Guide to XFL Football Betting

The XFL has made a comeback and betting looks to be a big part of it. With a failed initial attempt in the early 2000s, Vince McMahon’s crack at pro football will get a second chance as the league approaches the first season of its modern-day revival.

With football bigger now than it has ever been before, the addition of a new (and once existing) league will add more fuel to the sport’s betting fire as hardcore bettors and fans who once fit the league’s niche in the past will flock to any action that is posted.

The XFL has foreseen this, and despite its shortcomings in their original run, the revamped league has made it clear they plan for betting integrity to be a key ingredient in their follow up effort.

With an integrity strategy already in motion and teams established in some of the United States most popular sports markets, the XFL has made it clear it intends to redeem itself. But what exactly happened to the ill-fated XFL and why would it have a chance on the second go around?

XFL Crash Course

Initially conceived in 2001, the XFL was a failed plan to create an additional American professional football league that could rival the NFL. Owned by WWE CEO and chairman Vince McMahon, the league showcased itself as a borderline pro wrestling- pro football hybrid, as elements of both would cross over in an attempt to present a product that paralleled dramatic sports-entertainment to legitimate, on-the-field performance.

While this entertainment model was met with strong early ratings, interest would soon plummet, and the quality of play simply did not improve. After its inaugural season, the league would fold with McMahon and television partner NBC taking a hit of $35 million.

While unanimously deemed to be a huge bust in the fallout of their demise, there has been a resurgence in interest regarding the controversial league as of late. With its precautionary approach to sports betting and team location, one could suggest the product is entering its second stint with a vastly superior concept and a far smoother approach than what was seen in 2001.

With a different branding strategy and a responsible handling of the gambling tie-ins, the XFL at least now holds an appearance that is closer to the NFL than WWE, and if it quickly picks up heavy betting activity, patrons will naturally warm up to it.

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XFL Betting Online

XFL is built to be extremely popular with bettors. Here are 3 reasons you’re going to love betting on the XFL Online in 2021.

Reason 1:

While any pro sports league making its debut is likely to experience a rocky start, establishing betting integrity as a part of one’s start up is always a wise move. The XFL has made it clear that football betting will be a part of their entity and that they will emphasize safe and legitimate models for it. Because of this, potential bettors can expect to get action right away on XFL football games, as bookies are sure to try and capitalize on this. With the season set to kick off in February, patrons now have the chance to develop their strategies so profit can be secured early.

Reason 2:

With oddsmakers spending so much time and effort booking just one professional football league, the introduction of another sets up an opportunity for value. Any sport first entering the gambling community will have to find its legs and the XFL will be no exception, even with it being a professional football league. This will reflect in its odds as lines on XFL action will be softer and easier to beat in the early bits of action. While it certainly will not be a cake walk and the bookies will quickly sharpen their numbers, there will at the very least be a window of opportunity for those wanting to take advantage.

Reason 3:

The XFL will have a 3-point conversion option for teams wanting to extend their score in the wake of a touchdown. Due to this, teams looking for a bigger deficit could in turn impact the point spreads as games will be more likely to end slightly off the key numbers (for example, 3 and 7). While this is negated in the NFL due to the tighter lines and closer final scores, it could present an opportunity for profit in the early days of XFL play. This will also have an impact on the game’s total, and those wanting to learn more regarding XFL wagering and how to partake in it will find it wise to understand the concepts of both point spread betting and over-under betting these games. While it will take newcomers a bit of time to grasp this, it could also serve as a smoother, less volatile introduction to the world of football betting.

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Types of XFL Bets

At the end of the day, football betting is football betting. The league, level, and style may vary but football will always have universal principles to apply when wagering it.

While the wagering volume may take a bit longer to pick up steam, once it finds stride the league inevitably will be bombarded with point spread, total, and moneyline bets just as the NFL and NCAA are every weekend.

The key difference though, comes with the strategy accompanying these plays. Much like the variations between professional and collegiate football gambling, the biggest point of contrast will be the “how” or “why” rather than the “what”.

Lines will be softer, totals will be loftier, and value will be a toss up with these early XFL matchups as booking them requires practice just like betting them does.

Like anything else in sports gaming, a filled-in patron will be able pick up on this notion and use it to their ability, but there could also be a unique edge in betting the XFL in year one and year one only.

While the league is avoiding the circus-like entertainment aspects of the original product, it is priding itself on a different set of rules that (in their minds) will have direct positive results on the game and spike its viewership.

With such concepts such as three-point conversions after touchdowns and no PAT kicks, a one-foot-in-bounds catch rule, a shootout-style overtime, and tweaks in runtime to ensue shorter game durations, the XFL rules are clearly geared towards excitement and high scoring.

This means that over bets and favorites may see an uptick in betting action compared to their NFL and even college counterparts, as the point-after system is likely to lead to greater variations in final score and the offensive oriented rules suggest higher combined totals.

If the XFL makes it to year two, this is likely to change, but at the very least it gives a generous window of time for any customers trying to gain an advantage in the early days of the project.

Top XFL Betting Sites

While the new-look XFL will be in its infancy, the betting interest it attracts should make itself clear fairly early. With NFL and college football betting getting bigger each passing season, one should not expect the overall betting handle for the 10-week XFL season to rival either of them; however, there certainly will be handle to track, as getting action on these games will be a popular move for online bettors who may have trouble finding a land-based shop with the odds for XFL contests.

Traditional sportsbooks usually do a fine job ok keeping up where they have to, but the first season of booking action on a new football league should be taken with a grain of salt as it will take bookies some time to get their odds making process streamlined the way they’d prefer.

An easy way of avoiding this step entirely is to flock to XFL online betting markets, as all our recommended sports betting websites will give patrons the chance to make plays on XFL games at a consistent enough rate to make profit.

Gradually, the brick and mortar sportsbooks will catch up and offer their unique contributions, but these sites will allow bettors to cash out from the season kick off in February until the inaugural season is wrapped.

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Betting on XFL Teams

One thing the XFL has done a good job of before action is even underway is establishing franchises in major US markets. In fact, of the seven biggest sports media markets, five of them will carry XFL teams right out of the gate.

With organizations representing New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and Washington D.C., the XFL will at the very least build a foundation in cities that move the needle in more way than one. With a year 2 pending based off of what we see this coming Spring, there could be more popular markets or expansion teams considered for the mix.

For the first wave however, these clubs will serve as a solid crop in terms of being able to get the ball rolling. All popular sports towns, the XFL focusing on these markets at a time of year where the NFL is nonexistent can in turn be beneficial to multiple parties again depending on how the early steps go with the brand’s resurrection.

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