2021 Super Bowl Betting FAQ

Super Bowl LogoThe Super Bowl delivers excitement every year to diehard football lovers and casual fans alike. Each year, people who don’t bet on anything else make wagers on the big game at regular sportsbooks and on sports betting websites. If you’re one of those people and are new to betting online, we’re here to help by answering the most frequently asked questions.

There is no sporting event quite like the Super Bowl, which caps off the National Football League season every year. One of the reasons why it is such a massive event is because of the betting associated with it. If you’re thinking of getting started but aren’t sure where to begin, this is a great place to start.

In the following page, we’ll answer all the main questions you might have about Super Bowl betting online and offline. We’ll talk about how the bets work, how you can make the bets, and share the best places to make Super Bowl bets. By the end of this article, you should have a firm enough grasp on Super Bowl betting to start placing your wagers with confidence.

Below we have included a list of all the questions answered on this page, click on one to get taken to the answer!

When Is Super Bowl 55?

The Super Bowl in 2021 will take place on Sunday, February 7th, 2021. As far as when the kickoff takes place, it is usually scheduled for around 6:30 PM Eastern Time. Note that is always a rough estimate, as the pregame festivities can sometimes last a bit longer than usual. But 6:30 is the time that game officials are hoping to start.

People look forward to the Super Bowl all year long. If you’re one of those people, we have you covered right to the second. Take a look at our Super Bowl 55 countdown timer below:

Countdown toSUPER BOWL 56
Super Bowl

Who Is Playing in the 2021 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LV pits the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Buccaneers. The Chiefs won the American Football Conference by defeating the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills in the playoffs after finishing the regular season with a 14-2 record, best in football. The Buccaneers went 11-5 in the regular season before winning three road playoff games, over the Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints and, in the National Football Conference Championship, the Green Bay Packers.

Chiefs vs BuccaneersThe Kansas City Chiefs played in the first Super Bowl in 1967, losing to Green Bay. In Super Bowl IV, they won their first ever NFL championship with an upset victory over the Minnesota Vikings. After a 50-year absence, they returned to the Super Bowl last year to beat the San Francisco 49ers, meaning that they’ll be trying to defend their title on Sunday.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t enter the NFL until 1976, then it took them over a quarter-century before finally making the Super Bowl. In that game (Super Bowl XXXVII), they clobbered the Oakland Raiders for their only NFL title. With a victory on Sunday, Tampa Bay would be the first team ever to win the Super Bowl on their home field, as the game will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

What Are the Super Bowl 2021 Betting Odds?

It’s important to remember that the odds for Super Bowl 55 will differ depending on the website that you’re using. We’re using odds borrowed from a few of the top 2021 Super Bowl betting sites.

Early odds had the Chiefs had a 3 ½-point favorite at most sites. The line move indicates that there was likely a preponderance of wagering on the Buccaneers, forcing oddsmakers to make a slight adjustment. The Chiefs are also the favorite on the moneyline, as you can see:

Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 (-115), -170, O56.5 (-110) -3 (-120), -165, O56 (-105) -3 (-115), -163, O56 (-106)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5 (-105), +140, U56.5 (-110) +3 (EVEN), +145, U56 (-115) +3 (-105), +143, U56 (-114)

For those unaware of how the moneyline works, you have to imagine a foundation of $100. A bet of $168 on the Chiefs, the favorite, would bring you a profit of $100 if they win the game. Meanwhile, a bet of $100 on the Buccaneers would bring you a profit of $148 if they win the game.

One other piece of the odds is the over/under or totals line, which now stands at 56. If you think the combined score of the two teams at the end of Super Bowl 55 will be higher than 56, you would bet the over. And if you believe it will be lower than 56, you should bet the under.

How Do I Watch Super Bowl 55?

Super Bowls are generally the most-watched of all television events in the United States year in and year out. For that reason, the networks that broadcast the NFL typically take turns broadcasting the big game. This year, the mantle falls to CBS.

That means the game broadcast will be in the hands of play-by-play man Jim Nantz and color commentator Tony Romo.

Nantz is the star of the CBS Sports team, as he is also the lead guy for their golf and college basketball coverage and shows no signs of slowing down despite first joining the network in 1985. Romo, former star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, immediately rose the top ranks of color commentators a few years back with his freewheeling style and knowledge of game strategy.

