Best Political Betting Sites in 2020

Think you know politics? Did you know that your political knowledge and
predictions can actually make you real money and not just earn you bragging
rights amongst your peers? Online betting sites now offer you the ability to bet
on major political contests and outcomes all over the world. Bet the correct
outcome and get paid!

What Makes These the Best Sites?

While not all sportsbooks offer political betting action, there are several
great sites where you can find extensive political betting action. If you’re
ready to put your knowledge to the test and rake in the money, we’ve got you
covered. Below you’ll find the list of the best online political betting sites

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When we make recommendations on sites for political betting sites, we take
into consideration several factors, as we want to provide you with the
all-encompassing best opportunities.

A Good Reputation

They pay on a timely basis and don’t have outstanding issues with players
claiming they’re owed money or have been treated unfairly. Customers know
they’re reliable and will follow through as promised.

Licensed and Regulated

Not only does the sportsbook need to have proper licensing, but you need to
be able to review that information easily. There should be a link to a current
and valid certificate that’s in place. After all, if you do ever run into any
payment dispute resulting from online gambling, the regulatory agency is your
backup contact. They’ll get involved to make sure everything is resolved

Plenty of Payment Options

You need to be able to fund your betting account quickly and easily. If
you’re not a sports bettor but want to give political betting a try, you still
need an active player’s account with funds available for your wagers. If you’re
from the UK or a European country, this is a relatively easy process. If you’re
from the United States, though, it can be much more challenging. U.S. players
have a harder time getting credit and debit card payments approved by banks and
financial institutions and may need to rely on bank or wire transfers or

Well-Organized Website

Whether you’re betting on sports or politics, you need to be able to quickly
locate the odds you’re interested in, and then easily submit a bet slip.
Too much information or unreliable navigation can be frustrating. Our top books
provide a superior online experience with stats that you can understand.

Fast Payouts

If you make a successful prediction, you don’t want to wait a month to see
your winnings in hand. The sportsbooks we’re listing for you all provide
relatively speedy payment turnarounds. Of course, this will depend on what
you’re using as your chosen payment method and if you’ve complied with their
terms and turned in any necessary paperwork. But, under normal conditions, you
should be receiving cash in hand within a week, if not sooner.

Low Minimums and High Maximums

Ideally, online books should allow players to make a small minimum bet ($1,
£1 or less), as well as provide for high rollers. Although there may not be a
“maximum” bet posted, you could bump up against a maximum daily winnings
allowance. If you can only win $100,000 in one day, then your betting needs to
correspond to that amount. While a six-figure payout may sound enormous to some,
for others it’s on the low end and may not suffice. So, we’ve selected some top
bookmakers that provide for all types of budgets and risk.

Markets Matching the Clientele

Some sportsbooks target one particular area, and others claim to be more
internationally focused. You can easily tell if a site is marketing to US
players by the banking it provides and the focus on NFL, NHL, and NBA. The UK-
and European- driven websites will offer a massive number of football markets.
When it comes to political betting, the offerings need to mirror the sports. If
it’s US-driven, the focus should primarily be on US politics, but should include
some global options as well. If it’s a real international operator, then the
political markets should touch on a wide variety of current and upcoming
elections and matters of legislation taking place around the globe. The range of
markets is one of our top criteria for determining an excellent political
betting site.

Quantity and Variety

Many of today’s bookmakers will add in at least one or two of the top bets to
their Futures or Specials section, but the better ones will provide a wide range
of possibilities for political punters. If you study politics, you’re well
versed in much more than just the top-tier opponents; you study secondary
elections, pending legislation, and maybe even global politics. The best
websites will provide you with plenty to match your interests and will keep you
engaged. You don’t want to just place a bet on an election that’s six months or
even a few years down the road. You appreciate current opportunities as well.

Different countries, party affiliations, and levels of government, but, if
something is happening in the world of politics, you more than likely have a
chance to get some money riding on it.

It was the US 2016 Presidential Election that initially

broke all betting records
in Great Britain. Nearly £200 million came in all
told, and many of them were hefty six-figure stakes. One underdog
bettor collected a

half- million- pound profit
for his
unlikely prediction.

