Dancing with the Stars Betting Sites for 2019

Since 2004, a televised dance competition between celebrities has taken the world by storm. Now, thanks to Dancing with the Stars betting sites, you can wager on the action as if it were any other sporting event!

Over the past 15 years, the reality show/ballroom dance contest has become a hit in multiple countries. Now, viewers from around the globe have the option to raise the stakes and put their money where their mouth is whether they're predicting the eventual champion or betting on weekly eliminations.

If you've enjoyed watching Dancing with the Stars before, you'll love the thrill of being personally invested-figuratively and literally-in your favorite contestants as the competition wears on. Wagering on reality shows and entertainment events turn passive television watching into can't-miss appointments that feels closer to the Super Bowl than your typical primetime TV programming.

All you need is the right online provider with whom to place your Dancing with the Stars bets. Luckily, we've got you covered with an entire selection of the top entertainment betting sites. In this guide, you'll also find a wealth of knowledge about the show, including some helpful tips for winning your Dancing with the Stars bets.

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About Our Recommendations of Dancing with the Stars Betting Sites

Before we talk more about Dancing with the Stars, we'd like to tell you about the betting websites shared in the table above. Every online gaming provider found on our pages has been extensively vetted and reviewed to ensure that we're only recommending the very best that the web has to offer to our readers. While we can't give you all the details of our proprietary review process, you can rest assured than any operator shared here possesses all of the following characteristics.

TVCoverage of Dancing with the Stars Bets

Since this page is dedicated to the top Dancing with the Stars betting sites online, one of our highest priorities when ranking these providers is that they adequately cover the competition. We wanted to share with our reader's websites that do more than post some half-baked futures odds for the eventual winner. Our favorites post lines on a wide range of markets as the contest progresses, including weekly prop bets concerning eliminations and head-to-head matchups. The more betting lines you have available during the season, the more engaging and exciting it will be to watch each week.

Mobile PhoneMobile Compatibility

For a decade or so, internet-based gaming was at the forefront of convenience. Being able to wager from home was groundbreaking in the industry and forever changed how people play. Today, the industry has evolved along with the customer, taking convenience to the next level by making betting sites compatible with mobile devices. Now, instead of accessing your favorite online casino or sportsbook from the comfort of your home or office, you can use them from absolutely anywhere. Whether you're carrying a smartphone or tablet, the best Dancing with the Stars betting sites are now available right at your fingertips!

LockSafety and Security

Any kind of real money online gaming can be hazardous if you aren't familiar with the industry. This website was created after hearing too many stories of players being scammed and robbed at various internet-based casinos and sportsbooks. With our team of experts, we wanted to make sure this never happened anyone again or, at least, none of our readers. Every Dancing with the Stars betting site shared on this page has been subject to an intense review and proven to be a safe, trustworthy, legitimate business. Furthermore, they've been found to possess adequate security measures, protecting customers' personal data, and their financial transactions. This is our highest priority, especially considering the majority of our readers will be using offshore providers.

Gift BoxBonuses and Promotions

There's nothing better than being new to online gaming. Unlike their brick-and-mortar competitors, betting sites love to throw tons of free cash at bettors signing up for the first time. You'll notice in the table above that providers use deposit bonuses to compete for new business, which puts you in an excellent position. It's relatively common for one to double the size of their bankroll with a deposit bonus before ever placing a bet. Then, you have the loyalty rewards programs that keep you coming back. From the time you sign up, every wager you make is tracked and assigned a point value. These credits continue to pile up as you bet at Dancing with the Stars betting sites and can eventually be exchanged for free plays, cash back, merchandise, gift cards, and so much more.

Gold StarReputation and History

Sure, proving that each of our recommended Dancing with the Stars betting websites is safe and secure is our primary mission, but it's hardly enough. We also want to make sure that they've been providing top-tier services to players for quite some time, earning a positive reputation among bettors and industry insiders alike in the process. Our team does a detailed background check, analyzing other gaming sites and businesses the operators may own, customer complaints and reviews, and much more to get a total picture of their history.

Thumbs UpEase of Use

Entertainment betting shouldn't feel like rocket science. You just want to add a little action on DWTS, not learn an entirely new skill! That's why we choose online betting websites and apps that make the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible. Our experts test everything from end-to-end, starting with signing up and depositing money, finding entertainment markets and submitting wagers, and withdrawing the winnings. The providers with the easiest-to-use services are shared with our readers.

