Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets

Super Bowl 55 LogoSuper Bowl 55 prop bets make for an exciting and fun way to score some profit off of the action. You can find a wide variety of these wagers available at top sports betting websites. Knowing how to navigate through this part of Super Bowl wagering can help you win.

Many novice bettors know about the basic football bets available on the Super Bowl, such as those that focus on who will win and by how much. But they might not realize that there are literally hundreds of other wagers, known as prop bets, at their disposal. When they check out the Super Bowl 55 prop bets section of a website, they’re likely to find a lot to like.

In this article, we’ll take you in-depth inside the world of real money Super Bowl 55 props. First, we’ll tell you how the bets work and give you an idea of some of the prop bets available for the upcoming game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On top of that, we’ll take you through the different sites that offer these bets to you.

What Is a Prop Bet?

“Prop” is short for “proposition,” and that gives you a clue as to what these bets are all about. The betting site is proposing a wager to you, along with the terms of this bet, and you have the choice to accept. What separates these bets is that they’re not necessarily tied into the outcome of the game; in fact, they don’t necessarily need to be tied into the play on the field at all.

You can find a wide variety of prop bets at sports betting websites.

Some might be either/or propositions where you can bet on one of two choices. There are also 2021 Super Bowl prop bets that will give you several different betting options, which can make for more lucrative payback.

Many prop bets relating to the Super Bowl are tied into the statistical performances of individual players. In addition, you can find some props that are based on the singing of the national anthem, the halftime performance, what the broadcasters say, what the commercials are, and so on. Basically, if there is an aspect of Super Bowl 55 that is unknown going into the game, you should be able to find a prop bet for it somewhere.

Different Types of Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets

There are dozens upon dozens of Super Bowl 55 props that you’ll be able to find on the top sports gambling websites. You can pick and choose as you like. Here are 10 of the best Super Bowl LV prop bets in terms of their likely popularity and the potential for you to take advantage of them.

Who Will Win the 2021 Super Bowl MVP?

Super Bowl MVP Trophy
  • Patrick Mahomes: -115
  • Tom Brady: +215
  • Tyreek Hill: +1000
  • Travis Kelce: +1200
  • Chris Godwin: +2800
  • Mike Evans: +2800
  • Mecole Hardiman: +5000
  • Ronald Jones II: +5000
  • Tyrann Mathieu: +5000
  • Lavonte David: +10000

This represents the top six in the odds, along with four guys who make for really live long shots. The best value might be Kelce, who has just been unstoppable all year long and is the kind of guy who could set some kind of record for receptions in the game. Long shot players should consider Hardiman for his game-breaking ability on returns, Jones for the possibility that the Bucs attack the Chiefs with the ground game, and Mathieu and David as two defensive players known for splash plays.

First Missed Field Goal Will Be

Goal Post
  • Wide Left: +120
  • Wide Right: +120
  • Hits Left Upright Post: +500
  • Hits Right Upright Post: +500
  • Short: +5000
  • Hits Crossbar: +1000

Both of the kickers in the game (Harrison Butker of the Chiefs and Ryan Succop of the Bucs) are right-footed. And kicks sliced just a bit right by such kickers often seem to take a direct line for the right upright. At 5 to 1 odds, this could be a sneaky little payback for you.

Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach

Gatorade Logo
  • Orange: +125
  • Red/Pink: +300
  • Yellow/Green/Lime: +400
  • Clear: +600
  • Purple: +600
  • Blue: +700

The Chiefs are the favorite in the game, by 3½ points on most Super Bowl 55 betting sites. Therefore, they’d be most likely to color-coordinate the Gatorade with their team clothes. If Coach Andy Reid gets a red bath after the game, you’ll score at 3 to 1.

How Many Times Will Belichick Be Said?

Bill Belichick
  • Over 1: -175
  • Under 1: +135

There a number of reasons why Bill Belichick could be mentioned. The obvious one would be when the broadcasters talk about his former quarterback Tom Brady, but he also could be mentioned if the Chiefs are on their way to a win. That would make Andy Reid the first coach since Belichick to coach back-to-back champs, meaning that this one should be going over with no problem at all, even if it only earns you a modest payback.

