Top Survivor Betting Sites for 2021

Reality television competitions not only revolutionized the “small screen,”
but they’ve also been a significant addition to entertainment wagering as well.
In the US, this craze can be traced back to the year 2000, before Survivor
betting sites were a thought in anyone’s mind.

Survivor TV Show Logo and contestants
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That was the year the Survivor franchise first debuted in the States, with
the first of what has grown to nearly 40 seasons of the contest. Once viewers
got a taste of watching a group of stranded strangers eating rats, plotting
against each other, and Richard Hatch walking around nude-much to the chagrin of
his castmates-the public was hooked.

The inaugural season finale drew an audience of over 51 million viewers,
ensuring the show would be a staple of television programming for the
foreseeable future. Sure, the enthusiasm has died down some over the dozens of
seasons since 2000, but that’s where Survivor betting sites save the day!

Tips for Betting on the Survivor

It’s impossible to offer any concrete advice when it comes to picking
Survivor winners, because every season is different. The location changes, there
are new contestants, and even when old competitors return, the dynamics are
altered the second or third time around. There are so many variables and
personalities at play. Anything could happen.

That being said, there are some basic tips that can be used to give your bets
a better chance. Through almost 40 seasons of the challenge, there are some
general qualities to look for in a potential champion.

Who Stays Under the Radar?

In most seasons, the winner isn’t the contestant drawing a lot of attention
to themselves. The outspoken, controlling members of the tribe have to play
perfectly. Once they make a single error in judgment, there’s a target on their

If you’re placing a wager early in the season, identify the players who bring
a calming presence to the island. The competitors that are more easy-going and
less likely to have major conflicts with other people on the show. While this
won’t guarantee them a victory, it can help them maneuver into the later stages
where anything can happen.

Returning Cast Members

If there are returning cast members, it’s worth your time to do a little
research on their previous campaigns. Who did they clash with before? Are there
any longstanding rivalries to be concerned about? What strategies did they use
last time, and could they possibly work again?

The more information you have when making betting predictions, the better off you
are at Survivor betting sites. Often, veterans of a game like Survivor will attempt to repeat strategies
that worked in the past, which can leave them vulnerable to new players without
any game tape on the internet who are prepared for their old tricks.

Look for Charisma and Strategy

Charisma is one of those things you either have or you don’t. You can spot it
in people relatively quickly, so you should have a decent idea of who the
“stars” are after one or two episodes. Identify the competitors that are
flirtatious and have a way of drawing people to their side.

The players who understand how to manipulate their fellow competitors and
trick them into acting against their own best interests are usually winners.
After so many seasons, a person must be increasingly creative and sly to win
Survivor. Nevertheless, it’s highly unlikely that a contestant lacking charisma
will ever build the alliances required to outlast the competition.

Wait to See the Alliances

Despite the odds arguably being more favorable early in the contest, you may
not want to jump on your Survivor betting sites to make your picks right away.
It’s best to let things play out a bit so that you can see which alliances are
made. Based on those groupings, you can make more informed predictions for the

In many cases, you have a decent idea of which characters will be most likely
to turn on their friends, which are only using their alliance for the
short-term, and which will be loyal to a fault, only to be inevitably
backstabbed later on. Place your wagers accordingly.

About Our Recommendations

If you’d like to raise the stakes for Survivor, tapping into the same thrill
fans felt almost two decades ago, wagering on the outcome of the competition
could be the answer. On this page, we’d like to introduce you to the best
Survivor betting sites available, so you know where and how to bet real money on
this classic television contest.

We put considerable effort into locating these top-tier providers, as online
gaming can be dangerous to beginners. The internet is swarming with fraudulent
websites and scammers trying to trick you into depositing money into their
accounts. That’s why we vet every Survivor betting site for the following
characteristics and only recommend the very best to our readers.

Coverage of Survivor Betting

To be one of the best Survivor betting sites, an online sportsbook must offer
odds on the reality show. The greater the coverage of the contest, with various
markets on which to wager, the better. Most gaming websites with a rich
selection of entertainment betting will allow Survivor watchers to place futures
bets on the contestants they believe will win, as well as some prop bets
concerning other events like fighting, how long different players will last, and
much more.

Competitive Lines

Becoming a successful bettor is all about finding positive value by only
betting the lines that are priced favorably. If the likelihood of an outcome
taking place is higher than the odds suggest, that bet contains value. In order
to find such situations, we need oddsmakers who set competitive lines. That’s
why we care about more than merely covering Survivor odds; we look to recommend
the providers who set excellent prices for our readers too.

Withdrawal Speeds

One metric that separates the best Survivor betting sites from the pretenders
is payout speed. The average time it takes a website to process your withdrawal
request and put the money into your hands tells us quite a bit about the
operation. Some of the slimier providers delay your payment, hoping you’ll
gamble the cash instead. Meanwhile, the Survivor online betting sites that process withdrawals speedily show
us that they’re ethical and well-run. In order to send the money quickly, they
must have cash sitting in an account for each banking method and a team staying
on top of their requests and resolving them as they come in. Plus, they’re your
winnings, you should be able to withdraw any time you please.

Banking Options

When it comes to entertainment wagers, international offshore operators are
the kings. While there’s no harm in using an online sportsbook hosted in a
foreign jurisdiction (as long as they’re safe), you may have some minor regional
restrictions to work around. For example, in the US, banking institutions are
prohibited from completing transfers between their customers’ checking accounts
and known gambling websites. That’s why our favorite Survivor betting sites accept a wide variety of
banking methods. By allowing an array of credit cards, e-wallets, and
cryptocurrencies, these providers give players the flexibility needed to work
around any pesky restrictions or any other financial hurdles.

