Super Bowl Prop Bets

As Super Bowl Sunday becomes more of a solidified national holiday each and every February, the kinds of interest the game attracts has become more layered and varied. In terms of betting the big game, classic “straight bets” still very much move the needle for both the sportsbooks and the patrons. But Super Bowl prop betting has taken leaps and bounds over the past decade, and it now sits as one of the most popular form of football wagering.

Every year on the Super Bowl is like pressing the reset button on the prop book, as once the NFL’s championship matchup is confirmed, hundreds upon hundreds of game-specific proposition bets come pouring in nonstop from various sportsbooks, both traditional and online.

What is a Prop Bet?

Super Bowl Props

A prop bet, or proposition bet, is a type of wager where a person bets some aspect of a game or event (in this case, Super Bowl Sunday) that is not directly related to the game’s outcome or the bets associated with it (point spread, money line, totals).

Super Bowl prop betting has become a more refined practice as of late and the same can be said for the science behind booking them. With professional football already being a very complex game, the ability to set a price on detailed scenarios regarding the teams, players, and coaches and how they will perform within those predicaments runs parallel to the game’s nature, as these types of bets give customers the opportunity to get action on something they can envision happening even if it doesn’t run in line with the game’s final outcome.

This is a luxury straight bettors do not have, and it is a part of the ongoing and continuously growing appeal of Super Bowl prop bets. Being afforded so many opportunities for profit paired with the pro game growing more evolved allows patrons the chance for an uptick in profit without changing how they would normally bet the game’s outcome alone.

If nothing else, they also prove to be pretty fun for those taking a more lighthearted approach for the Super Bowl weekend festivities.

Different Types of Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets

Who Will Be the 2020 Super Bowl MVP?

Player Odds to Win Super Bowl MVP
Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) +125
Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) +300
Raheem Mostert (49ers) +550
George Kittle (49ers) +1000
Damien Williams (Chiefs) +1600
Travis Kelce (Chiefs) +1600
Tyreek Hill (Chiefs) +1600
Nick Bosa (49ers) +1800
Deebo Samuel (49ers) +3300
Richard Sheman (49ers) +3300

What Color Liquid Will Be Poured on the Winning Coach?

Color Betting Odds
Green/Yellow +250
Clear/Water +300
Red/Pink +300
Blue +400
Orange +400

Will the Coin Toss Result Be Heads or Tails?

  • Heads (-105)
  • Tails (-105)

How Long Will It Take Demi Lovato to Sing the National Anthem?

  • Over 2:01 (-155)
  • Under 2:01 (+115)

These are just a few examples of Super Bowl prop bets. In fact, prop wagers are so expansive that one can clean house just off these types of bets alone without touching a side or total in the contest. Being able to “bet the game within the game” presents anyone and everyone with a shot at winnable action where a bettor can also display their gambling and football IQ simultaneously.

What Is the Difference Between a Prop Bet and a Straight Bet?

The differences between these two is not hard to grasp as the very existence of props is meant to provide an alternative way to bet on games besides making straight bets.

In straight bets, the patron’s emphasis of focus is on either a side (moneyline or against the spread) or on a total. Most likely, when you hear “sports gambling”, the first thing that comes to your mind is the concept of a straight bet.

This is a bet where a person bets the outcome of a booked event in hopes of being on the winning side of said bet. Whether it be wagering on a point spread, a total, or a moneyline, the end result is simple as the final outcome of a sporting contest determines the winner and loser of a straight bet.

When dealing with props however, additional factors are added in, as these types of bets allow a patron to win money without having to be tied to the ramifications of an event’s score, ruling, or decision.

Prop bets are far more rooted in scenarios and opportunities within the contest itself. For this reason, bettors can have prop plays associated with both sides of a matchup as the score of that matchup may not be a factor in the bet. In the Super Bowl’s case, this allows people to get action on players without having to be connected to their team’s performance as a whole.

By doing this, a bettor increases their chance of winning without being jeopardized by the game’s end result; it is merely based off of the performance or probability of the proposition’s components, and allows for a more concentrated and in-depth type of handicapping to take place.

Best Websites for Super Bowl Prop Betting

  • Bovada: Known for its consistency and trustworthiness while also showcasing great variety with their prop bets, this site is a must for big events like the Super Bowl.
  • BetNow: Known for fast payouts and modern but simple web design, this is a new site that has surged in popularity and has an increase in visitors for the big game.
  • This site is famous for its wide variety of propositions and obscure bets found nowhere else and the quickness of posting them on the board.
  • BetOnline: This book remains effective due to its smooth navigation and simple-to-read approach paired with a wide selection of Super Bowl props that are posted early and updated often.

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Super Bowl Prop Betting Q&A

What If I Have Never Made a Prop Bet Before? Should I Have Tried It Before the Super Bowl, or Should I Give It a Shot the Day of for the First Time?

The Super Bowl is perhaps the best day of the sports year for newcomers, as everything about is geared towards novice gamblers. We recommend anyone who is interested and willing to make a prop play on Super Bowl Sunday as it gives everybody the opportunity to both join in on the action and get their foot in the door of the sports betting worlds.

Is There a Certain Type of Prop Bet for Casual Football Fans Who Don’t Know a Lot About the Game but Want to Get in on the Action?

Yes, hammer the entertainment props. In recent years, these plays have grown in number and have absolutely surged in public betting interest. With action involving the national anthem, coin toss, halftime show, commercials, Gatorade color, and so much more, one can head into the Monday after the Super Bowl with thicker pockets despite not having bet a single thing related to the actual contest portion of the all-day event.

Can I Make a Credible Profit on Super Bowl Sunday Just off Betting Props?

Absolutely, and many people do. With so much variety in the props themselves and value to be found in so many of them, bettors often clean up on Super Bowl proposition wagers without even having to touch the line or total of the game. However, there is a bit of strategy needed here, and it comes with experience. Therefore, while it is certainly possible to profit from Super Bowl props, it is unlikely to happen to newcomers.

Do Other Sporting Events Emphasize Prop Betting Like the Super Bowl Does?

No, although props certainly play a role. Due to the novelty and variety associated with proposition wagering, they virtually apply to every event in both the sports and entertainment realms. But due to its intense magnification and universal appeal, Super Bowl Sunday is a step above the rest, and while other sports have a strong identity with prop betting, it cannot hold a candle to the Super Bowl. This is why there are so many props booked for the Super Bowl, as the volume of posted plays alone is greater than any other event let alone the handle of said props.