While the game doesn’t begin till 6:30 pm ET, CBS has Super Bowl-related coverage beginning at 11:30 am ET. The main pregame show, The Super Bowl Today, begins at 2 pm ET. At 6 pm ET, the Kickoff Show, featuring pregame festivities like the national anthem and coin toss, begins and is followed by kickoff at 6:30 pm ET.

Can I Stream the Super Bowl Online?

These days, many people prefer to watch their sports on their connected devices, including computers, phones, tablets, even watches. Others have already “cut the cord,” which means they don’t have a hookup to watch broadcast television. Luckily, Super Bowl 55 can indeed be live-streamed for your viewing pleasure.

Since CBS has broadcast rights, they also sponsor the providers that will be streaming the game. You can watch the game by visiting CBSSports.com. Or you can download the CBS Sports app, which will allow you to watch the game on the various devices mentioned above.

In addition, if you have a streaming setup from services like Sling TV or YouTube TV, you can also stream the game via those services. Ensure that your streaming package includes CBS.

For more on how to watch the 2021 Super Bowl, check out our viewers’ guide linked below.

How Do I Place a Bet on the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LV LogoYou can make an informal bet on the Super Bowl amongst friends, but you really shouldn’t do so unless it’s a very small amount of money. If you want to get serious about placing a Super Bowl wager, you should try one of these two methods:

  • Use a sports betting website
  • Bet at a local sportsbook

If you’re looking to place bets conveniently, you should do it via a website. First of all, there aren’t that many legal sportsbooks inside casinos in the United States, which means you could be looking at a long journey just to get there. On top of that, the crowds and confusion of a sportsbook can make it very difficult on novice bettors, especially on a massively busy day like Super Bowl Sunday.

As for betting on the Super Bowl online at real money sports gambling websites, it’s a pretty easy process even if you’ve never bet before or done much on the internet.

  1. Choose your website. This is a very important decision and one that you shouldn’t make without doing proper research.
  2. Sign up for an account. Provide a username and password, followed by some sort of confirmation that can be done via email or text. Some Super Bowl betting sites might require more, but nothing that will take you more than a minute or two.
  3. Fund your account. To win real money on your sports bets, you’ll have to create a bankroll on your site of choice. That means entering information from credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, or any other accepted method.
  4. Claim your bonus. One of the best parts of Super Bowl betting is that gambling websites offer you nice perks just for signing up. These will either automatically be entered or you have to type in a code to activate them.
  5. Place your bets. These websites are easy to navigate as you pick the bet you want to make, the choice you want within that wager, and how much money you want to wager. Double-check as you go to make sure you’re clicking the right options.
  6. Collect your winnings. You can sit back and watch the Super Bowl and see if your bets turn out to be winners. If they do, you can either request for your funds to be withdrawn or leave it in your account for future wagers at the site.

How Do I Read Super Bowl 55 Betting Odds?

Most of the major bets on the Super Bowl will feature either a plus (+) or a minus sign (-) followed by a number:

A minus indicates the favorite.
Plus indicates an underdog.

The favorite is the option that the oddsmaker thinks will occur more likely than not. Meanwhile, the underdog is considered to be the option that would be an upset if it occurs. In most cases, favorites are safer bets, but don’t pay as much. Underdogs are riskier wagers, but you’ll be compensated for the higher risk with more of a financial reward.

What Is a Moneyline Super Bowl Bet?

The moneyline is the basis for just about every Super Bowl bet. Spreads, totals, props, and futures all have some kind of moneyline element included. It needs to be there because it is ultimately the deciding factor in how much you get paid compared to how much you wager.

Oddsmakers set the moneyline with the idea that they want to create equal wagering among all betting possibilities. If too much money is going to one particular betting choice, it creates a situation where the betting website could take a huge loss. As a result, they’re always looking to balance the moneyline.

Even though the moneyline is involved with all Super Bowl bets, it is often used in reference to a bet on who will win the game. The key to understanding how it works is to always think of the number 100:

  • A minus before a number on the moneyline means you must bet that amount to win $100.
  • A plus before a number on the moneyline means you must bet $100 to win that amount.

