Big Brother Betting Sites

Reality television shows have become immensely popular among handicappers and
casual bettors looking for something new on which to wager. Big Brother
betting sites offer viewers the opportunity to wager on the 20-year-old social
experiment/competition in which contestants are locked together in a single
home, isolated from the outside world in its entirety and filmed 24 hours per

The show’s name is based on George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, in
which the population is under constant government surveillance, just as the
housemates are always on camera and mic’d up for audio recording for as long as
they’re in the house.

Big Brother is a reality show franchise that has been
extraordinarily successful, airing in over 54 different countries and regions
for a total of 445 seasons. Online betting websites post odds for several
variations of the competition, including Celebrity Big Brother
and VIP Big Brother.

The show is perfect for fans of online wagering due to its weekly
eliminations and large field of contestants that could potentially win the
entire season. This opens up plenty of opportunities for both futures odds and
weekly prop bets to keep one’s viewing experience as exciting as possible. But
first, you need a reliable provider to accept your wagers!

Big Brother Host and Logo
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About Our Recommendations of Big Brother Betting Sites

Coverage of Big Brother Bets

You can’t be considered one of the “top Big Brother betting sites”
without adequately covering the reality show betting in the sportsbook. We
aren’t looking for operators who barely partake in entertainment wagering,
offering one or two specials lines for the show. We want providers that set odds
on a wide variety of Big Brother markets. It keeps the show exciting,
allowing bettors to lay some fresh action on the contest from week to week. It’s
also the only way to find decent betting value.

Competitive Lines

The quality of a Big Brother betting website’s coverage is based on
more than merely setting lines for a broad range of markets. The odds themselves
must be fair and competitive with other oddsmakers’ as well. We want our readers
to have the best online wagering experience imaginable, which means they’ll need
betting lines that can be exploited for profit. Our team picks the best
betting sites where you can find success with thorough handicapping by finding
value in the favorable lines.

Safety and Security

There’s nothing more important than keeping your money and personal
information safe online. Since the majority of our readers will be relying on
offshore providers, they won’t have any legal recourse should they fall victim
to a scam or rogue operator. That’s why we dedicate most of our time to ensuring
that any Big Brother betting site recommended here is entirely
legitimate, reliable, and safe to use. Furthermore, we check each website to verify that they have the appropriate
licenses for their jurisdiction and that their site security is top of the line.
Any financial transaction you make with our recommendations will be encrypted
and your personal information safe and secure.

Reputation and History

We also put a great deal of effort into ensuring each of our recommendations
has a long history of providing excellent gaming services to the public without
any sketchy behavior. It doesn’t help us to find a safe and secure website if
the operators are always acting unethically and canceling people’s bets or
denying payouts. Our team carefully examines each review subject’s relationship with the
customers, both past and present, and reads what users have had to say. We only
recommend the Big Brother betting sites with a positive reputation with
bettors and industry professionals both as well as a long history of treating
players well.

Banking Options

The larger the selection of acceptable banking options, the easier it is for
more of our readers to deposit and withdraw money from their online Big
betting sites. Each region has its own unique regulations and
restrictions that require specific financial transactions to work within. In the
United States, for example, you may not use a debit card, as they are blocked by
federal legislation. However, you may fund your accounts with any combination of
e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, payment processors, and credit cards without
breaking any laws. For more information on banking, head on over to our banking options page for the answers to any of your questions.

Ease of Use

Naturally, you want the best Big Brother betting site that you can
immediately pick up and place wagers with, but without any unnecessary headaches
or hardships. It shouldn’t be difficult to find the entertainment wagering
section, select your favorite market, and submit a bet. Our team of experts
tests each website by personally going through the entire process. The
easiest-to-use locations are ranked higher and shared with our readers. Whether
you’re using an app or betting site, it will be well-designed, organized, and
simple to navigate.