Customer Service Rep with HeadsetQuality Customer Service

Customer service is a critical feature of any business, especially if you're trusting a company to hold some of your hard-earned money in an account on their website. If you run into any issues or problems, it's understandable that you'd want them resolved with some urgency. That's why we subject each Dancing with the Stars betting sites customer service department to a series of tests during our reviews. Part of this consists of using each of their listed contact methods to make sure that they're all active and monitored by knowledgeable staff members.

Magnifying GlassCompetitive Lines

All of that being said, it's not nearly enough for Dancing with the Stars betting sites to merely cover the contest in their online sportsbook. We only recommend the websites that set competitive lines, allowing smart handicappers to find some value still. Nevertheless, we always suggest to our readers that they shop around for the best odds for every market they wish to bet. We've done the same and found that these recommendations consistently set the most favorable prices for bettors.

Piggy BankBanking Options

Gambling laws change, depending on where you're located. Each of the 50 US states is a separate jurisdiction with their own rules and regulations for gaming in addition to the country's federal laws on the matter. Other countries work as one jurisdiction with a single set of laws and regulations. Because of all the differences, it's essential that Dancing with the Stars betting sites accepts a broad range of banking methods. In a region like the US, most citizens live in a state without legal gaming. However, the way the law is written, it's legal to access offshore providers and wager with them. Still, a federal banking regulation prevents banks from allowing transactions between their customers and known gambling operators. For these bettors, an e-wallet, cryptocurrency, or credit card will be needed to fund their betting account. If you live somewhere with fully legal online gaming, you may be able to deposit money directly from your checking account or debit card. What matters is that the more options available to our readers, the more flexibility they have to maneuver around any inconvenient rules or hurdles.

SpeedometerWithdrawal Speeds

We place an enormous amount of stock in a Dancing with the Stars betting websites average withdrawal speeds. More than almost any other variable, payout timelines tell us almost everything we need to know about an operator. History has shown that the websites with the fastest withdrawal speeds are consistently the highest quality providers in a litany of other ways as well. To be able to complete payouts quickly requires a site that's financially stable, well-staffed, and organized. Meanwhile, the betting websites with inconsistent timelines and frequently delayed payouts are to be avoided. Many of these operators purposely ignore withdrawal requests or move slowly in hopes that the customer will get bored and bet the money instead. Others have no intention of paying out money at all.

All About Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars was first launched on the UK's BBC in 2004, under the name "Strictly Come Dancing." The show features celebrities from a wide range of different backgrounds, who are each paired with a professional ballroom dancer. This dance partner then trains the star in various styles of ballroom dancing as they prepare to compete before a live audience and a panel of judges.

Upon completing their choreographed routines, the three judges score the performance on a scale of 1-10. Next, voting is opened to the public. Viewers are encouraged to voice their support by either calling a select number, visiting ABC's website, or by sending text or Facebook messages to vote for their favorite team based on who they believe executed the best dance number. The judges' scores and audience votes are then tallied and combined, with the lowest-scoring duo being sent home.

Ways of Betting on Dancing with the Stars

While entertainment betting is undoubtedly becoming more popular among handicappers and the public alike, it's still relatively limited compared to most sporting events. Instead of having access to dozens of unique markets every week, Dancing with the Stars bets primarily fall into one of two possible categories.

Futures Bets:

At the beginning of a new season, Dancing with the Stars betting sites post their futures odds for the entire field of contestants. You have the opportunity to wager on whichever contestants you believe will take home the championship. As the competition progresses, the betting lines are updated to reflect the most recent performances and eliminations.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are posted throughout the season on Dancing with the Stars betting sites, allowing bettors to wager on a variety of different outcomes. You may be able to bet on the gender of the eventual champion, for example. There will also be lines predicting which couples will be eliminated every week.

Tips for Betting on Dancing with the Stars Online

Now that you're ready to bet at Dancing with the Stars betting sites, we'd like to share some helpful tips to get you started on the right foot. Keep in mind that entertainment markets are still relatively young in the world of handicapping, so there aren't enough unique lines to create complex systems and strategies like what we see in sports wagering yet. Still, by doing a bit of research and keeping these tips in mind, you can give yourself a decent edge.

Research the Professional Dancers

The first thing you want to look at when betting on Dancing with the Stars online is the professional dancers. Who the celebrities are paired with will ultimately play a crucial role in the outcome of the contest. Looking through the numerous seasons' worth of results will show you that the same trainers/dance partners tend to win again and again, regardless of which star with whom they're matched.