As an example, let’s take a look at the moneyline on Super Bowl 55 between Kansas City and Tampa Bay:

Kansas City Chiefs -170 -165 -163
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +140 +145 +143

If you think the Chiefs, who are the favorites, will win, you’d need to bet $175 to win $100 in return. A bet of $100 will bring you a profit of $155 if you think the Bucs, the underdogs in the game, will win. You can bet whatever amount you want. The moneyline essentially establishes the ratio of payback:

  • $1 dollar won for every $1.75 bet on Kansas City
  • $1.55 win for ever $1 bet on Tampa Bay

Like all of the other bets here, that moneyline may move in one direction or the other depending on how the betting is playing out. A high number of bets on one side will force the oddsmakers to offer more payback on the side not getting the action. But once you’ve made your bet, the odds that determine your payback will not change.

How Do I Bet the Spread on the Super Bowl?

The spread is the most common bet in all of football. Perhaps that’s because it’s a way of measuring the favorite against the underdog. You’ll hear the spread referred to by analysts when describing the Super Bowl or any football game.

The spread takes points away from the favorite or, if you choose to look at it from the other perspective, gives points to the underdog. What the oddsmakers are trying to do with the spread is determine the number at which roughly the same amount of money will be bet on the underdog and favorite.

There will also be a moneyline involved to let you know how much payback you’ll receive; although, with the spread already being used to even out the two teams, the moneyline usually comes down somewhere near even-money (you win around as much as you bet).

Let’s use Super Bowl 55 once again as an example to explain how this works:

Super Bowl LV


Kansas City Chiefs: -3.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +3.5


What this means is that, at the end of the game, you’re essentially adding 3 ½ points to the total of Tampa Bay (or, if you find it easier to understand, taking 3 ½ points away from Kansas City). Kansas City is said to be “giving 3 ½,” while Tampa Bay is “getting 3 ½.” That means the following:

  • To win against the spread, Kansas City must win the game by 4 points or more
  • To win against the spread, Tampa Bay must either win the game or lose by 3 points of less

Let’s look at some examples of what each team must do to win this bet, also known as “covering the spread”:

  • Kansas City wins the game 31-24. Kansas City covers the spread because they won the game by more than 3 ½.
  • Kansas City wins the game 22-20. Tampa Bay covers the spread because they lost the game by less than 3 ½.
  • Tampa Bay wins the game 14-10. Tampa Bay covers the spread because they won the game as an underdog.

In the meantime, the moneyline still applies. A $101 bet on Kansas City would yield a $100 return, while a $119 bet on Tampa Bay would yield $100. This indicates that the oddsmakers are expecting slightly more bets on the Tampa Bay side of the spread, since the return on a Tampa Bay bet is slightly lower than it is for a Kansas City bet.

If Tampa Bay were to continue getting a lot of bets, the oddsmaker could drop the number of points they’re getting. By contrast, heavy betting on Kansas City could raise the number of points they’re giving. Again, the spread for your bet on the Super Bowl will be licked in when you make it.

One other note on the spread: If it is set as a whole number, there’s a chance that the margin of the game will land exactly on the spread. For example, a 3-point favorite wins the game 13-10. If that happens, it’s known as a push, and it usually means that all bets on both sides are returned.

What Is a Totals Bet?

A totals bet is a way to bet on the Super Bowl without really speculating about which team will win or lose or by how much. Instead, you’ll be speculating on the total amount of points in the game. And you’ll be trying to guess whether that total is over or under the amount set by the oddsmaker (which is why totals are often referred to as “over/unders”).

Let’s again look at Super Bowl LV to see how totals bets work:

Super Bowl 55
Chiefs vs Buccaneers
Over 56
Under 56

At the end of the game, simply tally the score and compare it to the total of 56 to see if you won your bet. For example:

  • Final score: 31-28 = 59 total points, over wins
  • Final score: 27-20 = 47 total points, under wins

There are also over/unders available on the Super Bowl for each individual team’s final score. Totals bets are great if you think a game will either be low-scoring or high-scoring.

Can I Place Multiple Bets on the Same Ticket?

You can place multiple bets on the same ticket for the Super Bowl when betting online. But how you structure those bets makes a difference on payback. You could make multiple individual bets and get paid back based on the moneyline odds.

Or you could combine those bets into a single bet called a “parlay.” When you bet a parlay, you must win every part of the bet to cash in. If you lose one part of it, there isn’t a consolation prize or anything like that.

For example, imagine if you wanted to bet a parlay of the following on Super Bowl 55:

  • Kansas City to cover the spread and the over

Chiefs LogoWhat this means is that, to win your parlay, you need to Chiefs to win the game by more than 3 ½ points, as established by the spread, and the final score to total more than 56 points, as established by the over/under line. One outcome that would work would be if Kansas City wins by a score of 34-27 (they win by 7 points, which is more than 3 ½, and the total is 61, which is over 56).