Quality Customer Service

We want our readers to be treated exceptionally well when they’re betting on
Big Brother online, which is why we pay close attention to a site’s
customer service department. If you’re going to trust them to hold your money,
you need to know that they’ll be there to fix any issues you may encounter along
the way promptly. Our expert reviewers take the time to contact each website’s
customer service team by using every method of communication listed online. Each
option must be currently active and supervised by courteous, helpful staff on
the other end.

Mobile Compatibility

Who knows when you’ll be in the mood to put some action on Big Brother!
It’s more crucial than ever that all of the best online betting sites are fully
compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets. People are using their
mobile devices to get online at higher rates than ever, and the trend doesn’t
seem to be slowing down. For maximum convenience, you should be able to place
your wagers whenever and from wherever, as long as you have a signal or Wi-Fi
connection. That way, whenever inspiration strikes, you’re ready to execute the
bet before you forget!

Bonuses and Promotions

Online gaming truly sets itself apart from land-based establishments through
the use of lucrative bonus packages and promotions. You may not receive anything
for walking through the door of your closest brick-and-mortar sportsbook, but
the top Big Brother betting sites are more-than-willing to throw tons
of free cash your way upon signing up. Deposit bonuses frequently see new
bettors doubling their bankroll before ever placing a bet! You’ll also be automatically enrolled in your website’s loyalty/player
rewards program. For every wager you make, you’ll receive points in your rewards
account. These credits can eventually be used to purchase cash back on some of
your losses, entry into contests, merchandise, vacations, and more.

Withdrawal Speeds

We pay extremely close attention to a betting website’s average withdrawal
speeds, as they give us valuable insight into how the company operates.
Providers with quick turnaround times usually have the best customer service
departments and enough money on hand to leave cash in multiple account types for
numerous banking methods. This allows them to move quickly when a request for
payout is made. On the other hand, when we see a website’s payout speeds slowing down, we
know they’re going rogue. This can happen due to financial stress or lousy
management and usually occurs gradually. They’ll start delaying payments and
hoping their customers will lose the money betting instead or cancel winning
wagers altogether. We’d prefer our readers to avoid anything like this, so we
always stick with the online sportsbooks with the fastest withdrawals.

Big Brother – The Basics

Big Brother was first created and broadcast in the Netherlands in
1999, though it wasn’t long before the reality show was syndicated all around
the world. The basic premise is to put a group of strangers in a house
where everything is recorded, cutting them off entirely from the outside world.
They can’t watch television, listen to the radio, call their families, or do
anything that connects them to the world beyond the Big Brother house’s

While they’re living in the house, contestants are given all sorts of tasks
and housework, meant to test their resolve, encourage teamwork, and create
drama. Performing well in the various tasks and challenges allow housemates to
earn different privileges and prizes.

On most formats of the show, one housemate is eliminated every week. The Head
of Household, who is determined at the start of the week, is granted the power
to decide who’s on the block. The various contestants plot and scheme and form
alliances so that they can coordinate their weekly votes, which decide who will
be nominated for eviction. The goal is to be the last member of the house
standing, which is rewarded with a large cash prize.

Head of Household

Head of Household, Big Brother Logo

Each week in the Big Brother house begins with a competition to
determine who will be the Head of Household. This is a valuable position to hold
since the Head of Household gets to nominate the two housemates that will be up
for eviction during the next vote.

The competitions to determine who will occupy this role change from
week-to-week and season-to-season, though some fan favorites have been re-used
in multiple years. The games typically fall into one of a handful of categories:
skill-based, endurance, or question/trivia-oriented. Housemates compete for Head
of Household as individuals, but in some instances, they’ve participated in
pairs as well.

Beyond determining which contestant will be safe from elimination while also
granting the power to put two opponents up for eviction voting each week, the
Head of Household competitions are also an excellent way to inject drama into
the house.

In fact, many are designed to purposely create friction between
housemates. You’ll want to pay close attention to how different contestants perform in
these challenges when you’re betting on Big Brother. A player that’s
able to maintain this role for numerous weeks will have lots of influence on who
is put to the vote, which will drastically affect any of their rivals’ futures
odds. The conflicts created while competing for Head of Household are equally

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto is another variable that handicappers must consider when
studying the lines at their favorite Big Brother betting sites.
Depending on the level of Power of Veto a contestant receives, they may use it
to either remove themselves or a housemate from the block before a live eviction
vote. The original POV could only be used to save another, but in subsequent
seasons, the Golden Power of Veto has allowed the owners to protect themselves.

