Best America’s Got Talent Betting Sites

Shim Lim, Terry Fator, Mat Franco, Taylor Williamson, Kodi Lee, Grace VanderWaal… All of these names have one thing in common—they got their start on the hit reality TV show America’s Got Talent. And if you “saw it coming” or “knew they would be the winner,” you could have made a lot of money at America’s Got Talent betting sites!

You heard that right. There are sportsbooks that give you the opportunity to bet real money on America’s Got Talent online. If you can successfully pick which acts are going to make it to the next round and who the winner is going to be, you can make a lot of money.

As the show climbs past its 15th season in the US (one year ahead of its British counterpart, Britain’s Got Talent), the opportunities to make money at America’s Got Talent betting sites are ripe for the picking.

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What Makes These the Best America’s Got Talent Betting Sites?

  • Betting Coverage
  • Competitive Lines and Odds
  • Safety and Security
  • Banking Options
  • Reputation and History
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Mobile Compatibility

Robust Entertainment Betting Coverage

America’s Got Talent LogoEntertainment betting is the new frontier in online betting. Sports Betting sites realize that people want the ability to bet on a lot more than just sports. For us, the best America’s Got Talent betting sites understand and embrace the future of wagering. All of these betting sites with America’s Got Talent odds give you the ability to bet on every episode of the show (once it hits the audience rounds). Additionally, the sites offer more action and bet types than just the option for betting on the winner of America’s Got Talent.

Competitive Lines and Odds

Betting on America’s Got Talent can be fun, but it can also be a way to make some good money if you’re sharp. For that reason, it’s important that the online betting sites you choose have competitive lines and odds on the available bets. Betting lines change based on how the public bets.

If other sharp bettors are hammering the acts that are most likely to win, you’ll get paid less on those bets. But if you choose one of the online America’s Got Talent betting sites filled with recreational bettors, you’re going to get better payouts on your winning wagers.

Top-Notch Safety and Security

Our chief concern when breaking down entertainment betting sites with America’s Got Talent odds is keeping your information safe and your money secure. Before we recommend any options for betting on America’s Got Talent online, we run a full security and safety sweep of the company. We check the following factors:

  • SSL encryption checks
  • Software update schedules
  • Third-party audits
  • Industry reputation
  • Customer service history

Extensive Banking Options

In the old days, moving your money around on the internet was a scary headache. You didn’t know who to trust, and your options were limited to things you’ve never heard of before. Thankfully, those are the old days. Today, the best America’s Got Talent betting sites offer tons of great banking options to help you make quick deposits and speedy withdrawals.

And you know what else is great?

They use options you’ve heard of. You can use things like your bank, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, e-wallets, direct transfers, paper checks, cryptocurrency, and more!

A Solid Reputation and History

The reputation of an online America’s Got Talent betting site goes hand in hand with our security analysis. How long has the sportsbook been around? Is the company highly regarded in the industry? Has anyone who works at or owns the company worked anywhere else? What other information is available to gauge the trustworthiness of the site?

This information is not always the easiest to find, but it’s the most important piece of the ranking puzzle.

Easy to Use

Betting on America’s Got Talent online should not feel like a chore nor require a computer science degree. The entire reason you’re betting is to have fun, and that goes out the window if the app or website is not user-friendly. All of the top America’s Got Talent betting sites we recommend are user-friendly and have been built by teams that understand what users really want.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is necessary to ensure you have the absolute best time possible betting on America’s Got Talent. Here’s what we look for when racking and stacking the options:

  • Hours of operation – Are they open 24/7/365?
  • Modes of communication – How many different ways can you get in touch with support? Are there live options like phone or chat?
  • Quality of service – Are the agents skilled enough to help with your issues?

Mobile Compatibility – iPhone, Android, and Google

There are zero reasons why entertainment betting sites wouldn’t work well on iPhones, Android devices, and Google phones in a post-2020 world. You are not going to see a single online AGT betting site recommendation from us that does not satisfy all three of these operating platforms. It’s the red X otherwise.

What Is America’s Got Talent?

America’s Got Talent is an NBC reality TV show that allows entertainment acts of all types compete to win a chance to headline a show on the Las Vegas Strip. Much like many other reality-based competitions, it starts out with rounds of celebrity judges selecting which acts do or do not make it through. Once the show reaches a certain stage, the competition is opened up for audience betting.

