The Masked Singer Betting Sites

Calling all expert fans of The Masked Singer! If you always find yourself correctly guessing which character is going to go home and which costumed singer walks away with the Golden Trophy, you may have an opportunity to turn your predictive knowledge into cold-hard cash. Thanks to the offerings of the best The Masked Singer betting sites online, you can make real money wagers on every round of this wild and wacky celebrity singing competition.

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About Our The Masked Singer Betting Sites Recommendations

  • Betting Coverage
  • Competitive Lines and The Masked Singer Odds
  • Safety and Security
  • Banking Options
  • Reputation and History
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Mobile Compatibility

Betting Coverage

Chances are that you’re not here only to make one bet on The Masked Singer. If you’re as big of fans as we are, you probably want the ability to bet every week! As super fans, we won’t settle for anything less. The top The Masked Singer betting sites we recommend give you the ultimate in flexibility with the ability to bet on every character and every episode of the show from start to finish. While the celebrities might not be that flexible in their costumes, the betting flexibility is obvious at these trustworthy betting sites.

Competitive Lines and Odds

As mentioned, we want to see The Masked Singer betting odds every week of the competition on every costumed celebrity. But that’s not all we want! We also want The Masked Singer odds to be competitive with a ton of value. If you’re wagering at a betting site filled with expert and professional bettors, the lines move quickly away from having any value. However, if you’re at recreational The Masked Singer betting sites where fans tend to bet with their hearts and not their heads, you can find a lot of great value plays and money-making opportunities.

Safety and Security

Betting real money on The Masked Singer online shouldn’t make you feel unsafe. Not only is it the responsibility of betting sites to keep you safe, but it’s also their responsibility to make sure you feel safe. Before we put any options on our list of the best The Masked Singer betting sites, we run several complete security and safety audits. Our team looks for things like encryption levels, internal auditing procedures, the use of third-party audits, systems quality, proactivity towards threats, and a whole lot more.

There is nothing more important to us during our review process than your safety.

Banking Options

If you’re brand new to using real money Masked Singer betting sites, you may be curious about how the money piece works. How do you get your money online, and how do you get paid when you win? The answers to these two questions come down to the banking setup. The best The Masked Singer betting sites offer plenty of reliable, high-quality banking options that work for both deposits and withdrawals.

You’ll have plenty of different ways to get money on and offline fast, through mediums like credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, PayPal, e-wallets, Skrill, money services, wire transfers, cryptocurrency, and more. Getting money on and off is extremely simple through the betting apps we’ve chosen to recommend.

Reputation and History

The Masked SingerBetting on The Masked Singer online should be something you feel comfortable doing. That’s only going to be possible if you’re using betting sites with great reputations and positive histories of treating customers with respect. However, if you’re new to all of this, how do you go about knowing which sites to trust and which to avoid?

That’s where we come in. That’s literally the reason we exist. We’re here to help you gain a vantage point into the past, present, and future of these The Masked Singer betting sites. If there’s anything in a site’s history we don’t like, you’re going to know about it, and it’s not getting a recommendation.

Ease of Use

Each of these options offers a very user-friendly platform. No matter if you’re checking The Masked Singer odds, making a bet, signing up for an account, or cashing off a big win, you’ll love the ease at which you can get things done. With some betting sites, there’s a visible disconnect between what the developers have created and what people really want. Thankfully, that’s not a problem you’re going to run into with the apps and sites we’ve recommended.

Quality Customer Service

Part of a top-notch online betting experience is knowing you have the full support of a quality customer service team. Before we recommend any sites for betting on The Masked Singer online, we check out (and test) the quality and expansiveness of the customer service team.

  • Are they available 24/7/365?
  • Do they speak fluent English?
  • Are there multiple ways to get ahold of somebody?
  • Can you get ahold of someone in real-time (by live chat or phone)?
  • Are the agents trained and equipped to handle problems, or do they tend to escalate every problem up to a supervisor?
  • How long is the wait to get help?
  • Is there an extensive FAQ section to help with common problems?

Yes, we look at a lot of factors. But it’s impossible to call something one of the best The Masked Singer betting sites without fully digging into everything.

Mobile Compatibility

There are no legitimate reasons in this day and age that a betting site shouldn’t work from any major device or operating system. While we can’t guarantee that every option out there agrees with us, we can guarantee that the top sites for The Masked Singer betting online listed here do. Regardless of whether you are using an Apple (iOS), Android, or Google device, you’ll have access to the full suite of features offered to bet on this show.