It's also worth remembering that new pros never win in their first year of coaching. Whether it's due to lack of experience or because the voting audience prefers a familiar face, you're going to want to focus most of your attention on veteran dancers with a proven track record of getting the best out of their celebrity partners.

Athletes Have an Edge

It has become an undeniable fact that celebrities who come from an athletic background tend to perform better on DWTS. It makes sense. Ballroom dancing is an incredibly rigorous activity.

While contestants from other walks of life must spend much of their early sessions getting into dancing shape, the athletes are fit and can focus on technique and routines. They also tend to have a greater understanding of movement and body control.

Of the 27 total champions, 11 came from professional sports (40.7%), including Emmitt Smith, Apolo Anton Ohno, Helio Castroneves, Kristi Yamaguchi, Shawn Johnson, Hines Ward, Donald Driver, and Rashad Jennings.

An interesting detail is that the athletes who have gone on to win the entire competition have primarily come from gymnastics, various Olympic ice-based events, and football. Boxers, UFC fighters, and basketball players have not fared so well.

Who's in it to Win it?

When studying the competitors, you can narrow down the field of potential winners fairly quickly by observing their demeanors and current careers. For example, the year Floyd Mayweather Jr. was on the show, he already had a fight scheduled for a date that was clearly before the season finale. No matter how well he danced, the boxer was going to HAVE to be eliminated early so he'd have time to train for the bout.

Another year, it became apparent from the start that Master P was never going to stop worrying about his appearance and let himself be vulnerable enough to learn. He was too busy looking cool the entire show, and thus, he never got any better at dancing. He was sent home almost immediately.

Something you should consider is which celebrities need to be on the show. Whether their career has hit the skids and/or they just need the money, these are the contestants that will give it their all. The competitors are rumored to be paid $10,000 for each week they're on the show, so the "stars" that you haven't seen on television in a while (like The Fresh Prince's Alfonso Ribeiro, Season 19 champion) are probably taking it the most seriously.

Look for Dance Backgrounds

For some reason, the producers for Dancing with the Stars don't seem to mind that some competitors have a drastic advantage over others. In any given season, there are usually one or two contestants that have a background in some form of dance, even if it's not what they're known for. For example, Alfonso Ribiero was a dancer before he got his role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Another example is Melissa Rycroft, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Nicole Scherzinger won in Season 10 after spending years fronting the Pussycat Dolls, a pop group heavily focused on choreographed dance routines. It doesn't matter if they've never specifically tried ballroom dancing before, any prior experience gives them an edge over the competition.

Perception is Reality - Editing Matters

Remember, the public vote is weighed just as heavily as the judges' scores. A large portion of each episode is dedicated to the relationships between the professional dancers and their celebrities, and long montages of their training sessions are shown. How a contestant is portrayed in these segments can have a massive impact on the voting.

If a celebrity is seen as whiney or petulant with their partner, they're much less likely to gain any sympathy from the crowd. Meanwhile, competitors who are shown overcoming personal obstacles while impressing their assigned dancer may get some extra support in the vote, regardless of their actual performance.

Wager Based on Value

Always remember to look for positive value in the betting lines before you make your picks. This can be challenging when wagering on a reality show competition because there aren't many statistics or variables you can use for handicapping. Instead, you'll have to collect what limited data you have at your disposal and make your best predictions based on what you find.

A bet has value when the real-life likelihood of the outcome occurring is higher than the implied probability of the odds. So, if a celebrity is getting +150 from the oddsmakers, they're being given a 40% chance of winning. If, based on your research, you think they have a 50% chance, that wager has value!

Plan Your Bankrool and Staking Ahead of Time

We always like to stress the importance of being organized and disciplined with your bankroll. At the start of a new season, set aside the money that you plan to stake at the Dancing with the Stars betting site of your choice. Then, decide how much of that cash will go to futures wagers and how much you'll use on weekly prop bets.

If you plan to make bets on the weekly eliminations, you'll need to find the total length of the season. Most last either 10 or 11 weeks, though there have been some that were shorter. Subtract your stake for any futures wagers, then divide the rest of the bankroll among the remaining number of weeks, so that your cash will last the entire competition.

Dancing with the Stars Around the World

Many of the best Dancing with the Stars betting sites only cover the versions of the show that are closest to where the website is located. European sportsbooks tend to focus on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing, while others post lines for the Australian of US variations.

In this section, we've listed every countries' version of Dancing with the Stars as long as they are currently airing or have an upcoming season planned. We've left out any country in which the show has been canceled. Under each nation, we've listed their champion for each season, as well as the professional dancer who partnered with them.