If you bet the parlay, the betting website will offer you payback odds that are higher than what you could get for the two individual bets combined. That payback is to compensate you for the fact that you’ll lose the bet entirely if either one of the components turns out to be a loser. Parlays, which can include more than two elements, are one way to make a large amount of money betting on the Super Bowl with a small wager.

What Are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

The general definition of a Super Bowl prop bet is one that doesn’t necessarily rely on how the teams perform. You can find some prop bets that are related to team play. Basically, you can say that a prop bet is one that doesn’t fall into the categories of moneyline, spreads, or totals.

What’s interesting about prop bets is that they can go beyond the game itself, although they don’t necessarily have to do that. The Super Bowl is a big cultural event. There are certain prop bets that can be based on those elements connected to the game that aren’t actually part of it.

You’ll find Super Bowl prop bets where there are just two choices. Others can include multiple options, which raises your potential for payback. Some quick examples of possible Super Bowl prop bets are:

  • Which player will win Super Bowl Most Valuable Player?
  • How many yards will one of the starting quarterbacks throw for in the game?
  • What type of score will the first score of the game be?
  • How long will the performance of the national anthem take?
  • What will be the first song played by the halftime entertainer?
  • Will the coin flip come up heads or tails?
  • What color Gatorade will be poured on the winning head coach?
  • What company will have the first commercial on the broadcast?

That’s just a small portion of what you’ll find in terms of Super Bowl prop bets at top gambling sites. These bets are a different way to speculate and make money of the game. And they can be a way for casual fans to be on even terms, when it comes to betting, with diehard football enthusiasts.

What Are Super Bowl Futures Bets?

A “futures” bet, as the name implies, is one made in advance of the actual event which will decide where the bet is won or lost. In the case of a Super Bowl futures bet, you can make it months in advance before the game takes place. As a matter of fact, a popular time for Super Bowl futures bets is right after one Super Bowl is over in anticipation of the following year.

When you make a futures bet, you are locking in odds on a team that you think will win the Super Bowl (or conference championship or division, if you want to speculate on those). By betting well in advance, you are guaranteeing yourself odds that will be much more favorable than they will right before the game. Of course, you lose the bet if there’s any other outcome other than the team you bet winning the Super Bowl.

A lot can go wrong to derail your bet in the months leading into the Super Bowl. But if you hit on a futures bet, you can often achieve payback that is much higher than any other type of Super Bowl wager. That’s why they’re so popular.

How Much Money Is Bet on the Super Bowl?

It’s somewhat difficult to pin down exactly how much money is bet on the Super Bowl. First of all, there’s no way to properly determine how much money is bet informally on the game. That would include bets made among friends or bets made with bookmakers who aren’t licensed to operate legally but can still often handle large quantities of wagers.

You also have to consider the fact that online betting sites, which see a ton of action these days on the Super Bowl, generally don’t advertise their numbers. As a result, there’s a huge gap left out of most handle totals. Those official handles are often derived from the totals in Las Vegas sportsbooks.

  • Super Bowl 50: $132.5 million
  • Super Bowl 51: $138.5 million
  • Super Bowl 52: $158.6 million
  • Super Bowl 53: $145.9 million
  • Super Bowl 54: $154.7 million

In reality, the amount of money bet on the Super Bowl each year is probably up somewhere in the billions of dollars. As more and more jurisdictions in the United States legalize gambling and reporting becomes more widespread, a more accurate accounting should be done. But the Super Bowl is certainly the top betting event in the United States, and nothing else really comes close.

Can I Bet on the Super Bowl Online?

Super Bowl Betting OddsNot only can you bet on the Super Bowl online, it is actually the most convenient way to do it. In addition to using the top sports betting websites, there are also mobile apps which allow you to bet on the game online. With mobile apps, you can bet from anywhere as long as you have some sort of internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or watch.

What Are the Best Super Bowl 55 Betting Sites?

It’s important for you to choose your 2021 Super Bowl betting sites wisely. If you rush into it, you can certainly regret it later. Always remember that your betting site will be acting as a kind of bank as well as a keeper of privileged information about you, which means that you need to find a site you can trust.

If you need some help looking, we suggest that you start with the real money sports betting sites below. All of these sites have established themselves in the online gambling industry over time. And they’ve earned their reputations based on positive reviews from experienced sports gamblers who know how to tell a good gambling experience from a bad one.

