Best 2021 Golden Globes Betting Sites

Held annually in January, the Golden Globes are one of the most prestigious awards shows highlighting artistic brilliance and accomplishments within the film and TV industries. What’s great is that the actors, actresses, directors, and support staff aren’t the only winners, and that’s thanks to real money Golden Globes betting sites! If you’re a movie or TV buff with a hankering for knowing what the Hollywood elite are going to think, you can make a lot of money betting on the Golden Globes.

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Why Our List of 2021 Golden Globes Betting Sites Is the Best

  • Betting Coverage
  • Competitive Lines and Odds
  • Safety and Security
  • Banking Options
  • Reputation and History
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Mobile Compatibility

Betting Coverage

In order to make our list of the best Golden Globes betting sites, we require coverage of all 27 awards. Yes, we’re aware that some awards are more popular than others.

However, there’s no excuse for an online sportsbook covering the competition not to offer action across the board. Additionally, favor is given to online Golden Globes betting sites that offer prop bets.

Competitive Lines and Odds

Golden Globes AwardsThe great news for people looking to get into the action is that the overall betting pool for entertainment wagering is already low. This means Golden Globes betting odds vary much greater from site to site, which increases the opportunity to shop for value.

However, that also means sportsbooks saturated with sharp bettors are more susceptible to less favorable Golden Globes odds. Before we recommend an option, we put our entertainment betting crew to work to make sure we’re not sending you into the lion’s den of unattractive odds.

Safety and Security

Speaking of the lion’s den, it’s imperative that you’re kept safe when betting on the Golden Globes online. While some of the onus of responsibility falls on you, it starts and ends with using a trusted betting partner. All of the top Golden Globes betting sites have dedicated security teams, updated security systems, proper levels of encryption, and a blemish-free track record.

Banking Options

When it comes to betting on the Golden Globes online, things should be convenient. Not only should the signup and betting processes be convenient, but the process of moving your money on and off the site needs to hit the mark, too. For our team, this includes:

  • Several high-quality banking partners for deposits and withdrawals
  • Instant access to deposited money
  • Withdrawal options that pay in under a week (ideally faster)
  • Safely and efficiently integrated banking options
  • Open communication channels for banking needs

Reputation and History

A company’s reputation is everything in the world of online betting. All of the top Golden Globes betting sites have a reputation of treating customers with respect, paying on time, honoring bets correctly, and making good on their promises. Any company can promise to do something in the future. It’s when they can prove they’ve done it in the past that we get excited.

Ease of Use

Watching the Golden Globes is supposed to be relaxing. You kick on the TV, prop your feet up, grab your favorite beverage, and relax. When you add betting to this mix, that relaxation needs to stay.

All of the real money Golden Globes betting sites recommended in this guide are easy to use from the opening scene to the final credits. This means that signing up, creating an account, depositing, choosing your bets, making your bets, and cashing out your winnings are all easy processes.

Quality Customer Service

And if things do confuse you, it’s important to have a quality customer service to team to back you up. Movies live and die by the supporting cast, and your experience betting on the Golden Globes online is no different.

Entertainment betting sites with the best Golden Globes odds have customer service teams available 24/7/365. You can get in touch with them through several different mediums, and they’re fully equipped and capable of handling your requests.

Mobile Compatibility

There will be a day in the future where we no longer need to talk about mobile compatibility, but we’re not quite there yet. Our team ensures that all of the best Golden globes betting sites work on desktop, tablet, and through your mobile phone. Additionally, these sites work with iOS, Android, and Google operating systems.

What Are the Golden Globes?

The Golden Globes is an award show that highlights accomplishments in TV and movies over the past calendar year. The awards are voted on and given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as they have been since the start of the competition in 1944. The ceremony is held annually in January and is part of what has been dubbed the “film industry awards season.”

Fun Facts About the Golden Globes

  • The only two films to win all five major film categories are One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) and La La Land (2017).
  • Meryl Streep has the most individual nominations of all time.
  • Ennio Morricone is the oldest winner at 87 for the best original score in The Hateful Eight (2015).
  • TV awards were introduced in 1955.
  • The first award show was in 1944 for movies from 1943.

Types of Golden Globe Bets You Can Make

Online Golden Globes betting gives you several great options to leverage your movie and TV knowledge to turn a profit.

  • To-Win Bets – These moneyline-style bets offer Golden Globes odds on which movie, actor, actress, or support person will win a particular award. The more likely they are to win, the lower the payouts for a correct pick will be. The more of an underdog your wager is, though, the more you stand to make! All you have to do to win is pick the right winner, and you’ll get paid! Every year, there are 27 separate awards given out at the Golden Globes.
  • Prop BetsProposition wagers are more unique bets where you’ll get the option to choose whether or not certain things will happen. The offerings in this category vary greatly from site to site, so make sure to look around for all the options! Common examples might be things like, “Will X movie win more than two awards?” or “Will the President be mentioned during the show?”

Golden Globes Betting Tips

  • Shop, shop, shop! – It’s so important to line shop that we said it three times! Because the betting market is so small on these awards, the Golden Globe betting odds will vary greatly from site to site. For each category you want to bet, shop a few different sportsbooks to find the best odds. It can be the difference between making money or losing money if you place several bets throughout the night.
  • Research the committee. The winners are selected by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It’s important you take a little time to research who and what types of people make up the organization. Spoiler, it’s people from all over the world. What this means is that just because a movie or TV show was hot in your country, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is as excited. It’s not who you want to win or who your country would pick, it’s who the committee chooses.
  • Don’t get shut out. While sports bets stay open right up until the game or match starts, Golden Globes betting sites may shut things down hours before the show starts. Make sure you get your bets in well before the cut off time (which isn’t going to be marked). The best course of action is to get your bets in at least a few days before the day of the ceremony. Additionally, make sure you look at the time zone of the ceremony. If you are pushing the envelope to try and track line movement, this needs to be in your calculations.

Golden Globe Betting FAQ

How Do I Bet on the Golden Globes for Real Money?

Online Golden Globes betting apps give you the chance to wager real money on who or what is going to win a particular award category. To get started, select one of the sportsbooks linked at the top of this page. Create a free account, make a deposit, and navigate over to the entertainment betting category. From there, select your winners, make your bets, and that’s it! It takes less than a few minutes to get into the real-money betting action without leaving the chair you’re in right now.

Is Betting on the Golden Globes Safe?

Yes! The best Golden Globes betting sites know how to keep people safe with proper levels of encryption, dedicated security teams, regular site audits, and banking partners meticulously curated.

Can I Win Real Money Betting on the Golden Globes?

You can win real money by accurately picking the winners of the Golden Globes! Entertainment betting works just like sports betting, except instead of betting on a game, you’re betting on the winner.

When Do Golden Globes Betting Lines Close?

Generally, lines for Golden Globes betting online close a few hours before the show is scheduled to start. If you don’t live in the same time zone as the ceremony, make sure you don’t get shut out of your bets by waiting too long to get your wagers placed. You’ll see Golden Globes betting odds released shortly after the nominees are announced by the committee.

Are There Limits to How Much Money I Can Bet on the Golden Globes?

The usual limit for real money Golden Globes betting online is somewhere between $100 and $500 per bet. Additionally, some sportsbooks may limit the total amount you’re able to wager on a particular award show or entertainment category. The reason for this is to protect in case there is an undiscovered leak of information, as the winners are decided in secret prior to the show. For most people, though, this should be sufficient. And if you do need to make more bets, you can always open up an account at another sportsbook.

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