Who Will the MVP Refer To First in Speech?

Patrick Mahomes
  • Teammates: +100
  • God/Religion: +225
  • USA: +700
  • Winning City: +700
  • Family: +900
  • Coaches: +1000
  • Team Owner: +2000

This feels like a bet where you should be looking for some value. The idea of a player thanking his wife and/or kids in the immediate aftermath before answering the question, while he’s ecstatic after a win, is a tempting one. And that’s especially true when you’re getting 9 to 1 for it.

First Score of Super Bowl LV

Chiefs and Buccaneers Logos
  • Kansas City Passing TD: +225
  • Tampa Bay Passing TD: +275
  • Kansas City Field Goal: +400
  • Tampa Bay Field Goal: +500
  • Kansas City Rushing TD: +600
  • Tampa Bay Rushing TD: +600
  • Kansas City Defensive TD: +2500
  • Tampa Bay Defensive TD: +3300
  • Kansas City Safety: +4000
  • Tampa Bay Safety: +4000

The hard part of this bet is now knowing who will win the toss and, most likely, defer, putting the other offense on the field first. If the Bucs get the ball first, it’s possible that they move the ball well before stalling. And that would put them in range with a scoring-opening field goal at solid odds of 5 to 1.

Total Field Goals in the 2021 Super Bowl

Field Goal
  • 3: +300
  • 2: +325
  • 4: +325
  • 5: +500
  • 6 or more: +500
  • 1: +650
  • 0: +1600

This seems like a game where both teams will be going for a lot of fourth-downs to keep up with the other. That would keep the attempts down low, especially in the second half. Look for one early in the game and one at the end of the first half, making 2 a good choice at +325.

Total Touchdowns Scored in Super Bowl 55

  • 6: +425
  • 7: +450
  • 5: +475
  • 10 or more: +500
  • 8: +600
  • 4: +700
  • 9: +750
  • 3: +1000
  • 2: +2500
  • 1: +5000
  • 0: +10000

This should be a high-scoring affair, for sure. Even though Tampa Bay’s defense has been stout in the playoffs, they haven’t run up against anything like what Kansas City Can do (and remember the Chiefs carved them up in the regular season). Look for a wilder affair in Super Bowl 55, one where 9 touchdowns are scored for a nice prop bet profit.

Length of US National Anthem

USA Flag
  • Under 2 minutes, 0 seconds: -130
  • Over 2 minutes, 0 seconds: -110

Remember that this year’s anthem will be a duet between Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan. That likely means an arrangement that gives each a chance to shine a bit. And that could make for a longer anthem than normal, which means that the over is the right way to go.

Last year at Super Bowl 54, Demi Lovato clocked in at a time of 1 minute and 50 seconds but with this year being a duo, look for the length to be significantly longer.

The Weeknd’s 1st Song Performed At Halftime

The Weeknd
  • Blinding Lights: +150
  • Pray For Me: +250
  • Starboy: +250
  • Can’t Feel My Face: +300
  • Hawai: +700
  • I Feel It Coming: +900
  • Earned It: +1000
  • Love Me Harder: +1000
  • Save Your Tears: +1000
  • The Hills: +1000
  • In Your Eyes: +1200
  • Lost In The Fire: +1600

Halftime Super Bowl prop bets are always a lot of fun, and The Weeknd’s diverse song catalog means there are a lot of possibilities here. But it seems like “I Feel It Coming” has the right kind of vibe to be a great kickoff (no pun intended) to the set. And you’re getting nice value for it at 9 to 1.

Best Sites For Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets

Picking the right betting sites for your Super Bowl prop bets is just as important as choosing who to pick in the bets themselves. Finding a reliable site will give you the peace of mind that your betting money is safe and that you’ll get paid back well. On top of that, the best sports betting sites offer the widest variety of prop bets as well as a strong bonus structure, both for new players and existing accounts.