Unlike the other categories of challenges, Power of Veto competitions are
primarily skill-based rather than physical. If you’re betting on Big Brother,
taking into account which housemates are smarter and more talented, in general,
is a wise move, as they may be able to keep themselves off the eviction block
altogether. It doesn’t matter how popular a contestant is among their opponents
or the voting public if they’re able to avoid participating.

Food and Luxuries

Food and luxury competitions are a brilliantly cruel method of creating
stress and division within the Big Brother house. While winning these
challenges may afford housemates with treats such as watching a movie or
television show, sleeping in luxury accommodations, or some other product
placement-related prize, losing often comes with severe consequences.

Housemates have been forced to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly for an
entire week for failing in a food and luxury competition. Although, that’s
child’s play when compared to the Big Brother Slop that others have
been restricted to consuming. Several contestants have been medically evacuated
from the house due to their dietary punishments.

Producers have also used things like Have-Not bedrooms, which are just
miserable living conditions, and cold showers to discourage the losers. The way
housemates react to their rewards or punishments may play a significant role in
Big Brother betting sites odds.

Battle Back

Don’t give up on your futures bet just because your housemate was evicted!
Since Season 18, Battle Back competitions have given formerly-banished
contestants the opportunity to return to the house. Big Brother betting
websites won’t be reversing any wagers that were based on evictions on any given
week, but Battle Back challenges ensure that no futures bet is over until the
winner is named.

Types of Big Brother Wagers

At the moment, most of the best Big Brother betting sites give handicappers a
similar selection of available odds to choose from. Entertainment wagering is
still growing, so we aren’t yet seeing a wide variety of unique betting lines
covering all sorts of different aspects of the show. Still on the best betting sites, there’s enough to
work with to make the reality TV competition exponentially more enjoyable.
Between the futures lines and prop bets, you can have stakes on both the final
outcome of Big Brother as well as the weekly action!

Outright Winner

Probably the most popular form of betting on Big Brother is to pick
the housemate you believe will ultimately emerge that season’s winner. For a
long time, these were the only markets available on most entertainment wagering
websites, and they still attract the most attention today. Depending on when you
place it, this bet can also be your best opportunity for a massive payout.

One thing to keep in mind is that things change very quickly in the Big
house. If you want to try one of these futures wagers, you’ll
probably want to shy away from the heavy favorites and focus more on the
mid-range underdogs. Housemates that are annoying, abrasive, or outspoken rarely
survive till the end, so your best bet is to choose a winner who is laid back
and tends to fly under the radar.

Weekly Evictions

America's Vote on Big Brother

Many bettors use prop bets to help raise the stakes and increase the
excitement of watching each week. The best Big Brother betting websites keep us all
entertained by posting lines on each round of evictions, turning the live voting
episodes into a thrilling event. You’ll be shocked by how a little reality TV
betting action will transform a normal television show into the Super Bowl!

If you pay close attention to social media reactions and the maneuverings of
the housemates, there’s legitimate value to be found in the weekly eviction
odds. Just be careful, the editors of reality shows can be quite tricky
sometimes when they want to throw viewers a twist. The more information you can
find outside of the show, the better.

Top Male and Female

If you want to wager on the final outcome of the season, but don’t feel
confident picking an outright winner, Big Brother betting sites also
give you the option to bet on which male or female will finish the highest among
housemates of their same sex. These lines give you the chance to still benefit
from the large payouts that futures odds provide, but are slightly less volatile
since you’re dealing with a smaller field.

Sex of the Winner

Another way to buy some action on the Big Brother finale without
having to choose from a large, unpredictable field is to simply wager on the sex
of the season’s winner. Take a close look at the groups of men and women on the
show and how they’re faring in the game. Which side has a higher percentage of
viable winners and which has the strongest competitors?

