How to Bet on the Super Bowl

For over five decades, the Super Bowl has been the ultimate showcase of sports and entertainment. As it has grown, betting on the Super Bowl has also become a staple of the annual big game, and with the country becoming more gaming-friendly, knowing how to bet it is crucial.

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Grasping the basic concepts of how to bet on the Super Bowl will give both casual viewer and die hard football fan an even greater knowledge of the event as a whole, as the wagering aspects of the game have become as affiliated with the day as the commercials and half time show.

While sports betting is a complex field that requires a lot of experience to truly get good at it, the Super Bowl is perfectly catered to those who just want to join the fun by getting some action. Whether it be at a traditional land-based sportsbook or an online football betting website, those who bet the Super Bowl become a part of the game by having an investment in it, and a result it heightens the spectator experience.

For those wanting to get more involved in the world of Super Bowl betting or who simply want to develop a better understanding, we have created this page to help guide you.

Whether it be diving into the game’s point spread and total or the endless amounts of prop plays to be made on online gambling markets, you will become more informed and develop a better everyday understanding of betting on the Super Bowl for years to come with what we provide here.

Betting the Super Bowl Step-By-Step

  • Step 1: Find a trustworthy online sportsbook that you can easily navigate through and understand clearly.
  • Step 2: Open an account on the site with all your necessary information.
  • Step 3: Deposit Real Money into the account.
  • Step 4: Check for any sign-up bonuses/rewards programs.
  • Step 5: Line shop for the best prices and plays that your sportsbook of choice offers to ensure you find value.
  • Step 6: Make your bet using the prompted steps provided by the website.
  • Step 7: Double check to make sure your bet number and amount of money wagered is accurate.

Step 1: Find a Trustworthy Online Sportsbook

The first step of the process is simply locating where you will be placing your bet. This is why choosing a shop that is easy to use and comprehend as it naturally makes every one of the ensuing steps simpler as well. Go with one that does not confuse you and that directs you to where you need to go right away. All of our recommended betting sites fit these needs.

Step 2: Open an Account on the Site

This goes smoothly as any good site makes is a quick and simple process to start an account. You will be prompted for your necessary financial information and in the matter of minutes will have an online account ready to go for betting action.

Step 3: Deposit Real Money Into the Account

We can confirm that all our tested gambling sites accept real money and will take real money deposits right away. With you account already made in the last step, this third step can be done immediately and will be the last step before a patron can begin to place their wagers.

Step 4: Check for Any Sign-Up Bonuses/Rewards Programs

With your account created and funded, you are now ready to go. But before you start making your plays, check if there are any offered sign-up bonuses or rewards packages on the site. All reputable online sports books pride themselves in these perks that are consistently offered to bettors as bonuses for their participation and deposited money. These rewards go straight into your account and can be used as part of your gambling bankroll.

Step 5: Line Shop for the Best Prices and Plays

One of the most important elements in all of sports wagering, line shopping is crucial for those wanting to give themselves the best possible chance at profit. By checking as many markets as possible, patrons will see the full variety and availability of Super Bowl betting opportunities while also being able to differentiate based off the listed betting value. Simply put, you will never know is truly out there until you shop for the best existing prices.

Step 6: Make Your Bet Using the Prompted Steps

Like the sign-up process, any legitimate site will prompt you in what to do to make your bet. Usually done within a few simple clicks, this step of the bunch highlights the convenience of betting online, as no human interaction is needed, and all wagers are locked and loaded via one’s fingertips. Once the appropriate play is selected with the proper amount of money gambled, the bet is now made, and the customer now must endure the waiting process.

Step 7: Double Check Your Bet Number and Amount Wagered

Even though a person’s bet is finalized in the last step, it is imperative for the customer to double check their ticket. A quick and easy look at the betting number and the money being played on it is all it takes, as being safe rather than sorry is always crucial in the sports betting world. Once the bet has been double checked, all that is left to do is hope for a cashed ticket when the event wraps.

What to look for in a Super Bowl Betting Website

While every website is different, there are key things to look for in any Super Bowl betting site. For the online markets we have tested, we have found these consistent patterns with all of them:

  • Real money deposits
  • Deposit bonuses/Reduced Vig in sign up process
  • Trustworthiness
  • Regularly offered promotions
  • Easy withdraw options for players
  • Strong social media presence/following
  • Consistent customer satisfaction
  • Website works well on mobile phone and tablet, not just computer
  • In-game wagering (live betting) is offered and is a main attraction

While it is very difficult to have a grip on the functionality and legitimacy of all Super Bowl betting sites, there are certainly some red flags bettors should be aware of when betting on the Super Bowl.

