Most Popular Super Bowl Bets

As the Super Bowl has evolved to become more and more universally appealing by the year, so too is the gambling world that surrounds it. Long standing as the biggest day in the sports, entertainment, and betting worlds, the Super Bowl is now not just known for gambling, but gambling variety.

Being the most discussed and magnified sporting contest in the world, the coverage Super Bowl Sunday gets easily justifies the explosion of betting interest in recent decades. Simply put, when betting on the Super Bowl the more types of bets mean more money wagered.

But while it sounds simple, knowing the difference between these types of plays can be a make or break in a bettor’s payout, and understanding the appeal in each is beneficial to experienced and newcomer bettors alike.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Super Bowl Bets?

Grasping the different types of Super Bowl bets is the best way to understand why they are popular in the first place. The following types of bets are the most popular for Super Bowl Sunday:

Straight Bet

The most basic of all sports bets, this is the standard wager where a customer bets a single event on the side of a point spread, total, or money line. The bet is won when one of those components successfully happens in a game and the patron is one the correct side.

Simply put, when a casual sports fan hears “bet”, this is often what is being referred to as it is the foundation of the industry.

49ers vs Chiefs
Super Bowl 54 Spread Bet
San Francisco
Kansas City Chiefs
49ers vs Chiefs
Super Bowl 54 Moneyline Bet
San Francisco
Kansas City Chiefs
49ers vs Chiefs
Super Bowl 54 Totals Bet
Over 54
Under 54

Prop Bet

A bet that increases in popularity for big events like the Super Bowl, a prop bet, or proposition bet, is a type of wager where a person bets some aspect of a game or event that is not directly related to the game’s outcome or the aforementioned bets associated with it.

Because of this, Super Bowl prop bets have extreme flexibility and tap into the entertainment and novelty aspects that surround the contest.

Super Bowl MVP Will Go To?

  • Quarterback (-150)
  • Any other position (+120)

Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Head Coach?

  • Lime/Green/Yellow (+275)
  • Clear/Water (+300)
  • Red/Pink (+300)
  • Blue (+400)
  • Orange (+400)
  • Purple (+1400)

Demi Lovato’s Length of National Anthem?

  • Over 1 minute, 59 seconds (-250)
  • Under 1 minute, 59 seconds (+170)

Future Bet

Often falling in association with prop bets, future plays stand out due to their open-ended time table. A wager placed on an upcoming event or outcome, future prices are based off the likelihood of something happening. Taking place well ahead of time, these bets allows patrons to make projections of the future well in advance with the profit based off the associated odds.

The odds on these futures regularly change while they’re posted on the future board in order to accurately depict the growing or falling value and likelihood of happening. Action is available for both short- and long-term futures up until the start of the event.

Below are examples of Super Bowl future bets:

Player Future – Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 MVP

  • Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs (+130)
  • Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers (+275)
  • Raheem Mostert, 49ers (+550)
  • George Kittle, 49ers (+1000)
  • Travis Kelce, Chiefs (+1600)
  • Tyreek Hill, Chiefs (+1600)
  • Damien Williams, Chiefs (+2000)
  • Nick Bosa, 49ers (+2000)

Championship Future- Odds to Win Super Bowl 55 (2021)

  • Kansas City Chiefs (+600)
  • San Francisco 49ers (+700)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+800)
  • New England Patriots (+1200)
  • New Orleans Saints (+1400)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+1600)
  • Green Bay Packers (+1600)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+2500)

Live Betting

With Super Bowl live betting (also known as in-game wagering), customers have the opportunity to literally bet the Super Bowl as it is taking place. The types of bets remain the same as listed above, but the change in scenario and timing leads to far different ramifications specific to the moment.

Super Bowl 54 Pre-Game Betting

Teams Spread Moneyline O/U
49ers +1 +106 Over 54 (-112)
Chiefs -1 -126 Under 54 (-108)

Super Bowl 54 In-Game Betting

Teams Spread Moneyline O/U
49ers +4.5 +220 Over 51.5 (-110)
Chiefs -4.5 -305 Under 54 (-108)

Notice how with the game hypothetically underway, the betting information changes to correlate with what is taking place on the football field. In this instance, the Chiefs would appear to have the upper hand at this point in the game, creating a bigger gap between the two than initially booked before the game kicked off.