Here is our list of the most recommended Super Bowl betting sites:

Can I Join More Than One Super Bowl Betting Site?

You can join as many betting sites as you wish as long as you can fund the minimum amount required for your account. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the idea of spreading your bets around the multiple sites. But it can be an effective practice as long as you do your normal due diligence for any site you plan to join.

On the one hand, some people might not like the idea of using multiple sites because it would mean running more of a risk that they end up with an unscrupulous site. If you find a site you love, you might not want to change things up. While that’s understandable, you might be missing out on some benefits to checking out different sites.

First of all, if you use different online sports gambling sites, you can practice “line shopping.” This is when you search different sites for odds that are most beneficial to you. As an example, let’s go back to Super Bowl 55 and the point spread we mentioned above:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: -3 ½
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +3 ½

Let’s imagine that you were leaning towards taking the points and betting on Tampa Bay. But what if you looked around to different sites and happened to find the spread below?

  • Kansas City Chiefs: -4
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +4

Obviously, Tampa Bay is getting a half-point more in this scenario. That would allow you to squeak out a push if the Chiefs win the game by four, whereas that would be a loss on the other site where the line is 3 ½. All things being equal, you’re better off with the second site if you like Tampa (and the first site if you like Kansas City).

One other key benefit to using multiple Super Bowl LV betting sites is that you can get bonuses from more than one. That could give you a little boost as well. However, you have to be able to bet enough at all the sites to collect your bonuses.

Using multiple betting sites probably isn’t the way to go if you’re a casual bettor. But it can be useful if you gamble a lot as a way of getting every last drop out of your betting dollar.

Can I Get a Bonus for Betting on the Super Bowl Online?

If you use sports gambling sites to place your bet, you’ll be able to walk away with some kind of bonus. These bonuses might be tied directly into betting on the Super Bowl. But you can often use introductory bonuses, which are offered by all the top sports gambling websites, for your Super Bowl wagers as well.

Super Bowl Betting Site Super Bowl Bonus Bonus Code Visit

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There are many different ways that a bonus can be applied to help out with your Super Bowl bets. Some of the most popular are:

  • Percentage bonuses: The site adds an amount to your initial deposit equal to a predetermined percentage of that deposit.
  • Free bets: You’re given the chance to make a wager without putting anything at stake, but you still get the profit if you win.
  • Odds boosts: These are becoming more popular at sports betting sites; they essentially give you better odds than the rest of the public would be getting for a specific wager.

Why do sports gambling websites offer you these bonuses? Because they need your business to stay competitive. Make sure to take advantage of them, which could at times require you entering a promotional code when you’re first signing up for your account.

What Is a Bonus Rollover Requirement?

We just told you about the bonuses that you might be able to get at 2021 Super Bowl betting websites. But these sites don’t just dole out bonuses without requiring anything from you in return. If these restrictions weren’t in place, most of them would go out of business quickly because bettors could just pocket the bonuses and be on their way.

The most common type of these requirements is known as the rollover, which is also known as a “playthrough.” What the rollover requires is that you bet a certain amount on top of your bonus. Only then can you collect your winnings that come from the bonus you were given.

Rollovers usually come in the form of a multiplier, something like 10x (or ten times). The formula for the rollover usually works like this:

  • R = rollover requirement
  • M = multiplier
  • D = deposit
  • B = monetary size of bonus
  • M (D + B) = R

Let’s work out an example. Imagine claiming a 50% bonus on your initial deposit of $200. The rollover requirement is 5x. First, you have to figure out the amount of the bonus. 50% of the $200 deposit is $100. Now that you have all the figures, you can plug them into the equation:

5 (200 + 100) = 1500

Your rollover requirement is $1,500. That means you must make $1,500 worth of wagers before you can collect any winnings from the bonus. It might seem like a lot, but you have to remember that you’ll be betting your winnings back into it as well, so it probably won’t be all losses.

  • For example, if you manage a $250 win, that could then be used as part of the wagers to the $1,500 amount. In other words, the entire $1,500 doesn’t have to come directly from your pocket. You’re likely to reach that $1,500 faster than you think.

Still, you should be aware of the rollover requirements. In some cases, they won’t be worth if you’re only going to be a part-time bettor. But most of the time, you should use the bonuses as much as possible to get something for nothing from Super Bowl wagering sites.