Here are a few examples:

  • Slow line changes
  • Lack of bonus/rewards promotions
  • Difficulty in navigation
  • Lack of customer service
  • Limited game/player props and event-oriented bets
  • Disjointed sign up process
  • Delayed payouts

Online Sites vs Brick and Mortar Sportsbooks for Super Bowl Betting

While certain elements of betting the Super Bowl feature both online gaming sites and on-location sportsbooks crossing over with each other, being able to distinguish the two is an important insight to possess.

Simply, land-based sportsbooks serve as a traditional market; a hub where shoppers can find entertainment and comfort in a casino setting while partaking in sports gaming. Bars, restaurants, drink vouchers, slot machines, promotions, and sweepstakes are all staples for many locations as the idea for these patrons is not only to attract them to the counter but to keep them on the property. This concept is consistent all year long but sees a huge spike for Super Bowl Sunday.

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While this more traditional approach still appeals to those who prefer to flock to casino floors, many bettors prefer to skip that step entirely and go straight to the wager itself. This is done literally at one’s fingertips, as online betting sites for the Super Bowl allow gamblers to skip the human interaction process and get directly to the action.

With sign up processes and the accessibility of betting sites (and their accompanying mobile apps) becoming easier for users with each passing year, betting the Super Bowl through a website is at an all-time high in terms of convenience and functionality.

Much like traditional properties, online gaming sites have perks that are specific to the entity being used. These include certain bonuses and other reward benefits that come as easy as a patron deciding to open an account and deposit money for the first time.

While many sports gambling enthusiasts still find pleasure in the in-house appeal and human interaction of a land-based sportsbook, gambling on the Superbowl with the use of websites is strongly trending upwards.

As sports wagering becomes more widely legalized and universally accepted, the process of betting on-property is not as prided as it once was, and those looking for action are starting to prioritize quickness and accessibility more than they once did.

Is Betting on the Super Bowl Legal?

Yes, betting on the Super Bowl is legal. For customers residing in the United States, our recommended Super Bowl betting websites are 100% safe to use and have zero legal issues surrounding them.

If you intend to bet but are hesitant due to concerns regarding the legality of online markets you have no reason to worry, as the laws and regulations that target online gambling are directed towards the shops themselves and their base of operation.

For these exact reasons, the legal ramifications of wagering Super Bowl Sunday have more to do with the market’s location and its individual business practices rather than the individual customer looking to make a bet.

An easy way of comprehending this is to ask oneself: “I am allowed to bet, but is my sportsbook of choice legally allowed to take my bet?”

Please Note:

It is imperative to note we are not lawyers, nor do we claim to give legal advice or counsel. For any questions about your local state gambling laws we encourage you to seek the help of an industry professional in either the legal or gaming fields. Click the button below for the latest updates to United States gambling laws.

FAQ on How to Bet on the Super Bowl

When Is the Best Time to Place Bets on the Super Bowl?

It is better to make your Super Bowl plays early rather than late, as doing so gives you the best chance of getting an edge on the line and finding better value in prop plays and other specials. Also, it eliminates the “day-of” stress of trying to handle all your wagers on Super Bowl Sunday, allowing a patron to focus on the game and track the progress of their bet.

Does This Advice on Super Bowl Betting Apply to Betting Other Sports?

Absolutely, at the end of the day the Super Bowl is just another game on a betting board. The same principles and guidelines we stress for the Super Bowl function for nearly all sports that are wagered. The difference comes in the fact of how popular the Super Bowl is, leading to a greatly increased betting handle and public interest as opposed to other events.

Should I Line Shop for the Super Bowl Like I Would for Any Other NFL Game?

Yes, and it is highly recommended! In fact, due to the magnetized focus on just one game and one game only, the Super Bowl is the most important sporting event of the year to line shop. By doing so, a bettor can find both gambling value and volume, as the variety in both plays available and the prices attached to them is immense.

Is the Super Bowl a Good Event to Make My First Ever Sports Bet On?

It is the best event of the calendar year to do so. Due to its fusion of the realms of athletic competition and showbusiness, the Super Bowl is the most universally appealing sporting contest of them all, and with so many types of bets focusing on so many types of action (both football related and far from), nearly anyone can find something that caters to them on Super Bowl Sunday.