Like live betting, parlays aren’t a different type of bet as much as they are an alternative method of Super Bowl betting. A parlay bet offers a chance for a bettor to maximize their odds and profits by making multiple Super Bowl bets together. Rather than making several straight bets, parlays give customers a chance to bundle their plays under one banner.

This combination leads to a far greater payout if successful, but also provides a greater risk as for a parlay to win, all the smaller bets it encompasses (or “legs”) must be successful. If any singular play within the group loses, the entire parlay loses as a consequence even if the remaining legs are winners individually.

Super Bowl 54 Parlay Card

Super Bowl 54 Parlay Card


Usually reserved for the more experienced football bettors, teasers present a great opportunity at profit that does not appear on the surface. A teaser is a wager where a patron can, like a parlay, combine bets. The difference sits in the fact that teasers give bettors the chance to tweak the point spread presented to them. By shifting the lines 6 or 9 points from what is posted in order to limit risk, a customer can give themselves more wiggle room to fall within the spread. This is a bit more difficult wager to gauge for those less experienced, and while they remain very popular, teasers should be avoided by novice bettors initially.

Super Bowl 2020 Odds

Teams Spread O/U
49ers +1 Over 54
Chiefs -1 Under 54

Super Bowl 2020 Odds (+6 on Underdog and Under)

Teams Spread O/U
49ers +7 Over 60
Chiefs -7 Under 60

Super Bowl 2020 Odds (+6 on Favorite and Over)

Teams Spread O/U
49ers -5 Over 48
Chiefs +5 Under 48

See how with the added (+6) on the teaser, the spread goes up to 49ers +7 with the total going up to 60. This gives the bettor a greater chance at winning as both the line and total are inflated to correspond with the parlay of the underdog covering and the final score finishing under the total. Payouts vary depending on what shop the game is teased at and by how many points the patron chooses to tease the game with.

Best Websites with Popular Super Bowl Bets

With online sportsbooks becoming more and more of a favorite for bettors, it is important to know where these types of wagers can be found on the internet. We have you covered as we have tested the following markets for their effectiveness and trustworthiness for betting on the Super Bowl:

  • Bovada: Known for its customer satisfaction and popularity for big events, Bovada offers every kind of bet one can make for the Super Bowl, with a particularly strong selection of props.
  • BetNow: A book that generates a lot of handle for Super Bowl Sunday, this website gives bettors up to the minute action with an easy-to-navigate approach. In recent years, BetNow’s in-game betting has been applauded.
  • A site already popular due to its props and specials, MyBookie is known to be quick in posting new plays and makes parlay betting very accessible for the user.
  • BetOnline: One of the best markets in all online sports gambling, BetOnline’s visitor-friendly layout and style makes it simple to bet on quick plays both before and during the contest.

FAQs on the Most Popular Super Bowl Bets

Is There a Type of Bet That Is “Safer” Than the Others for the Super Bowl?

All bets have risk associated with them when betting on the Super Bowl, otherwise this wouldn’t be gambling. But yes, some bets are less risky than others. However, payout may not be as great as a result. So, it is important to balance these two concepts. While a straight bet is less likely to crash and burn than a parlay or even a future, the winnings on a successful ticket will not be as profitable. In a world all about financial gain and minimizing losses, safer does not always mean smarter.

What Is the Best Super Bowl Bet to Place as a Beginner?

A prop bet, as due to their lighter tone, near-universal appeal and easy-to-understand appearance they serve as a great Super Bowl betting introductory course. Once a player gets the concept of prop betting down other types of popular Super Bowl bets will become easier to grasp and the value associated with them will have a better appreciation by the now-informed gambler.

Do These Types of Bets Only Have Significance to Super Bowl Sunday?

Absolutely not! All of these popular Super Bowl bets remain popular the entire year and in more sports than just football. While certain wager types experience an annual surge due to the Super Bowl and the great deal of attention it attracts, all of them have a place in other avenues of the sports betting landscape.

What Types of Super Bowl Bets Will Ensure I Make the Most Profit?

Parlays, but it comes with greater risk. Due to their dependent nature and high risk-high reward aura, parlays lead to the biggest payouts due to the combination of multiple plays from the same shop with various prices. These increased odds lead to increased financial gain but are also in theory less likely to happen due to more bets being on the line at one given time with absolutely no room for error.