2021 XFL Rules and Regulations

With Vince McMahon’s XFL making its return this spring, there will be a great deal of curiosity surrounding the professional football league. One of the main points of interest will inevitably be how the rules of the XFL differ from those seen in the National Football League.

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With its season kickoff on the horizon, the XFL has been proactive in emphasizing that its gameplay will feature a set of modified rules different from the more commonly known NFL regulations. The potential consequences of these rules could have a major impact on the outcome of games and the betting handle involved with that outcome.

To shine some light on these rules and their ramifications, we created this page to help fill you in. With the XFL now entering the sports world, every bit of information counts for both casual fans and passionate bettors.

Main Differences Between XFL Rules and NFL Rules

It’s hardly news that this league will not be able to compete with the NFL in any way in terms of overall popularity, but if these modifications in rules and style of play lead to an exciting product on the field, people will happily immerse themselves into the brand.

With inflated scores, a unique flare, and more opportunities to impress and entertain fans, the league can simultaneously serve as a football entity that can be respected but also one that doesn’t suffer from nonstop comparison to the always prevalent NFL. Below we have listed a few key difference in the rules between both leagues and included some helpful video examples of the new XFL rules.

XFL Rules vs NFL Rules

  • A reception is possessed with one foot in bounds, as opposed to the NFL’s rule of both feet.
  • No traditional “gunners” on punt teams as seen in the NFL, punting team must wait until the ball is kicked to release downfield.
  • A three-tiered point-after system, with one point coming from a run play from the two-yard line, two points coming from a run play from the five-yard line, and three points coming from a run-play from the 10-yard line.
  • If the defense returns a turnover on any of the aforementioned attempts, they receive the amount of points the offense was going for.
  • The NFL employs a version of a sudden death overtime period, while the XFL plans to make OT five rounds, where each round, an offense will get one play per team starting at the opponent’s five-yard line. Whoever has the most points after five rounds wins the contest.
  • A 25-second play clock as opposed to the NFL’s 40 seconds, which aims to move the game along faster.
  • Also implemented to make game pace faster, the XFL will use a running game clock for the entirety of a contest other than the last two minutes of each half.
  • Teams will have two timeouts per half as opposed to the NFL’s three timeouts.
  • The XFL is allowing a double forward pass, where teams may attempt a second pass downfield as long as the first pass is completed behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Players on XFL kickoff teams cannot advance downfield until the ball is possessed by the opposing returner.
XFL Point After TD
XFL Punts
XFL Overtime
XFL Double-Forward Pass

Why Are the Rules of the XFL Structured This Way?

The NFL in recent years has become so overblown with “calls” and “no calls” that it’s become hard to truly get a gauge on what the correct rules of the game are. While it’s not feasible to expect every viewer to keep a copy of the rulebook on them, clarity on the rules is something that makes betting on football much easier to understand.

An easy approach with the new XFL rules are viewing them as more of modifications or tweaks of the NFL regulations, rather than a completely new set. While it aims to separate itself from the NFL immediately, the XFL remains a professional football league and intends to be thought of as such.

This is why the league is trying hard to make the XFL appeal as a football product rather than the circus-like, entertainment showcase it was packaged as in its original run in 2001.

By distinguishing itself as legitimate football that has modified itself from the NFL’s set of rules, the league can form a foundation that is both unique and reputable.

The attention placed on scoring and the point-after attempts that come in the wake of every touchdown highlight this, as it eradicates the PAT kick that many NFL fans often ignore entirely.

Instead, viewers will be tuning in for an additional play no matter what, and the option to go for a three-point conversion raises the stakes in that scenario in ways an NFL game doesn’t touch.

How Will XFL Rules Affect Betting?

While XFL betting strategies will become more refined as the inaugural season rolls on, these variations in the rules will be key in gambling XFL action in its early weeks.

Experienced bettors will be able to detect the difference in the lines and how to capitalize, so these tweaks in the traditional pro football rulebook will make for both compelling television and gambling scenarios.

Over time, the bookies will sharpen up and things will become harder to beat, but with enough early opportunities, the XFL could serve as a profitable alternative to other forms of sports betting for many people.

Breaking away from the stigma still associated with the league’s original run will be a roadblock at first, but if people warm up to the product, it could take off. Football bettors will use it as a means to stay active during the days of the NFL offseason.

You can’t expect to instantly profit from XFL games, as there is still strategy and background knowledge involved. But if the NFL betting world scares you off too much yet you still want a chance to wager some football, this league could serve as the perfect chance to do just that.

If a patron puts enough effort in, they will quickly discover why betting on the XFL can serve as a beneficial method of sports gambling at a time of year where the sports world moves a little slower in the wake of the NFL season.

Frequently Asked Questions About the XFL’s Rules

Will Differences in the XFL Rules Make the Product Harder to Understand?

No, if anything it will make it easier. Seeing how the XFL rules operate in comparison to the NFL will give the viewer a better understanding of how their league works on its own.

What Rules Will Have the Biggest Effect on the Gambling Side of the XFL?

The point-after conversions and lack of PAT kick will lead to final scores that are not as common in the NFL. This variation in differential will greatly impact spread bettors, and those with action on the total could be affected with the league’s focus on offense and scoring.

Should I Bet With the XFL Rules in Mind?

Absolutely. In fact, the rules of the XFL are one of the biggest factors to consider when you’re XFL betting, so taking them into account is definitely recommended and will ensure a safer bet.

If I Don’t Follow the NFL, Will I Be Able to Watch the XFL Without Getting Confused?

Yes, as long as you have informed yourself on the basics of American football and know the essentials. If you can watch the game and understand it, you will be just fine. Get to know the basics, and you will not experience any form of confusion.