The show was originally created in 2006 by Simon Cowell. AGT is produced by Fremantle USA and Syco Entertainment under the banner of the Got Talent Franchise. The franchise includes sister versions of the show that air in other countries, with the most notable being Britain’s Got Talent.

The show generally runs through three stages. The first stage is the auditions, where acts compete in front of the judges to earn a spot on the show in the second round. Each judge has a Golden Buzzer, which allows them to choose one act to skip the second round and go straight to the live voting rounds.

From here, acts move onto the second round, which is also controlled by a judge. After the second round, the show moves into the live stages, where the American audience votes on the winners for each elimination round. If you are able to be the last act standing, you win!

Types of Wagers Available for Betting on America’s Got Talent

The best America’s Got Talent betting sites offer a variety of different bets you can make. The most popular bet is, of course, betting on the winner of AGT. But that’s not the only thing you can wager on!

Additionally, you can bet a whole handful of prop bets and matchups. Some examples include the following:

Will the Winning Act Be a Singer?
America’s Got Talent Prop Bet
Will “X” Act Last Longer Than “Y” Act?
America’s Got Talent Prop Bet

5 Tips for Betting on America’s Got Talent

Finding the best America’s Got Talent betting site is only the first piece of the puzzle. While most people are betting for fun, it’s still a blast to win your bets! Here are five quick tips to help you get the most out of betting on America’s Got Talent.

1. Take Advantage of Line Shopping Opportunities

The key to winning at America’s Got Talent betting is picking the winners correctly. Groundbreaking, we know. But something you should also be doing to improve your bottom line is line shopping. Because the betting market for AGT is smaller, the amount you get paid on the same bet might differ greatly from site to site. Find the site with America’s Got Talent betting odds that pay the best on the act you want to bet and wager there. It may only be a few bucks every time, but that adds up and can be the difference between winning and losing.

2. Heart vs. Head – Make the Right Bet

Most people get into America’s Got Talent betting because they’re fans of the show. While you can continue to be a fan of the show, you need to separate your fan side from your betting side. Don’t place bets on the acts that you want to win. Place bets on the acts that you think are going to win.

3. Know How the Show Works

Thankfully, the premise of AGT is pretty simple. That being said, make sure you understand all of the current rules and procedures of the show. Many reality TV shows throw in twists and turns to make the show different each season.

These different twists could have an impact on who you choose to wager on.

Before you start betting on America’s Got Talent, take five minutes to research any recent changes to the ruleset or show format for the current season.

4. Do Your Homework

There is nothing wrong with placing random bets just for fun. However, if you’re serious about trying to win, you’re going to want to do some homework and research. Betting on America’s Got Talent online is easy but winning takes some work.

What are some things to look for? Glad you asked.

  • Follow blogs about the show.
  • Check for any social media trends.
  • Make sure you’re watching prior episodes.
  • Follow the news in case anything breaks that will affect the America’s Got Talent betting odds.

5. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Last, but not least, online America’s Got Talent betting is supposed to be fun. While there is nothing wrong with taking it seriously, don’t lose sight of the prize. When it stops being fun, it’s time to move on or refocus.

America’s Got Talent Betting FAQ

Is It Safe to Bet on America’s Got Talent Online?

Betting on America’s Got Talent online is 100% safe, as long as you only wager using trusted entertainment betting sites. Additionally, you need to make sure to use a strong password, keep your information safe, and never bet when you are intoxicated or emotional. If you can follow these simple guidelines, your online AGT betting experience will be safe.

Can I Make Money at America’s Got Talent Betting Sites?

Absolutely. When you make real money wagers on AGT, you can make real money if you win! Of course, you have to know your stuff. Online America’s Got Talent betting provides an easy way to make real money betting on reality TV.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid When I Win a Bet?

Once the show is completed and your bet is settled, expect the money to show up in your account within a few minutes. From there, you can use your money to make more wagers, or you can cash it out to your personal banking accounts. Generally, at the best America’s Got Talent betting sites, this part of the process can take between one to five business days.

Can I Bet on the Winner of America’s Got Talent Online?

The best America’s Got Talent betting sites give you the ability to bet on the show’s winner, as well as which acts will advance from each round. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be right in the middle of all the action.

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