Let’s take a closer look at how the best Super Bowl betting sites for props:



BetUS has been in operation for over 25 years, making them one of the longest-serving names in the online sports betting marketplace. This site is known for the incredible number of different sports they offer. Needless to say, the NFL is one of the many sports they cover.

BetUS offers score props, team props, player props, novelty props, and even cross-sport props for Super Bowl 55! The clean interface you’ll encounter at BetUS makes it one of the most easy-to-use Super Bowl betting sites you’ll find anywhere. The customer service is top-notch, and they’ll pay out your winnings as fast as any other operator in the industry.

  • Year Established: 1994
  • Welcome Bonus: 100% Up To $2,500
  • Super Bowl LV Betting Odds:
    • Kansas City: -3.5 (-110), -170, O56 (-110)
    • Tampa Bay: +3.5, +150, U56 (-110)
  • Super Bowl Contests: Yes
  • Number of 2021 Super Bowl Props: 147


BetOnline is another well-known name in the industry for a variety of reasons. BetOnline steps it up for the Super Bowl with more prop betting options than we can even count. In addition to the good number of football-related props available here, you will also find special wagering opportunities on ancillary things like the halftime show, pregame national anthem, and even Super Bowl commercials!

The prop bets are just part of the story with BetOnline. The site is also known for accepting many different payment methods that you can use to process your deposits and withdrawals on the site. Fast payouts, advantageous bonuses, and a stellar corresponding mobile app are just a few of the extra perks you will enjoy with the BetOnline Super Bowl betting experience.

  • Year Established: 2004
  • Welcome Bonus: 50% Bonus Up To $1,000
  • Super Bowl 55 Odds:
    • Kansas City: -3, -167, O56 (-110)
    • Tampa Bay: +3, +147, U56(-110)
  • Super Bowl Contests: Yes
  • Number of Super Bowl 2021 Props: 189


MyBookie consistently ranks as one of the best Super Bowl betting sites in the industry for various reasons. The fact that they offer arguably the most comprehensive list of Super Bowl props is one of them. MyBookie posts a massive number of Super Bowl props well in advance of the game, so you have plenty of time to get those wagers in before kickoff. You can bet on anything from Super Bowl MVP to the color of the postgame Gatorade shower!

The sheer number of real money 2021 Super Bowl props aren’t the only good part of the MyBookie Super Bowl betting experience. The site is also one of the best sites on the web for live betting on the Super Bowl, so you can still get in on the action even if you missed the opening kickoff. MyBookie is also known for having attentive customer service, attractive alternate Super Bowl betting lines, and some of the industry’s best welcome bonuses.

  • Year Established: 2014
  • Welcome Bonus: 50% Up To $1,000
  • 2021 Super Bowl Betting Odds:
    • Kansas City: -3.5 (-110), -170, O56.5 (-115)
    • Tampa Bay: +3.5 (-110), +140, U56.5 (-105)
  • Super Bowl Contests: Yes
  • Number of Super Bowl 55 Props: 53 (More to be announced)


Bovada is one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry for American players. Bovada doesn’t take its foot off the gas when it comes to Super Bowl betting coverage, either. How the first field goal will be missed and whether cameras will show Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes first are a couple of the unique Super Bowl 55 props you’ll find at Bovada heading into Super Bowl Sunday. Bovada even offers its own Prop Builder you can use to essentially create the prop bets that you want to place, which is a function you won’t find anywhere else! The prop betting options at this site are virtually limitless.

Bovada is also offering quality promotions to new and existing users while also employing a quality customer service staff on hand 24/7 to help you if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

  • Year Established: 2011
  • Welcome Bonus: 50% Up To $250
  • Super Bowl 2021 Odds:
    • Kansas City: -3.5 (EVEN), -170, O56.5 (-110)
    • Tampa Bay: +3.5 (+3.5), +150, U56.5 (-110)
  • Super Bowl Contests: No
  • Number of Super Bowl LV Props: 126

How to Place Winning Super Bowl Props

Up to this point, we’ve talked about the kinds of Super Bowl 55 prop bets available to you on top sports gambling websites. And we’ve told you about the sites which provide these bets for you. But the ultimate object is to win the bets and make some profit on them.

