the Boston Patriots. The new squad was the eighth and final addition to
the young professional football league, whose first season came in 1960.

Sullivan went on to play a vital role in the AFL’s merger with the NFL,
effectively landing him and his franchise where he wanted to be in the first
place in 1970. A year later, he changed the team name to the “New England
Patriots.” Ultimately, a series of poor investments landed the Sullivan family
in financial problems, partially due to The Jackson Five 1984 Victory Tour,
which led to the organization being sold in 1988.

New England Patriots Fun Facts

  • Became a Team: November 16, 1959
  • Fight Song: “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne (Unofficial)
  • Mascot: Pat Patriot
  • Team Colors: Nautical blue, red, new century silver, white
  • Net Worth: $3.9 Billion
  • Official Website:

Team Logos

Modified Trichome Hat (2013 – Present)

Today’s Patriots logo is a modified version of the “Flying Elvis,” with some
subtle changes to the trichome hat and with block letters replacing the script
from before.

“Flying Elvis” (1993 – 2013)

The current New England Patriots logo is based on the “Flying Elvis,” a
picture of a revolutionary minuteman’s profile, which bears a striking
resemblance to a young Elvis Pressley. The organization made the switch to this
character due to problems adapting the previous minuteman to different types of
merchandise and making it fit on the jerseys.

Revolutionary Minuteman (1961 – 1992)

For much of Patriots’ history, their logo was “Pat Patriot,” a revolutionary
minuteman hiking a football. It was designed by Phil Bissell, a cartoonist at
the Boston Globe. Over the years, the organization made slight changes to the
color scheme but kept the general theme for decades before updating it to the
“Flying Elvis” design we see today.

Patriots Logo

History of the New England Patriots