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The Voice is a reality show/singing competition that airs in the United States, the UK, Holland, Australia, Argentina, and many more nations all around the world. It's become such an immense success that sportsbooks have begun accepting bets on the contests. Not only can you wager on week-to-week results, but you can wager on eventual winners for the entire season as well.

What sets The Voice apart from other similar singing competitions is the rotating chairs. During the audition phase, the four coaches - made up of famous artists - face away from the performer, allowing them to base their decisions regarding who will pass to the next round exclusively on their singing voice. As the season goes on, various other tweaks and twists to the contest keep things interesting as more talent is eliminated along the way.

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With the success of entertainment betting growing, we thought it was time to share with our readers the best The Voice betting sites online. Additionally, in this guide, we'll be looking at some helpful tips for wagering on the show as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

About Our Recommendations of The Voice Betting Sites

The Voice Judges, Contestants, and Logo

As you can see from the table above, we've gone ahead and compiled the best The Voice betting sites available anywhere online! Any website you find recommended on our pages has gone through a thorough vetting process and passed with flying colors. While we won't highlight every attribute that we demand from a provider before sharing them with our readers, the following traits are all major factors in our rankings and recommendations. You can find more details about our gambling site reviews here.

TVCoverage of The Voice Bets

You're here because you want to wager on The Voice, so it's only natural that we recommend the entertainment betting sites that offer the broadest coverage of the competition. The top websites for wagering on The Voice set lines on Futures markets for "which singer will win the season," "which coach will win," moneyline odds on head-to-head matchups during the knockout rounds, and a range of other entertaining props from week to week. If you're a fan of the show, you'll be thrilled with the added excitement that betting on The Voice brings. and all the options that the top entertainment betting sites offer

Magnifying GlassCompetitive Lines

To be one of the best The Voice betting sites, it takes more than merely covering the beloved singing competition online. It's just as vital that they set realistic, fair, competitive odds as well, so handicappers can find some value and make things interesting. We always preach the importance of shopping around for the best lines to our readers, and we do the same when searching for the top recommendations. Fortunately, now that entertainment betting is growing in popularity, the odds are more competitive across web-based oddsmakers as they're treating the shows like real sporting events.

LockSafety and Security

If you're planning to engage in online betting on The Voice, or any other event, it's crucial that you find a provider that's reliable and trustworthy. The vast majority of the top betting sites are hosted in offshore jurisdictions, which means you won't be protected by any local laws or regulations if things go wrong. That's why choosing a high-quality, safe, and secure website from the start is a must. Our primary focus at is ensuring our readers have legitimate places to gamble and bet, regardless of where they live or what they wish to play or wager on. If you use one of our recommended The Voice betting sites, you can deposit money and make your picks without worrying about being scammed. Furthermore, we've verified that each domain processes their financial transactions with the proper encryption and protection of the customers' information.

Piggy BankBanking Options

The best online betting sites offer players a wide selection of banking methods to use for depositing and withdrawing from their accounts. Depending on where you live, the best option for you may be different. The greater the variety of e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, payment processors, and credit cards that are accepted, the more flexibility you have to work around any banking restrictions or gambling laws in your region. For example, in the United States, individual players may legally access and bet at offshore gaming websites. They just aren't allowed to open and operate one within the country. However, federal law still prevents banks from finalizing transactions between account holders and known gambling operators. This takes debit card deposits off the table in the US, though residents may still fund their account lawfully by moving cash through other payment methods.

Gold StarReputation and History

It's not enough for a The Voice betting website to get things in order just long enough to get licensed in their jurisdiction or for our review. We need to know that they've been providing top-notch online wagering experiences for a long time, all while sustaining their quality. Our expert reviewers dig deep into each operator's past, which includes looking into other websites and businesses that they've owned. Things like customer reviews, comments, and complaints are also taken into account, as are the opinions of gaming professionals.

Thumbs UpEase of Use

For a location to be considered one of the top The Voice betting sites, the domain itself must be well designed and easy to use. This goes for both their apps and websites. Our team regularly acts as the user, going through the entire processes of depositing money, searching for The Voice betting lines, submitting wagers, cashing out, and more. The providers that do the best job of presenting their odds and giving players a straightforward, simple experience are ranked the highest and the most popular among fans of entertainment television shows.

Customer Service Rep with HeadsetQuality Customer Service

Whichever site you eventually use for betting on The Voice, it's critical that they provide excellent customer service. You are trusting this company with your hard-earned money, so it's understandable that you'd want swift and helpful responses anytime you run into a possible issue. In addition to researching customer experiences on a given website, we also test each method of communication listed on their pages, to ensure that they're all active and monitored by knowledgeable, courteous, professionals.

