Betting on Entertainment – TV, Movies, Awards, Politics, and More!

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Are you looking for a way to spice up your non-sports-related time spent in
front of the television? If so, entertainment betting sites might be the perfect
alternative to sports gambling. You might be asking yourself what is entertainment betting? Wagers based on television shows, awards
programs, and politics are some of the fastest growing markets in the online
gambling world and for a good reason!

The following sites are industry leaders when it comes to offering the best
online entertainment betting lines:

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Think about all of the heated discussions and bold predictions you’ve ever
made regarding the Oscars, Grammys, or Game of Thrones. What’s better than being
able to “put your money where your mouth is” and bet on the outcomes of these
events with real money? Not only are these wagers the ultimate “I told you so,”
once you win, but they make mundane forms of entertainment incredibly exciting
to boot!

Top Entertainment Betting Sites by Event

Betting for Entertainment will undoubtedly play a major role in how we’ll
engage with movies, television, awards shows, and political discourse in the
future. For years now, online oddsmakers have been setting lines on a broad
range of markets, taking action on just about everything in betting online entertainment pop culture.

Entertainment wagers have been commonplace in Europe for years-where sports
betting is already a normal part of everyday life. It is also beginning to gain
steam in the US, where the industry is rapidly gaining acceptance-both legally
and culturally.

Who wouldn’t want to check out American
Idol odds to spice things up and make what would feel like a typical night in front
of the TV feel like the Super Bowl?

What’s better than literally increasing the stakes of that political argument
you’ve been having with that co-worker/ family member/person online? The
entertainment betting sites above offer a variety of wagers pertaining to any
upcoming elections and politics in general. Lay down real money to show
everybody just how confident (and invested) you truly are!

The same goes for the entertainment industry’s brightest nights-the Oscars,
Grammys, and Emmys. Every year, we see shocking decisions and massive upsets on
these shows, many of which offer huge payouts! Heck, you can even get a little
weird and put some entertainment bets on hilarious competitions like the
Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Reality Television

Reality television took the US by storm when Survivor debuted in 2000 and has
become a network TV staple in numerous forms ever since. The problem is, many of
these shows have been on for years now, and they’ve been getting a bit stale.

With the ability to bet reality shows, we can inject some life back into reality
television, making our old favorites into must-watch events again.

Entertainment betting sites usually set futures odds for reality television
shows early in the season, adjusting them every week based on the most recent
performances or votes. If you identify the winner early enough, there are some
substantial profits to be made!

Movie / Television Awards

The most glamorous nights in the entertainment industry come during awards
season. For the celebrities starring in movies, the Oscars are the highest
honor, and the annual broadcast of the festivities has become appointment

For those of us who want to do more than just sit back and enjoy the fancy
gowns and long self-congratulatory speeches, entertainment betting sites make
the whole ordeal more interesting and allow us to watch with our friends or
partners without complaint.

The same goes for the Golden Globes, BAFTAs, or any other big-time
celebration of film. You can even bet on the Razzies which celebrate the worst
movies and performances! Not only will you find odds on the winners of each
major category, but there are often prop bets on different aspects of the awards
shows themselves.

Music Awards

The same goes for music’s most prestigious nights of awards. Whether you’re
watching the Grammys or the MTV Music Awards, having some skin in the game
always makes the entire spectacle better.

It’s unbelievable how throwing a few bucks on “Music Video of the Year,” can
have you as hyped as Kanye West, ready to jump on stage and snatch the mic from
any other nominee that ruins your bet! Fortunately, with the lines bookmakers
set on some of these categories, you only need to hit one or two minor upsets
per show to turn a profit when you bet entertainment.

Beyond wagering on the various albums and songs of the year, online
entertainment betting sites offer all kinds of amusing prop bets on the awards
shows themselves. Everything from performance length to an artist’s hair color
could be on the board!

Other Entertainment Betting Sites

Last, but not least; entertainment betting sites set odds on an extensive
list of miscellaneous markets that don’t fit into any of the categories above.

Since 2016, gambling website operators have noted a drastic increase in the
amount of action coming in on their political betting lines. As politics become
more polarizing, more players than ever are laying cash on everything from
elections to potential impeachments.

But there’s no limit to what betting on entertainment online may offer.
Everything from the Nobel Peace Prize to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest can
be wagered upon at the best entertainment websites. You can even find odds on things like
humanity landing on Mars, the Royal Family’s affairs, and celebrity life

Entertainment Betting Blogs

Our team of writers is always sharing

gambling tips
and predictions, as well as keeping you up-to-date on the most
significant upcoming entertainment betting events. We analyze the different
markets and breakdown the lines for pretty much everything, making sure you have
current information and winning entertainment bets to read.

About Our Recommendations

Before you dive into the exciting world of entertainment betting online, you should
know why we recommend the websites listed at the top of this page. Before an
online gambling site can be shared here, it must first pass a rigorous review
process which involves many criteria.