Tips for Betting on Big Brother

Entertainment betting is an aggressively-growing form of wagering, but it’s
still relatively underdeveloped as compared to the major sports. For that
reason, there aren’t enough markets yet to create any sure-fire strategies or
systems for Big Brother bets.

That being said, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find an edge by knowing
what to watch for and consider during the season and where is the best online betting sites to play at. In this section, we’ve got
some tips and tricks to bring to your favorite Big Brother betting
sites and increase your chances of having a profitable season.

Stay Away From the Favorites

Things change quickly in the Big Brother house and a person who was
just the odds-on favorite to win it can be evicted after a single disappointing
performance in a competition or some unexpected conflict. That’s why betting on
favorites is a risky proposition when it comes to Big Brother futures

Because the competition is so unpredictable, it’s hard to find value when the
prices are shorter. In the first several weeks, it’s not worth committing to
anyone with a serious wager. You’re better off using that time to focus on small
stakes-large payout bets.

If you must wager on someone who’s favored in the odds, it should be later on
in the season, when there’s less volatility in the household. You also need to
think about how the people in the Jury House feel about the favorite since
they’ll be a critical factor in deciding the winner.

Watch Social Media to See Who Is Popular

The public gets to vote on evictions, so it’s crucial that you pay attention
to what the majority of viewers are discussing online. While the show is airing
live, Twitter is the best place to read instant reactions to what’s happening.
The tone of people’s comments about the different housemates should give you
some valuable insight into how they’ll be voting.

Between episodes, you may benefit from visiting a site like Reddit. In the
Big Brother subreddit, you’ll find legions of fans passionate enough
about the show to discuss it in-depth on a daily basis. These are the types of
people who vote, so their opinions are important. You’ll also catch wind of any
coordinated campaigns that could play a significant role in the next evictions.

The Public Supports “Victims”

How housemates are portrayed on camera will shape how a large portion of the
viewing public feels about the contestants. This is particularly true when one
of the contestants appears to be bullied or mistreated in some way, especially
if they are on the receiving end of one of the more outspoken or aggressive
members in the house.

That’s why sleepers often perform so well on Big Brother and on Big Brother betting websites. Viewers
tend to see themselves in the housemates and strongly relate to someone going
through a tough time. Even something like losing a food and luxury challenge and
being forced to eat “slop” for a week can inspire support from voters.

Save Bankroll for Late-Season Changes

Camp Comeback on Big Brother

Like we’ve been saying, the circumstances in the Big Brother house
can swing dramatically in any given week. Assuming that you’ve properly set
aside a specific amount of money to be your bankroll for the season, it’s
extremely crucial that you don’t spend too much too early in the contest.
However, it won’t hurt to place some futures wagers during the first few weeks.
That’s when they return the most massive payouts.

Just reserve some of the money you plan to use for futures bets in case there
are any drastic changes to the competition. In some seasons, housemates are
added to the mix midway through. In others, a contestant who was already evicted
is allowed to return after winning a Battle Back challenge. Then, there are the
unforeseen issues like violence in the house, which can result in someone’s
immediate removal or with the entire house being put on the block for eviction.

We would suggest making a futures bet or two very early in the season but
save between 50-60% of your total cash for these types of wagers saved for
later, when things are more transparent. Keep in mind; we’re only talking about
your bankroll dedicated to futures, not the money you’re using for weekly
eviction props.

Housemates Need a Strategy

Pay close attention to how the competitors approach their time in the house.
Some people get themselves onto reality shows to enhance their personal brand or
be seen. They usually act outrageously, try to hook up with their housemates,
and don’t put much thought into their long-term strategy. Those types of
contestants don’t tend to last long.

When betting on Big Brother, you want to identify the members of the
house who have a plan and know how to play the game. They should have some
alliances and be charismatic, but not come across as a schemer. If the
housemates begin to look at them like a snake and a backstabber, they’ll be a
target for elimination and will rub the public the wrong way as well.