Mobile PhoneMobile Compatibility

These days, it's essential for every The Voice betting website to be fully compatible on mobile devices. People spend more time on the internet using their smartphones and tablets than their computers, so their online sportsbook needs to be accessible through those avenues as well. You never know when inspiration will strike, and you'll know which singer to bet on advancing to the next round. If you're watching at a friend's house, it's vital that you're able to whip out the phone and place a wager before the show starts and it's too late.

Gift BoxBonuses and Promotions

Whether you're betting on The Voice or something else, one of online gaming's most significant advantages is their ability to offer players massive bonuses and promotions. You will never see a brick-and-mortar establishment giving away the kind of free money we see all the top web-based operators handing out on a daily basis. When you're first starting out, it's not uncommon to see deposit bonuses large enough to double a customer's initial funding before they ever make a single bet! Plus, you get all of the benefits of a loyalty rewards program right from the start. Unlike in land-based sportsbooks, there's not a separate sign-up process to worry about. Once you've opened your account, it's all tracked and counted towards your players' rewards. The credits you earn add up quickly and can be exchanged for cash back, enrollment in lucrative contests, merchandise, and much more.

SpeedometerWithdrawal Speeds

The average length of time it takes an online betting website to payout players is one of the most vital metrics that we consider in our rankings and reviews. For starters, in the past, some providers have earned bad reputations for ignoring and delaying withdrawal requests, forcing their customers to follow up to get their money continually. Beyond the inconvenience that slow payouts cause, they also tell us quite a bit about the whole operation. We've consistently found that the websites with the fastest turnaround on withdrawal requests are the most well-run, financially healthy, and legitimate The Voice betting sites on the internet. Conversely, the slower a provider's average payout speed, the more often they treat players unethically or fail financially and close-up shop.

What is The Voice?

The Voice is a televised singing contest, similar to shows like American Idol and X-Factor. The franchise has expanded to countries all around the world, though the main variations that are covered by the online oddsmakers are in the US, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The original version of The Voice was created in Holland, where it first aired in 2010. It was Dutch singer, Roel van Velzen who designed the show's most unique feature, the coaches' (or judges') spinning chairs. His idea was to host a singing competition in which the contestants would be graded exclusively on their vocal abilities, not their looks.

In the typical season, there are four coaches, each of which has an extensive background in the music industry (usually as performers). In some rare cases, two coaches have shared a team. These team captains/mentors are a crucial part of the overall competition, as they have a significant impact on the final outcome.

During the earliest stages, all of the decisions being made concerning which singers advance and which leave are made by the coaches. Later on, the eliminations come down to a public vote by the viewers. This means you must take both sets of opinions into account when wagering on The Voice.

Stages of The Voice Betting

There are several stages to the competition, each of which eliminates more singers. Also each of which can be wagered on The Voice betting sites. Futures odds are posted after the blind auditions. But from the battle stages on, handicappers may wager on the weekly action. There are lines on the eventual winner, props concerning the coaches and performers alike, and odds on the head-to-head matchups.

Depending on how you plan to bet on The Voice, you'll need to know how each round works. In this section, we'll give you a brief overview of each stage of the competition so that you may plan your strategies that you are going to use at the best The Voice betting sites .

Blind Auditions

The earliest round, called the "Blind Auditions" is also the most popular with the audience. Contestants come onto the stage after a quick backstory is aired, where they perform before the studio audience with the four coaches' chairs facing away from them.

As they sing, interested judges will hit the button on their chair, which spins them around to face the stage while signaling a desire to add the performer to their team. If multiple coaches turn around, the contestant gets to choose which group to join after they each pleads their case.

Since the public won't know the field of contestants at this stage, there won't be many markets available. In fact, prior to the teams being decided, you'll only have futures odds on "which coach will win" from which to choose. However, once this round is complete, the pace of the show, as well as betting potential, dramatically picks up.


Following the blind auditions are the battle rounds. This is when coaches pair up their own talent into duos that will sing the same song together in front of the studio audience. At the end of their performance, their coach chooses one of the contestants to proceed and the other is eliminated from the competition.

Now, just because a singer is eliminated during the battle round doesn't mean they're completely done. The judges are given several steals (usually either two or three), which can be used when another mentor sends one of their team members home. If a singer becomes free after losing a battle, one of the other coaches may use one of their steals to claim the performer as their own.


Following the battle rounds are the knockout rounds, which are similar in their format. The difference is that, instead of performing the same song together as a duet, each contestant gets the chance to sing a selection of their own. While they are performing their song, their competitors are standing around the stage watching.