Is Online Super Bowl LV Betting Safe?

That depends on which sites you use. Sadly, the world of online gambling is largely unregulated. As a result, it’s hard to get any kind of justice if you end up on the wrong end of an untrustworthy website. That’s the main reason why you should take your time in choosing a Super Bowl betting site.

Safest Sites CTA

There are many popping up all the time, offering promises that they can’t all possibly keep. You are much better off with sites that have already proven they can do the job and do it safely for online gamblers. Luckily, the sites that we’ve recommended for you are reliable sites. If you park your money with them, it will be there when you go back. And you can trust they’ll pay your winnings when you ask for them.

Can I Place Mobile Bets on the Super Bowl?

In the same way that you can bet on Super Bowl 55 via sports betting websites, you can also wager on the game for real money with mobile betting apps. Some of these apps will simply be an extension of the top sports betting websites. Others may even be standalone operations.

It’s simply a matter of searching the various app stores (Apple, Android, etc.) for these sites (or linking to the app store from a website). Once you find the app you want, you just have to download it onto your device of choice. From there, the signup process will be similar to what you’d find at a betting website. You’ll provide personal information, choose a password, then fund the account.

Keep in mind that you should choose mobile Super Bowl sports betting apps to the same standard that you would for a betting website. That means they should have an excellent reputation among gamblers, provide big bonuses and a wide variety of bets and odds, and offer fast, reliable payback. To get you started, head on over to our page on the best sports betting apps for Super Bowl 55.

Is Super Bowl Betting Legal in the United States?

Sports betting laws are among the most confusing and ever-changing in the US, and it gets even more confusing when you consider online betting. But one thing you have to remember, whether you’re betting at a sportsbook or an online betting site, is this: Law enforcement does not go after the people making the bets, even if they’re deemed illegal. Instead, they focus their efforts on the individuals or organizations taking the bets.

Something to Consider

In terms of sportsbooks, more and more states are legalizing them within their jurisdictions. Still, it is much easier for sports gambling enthusiasts to bet on events like the Super Bowl online. And the laws surrounding the practice of betting on sports online are inconclusive at best. For more information on US gambling laws, check out the page linked below.

Back in 2018, the Supreme Court struck down an act known as PASPA, which used to put a road block on sports betting in the US. Since that happened, you’re seeing more online gambling sites and live sportsbooks popping up. As a result, you’re pretty much in the clear when you bet on the Super Bowl or any other sporting event.

Can I Bet on the Super Bowl Outside of the US?

Betting laws in the United States are a bit cloudy when it comes to wagering on sports like the Super Bowl. Our list of the best Super Bowl 2021 betting sites are located outside of the US. They’re usually located overseas, in areas where online gambling on sports or casino games is legal.

Therefore, if one of these overseas gambling sites accepts players from your country, you can make a wager. On top of that, if you stick with the sites we’ve mentioned, you can be assured that they are licensed to operate within their particular jurisdictions. That means you are in the clear in that respect.

Perhaps the only problem you may encounter is with your method of funding. Some credit card companies and banks are cautious about being involved with overseas gambling and therefore might restrict the use of their funds on these sites. But as laws loosen, so do these restrictions, so we don’t anticipate you’ll have any problems making wagers with these top Super Bowl gambling sites.

How Do I Get My Winnings From Super Bowl Betting Sites?

When you sign up for a Super Bowl LV betting site, one of the first things you should seek out is their process for doling out payments. Many have restrictions on when you can make the requests and how much, minimum or maximum, you can take out. This is normal, as they need to take these steps to keep everything in order.

Once you see the process, you’ll know how and when to request your money. How long it takes depends in part on the site and on the withdrawal method you prefer. For example, you’ll get your money much faster if you’re using Bitcoin than if you’re having it sent to you by mail.

In any regard, payment might not be instantaneous, but it also shouldn’t take too long. The convenience of this process will likely outweigh any of the concerns you might have about timing. You’ll find that it’s easy and painless to collect your Super Bowl winnings.

Bet Confidently on Super Bowl 55

We hope that we’ve answered all your questions about wagering on the Super Bowl at sports betting sites and at sportsbooks. You’ll find that the best betting sites have an excellent customer service department that can help you in this regard as well. From there, here’s to hoping your picks for the Super Bowl are all winners! We’ve included our most recent Super Bowl betting blogs below to be able to help you place Super Bowl 55 bets with confidence!