Best MTV VMAs Betting Sites for 2021

Just because MTV rarely shows music videos these days, doesn’t mean the station isn’t still the premiere voice for the music and television industry. No better evidence of this exists than the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) competition! And here’s some great news if you’re an expert when it comes to picking the winners of any or all of the 23 categories, you can get paid for your predictions! The best MTV VMAs betting sites give people just like you the chance to cash in on real money if they can successfully predict the winners.

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Why These Are the Best MTV VMA Betting Sites

  • Betting Coverage – All MTV VMA Categories and VMA Props
  • Competitive Lines and Odds – Best MTV Video Music Awards Betting Odds
  • Safety and Security – Audits, Software, Updates, and Protocols
  • Banking Options – Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Reputation and History – Length, Quality, and Any Incidents
  • Ease of Use – From Placing the Bet to Cashing Out
  • Quality Customer Service – 24/7/365 Support
  • Mobile Compatibility – All Devices and Operating Systems

Betting Coverage

A lot of online sportsbooks offer action on the major categories like Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year. However, what happens if you want to bet on any of the other 20 categories? What happens if you have a hot tip on another category that you know is right? Well, at those sites, you’re out of luck.

For that reason, we only recommend MTV VMAs betting sites offering action on every single category of awards presented. Additionally, many of these top options also offer some really fun and unique prop bets to get your betting juices flowing!

Competitive Lines and MTV VMAs Odds

VMAOnce MTV VMAs betting odds are released, they start to shift and shake in response to how the public is betting. If you’re at a betting site that’s full of pros who know how to spot value, all of the attractive lines are going to get gobbled up. While you may just be betting for fun, it’s still nice to get paid as much as possible when you’re right. The site options we recommend continually have the best MTV VMAs odds year after year.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are of paramount importance on the web, but they’re factors often overlooked by betting sites and patrons. Not by us, though! In our book, the most important factors that decide the best MTV VMAs betting sites are safety and security. Sure, a case can be made for the best odds or the best user interface. But at the end of the day, if you can’t guarantee your money and personal information are safe, what’s the point?

Banking Options

The MTV VMAs only come around once a year. If you get hung up with problems depositing money, you might miss out. Additionally, if you’re only putting money on to bet on this one event, it can be really unnerving when you have to wait weeks or months to get that money out.

Our response? We only recommend MTV VMAs betting sites that have their banking processes on lockdown. Here’s what we want.

  • Deposit methods with instant access to your cash for betting
  • Withdrawal methods that pay out in a few days
  • Dedicated banking support from the site operators
  • Properly integrated banking partners with a focus on safety

Reputation and History

The online betting industry is one that operates on trust. Unfortunately, thanks to a few bad apples in the past, we can’t just take a company’s word for it. Instead, we’re limited to only recommending sites for betting on the MTV VMAs that have proven themselves time and time again. If we find any issues, blemishes, or incidents in a company’s past that can’t be explained, you won’t see them on our list of recommended MTV VMAs betting sites.

Ease of Use

MTV Video Music Awards betting sites should be easy to use. Why? A better question is, why not? Nobody gets into any form of betting looking for a challenge from the software. Picking winners is hard enough on its own. Any site or app we recommend for betting on the MTV VMAs online crushes it when it comes to user-friendliness.

Quality Customer Service

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime… Sorry, all this MTV VMAs betting sites talk has us channeling our inner Eminem, a man with 13 VMA awards and too many nominations to count! The point of sharing these lyrics is to remind you that you only get one shot a year to bet on the awards show. If you run into any problems with online MTV VMAs betting, you need a way to fix it fast so that you don’t get shut out.

The best MTV VMAs betting sites have customer service that can help you weeks, days, or even hours before bets on the competition close.

Here’s what we require (bare minimum) to get considered for our list.

  • 24/7 agent support
  • 365 days of service a year
  • Fluency in English and any other languages for supported countries
  • Highly-trained staff equipped to help
  • Multiple mediums to reach out and get support
  • Short or no wait times to get help

Mobile Compatibility

There are no reasons in a post-2020 world where you shouldn’t have the ability to use any website or app from any device. All of the MTV Video Music Awards betting sites listed in this guide work on every major operating system and on every major device. So, no matter if you’re rocking an iPhone, Android, or Google device, they’ve got you covered.

What Are the MTV Video Music Awards?

The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is an award show highlighting the successes of artists, bands, and producers in the field of music. The show is held every year in the US with over 20 different award categories. What’s unique about this awards show compared to others is that the voting is done 100% by viewers. For the weeks and months leading up to the show, you can go online and vote for your favorites in every category. Viewers can vote up to 10 times a day, every day.

Here are some fun facts about the VMAs.