As with the previous round, the coaches choose which of their performers to keep and which to eliminate. This presents yet another opportunity for judges to steal any of the talents that are discarded by their own team.

Types of The Voice Wagers

Due to the multiple unique rounds of competition and the way the rules change throughout the season, The Voice betting sites offer several different ways to wager on the action online. In the past, most entertainment markets were fairly basic, only setting lines for things like the eventual winner of the entire contest. Those days are now gone, so you can expect to see different styles of betting for each of the individual rounds.


Moneyline odds are a way of betting on the winner of a competition straight up when there are only two possible outcomes. They're represented by either negative or positive three-digit numbers. Markets with the "+" before the line are the underdogs, while the "-" means that pick is the favorite.

For example, if one of the singers is listed at -200 during the battle round, they're the favorite to win. You'll need to stake $200 to win $100. That performer's opponent may be listed at +175 during the same head-to-head. A $100 bet on the second competitor would earn $175 if the underdog prevails.


The Voice Banner with Voice Peace Sign Logo

Futures bets are based on some result that won't be decided until a later date, typically at the end of a season or competition. Rather than choosing between two contestants, like with moneylines, futures lines usually include an entire field of participants.

The Voice betting sites will post their futures odds as early as possible during the season. The first market listed will be "which coach will win the season," since we know the four mentors from the very beginning. Then, once the auditions are done and the teams are completed, the oddsmakers can open betting for "which singer will win the season."

These lines are usually posted as ratios or fractional odds. For example, a singer will be listed at 4/1. This means they're getting "four-to-one" odds, or that a $100 wager would yield $400 in earnings (resulting in a $500 total payout).


Proposition wagers can be based on absolutely anything. They've traditionally been used to cover any aspect of a competition that doesn't necessarily have to do with winning or losing. Today, the majority of entertainment betting lines fall into the "prop bet" category.

Thanks to the growth of The Voice betting online, we are beginning to see a more significant number of props available every season. Some recent markets have included "the gender of the winner," "who the public will vote to protect," and "who will be eliminated" on a given week.

The Voice Betting Tips and Things to Remember

Since entertainment betting is relatively young and still growing, there aren't many tried-and-true wagering systems that have been developed by winning handicappers. These shows still aren't attracting quite the same attention as major sports leagues, nor are there enough markets to get really creative, so we are forced to develop strategies as we go for now.

That being said, you can still gain an edge betting on The Voice by knowing what to look for and understanding the competition. Based on what we've seen from dozens of seasons in numerous countries, here are some tips to help you win your bets on the highly-rated singing competition.

A Good Mentor Really Matters

Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine

If you're trying to handicap the competition and predict who will ultimately win the competition, one of the most impactful variables on The Voice is the mentor-singer pairings. The best coaches select performers that mesh well with themselves stylistically.

When it's time to produce their live performances and choose their songs, having a mentor that understands how to put a singer in the most advantageous position is incredibly valuable to bettors. Often, if a contestant joins a team led by an artist that's significantly different from themselves, they'll make poor decisions that cost their performer.

Fortunately, teams are chosen before the futures odds are posted, which gives you some insight into who has a legitimate shot at winning. Research past seasons and see if any of the season's judges have won the contest in the past.

Know the Contestants' Background

Believe it or not, you can find quite a bit of information about most of the contestants with a standard search engine. This data is valuable, because The Voice doesn't appear to have very strict rules about contestants having professional careers in the past as long as they aren't currently famous or in a recording contract already. If one of the singers has seen some real success in the music industry in the past, there's a good chance they'll be one of the better performers during the competition.

This information will also give you additional insight into which of the coaches with whom they'll probably fit best. You may even be able to find some older records from their earlier career, which gives you even more data with which to work.

Think of the "Story"

There's nothing television viewers appreciate more than a happy, easily-digestible story. Pay close attention to the narratives that are portrayed as the weeks go on because they'll have a massive impact on how the public votes in the final rounds. A contestant who has overcome numerous close calls with elimination (maybe they were saved by another coach) may win the heart of the voters, regardless of singing talent.

On that same note, a spectacular performer that hasn't been shown in a great light will struggle once voting is out of the mentors' hands. For example, a singer that was shown going against their coach's advice regarding song choices or how to approach a particular performance can turn viewers off. It doesn't matter if they're the most talented contestant if they don't have the feel-good story, too.

Lastly, you may find some particularly useful tidbits of information when you're researching the contestants' pasts. If they've gone through especially tough hardships or have overcome devastating challenges, you can bet those will become part of the show at some point and will play a vital role in shaping that competitor's on-screen story. Visit your favorite The Voice betting site before the rest of the world hears the news to gain a slight edge on public bettors.

