Best Mobile Gambling Sites for 2021

Except for their screen sizes and typing interfaces, smart phones are as powerful as many low end desktop computers. And we take advantage of all that computing power today more than at any time in history. Mobile gaming of all types has become the number 1 reason we use our smart phones.

People spend many hours online playing mobile games. Thankfully, the leading online gambling sites have joined the mobile gaming brigade. You now have three options for online gaming: browser, download to desktop, and mobile gaming.

You can even manage your player accounts and bank accounts via mobile phone, which makes everything all the more convenient. We have reviewed and selected several fine mobile gaming sites you find listed below. We believe most players have enjoyed a great experience with these sites.

Rank VA Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Products Get Started
#1 Las Atlantis Logo
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000
  • Casino
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#2 Wild Casino Logo
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000
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#3 BetUS Logo
125% Up To $2,500
  • Sports
  • Casino
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#4 BetOnline Logo
50% Up To $1,000
  • Sports
  • Casino
  • Poker
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#5 Bovada Logo
50% Up To $250
  • Sports
  • Casino
  • Poker
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How We Make Our Recommendations

When we review an online gambling site we look for several factors that impact the customer experience including ease of use, game play, game selection, speed and performance, house rules, banking options, reputation, and promotional offers. In the highly competitive online gambling market there are great reasons to choose most casinos; hence, we strive to make the best recommendations for our visitors to simplify your search for an online gaming venue.

Because most online casinos have not yet implemented mobile gaming the most competitive pressure on mobile gambling interface design comes from non-gambling sources. We feel this is an advantage for the player because the casinos have to offer a user experience that is comparable to the most popular apps. And while there is only so much you can do with the screen space on a typical smart phone the game design companies have brought some good solutions to the gambling market.

Game selection is also vital. Most players still prefer the slots but we know some veterans prefer to play table games and card games, especially blackjack. Even though we’re always looking for innovations in these categories the current mobile offerings are reasonable.

Nothing kills your mobile gaming experience more than a slow loading app that needs more memory than your phone can provide.

The sleek design experience of mobile gambling apps shows that developers are paying close attention to the needs of the marketplace.

Every online casino has its own rules for all of the following:

  • Memberships
  • Banking
  • Game availability
  • Earning promotions
  • Much More

The more features a casino offers the more rules it writes. While that goes with the territory we look for casinos that keep their terms and conditions as simple as possible. But we also caution players to remember that terms and conditions are written for the benefit of both parties: you are protected by understanding what is expected of you and the casino is protected by clearly defining the boundaries of its services and promotions.

Banking options are vital to the selection of a good online casino.

Although most casinos offer several banking options the complex network of gaming related laws from nearly 200 countries around the world could keep a legal team occupied for a year. We choose our casinos in part on the basis of how flexible they can be in accepting deposits and making payouts. But we also caution you to expect limits, which really help you manage your gambling budget better in the long run.

Reputation is as important for the mobile gaming experience as for the online casino in general.

We look for signs of player discontent, unresolved disputes, and how effectively and quickly casinos work to resolve player issues. Sometimes it’s just a technical issue and sometimes it’s due to something endemic to the way a casino is managed. We recommend casinos that have good reputations all around.

Online gambling would be less fun for everyone without good promotional offers.

After you join the casino you should expect more opportunities to gamble on their money. The online gambling market is competitive enough that all the good casinos set up weekly, monthly, or seasonal promotion plans for their members. You should also look for tournaments and free chip offers. We feel the offers made by the casinos we recommend are among the best in the world.

Device Compatibility

Believe it or not, device compatibility has become more challenging as the years roll by. That is because more and more device designs have come to market over the past decade. If you had gambled on a WAP capable mobile phone in the early 2000s you would have played a text based game. Today you expect full graphics mode and touch screen sensitivity. But some smart phone screens are small, some are large, and many players prefer to use their tablets.

The best mobile gaming experience adapts to a large number of these device sizes and capabilities, and that includes the wide range of memory options. As with the general web there are two ways that mobile gaming sites interact with players.

First, you can download an app. Playing games in an app on your smart phone is comparable to downloading the casino software from the website and playing the games on your desktop.

Second, there is the in browser experience. Browser based gambling is still not quite there for the smart phone market and you will probably want to download the app. Some casinos only offer an app download for mobile gaming. That is changing as more casinos break into the mobile gaming market and the game design companies integrate their software with mobile friendly interfaces.

We feel there are now enough choices in the marketplace that you don’t have to settle for a poor gaming experience.

Types of Mobile Gambling

Sports bettors have enjoyed using their smart phones and tablets for online gambling for several years. The slot and table games players are still catching up to that experience. Video poker and slot games remain the top selections among mobile players but we’re watching for innovations.

The full range of betting options available to mobile gamers varies by casino but you should be able to find opportunities for:

Poker players continue to experience some frustration with mobile options for card gaming.

Players who prefer live dealer experiences have to rely on their tablets but a small number of casinos do provide this option.

As the range of mobile options grows and improves, you can expect to see more competition in the marketplace, which means that in addition to the usual promotional offers you should look for enhancement to the basic mobile gaming interface over time.

We discuss mobile gaming options in more detail on these pages:

How to Play Mobile Games Safely

One thing to keep in mind is that it is much easier to play mobile games outside your home than it is to play desktop games. When you leave the safety of your home network you can never be 100% certain that you are using a safe connection. Despite all the hype around the HTTPS protocol this is an aftermarket technology that brings its own risks and perils.

To begin with, when you are in a free Wi-Fi zone, verify the networks you see before you connect to them. Hackers have been known to set up rogue Wi-Fi routers near legitimate free hotspots and they give their networks names that look and sound official.

Step #1

First, if the correct network in your neighborhood coffee shop is CupKingNet a hacker might create CupKingNet2, hoping some people will use that network for the sake of avoiding the crowd on the first network.

Step #2

Secondly, if you use your smart phone or tablet to make payments when you are running around doing errands, try to use an intermediary payment processing service as much as possible. Although they may not all work with online gambling sites, the less often you connect directly to your bank when you are using free Wi-Fi the better.

Step #3

Third, when you do need to log onto your most sensitive accounts try disabling your Wi-Fi and connecting directly through your wireless provider. Their networks are less likely to be hacked and cannot yet be replaced by casual rogue wireless networks.

Step #4

Finally, if you don’t need to use Bluetooth then disable it. Your mobile device will constantly try to connect to random Bluetooth devices, including other mobile devices and laptops that hackers may be using to detect unsupervised Bluetooth activity.


There is no doubt that being able to gamble on your mobile phone or tablet is a fun pastime but you don’t yet have as many options for mobile gambling as you do on the desktop. Furthermore, the quality of the mobile experience differs from the quality of the desktop experience. That is because mobile connections tend to be slower than desktop connections and the smaller screen sizes force some compromises in game and account interface designs.

Finally, we want you to gamble safely and responsibly. Safe mobile gambling requires a bit more thought and awareness of the connected environment you are using. Don’t take anything for granted until you have learned which free networks you can and should trust. And responsible gambling is important because it protects you from creating problems for yourself. If you can pass on playing games today in order to spend time with family and friends, that’s always a great choice to make.

Have fun and good luck.