Bonuses and Promotions

Everyone likes free money, right? If so, you’re going to love the world of
online wagering. The top Survivor gambling sites compete for your business by
giving away large quantities of cash to new players in the form of sign-up or
deposit bonuses. These rewards are often worth hundreds and thousands of
dollars, adding a substantial amount to your bankroll before you place a single
bet! Later on, you’ll benefit from the loyalty rewards programs as well. Every
wager made counts towards a points system, with you accumulating more credits
the more frequently you play and the more you bet. These points can then be
exchanged for cash, gift cards, merchandise, and more.

Quality Customer Service

For a Survivor betting site to be recommended here, they must first
demonstrate excellent customer service. Not only must they have a history of
resolving issues fairly and ethically with their users, but they must be easy to
contact. Few things in life are more frustrating than needing assistance and
being unable to get anyone to respond, especially when money is involved! That’s why we test each Survivor betting website’s customer service department.
We send emails, call the provided phone number, and even use the live chat box
to judge their help desk’s responsiveness and helpfulness before recommending a
website to readers.

Reputation and History

As part of our review process, our team does a thorough background check on
each Survivor betting site before giving them a recommendation. We research the
company or ownership group behind the website, look into the practices of other
businesses they own, and verify that they’ve not landed on gaming industry
blacklists in the past. We also study feedback from current and former customers of the site, reading
their various comments and complaints to make sure the provider has a positive
reputation with their clientele. If Survivor betting websites are not well-respected
and trusted amongst the gaming industry and players alike, we don’t recommend

Safety and Security

Our fundamental mission is to provide readers with a sizable selection of the
best online Survivor betting sites, to guarantee their online safety and security. As
we mentioned before, the internet is full of fake gambling websites that
disappear with your money shortly after you make a deposit. We want to starve
those scammers out by ensuring new players never fall for their tricks. By allowing our team of experts to find the top options for you, you’ll save
time researching offshore operators and you’ll never have to worry about having
your money stolen. Any Survivor betting sites online that’s included in our
recommendations has proven to be legitimate and worthy of being shared with our

Ease of Use

Another significant factor in our rankings is how easy the website is to use.
We feel that the best Survivor betting online sites have a sleek, professional design
while being well-organized and straightforward to navigate. The entire process
from signing up to placing a bet should be natural, even for the newest players.
You should never experience the frustration of not being able to find or execute
the wager you want due to poor website design or lousy coding.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, we use our mobile devices to engage with the internet just as
much, if not more, than traditional computers and laptops. Online gaming has
adjusted to this fact, designing the best Survivor betting sites to be fully
compatible with smartphones and tablets. That way, when you’re on the couch
watching the competition play out, placing a bet is as easy as whipping out your
mobile device and hitting a few links. Many of our favorite online betting
websites offer their own app, which only improves the player experience from
their phone or tablet.

Classic Winning Survivor Strategies

The First Alliance

Today, alliances are a fundamental piece of Survivor strategy. In fact, it
would be unusual for a player to win the show without taking part in a couple of
alliances along the way. It takes a coordinated effort to work the votes and
eliminate the most significant threats.

That being said, when Richard Hatch formed the first alliance in Season 1,
his opponents never saw it coming. Along with Rudy, Sue, and Kelly, Hatch
dominated the votes and cruised to his inaugural win, which changed the
complexion of the contest and Survivor betting sites forever.

Parvati’s Immunity Idols

In 2010, Parvati Shallow displayed the most tactical brilliance Survivor has
ever seen. Parvati owned an immunity idol, as her opponents suspected, and they
loudly discussed voting to eliminate her. Their plan was for her to keep her
idol in an effort to protect herself, while they actually removed one of her

She called their bluff. Not only did Shallow have her own immunity idol, but
she had two, the second coming from her ally, Russell. Assuming the opponent
wouldn’t vote for her at all, she gave one idol to Jerri and another to Sandra.
Her prediction was correct, and the other team attempted to eliminate Jerri
unsuccessfully. This allowed Parvati’s group to come out of the Tribal Council
unscathed, while they were able to send home J.T. Thomas, one of the stronger
players on the Heroes tribe.

Erik Reichenbach’s Folly

Erik Reichenbach showed that “nice guys finish last” on Survivor. He
participated in the Fans vs. Favorites edition of Survivor, putting him up
against a sea of veterans as a beginning player. As one of the final five
contestants, Erik entered the Tribal Council in a stable position with the
Immunity Idol around his neck.

The other members began manipulating the naive competitor right away,
questioning his trustworthiness if he felt he needed the idol. They continued to
lay on the guilt and exploit his agreeability. He promptly agreed to give away
his immunity, only to be immediately voted off and called “the dumbest Survivor
ever” by his competitors.

Survivor Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Survivor Bets?

Survivor betting sites typically offer futures odds and prop bets for the
reality TV show. You can wager on the eventual winner of the season, the week’s
upcoming eliminations, as well as propositions covering things like alliances
that will be formed or how long specific players will last.

Is Betting on Survivor Legal?

Yes, betting on Survivor is legal in jurisdictions with legalized sports
betting. If you’re unaware of which jurisdictions have legalized sports betting make sure to visit our page dedicated to US sports betting and find out if your state is on the list.

Is It Lawful to Use Offshore Survivor Betting Sites?

Yes, you may use offshore Survivor betting sites legally. While online gaming
isn’t regulated by every state in the US, there are no restrictions on
individual bettors using foreign operators.

How Do I Find Value Betting on Survivor Contestants?

No matter the location or cast, you should do your homework. Read about
winning strategies from the past and analyze personalities among the current
field of contestants. When you find a player with the qualities you want, only
wager on them if you think their odds imply a lower probability of winning than
you believe they really have.

Other Reality Show Betting Options