Choosing an online betting site
can be quite a complicated process if you’re
new to internet gambling; there are scammers and fraudulent website operators
everywhere. That’s why our team of experts works tirelessly to continue finding
you the best gambling sites online.

Any recommendation found here is guaranteed to possess the following

Coverage of Entertainment Bets

Obviously, if we are calling the recommendations above the best sites for betting on entertainment, they cover a wide variety of entertainment
wagering markets. Our favorite providers cover all of the essential events and
awards, in addition to plenty of props. Whether you’ve got a hunch as to who’s
winning “Best Picture,” or think Joey Chestnut is going to eat a record number
of hotdogs on the Fourth of July, these websites have got you covered.

Ease of Use

Another factor in our recommendations is a website’s ease of use. Our team of
experts takes website design and quality into account when completing their
reviews, as they have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. You never
know when you’ll need to place an online entertainment bet quickly (before the
odds come off the board). We can’t have you clicking around some disorganized,
confusing site when time is of the essence!

Safety and Security

Our highest priority is ensuring that every site in our recommendations is
safe and secure for our readers to use. For entertainment betting odds online,
you’ll need to utilize an offshore website, which means you won’t have local
authorities to call should something go wrong. We do the hard work up front so
we can choose from a list of reliable, legitimate, and trustworthy entertainment
betting sites.

Competitive Lines

Setting entertainment betting lines is the first requirement but making sure
the odds are competitive is equally critical. All types of gambling are ruled by
math, and even the slightest improvement in your numbers can be the difference
between winning and losing money in the long-term. Our recommended websites
offer entertainment betting odds that are consistent with, if not better than,
the top sites in the industry.

Banking Options

Online betting is regulated differently, depending on your location. For that
reason, funding a gambling site account may not always be as easy as directly
transferring cash from your bank. You might need some added flexibility with a
variety of banking methods at your disposal. Through various e-wallets, credit
cards, cryptocurrencies, and payment processors, you can make a deposit at our
favorite entertainment betting sites with ease.

Reputation and History

Part of our vetting process includes researching an entertainment betting
site’s history in the online gambling industry. We look into any other websites
they may own and study the background of their ownership groups. The team even
reads years’ worth of customer reviews and complaints, in addition to searching
through internet blacklists to verify that our recommendations don’t have a
history of questionable behavior and that they have a positive reputation
amongst gamblers.

Bonuses and Promotions

The best thing when you bet entertainment is all of the free
money. Online sportsbooks and entertainment betting sites all offer valuable
deposit bonuses, allowing a new user to double their money in many cases before
ever placing a wager. Loyalty rewards programs play a role in our rankings as
well, since they keep customers feeling appreciated even after that initial
honeymoon period is over. They allow you to earn credits for playing, which can
be traded in for cash back, merchandise, and much more.

Withdrawal Speeds

The money sitting in your online betting account belongs to you and should be
available for withdrawal whenever you want. Beyond being a crucial variable in
overall customer satisfaction, we also care about payout speeds because of what
they tell us about the website. The top entertainment betting sites hire
adequate customer service departments, with enough funds sitting in various
payment types to move money quickly. The operators with slow withdrawal speeds
are frequently unethical or fraudulent.

Quality Customer Service

Anytime you’re investing time and hard-earned money into a pastime, you
deserve to have any potential issues or problems resolved promptly. Our
recommended entertainment betting sites have a long history of treating players
well with multiple actively-monitored contact methods. Before sharing a website
with our readers, our team tests all available forms of information to ensure
they’re answered in a swift, helpful manner.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, the time we spend on the internet is increasingly taking place
through mobile devices. Most of the population has either a smartphone or tablet
which they’ll use for betting on entertainment. Our favorite entertainment sites are fully compatible with mobile devices and their online browsers.
Many even have their own dedicated apps which further improves the

FAQ About Betting on Entertainment Online

What Is Entertainment Betting?

Entertainment betting online is similar to sports betting; only the odds concern the
results of awards shows, movies, television series, or politics instead of
games. Oddsmakers can set lines on absolutely anything from a Presidential
election to the Razzie Awards for Worst Actor and everything in-between when you bet tv online.

What Are Some Common Types of Entertainment Bets?

With online entertainment betting, the possibilities are limitless. Some
common wagers would cover the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, reality shows, politics,
and other major awards. Many online sportsbooks will also take bets on when
celebrities will die, outcomes of television shows, and which actors will be
cast in prominent roles, such as the next James Bond.

Is Betting on Entertainment Allowed?

That depends on the laws of your specific jurisdiction. In many places,
betting for entertainment follows the same regulations as sports gambling. However,
political wagering is outlawed in the United States, so it depends on the type
of wagering you’re doing.

Are There Risks When Using Offshore Entertainment Betting Sites?

The best entertainment betting sites online are found in offshore
jurisdictions where anyone can use them without breaking any federal laws in the
US. While internet gaming is not technically legal, there are no regulations
that criminalize the act nor will any authorities try to stop or punish you.