What Is The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer is a celebrity singing competition put on annually by the Fox Network. The show starts with a group of contestants that are dressed from head to toe in costume. While viewers don’t know who the contestants are, they do know that they are celebrities.

Each celebrity performs a song and dance every week without removing their costume. The audience and judges vote on which singers they liked the most. The judges vote count for 50% of the final score and the audience vote counts for the other 50%.

The contestant receiving the lowest number of votes is eliminated and has to take off the costume and reveal who they really are. In some episodes, the bottom two contestants face off in a smackdown to decide who stays and who has to unmask.

The process is repeated each week until only three contestants remain that will compete in the finale.

The show premiered in 2019 and is a remake of the show that’s been incredibly popular in Asian countries. The original show is King of Mask Singer put on by the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. Winners of the first three seasons include T-Pain, Wayne Brady, and Kandi Burruss.

Types of Bets Offered on The Masked Singed

The level of betting you’ll see when betting on The Masked Singer varies greatly from site to site. The most common wager you’ll see is a season-long futures bet on which character will win the Golden Trophy. Each entrant has varying moneyline odds based on the likelihood of winning and how the public is voting.

Some sites for betting on The Masked Singer online may offer weekly wagers on which costumed celebrity is going to get eliminated. As all but one moves on, this is the only logical format of betting available on an on-going basis.

The Masked Singer Betting Tips

  • Understand how payout odds work. You’ll notice that each of the contestants you can bet on has different odds of winning. Not only does this tell you what the industry thinks is going to happen, but it also tells you how much you’ll get paid if you’re right. The celebrities least likely to win, and those who are getting the fewest bets placed on them, will pay much more than the favorites to win. Before you can intelligently bet on the show, you need to 100% understand how betting odds work. It can be the difference between a smart bet or proverbially lighting money on fire.
  • Get to know the judges. Remember, the voting scoring is done on a weighted scale. The audience only accounts for 50% of the score. The judges, on the other hand, are four people responsible for the other half of the scoring. If you start to understand what they like, what they favor, and what gets them going, you may be able to start to get a leg up on the competition.
  • Watch the show. There’s really no better way to get into the betting game than by watching the show. It’s a great way for you to judge for yourself which acts have gained traction with the audience and which acts are getting the judges’ interest piqued the most.
  • Bet on multiple celebrities. Based on the odds offered on each character, you may be able to place wagers on multiple characters to win and still turn a nice profit, as long as one of them gets the Golden Trophy.

The Masked Singer Betting FAQ

Are Real Money The Masked Singer Betting Sites Safe to Use?

Yes, all of the entertainment betting sites with odds on The Masked Singer recommended in this guide are completely safe for you to use. We can’t speak for every option out there that we haven’t vetted, but we can confidently speak for these.

Can You Bet on The Masked Singer in the US?

While we can’t speak broadly to the laws in every state, most areas in the US are free to start betting on The Masked Singer. So, for most of you, the answer is yes! You can bet and win money betting on The Masked Singer in the United States.

How Much Money Can I Win Betting on The Masked Singer Online?

The amount you can win depends on The Masked Singer odds you get on the celebrity you choose. The bigger the longshot, the more money you stand to make! Unlike sports, though, many entertainment bets do have caps on the amount you can bet. The good news? This is generally at least $500 or higher. So, unless you’re looking to make some serious wagers, you should be good to go. If you do want to bet more, you can always contact the site to request a limit increase, or you can bet at multiple The Masked Singer betting sites.

How Do I Pick Out the Best The Masked Singer Betting Sites for Me?

A good place to start is right where you are! By choosing one of the options we’ve recommended, you know you’re betting with a trusted site. Beyond that, though, you need to figure out which site is the best for you! While you can’t go wrong with any of the top The Masked Singer betting sites we listed, we recommend looking at things like bonuses, interfaces, mobile betting platforms, and which site you just enjoy being at the most.

Should I Join More Than One The Masked Singer Betting Site?

Online Masked Singer betting gives you a unique opportunity to shop around to find the best odds on the bet you want to make. For that reason, it’s not only allowed, but it’s advised that you join at least two different The Masked Singer betting sites. There’s no additional cost to joining multiple sites (it’s free), and all it does is give you more opportunities to win bigger when you make correct picks.

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