You can use these tables to collect data for betting on your local Dancing with the Stars competition.

Argentina Country Flag

  • Show: Bailando por un Sueño

  • Network: El Trece

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Carmen Barbieri Cristian Ponce
2 Florencia de la V Manuel Rodríguez
3 Carla Conte Guillermo Conforte
4 Celina Rucci Matías Sayago
5 Pampita Nicolas Armengol
6 Mole Moli Mariana Conci
7 Hernán Piguin Noelia Pompa
8 Hernán Piguin Noelia Pompa
9 Anita Martinez Bicho Gómez
10 Federico Bal Laura Fernández
11 Peter Alfonso Florencia Vigna
12 Florencia Vigna Gonzalo Gerber
13 Julian Serrano Sofia Morandi

Australia Flag

  • Show: Dancing with the Stars

  • Network: Ten Network

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Bec Cartwright Michael Miziner
2 Tom Williams Kym Johnson
3 Ada Nicodemou Aric Yegudkin
4 Grant Denyer Amanda Garner
5 Anthony Koutoufides Natalie Lowe
6 Kate Ceberano John-Paul Collins
7 Bridie Carter Craig Monley
8 Luke Jacobz Luda Kroitor
9 Adam Brand Jade Hatcher
10 Rob Palmer Alana Patience
11 Manu Feildel Alana Patience
12 Johnny Ruffo Luda Kroitor
13 Cosentino Jessica Raffa
14 David Rodan Melanie Hooper
15 Emma Freedman Aric Yegudkin
16 Samuel Johnson Joria Freeman

Brazil Country Flag

  • Show: Dancing Brasil

  • Network: RecordTV

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Maytê Piragibe Paulo Victor Souza
2 Yudi Tamashiro Bárbara Guerra
3 Geovanna Tominaga Lucas Teodoro
4 Pérola Faria Fernando Perrotti

Croatia Country Flag

  • Show: Ples sa zvijezdama

  • Network: Nova TV

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Zrinka Cvitešić Nicholas Quesnoit
2 Luka Nižetić Mirjana Žutić
3 Mario Valentić Ana Herceg
4 Franka Batelić Ištvan Varga
5 Nera Stipičević Damir Horvatinčić
6 Marko Tolja Ana Herceg
7 Barbara Radulović Robert Schubert
8 Mislav Čavajda Petra Jeričević
9 Slavko Sobin Gabriela Pilić

Argentina Country Flag
Czech Republic

  • Show: StarDance

  • Network: Czech Television

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Roman Voljtek Kristýna Coufalová
2 Aleš Valenta Iva Langerová
3 Dana Batulková Jan Onder
4 Pavel Křiz Alice Stodůlková
5 Kateřina Bad'urová Jan Onder
6 Anna Polívková Michal Kurtiš
7 Marie Doležalová Marek Zelinka
8 Zdeněk Piškula Veronika Lálová
9 Jiří Dvořák Lenka Nora Návorková

Denmark Country Flag

  • Show: Vild med dans

  • Network: TV 2

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Mia Lyhne Thomas Evers Poulsen
2 David Owe Vickie Jo Ringgaard
3 Christina Roslyng Steen Lund
4 Robert Hansen Marianne Eihilt
5 Joachim B. Olsen Marianne Eihilt
6 Casper Elgaard Vickie Jo Ringgaard
7 Cecilie Hother Mads Vad
8 Sophie Fjellvang-Sølling Silas Holst
9 Joakim Ingversen Claudia Rex
10 Mie Skov Mads Vlad
11 Sara Maria Franch Mærkedahl Silas Holst
12 Ena Spottag Thomas Evers Poulsen
13 Sarah Mahfoud Morten Kjeldgaard
14 Sofie Lassen-Kahlke Michael Olesen
15 Simon Stenspil ASta Bjórk Ivarsdottir

Finland Country Flag

  • Show: Tanssii tähtien kanssa

  • Network: MTV3

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Tomi Metsäketo Sanna Hirvaskari
2 Mariko Pajalahi Aleksi Seppänen
3 Maria Lund Mikko Ahti
4 Satu Tuomisto Janne Talasma
5 Antti Tuisku Anna-Liisa Bergströ
6 Viivi Pumpanen Matti Puro
7 Krisse Salminen Matti Puro
8 Raakel Lignell Jani Rasimus
9 Pete Parkkonen Katri Mäkinen
10 Anna-Maija Tuokko Matti Puro
11 Edis Tatli Katri Mäkinen