Look for Quiet, “Under the Radar” Contestants

When you think of reality television, you think of loud, obnoxious
personalities who crave attention. The problem is, that gets old very quickly
when you’re locked in a house with someone for 24 hours a day without any media
or entertainment as a distraction. When you’re browsing the Big Brother
betting site that you eventually choose, stay away from the annoying and
exhausting contestants.

The housemates that tend to last long enough to see the final few weeks of
the season are often those who kept relatively quiet. They may perform well in
the various competitions and challenges, but don’t engage in loud conflicts with
their opponents or get caught up in any love affairs or drama. If you reach the
midway part of Big Brother and notice that one person has managed to
avoid being put on the block, they’re worth paying attention to and potentially
betting on.

Who Has the Most Dedicated Fans?

Celebrity Big Brother Cast

This tip is meant for Celebrity Big Brother betting more so
than standard variations with housemates we haven’t heard of before. When the
contestants already have a public persona and career, they most likely will
already have a fan base that may tune in just for them. That can be a valuable
tool during eviction votes. Not only will their supporters work to keep their
favorite celebrity from being kicked out of the house, but they may also target
any rivals or threats that are on the block.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should bet on whoever is the biggest
celebrity. What’s more important is that the personality has passionate fans who
will go above and beyond to mobilize and support them. For example, someone that
was formerly a member of a famous pop group or boy band.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bet Long Odds

Thanks to the many twists and changes during a season of Big Brother,
betting on underdogs is never a waste of time. For that reason, you shouldn’t
get scared off by a housemate with long odds, as if the oddsmakers were telling
you that they don’t have a chance. You never know when the dynamics in the house
will significantly change, putting someone who was once a longshot in the
driver’s seat.

You may want to dedicate a small portion of your bankroll for wagering on an
assortment of underdogs during the first couple weeks of the season, just in
case. Take a few chances on some housemates with the potential to improve their
standing in the house over time. You don’t want to stake too much on these bets,
but a few dollars on a 50/1 won’t hurt.

Plan for Late Additions to the House

Again, try not to overcommit to betting on housemates in the earlier weeks of
Big Brother without leaving yourself money to react to changes. In some
seasons, new members were added relatively late in the game, which can be
disruptive both to the house and to the futures odds. You don’t want to stake
too much before you have a complete view of the competition.

When a new housemate does appear, pay attention to who reacts poorly to the
addition. Naturally, after being locked in the house for weeks on end, a person
is going to be resentful when someone just waltzes in halfway through the

Is anyone vocally against the new person, or are they quietly scheming? If
someone is voicing their displeasure out loud, are they someone with respect and
influence in the house? If not, are they someone that’s considered annoying or
rude? Depending on how housemates feel about the newest addition’s detractors
can impact how they react to the change.

Big Brother Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Big Brother Bets?

Betting on Big Brother is available by two different types of wager:
futures and prop bets. You have the option of putting action on who you believe
will ultimately win the season, as well as who will be the Top Male and Top
Female performers. Proposition bets are posted weekly and cover the upcoming
housemate eliminations.

Is Betting on Big Brother Online Allowed?

Yes, anywhere that online sports betting is either legal or unregulated. In
legal jurisdictions, you can find Big Brother wagers at licensed
websites and land-based establishments. If online gaming is unregulated in your
area, you can use offshore providers to place your bets.

Is It Legal to Use Offshore Big Brother Betting Sites?

Yes, in most cases. Many regions outlaw hosting and operating a betting
site within their borders but do not have laws addressing individual players
using foreign domains. In this case, you can lawfully access offshore websites
and wager online. The only exception is in jurisdictions that explicitly
prohibit residents from gambling and betting on the internet, which are rare.

How Do I Find Value Betting on Big Brother?

The unpredictable nature of the reality show competition makes Big
betting an excellent place to find value. Thanks to things like
Head of Household, Power of Veto, and Battle Back competitions, you never know
who will be vulnerable or safe from eviction on any given week. As long as you
don’t bet the heavy favorites, there are tons of opportunities to find positive
wager value.

Other Reality Show Betting Options