2021 Nobel Prize Betting

Did you know that you can bet on the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize? Well, chances are the fact you’re here means you had some idea. And in case you’re still not sure, yes, you can bet on the winner! The best Nobel Prize betting sites let people place wagers on who is going to be recognized for the Peace Prize award every year.

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Why These Are the Best Nobel Prize Betting Sites

Betting Coverage

Each year, there are six different Nobel Prizes awarded (with some exceptions). While it would be great to get action on all six categories, you’re not going to find that anywhere online. The only Nobel Prize betting odds you’ll find is action on the Peace Prize. For that reason, we don’t hold it against any betting site for not offering action on the Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, or Economics prizes. As long as they offer action on “the big one,” they’re a go in our book.

That being said, there is one area where real money Nobel Prize betting sites can differentiate themselves. The nominees for the award every year are not announced. What this means is that betting sites have to make their own predictions about who might be up for the award. The more people the sites for Nobel Prize betting online offer action on, the better we like them.

Competitive Lines and Nobel Prize Odds

Because there are no official nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize, you can expect Nobel Prize odds to be all over the place. Depending on what certain linemakers think, you could see a lot of variance. That being said, we still want to point you towards the Nobel Prize betting sites that aren’t getting hammered by sharp bettors. When sharp bettors come in, they bet all of the value away, which leaves you grasping for crumbs. Thankfully, all of the best Nobel Prize betting sites listed here are recreational bettor-friendly.

Safety and Security

Nobody betting on the Nobel Prize wants to have to worry about whether their money is safe or not. The idea of online betting is convenience. Convenience goes right out the window when you have to spend time worrying about whether your bets are going to be paid, your bonuses redeemed properly, and your personal information stored securely. Every one of the top Nobel Prize betting sites we recommend delivers on all fronts when it comes to safety and security.

Banking Options

While each person only needs one method for depositing and cashing out, not everyone is going to need the same one method. Depending on where you live, how you bank, and what you’re looking to accomplish, you may desire different banking options.

Because of this, our recommendations for where to bet on the Nobel Prize online put a lot of weight on the availability of different banking options. We want to see options for things like credit cards, debit cards, bank wires, PayPal, e-wallets, money services, paper checks, and more.

But our rankings of the best real money Nobel Prize betting sites don’t stop there. Merely having an option available is not sufficient enough for our nod of approval. The options need to be through reputable providers, properly integrated, and regularly audited and upgraded for security purposes.

Reputation and History

The Nobel Peace Prize is arguably the most notable and respected award in the history of the world. In homage to that, we spend some extra time vetting the quality of the online Nobel Prize betting sites we recommend. For the record, we also do this to keep you safe and protect the quality of your experience. By sticking with reputable and proven options when betting on the Nobel Prize online, you can ensure a top-notch betting experience.

Ease of Use

Many of the winners of the Nobel Prizes made advancements to make life easier. While we don’t think online betting sites will ever rise to the level of getting an award, they can still do quite a bit to make our lives easier.

All of the top-rated Nobel Prize betting sites you’ll find in this guide offer extremely user-friendly platforms. Whether you’re signing up, depositing, making a bet, checking the Nobel Prize odds, or cashing out your winnings, the platform is designed to make your life easier.

Quality Customer Service

Need a little extra help? Hey, we all do from time to time, especially if you’re new to betting on the Nobel Prize online. Thankfully, all of the recommended for where to bet on the Nobel Prize listed here have high-quality customer service teams in place. Expect to see 24/7/365 support, extensive FAQs, live chat or phone options, multiple mediums of contact, and team members equipped and trained to deliver effective help.

Mobile Compatibility

Online Nobel Prize betting is now possible on pretty much any device and through most operating systems. As long as you have a method of accessing the internet, you can use all of the best Nobel Prize betting sites with ease. This means you can make bets from your computer, tablet, iPad, or your mobile phone. And the best part? All of these sync together masterfully, so you can go back and forth depending on where you want to bet from.