France Country Flag

  • Show: Danse avec les stars

  • Network: TF1

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Matt Pokora Katrina Patchett
2 Shy'm Maxime Dereymez
3 Emmanuel Moire Fauve Hautot
4 Alizée Gregoire Lyonnet
5 Rayane Bensetti Denitsa Ikonomova
6 Loïc Nottet Denitsa Ikonomova
7 Laurent Maistret Denitsa Ikonomova
8 Agustín Galiana Candice Pascal
9 Clément Rémiens Denitsa Ikonomova

Germany Country Flag

  • Show: Let's Dance

  • Network: RTL

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Wayne Carpendale Isabel Edvardsson
2 Susan Sideropoulos Christian Polanc
3 Sophia Thomalla Massimo Sinato
4 Maite Kelly Christian Polanc
5 Magdalena Brzeska Erich Klann
6 Manuel Cortez Melissa Ortiz-Gomez
7 Alexander Klaws Isabel Edvardsson
8 Hans Sarpei Kathrin Menzinger
9 Victoria Swarovski Erich Klann
10 Gil Ofarim Ekaterina Leonova
11 Infolf Lück Ekaterina Leonova
12 Pascal Hens Ekaterina Leonova

Ireland Country Flag

  • Show: Dancing with the Stars

  • Network: RTÉ One

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Aidan O'Mahony Valeria Milova
2 Jake Carter Karen Byrne
3 Mairead Ronan John Nolan

Netherlands Country Flag

  • Show: Dancing with the Stars

  • Network: RTL 4

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Jim Bakkum Juile Fryer
2 Barbara de Loor Marcus van Teijlingen
3 Helga van Leur Marcus van Teijlingen
4 Jamai Loman Gwyneth van Rijn

New Zealand Country Flag
New Zealand

  • Show: Dancing with the Stars

  • Network: Three

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Norm Hewitt Carol-Ann Hickmore
2 Lorraine Downes Aaron Gilmore
3 Suzanne Paul Stefano Olivieri
4 Temepara George Stefano Olivieri
5 Tamati Coffey Simon Barnett
6 Simon Barnett Vanessa Cole
7 Sam Hayes Aaron Gilmore
8 Manu Vatuvei Loryn Reynolds

Norway Country Flag

  • Show: Skal vi danse?

  • Network: TV 2

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Katrine Moholt Bjørn Wettre Holthe
2 Kristian Ødegård Alexandra Kakurina
3 Tshawe Bagwa Maria Sandvik
4 Lene Alexandra Øien Tom Erik Nilsen
5 Carsten Skjelbreid Elena Bokoreva Wiulsrud
6 Åsleik Engmark Nadia Khamitskaya
7 Atle Pettersen Marianne Sandaker
8 Hanne Søfteland Egor Filipenko
9 Eirik Søftsland Nadya Khamitskaya
10 Agnete Kristin Johnsen Egor Filipenko
11 Adelén Benjamin Jayakoddy
12 Eilev Bjerkerud Nadya Khamitskaya
13 Helene Olafsen Jørgen Nilsen
14 Einar Nilsson Anette Stokke

Poland Country Flag

  • Show: Dancing with the Stars - Taniec z Gwiazdami

  • Network: Polsat

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Olivier Janiak Kamila Kajak
2 Katarzyna Cichopek Marcin Hakiel
3 Rafal Mroczek Aneta Piotrowska
4 Kinga Rusin Stefano Terrazzino
5 Krzysztof Tyniec Kamila Kajak
6 Anna Guzik łukasz Czarnecki
7 Magdalena Walach Cezary Olszewski
8 Agata Kulesza Stefano Terrazzino
9 Dorota Gardias Andrej Mosejcuk
10 Anna Mucha Rafał Maserak
11 Julia Kamińska Rafał Maserak
12 Monika Pyrek Robert Rowiński
13 Kacper Kuszewski Anna Głogowska
14 Aneta Zajac Steffano Terrazzino
15 Agnieszka Sienkiewicz Steffano Terrazzino
16 Krzysztof Wieszczek Agnieskza Kaczorowska
17 Ewelina Lisowska Tomasz Barański
18 Anna Karczmarczyk Jacek Jeschke
19 Robert Wabich Hanna Zudziewicz
20 Natalia Szroeder Jan Kliment
21 Beata Tadla Jan Kliment
22 Joanna Mazur Jan Kliment