  • The first show was held in September of 1984 at Radio City Music Hall. At this show, Madonna performed her iconic hit “Like a Virgin.”
  • The four most prestigious awards categories are Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist.
  • Since 2013, the show has been held in August every year.
  • The Best Rock category started as the Best Heavy Metal Video in 1989 and changed names four times between then and now.
  • The artist with the most wins is Beyoncé with 24 awards. The runner up is Madonna with 24, then drops to a three-way tie for third with 13 awards between Lady Gaga, Peter Gabriel, and Eminem.

What Types of MTV VMA Bets Are Offered?

Betting on the MTV VMAs is super simple. Unlike some sports where you have hundreds of different bet types to choose between, entertainment betting keeps it simple. There are two types of bets you can make, to-win (moneyline bets) and proposition (prop bets).

At MTV VMAs betting sites, “to-win” bets are nothing more than picking the winner of a category! These are the simplest and most popular wagers you can make. Currently, there are 24 different categories you can bet on.

  • Video of the Year
  • Artist of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Best New Artist
  • Push Artist of the Year
  • Best Pop
  • Best Rock
  • Best Alternative
  • Best R&B
  • Best Hip-Hop
  • Best Dance
  • Best Latin
  • Best K-Pop
  • Best Collaboration
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Direction
  • Best Editing
  • Best Power Anthem
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Song of Summer
  • Video for Good
  • Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

The second type of wager available at MTV VMAs betting sites is prop bets. These wagers are usually a “yes or no” type bet. In other words, you get to bet on whether or not something happens. Some examples of these bets might be:

Will Post Malone Win More Than 3 VMAs?
VMA Prop Bet
Will Taylor Swift Win Song and Video of the Year?
VMA Prop Bet

MTV VMAs Betting Tips

Shop MTV VMAs Betting Odds

Here’s a spoiler if you’re brand new to betting. Not every online betting site pays the same amount on a correct pick. Each company tries to “balance their book,” which means you may be able to get a better payout on a bet just by using different MTV VMAs betting sites. When you decide who you want to bet on, check two or three different sites. See which site has the best odds on that wager. You can always place multiple bets at different sites to get the best payout.

Don’t Follow Your Heart

Betting on the MTV VMAs is the one time in life where it’s good advice not to follow your heart. You see, it can be tempting to bet on the singers, bands, and videos that you liked the most. While this feels great and like you’re supporting your favorites, it’s a bad recipe for winning wagers. Place your bets based on what you think the general public is going to vote. You may even be able to go back to past years to get an idea of what could happen this year!

Look for Betting Value

Picking winners is only part of the equation. To really master the process, you have to learn how to read MTV VMAs odds. What you’re looking for are wagers paying out more than they should. There may be times you find a bet you want to make, but the payout is not good enough to account for the risk of losing so you might not want to place it.

Understand the Voting Process

When you’re picking winners for other awards shows, you have to get into the minds of the committee. Generally, this means really stepping outside of your comfort zone to try and get a grip on what they’re thinking. With MTV VMAs betting sites, it’s all about the public. What is the general public feeling? By understanding the voting process, you can improve your chances of success.

MTV VMAs Betting FAQ

Can I Bet on the MTV VMAs for Real Money?

You certainly can! MTV VMAs betting sites give you the chance to turn your predictions, knowledge, and hot tips into real cash by betting on the winners of awards categories. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to get signed up and into the action.

How Do I Collect My Winnings From Betting on the MTV VMAs Online?

When you win a bet, the money is paid into your betting wallet within a few minutes (or instantly) after the winner is announced. From there, you can use the money to make more bets, or you can elect to cash out your money. While the options will vary between sites, you should be able to get your money via an e-wallet, paper check, bank transfer, wire transfer, through money services, or with cryptocurrency.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid on an MTV VMA Bet Online?

One of the chief concerns of people who are new to MTV VMAs betting sites is how long it’s going to take to get paid when they win. Once the winner is announced, the winnings are put into your betting wallet within a few minutes. Some sportsbooks may wait until the entire award ceremony is over just to make sure there are no twists that need to be accounted for.

From there, you can request a cashout of your winnings. The window of time that takes to get to you at a quality site is between a few hours and a few days. The exact time it takes depends on the quality of the site, the option you choose, how much you’re cashing out, if it’s your first cash out, and whether you’ve filled out any paperwork the site requests.

Are Bets Offered on Every MTV VMA Category?

Yes! The best MTV VMAs betting sites offer action on all 24 categories. Additionally, the sites may include prop bets to give you access to extra action.

Is Betting on the MTV VMAs Online Safe?

Online MTV VMAs betting is completely safe, as long as you choose to bet with a reputable partner. Our team works hard to separate the good from the bad and the ugly when racking and stacking your options. If you want to keep things safe, stick to the beaten path when it comes to MTV VMAs betting sites. It’s also important to note that you will need to do your part to stay safe. This means doing things like using a strong password, never betting when you’re intoxicated, and keeping your account secure.

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