Song Choice is Crucial

Year after year, we see extraordinarily talented contestants eliminated due to poor song choices or because they don't match stylistically with what they've been asked to perform. Choosing renditions of tunes that will play to a singer's strengths is an essential ingredient of a successful run on "The Voice."

With the judges who have starred on the show in previous seasons, you can look back and see if they've set their artists up for success or failure. If you don't have that information, you may want to base your wagers on how much experience their mentor has with the contestant's singing style professionally. The more similar their approach to music, the more likely it is that they'll make smart choices.

Coaches Eliminations vs. Voters

If you want to make money betting on "The Voice," you must remember that the contestants will be judged by two different groups of people during various stages of the season. In the early rounds, all of the decisions will be left to the four coaches whose teams will be competing amongst themselves. These are professional musicians who also spend lots of time with the contestants behind the scenes and see how they act, how hard they're working, etc.

It's also worth noting that professional musicians are used to working with challenging personalities. So, it's likely that the choices they'll make in the competition will be based on raw talent and potential to be a star. Then, towards the end of the season, the power is suddenly taken out of the mentor's hands and left solely to the voting public to decide.

The criteria that the average viewer bases their vote on usually differs quite a bit from the judges. Looks will be more of a factor, a singer's background will matter more, and the story of their journey to these final rounds will have a significant influence on the outcome. When you're placing your bets, keep this in mind and try to identify performers that could potentially appeal to both groups.

Look for Value

The Voice Judge's Chair

It doesn't matter if you're wagering on sports, the Oscars, or a reality singing competition, winning bets are all about finding positive value. Betting lines are considered to hold value when the actual likelihood of a result happening is higher than the implied probability of the odds.

Let's look at a coin toss as an example. We know that when flipping a coin, both "heads" and "tails" have an equal 50% chance of landing. Converted to moneyline odds, an outcome with a 50% probability of occurring is expressed as +100. If you guess correctly, you win the same amount of money that you staked.

But let's say the oddsmakers set the odds for heads at -150 and tails at +125. We know there's a 50% chance of either side landing, so we have to convert these lines to percentages, then compare. The implied probability of -150 is 60%. That's how frequently heads would need to land to break even; it's a horrible bet given what we know about tossing coins.

Meanwhile, the tails odds at +125 have an implied probability of 44.44%. We know we can expect tails to land more often than that, so tails is the betting line with all of the value. It doesn't matter how many times it's hit in a row or how strongly you feel that heads will come up next, you have to keep wagering on tails. Over time, the math will work itself out to make you a hefty profit.

The same approach can be used with wagering on "The Voice." While you won't have a concrete real probability as you would with a coin toss, you can still make educated guesses based on your research. Don't fall for the favorites or the participants with the most massive potential payouts; search for singers who you believe have a better chance of making it to the finals than the odds suggest. There, you'll find value.

Plan Your Bankroll Ahead of Time

Betting on The Voice and your other favorite shows can be a thrilling experience. Having some action on the nightly festivities significantly increases the enjoyment of watching reality television and singing competitions, because you have some real skin in the game! However, that same thrill that makes entertainment wagering so much fun can also become a problem for some people.

That's why it's critical that you set aside a specific amount of cash for your bankroll and make a detailed staking plan. Know how much money you have to wager each week and do not surpass it no matter what. This will help you to avoid problem gambling behaviors like chasing your losses - when a bettor believes they're "due" for a win and keeps making larger bets following a losing streak, in hopes of recouping some of their funds.

The Voice Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Forms of The Voice Betting?

Betting on The Voice mainly consists of futures and prop bets. At the beginning of the season, bettors have the option of wagering on which coach or performer will eventually win the competition. Following the audition stage, you'll have access to weekly prop bets concerning which singers will advance or be eliminated.

Is Betting on The Voice Allowed?

Yes, betting on The Voice is legal in areas with legalized sports wagering. If you're living somewhere without gaming regulations, you can still bet online with sportsbooks and casinos in offshore jurisdictions. For any other inquiries on the legality of entertainment betting or gambling, check out our gambling laws page.

Is It Legal to Use Offshore The Voice Betting Sites?

Yes, unless your region explicitly outlaws betting online. Otherwise, you may access offshore The Voice betting sites without fear of persecution or punishment.

How Do I Find Value Betting on The Voice?

Finding value when betting on The Voice is all about doing your research first. Collect as much background information as possible about the contestants and the coaches. How the mentors handled their teams in the past will tell you plenty about the upcoming season. Then, find singers who you suspect will fare better than the odds suggest.

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