Portugal Country Flag

  • Show: Danca com as Estrelas

  • Network: TV1

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Sara Matos André
2 Lourenco Ortigão Mónica
3 Sara Prata Marco
4 José Condessa Ana Cardoso

Sweden Country Flag

  • Show: Let's Dance

  • Network: TV4

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Måns Zelmerlöw Maria Karlsson
2 Martin Lidberg Cecilia Ehrling
3 Tina Nordström Tobias Karlsson
4 Magnus Samuelsson Annika Sjöö
5 Mattias Andréasson Cecilia Ehrling
6 Jessica Andersson Kristjan Lootus
7 Anton Hysén Sigrid Bernson
8 Markoolio Cecilia Ehrling
9 Benjamin Wahlgren Ingrosso Sigrid Bernson
10 Ingemar Stenmark Cecilia Ehrling
11 Elisa Lindström Yvo Essen
12 Jesper Blomqvist Malin Watson
13 Jon Henrik Fjällgren Katja Luján Engelholm
14 Kristin Kaspersen Calle Sterner

United Kingdom Country Flag
United Kingdom

  • Show: Strictly Come Dancing

  • Network: BBC One

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Natasha Kaplinsky Brendan Cole
2 Jill Halfpenny Darren Bennett
3 Darren Gough Lilia Kopylova
4 Mark Ramprahask Karen Hardy
5 Alesha Dixon Matthew Cutler
6 Tom Chambers Camilla Dallerup
7 Chris Hollins Ola Jordan
8 Kara Tointon Artem Chigvintsev
9 Harry Judd Aliona Vilani
10 Louis Smith Flavia Cacace
11 Abbey Clancy Aljaž Skorjanec
12 Caroline Flack Malin Watson
13 Jay McGuiness Aliona Vilani
14 Ore Oduba Joanne Clifton
15 Joe McFadden Katya Jones
16 Stacey Dooley Kevin Clifton

United States Country Flag
United States

  • Show: Dancing with the Stars

  • Network: ABC

Season Celebrity Champion Professional Dance Partner
1 Kelly Monaco Alec Mazo
2 Drew Lachey Cheryl Burke
3 Emmitt Smith Cheryl Burke
4 Apolo Anton Ohno Julianne Hough
5 Hélio Castroneves Julianne Hough
6 Kristi Yamaguchi Mark Ballas
7 Brooke Burke Derek Hough
8 Shawn Johnson Mark Ballas
9 Donny Osmond Kym Johnson
10 Nicole Scherzinger Derek Hough
11 Jennifer Grey Derek Hough
12 Hines Ward Kym Johnson
13 J.R. Martinez Karina Smirnoff
14 Donald Driver Peta Murgatroyd
15 Melissa Rycroft Tony Dovolani
16 Kellie Pickler Derek Hough
17 Amber Riley Derek Hough
18 Meryl Davis Maksim Chmerkovskiy
19 Alfonso Riberiro Witney Carson
20 Rumer Willis Valentin Chmerkovskiy
21 Bindi Irwin Derek Hough
22 Nyle DiMarco Peta Murgatroyd
23 Laurie Hernandez Valentin Chmerkovskiy
24 Rashad Jennings Emma Slater
25 Jordan Fisher Lindsay Arnold
26 Adam Rippon Jenna Johnson
27 Bobby Bones Sharna Burgess

Dancing with the Stars Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Ways of Betting on Dancing with the Stars?

When betting on Dancing with the Stars, you'll mainly be limited to two types of wagers: futures and prop bets. You can either pick the competition's eventual champion or bet on the weekly eliminations.

Is Betting on Dancing with the Stars Allowed?

Yes, if you live in an area with legalized sports gambling. If online gaming is unregulated in your region, you can still use Dancing with the Stars betting sites, they'll just need to be located in offshore jurisdictions. For any other inquiries on the legality of entertainment betting or gambling, check out our gambling laws page.

Is It Legal to Use Offshore Dancing with the Stars Betting Sites?

Yes, unless there are specific restrictions on online gaming in your area. In most jurisdictions, companies are prohibited from operating and hosting online betting websites, but individual bettors are not barred from accessing offshore operators.

How Do I Find Value Betting on Dancing with the Stars?

Start by focusing your attention on the professional dance coaches who have had the most success winning championships with their partners. Also, focus on the contestants with athletic or dance backgrounds. Then, try to bet these picks early in the season, when you'll get the best odds.

Other Reality Show Betting Options

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