The more information you have about everything going on with Super Bowl LV prop bets, the better you’ll do. You might get lucky taking a stab in the dark now and again. But the most successful bettors are those who make wagers based on up-to-the-minute facts and statistics.

To get that kind of information for Super Bowl 2021 props, we suggest you follow along with our betting blogs. These will give you the kind of data and analysis that will bring clarity to your wagers. And they might lead to a much better betting performance.

What Makes Super Bowl Prop Bets Unique?

  • Prop bets can be created out of any aspect of the Super Bowl 55 experience. The fact that our top bets for Super Bowl 55 section above included nods to both the halftime show and the national anthem should tell you that. For any possible story that might occur at the Super Bowl, there is probably a prop bet that covers it somewhere.
  • You get incredible variety from prop bets. If they didn’t exist, you’d be limited to traditional bets, which might not excite you. With prop bets in the picture, you have the entire game at your disposal for your betting opportunities.
  • Prop bets will be familiar with fantasy football players. In specific, individual player props will feel right at home to fantasy players, and there are a lot of those these days. Fantasy players know all about projecting the statistical performance of the individual players in a game.
  • Certain prop bets offer excellent profit potential. When you’re betting one team against another, your profits will be limited by the fact that all you have to do is pick one outcome out of two. But prop bets with many possibilities let you win a lot for a little.
  • Prop bets are the most fun of the casual fan. If you don’t know the ins and outs of football and haven’t followed the Chiefs and Buccaneers all year long, you’ll basically be guessing at the team bets. But prop bets like those attached to the entertainment within the show don’t require that kind of sports knowledge.

Super Bowl Prop Bets FAQ

Can I Win Real Money With Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets?

Sports betting websites do indeed allow you to win real money. Of course, you don’t get that opportunity without first putting money at risk. That you can do by funding a gambling account at the site you choose.

How much money you win depends on a couple of factors. First of all, the more you bet, the more you can profit. From there, it depends on the odds that you are given for the prop bets you make.

Is It Legal to Place Super Bowl Props Online?

When it comes to US gambling laws, they are a bit messy and inconclusive. But the key here is that the websites we’ve suggested aren’t operating on United States soil. They are located overseas where online gambling laws are much more permissive.

Even if you did end up using a website that was somehow operating illegally (and you don’t have to worry about that with our recommended sites), you wouldn’t be the one in trouble. The site would be the one to have to answer to the law. In other words, you can make Super Bowl 55 prop bets without having to worry about any repercussions.

How Many Prop Bets Can I Make on the Super Bowl?

There is really no limit to the amount of Super Bowl 2021 prop bets that you can make. Obviously, you have to make sure that you have enough money in your account to cover the total of the bets you want to make. But you can pick and choose from the various props available to you.

Once you get on a sports betting site, you’ll find that the Super Bowl features more prop bets than just about any other event. That’s because it’s the most popular of all games for bettors in the United States. As a result, you’ll be hard-pressed to think up a prop bet that isn’t covered by these websites.

What Is a Cross-Sport Super Bowl Prop Bet?

Cross-sport prop bets are often offered by Super Bowl betting sites as a way of bringing other sports into the action besides football. The idea is usually to compare one element of the Super Bowl to an element of another sport that is taking place around the same time (usually on the same day) as the Super Bowl.

As an example, a top prop bet might pit the number of completions of one of the quarterbacks in Super Bowl LV to the number of points that a top NBA player might score in his game that day. You would get moneyline odds on both sides, just as in other prop bets. The Super Bowl is the occasion for more cross-sport prop bets that you’ll any other sport.

What Are the Top Betting Sites for 2021 Super Bowl Props?

We reiterate that you should be looking for real money sports betting sites that can be trusted. You should also be looking for sites that have a great reputation in the industry. If you don’t trust us, look at the opinions of experienced sports gamblers.

If you want to take the short cut, take one more look at the list of top Super Bowl 55 prop betting sites we listed above, one that we compiled after doing extensive research on all the options.