What Is the Nobel Prize?

The Nobel Prize is an award given to an individual or organization in recognition of exemplary work in a particular field of study. Generally, there are six different awards given out every year in the categories of Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, and the Peace Prize. There have been some years in the past where certain awards were not given due to extenuating circumstances.

The most prestigious of these awards is the Nobel Peace Prize. The Peace Prize is awarded every year on December 10th by the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The award has undergone some criticism in the past with claims it was being used for political gain or to inspire future actions for political gain. In some years, you may see more than one winner if the two worked in collaboration for the same efforts.

The Past 10 Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

Year Winner
2019 Abiy Ahmed
2018 Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege
2017 International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
2016 Juan Manuel Santos
2015 Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet
2014 Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi
2013 Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
2012 European Union
2011 Tawakkul Karman, Leymah Gbowee, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
2010 Liu Xiaobo

Nobel Prize Betting Tips

Understand How Multiple Winners Are Treated

Different real money Nobel Prize betting sites treat multiple winners differently. Generally, you can expect to get paid as long as the person you bet on is one of the winners. That being said, it’s worth taking a few minutes to double-check the terms of service just to be sure.

Bet Multiple People

You’ll often find some healthy payout odds on different people, especially when there are several favorites in the running. In these instances, you may be able to bet on more than one person and still turn a nice profit if one of them wins.

Understand and Research the Political Climate

We’re not going to get into the middle of the debate on whether Nobel Peace Prize winners are chosen with any political implications. That being said, it may be something you want to at least look into and validate yourself. If you do feel the political climate in the world does affect selections, you can use it to your advantage in making your picks. If you’re on the other side of the aisle, you can confidently dismiss it and feel good that you covered all your bases.

Focus on Timing Your Bets

Contenders for the prize can pop up at any time of the year. Generally, Nobel Prize betting sites begin offering odds about midway through the year. If you see someone on there at long odds you like, you may want to scoop up a bet. However, you have to be aware that other contenders may show up throughout the year that will tip the odds. Take some time to plan when you bet as best as you can to match your strategy.

FAQ on Nobel Prize Betting

Are Nobel Prize Betting Sites Safe to Use?

Yes. In fact, the longest and most intensive part of our review and recommendation process is looking at each online Nobel Prize betting site for safety and security. As long as you’re sticking to the sites and apps we’ve vetted, we can tell you that you’ll be safe.

Can I Really Make Money Betting on the Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Yes! You can make real money Nobel Peace Prize betting online. If you’re someone who has a knack for understanding the movers and the shakers of the world, you might be able to cash in on your knowledge.

Can I Bet on the Winners of All of the Nobel Prizes?

In case you don’t know, there are six different Nobel Prizes given out every year in the categories of Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, and the Peace Prize. Generally, most sites offering online Nobel Prize betting only offer odds on the Peace Prize. While this bet is available every year, you won’t have much luck finding anywhere offering Nobel Prize odds on the other five categories.

When Can I Find Nobel Peace Prize Betting Odds Online?

There are no official nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, the list of nominees is kept sealed for 50 years after the award is given. Because of this, there’s a lot of latitude for when Nobel Peace Prize betting sites release odds. Generally, we see odds start to show up around the middle of the year, with all odds peaking towards the end of the year before the December 10th announcement of the winner.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid If I Make a Winning Bet?

Once the winner is officially announced, you should receive your winnings paid into your betting account the same day. While sports get paid nearly instantly, there can be a few hours of delay on entertainment-style bets. From there, you have the option to use your money to make more wagers or request a cashout. Cashing out should take no more than a few hours to a few days, depending on the payout method you choose.

What Types of Nobel Prize Bets Are Available?

While there are six different awards given every year, you’re only going to get Nobel Prize betting odds on the Peace Prize. What this means is that there really is only one type of bet that you can make every year. You’ll be able to make a moneyline style bet on the winner of the award. If you’re right, you win! .

Other Entertainment Betting Options