Costly Super Bowl Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Sports betting has become a sophisticated entity in recent years with Super Bowl Sunday highlighting this growth on an annual basis. As the industry has become more mainstream and less stereotyped, there are now demographics that were previously untapped participating in the gambling market.

Because of this, new waves of bettors come flowing in every year, with an abundance flocking to early February for the big game. But despite the surge in popularity and the solidification of the sports betting world in mainstream society, common mistakes continue to plague patrons from finding success.

With this page, we hope to provide some clarity of what mistakes to avoid and the necessary measures to take in doing so. While more people are betting sports than ever before, that does not necessarily mean this growing public interest has fully grasped what profitable, winning sports betting is and how it is practiced.

Common Mistakes When Betting the Super Bowl

To help shine some light on these mistakes, we provided a checklist of a few that always stick out when it comes to Super Bowl betting. These errors include:

  • Lack of bankroll management
  • Waiting too long to fire
  • Refusing/forgetting to line shop
  • Betting too much on the wrong props
  • Parlaying everything
  • Gambling with emotion

Lack of Bankroll Management

In order to place money on the big game you need to have money to place. One of the biggest problems with bettors for big events like the Super Bowl is a lack of bankroll management. Whether it be insufficient funds to accommodate a bettors’ desires or a lack of strategy, burning through all your money before the game has even kicked off is one of the worst mistakes a customer can make.

Gambling With Emotion

It is an age-old adage, “Bet with you brain, not you heart.” Arguably nothing still stands as true as this in the world of sports betting. While gambling itself is an emotional endeavor due to the risks involved and the potential reward in store for the bettor, you should never let your emotions be a part of your handicapping process.

Parlaying Everything

Parlays have their perks, but anyone who hangs their hat on them is walking a fine line with potentially disastrous results. This is because of how catastrophic parlays can be given that all it takes is one mistake to cost a sports bettor everything. While the payout for Super Bowl parlays can be worth it when it is all said and done, they are too volatile in their nature to be the sole method of gambling for Super Bowl Sunday. If you do parlay on the Super Bowl, be sure to incorporate some form of straight bet so that not every play made will be automatically compromised by the results of the others.

Betting Too Much on the Wrong Props

While Super Bowl props add a lot due to their variety and widespread appeal, they should still be handled with caution. If you feel strongly enough about a prop then by all means fire on it, but props that are a true 50/50 such as the game’s coin toss should not carry too much weight. Many of these types of bets exist as novelty items and should not be heavily wagered. But certain props such as ones that can be handicapped and actually have lines with valuable action on the other hand can be very profitable. Keep your bankroll small and your bets selective when it comes to Super Bowl prop betting.

Refusing/Forgetting to Line Shop

Line shopping continues to be one of the most important aspects in all of Super Bowl betting, with this being emphasized for the Super Bowl. Those who skip this step are hindering their chances at winning opportunities and are isolating themselves from the vast market variation that exists throughout the field. With so much focus on one game and one game only and so much taking place in the markets that book its action, shopping for the best existing price is paramount.

Waiting Too Long to Fire

When it comes to betting the Super Bowl, the early bird often gets the worm. The best sports gamblers bet the line early and bet it hard in order to get the best edge they can on the bookies while also grabbing as much value as they can before the line inevitably moves. This guarantees that the bets they feel the strongest on are taken care of well before the game’s kickoff and any following plays can be made freely in the meantime. It also gives early bettors the chance to do some strategic wagering.

Key Things to Consider When Super Bowl Betting

At the end of the day, no bettor is perfect and even the best gamblers on the planet have made mistakes. The key is limiting the mistakes and making the reward always greater than the damage. Before you start Super Bowl betting, keep the following in mind:

  • Know What Line You Want: If a line doesn’t look good to you, look elsewhere. You will only know what is truly available in terms of market variation once you check what other books have to offer. This applies to both those who enjoy online sports betting and traditional, land-based betting.
  • The Early Bird Gets the Worm: While there is no problem in taking every possible minute until kickoff to make your bets, the best gamblers jump on their plays early and with conviction. Doing so allows you to get a jump on the line and also presents additional betting opportunities that may surface later once the line shifts. On top of it, it makes any ensuing or last-minute plays easier to place with the priority wagers already taken care of.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: The more strategic you are the less effort you will have to put forth in your bets come Super Bowl Sunday, making both the betting process and gambling experience more enjoyable and more likely of being profitable.

Remember, It’s Just a Game

All of these mistakes can be made with any other sporting event at any other time of year. While the Super Bowl is presented as more than just a football game, at its core that is still all it is, and bettors must keep that in mind.

There is no problem with going above and beyond to avoid potential Super Bowl betting blunders, but always remember that there will be other games to bet and other tickets to cash. If you make any of the aforementioned mistakes, it’s okay; just make sure you don’t set yourself up to where the damage is irreparable if one of these mistakes is made.

Is it a special event? Of course, but it is not the only one out there. While betting the Super Bowl serves as a great way for newcomers to try sports gambling for the very first time, it should not be perceived as a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are always more games, including more Super Bowls. Don’t ruin the fun for yourself on your first go around.

Answering Your Questions on Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

If I Have Made a Mistake Betting My First NFL Game, Will I Likely Struggle With My First Super Bowl Bet as Well?

No, because even though you are betting a special event you are still betting a sport you know and have gambled on before. Use the mistakes you made in your first pro football play to correct your ways and apply your gained knowledge and improved judgment to the Super Bowl.

Are Any of These Super Bowl Betting Blunders Worse Than the Others?

It all depends on the amount wagered. There is no gauge in what errors are worse than the others, but the numbers of losses will tell all. Simply put, whatever costs one the most money is the worst mistake, as this all is linked directly back to how much was placed on the initial bet. It strictly depends on the customer.

Is There Any Way to Cut Losses From Mistakes Made While Betting the Super Bowl?

Always have a safe bet made that you feel confident in and stable in making. This will serve as insurance for any of your plays that drift into riskier territories. Make sure that if this “safety” bet hits, you will receive some type of benefit even if your other bets crash and burn. This form of risk management is vital for anybody hoping to become a winning bettor in any sport.

If I Have Never Made a Wager Before, Is Betting the Super Bowl a Guaranteed Mistake?

Not at all. Although there may be a greater risk involved due to the inexperience, that does not mean it is guaranteed to fail. Just make sure to make the right kind of bet on the game so any mistakes that do occur will not hurt your bankroll (and confidence) too severely.