Brexit betting has also prompted a new breed of punters. In 2016, first-time
bettors started flocking to sportsbooks and high street shops to get in on the
“non-sporting” action of Britain’s EU status. One woman’s first-ever wager of
£10,000 yielded her a winning bet slip with a nice tidy profit of £27,500, while

£100,000 bet turned out to be a costly mistake

Types of Bets Available

You’re going to find similar betting opportunities within politics, just as
with sports. The one main difference is that sports tend to have more immediacy.
Lines will be posted weekly for games and matches coming up within the next 5-7

Sports proposition bets aren’t nearly as plentiful. You will find some, but
they won’t be as extensive, as sports bettors enjoy current pre-game and in-play

Politics sometimes merits an individual menu item if the book is offering
plenty of options, or could be tucked in with Futures, Novelties, or Specials.
You’ll find that you have a lot more time to submit your bet slip, although you
should watch for significant events that could change the odds you’re being

Political bets are typically straight bets, but moneyline and also
propositions are usually plentiful. Political betting allows for future outcome
predictions well in advance. Maybe you’re interested in the next British Prime
Minister; there could initially be a bet with a long list of candidates, and, as
they’re eliminated, the odds will shift and open up other possibilities.

Politics Beyond Elections

Something is always happening around the globe, not necessarily tied in with
general elections. Each sportsbook will offer different opportunities, but,
currently, you’ll find some of the top bets are revolving around:

  • Next Country to Hold an EU In/Out Referendum
  • A Variety of Other Brexit-Related Topics
  • European Politics
  • 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
  • Prime Minister After Theresa May
  • Most Seats in General Elections
  • Will the Next Budget Be Submitted on Time?

You’ll see the closing bet date somewhere within the odds. There are even
bets available for several years, not just months, in advance.

Why Bet on Politics?

You may not be a sports fan, but, the chances are good that you know who your
current President or Prime Minister is, and, even if you don’t follow much of
the elections, you have a basic knowledge of current events.

Putting some money down on a prediction you make can be exciting. It’s not
just the idea of winning the money, although, of course, that’s number one. You
also feel more in control and more a part of the process. You take pride in
staking a bet on your favorite team. And, with political betting, you get to go
one step further than casting your vote.

There are a good many well-informed people who watch the debates, read the
daily news, and keep up with all of the ins and outs of elections and issues,
just like those who follow sports and study stats, looking at both teams for an
outcome prediction.

Being able to place a bet on your candidate and “put your money where your
mouth is” is the same as backing your home team. Here are a few of the reasons
why you may want to stake a bet on an upcoming election or outcome of a vote.

You’re Following Politics Anyway

Again, the comparison to sports betting is straightforward here. Just as
sports bettors are already tuned in to the games and following the players, the
injuries, and the opponents, you may already be immersed in the state of current

It’s easy to come up with an educated prediction on a topic with which you
already have familiarity.

If you follow politics, you probably feel strongly
about a candidate or an issue, so, placing a bet is a natural next step.

No Rush

Politics, and sometimes entertainment, are predictions made well in advance.
If you’re betting on the 2020 Academy Awards, you have a few weeks to narrow
down your choices.

If you’re betting on an upcoming election, you have even longer. Look at the
UK and its EU status, as it’s a topic that has been going on for quite a while
and will continue to do so. New betting opportunities for it pop up, but
there’s no urgency to fill out the bet slip. You can take your time and examine
the possibilities.


There is a social component to sports betting, and it carries over to
politics. When you have some money down on an election or topic, it’s a great
conversation starter. You can go back and forth with fellow punters and discuss
your similar or vastly different opinions, but you’re a more significant part of
the process.

There are betting chat rooms as well as political forums with other people
who have staked some money as well, so there’s a commonality. You’re not just
waiting to cast your vote on election day; you’re already committed to an
outcome and have plenty of time to discuss and debate it.

Another Reason to Follow Trends and Patterns

You may already watch every debate and read the news, but, if you’re going to
risk some of your own money, you may examine the political climate even closer.
There’s nothing like the opportunity of winning some money to entice you to do
your homework.

Before you fill out the bet slip, you can make it your hobby to look at all
sides of the issue, take an objective look at all candidates, listen to what the
general public is saying, and fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Placing a
bet, whether $1 or $1,000 or more, is a reason to be as educated as you can on a
subject, and, hopefully, reap the benefits.

Not only is it helpful to follow the subject matter, but your task also
includes monitoring the oddsmakers.

Submit your bet slip when and where the odds
are most in your favor.

No Knowledge Off (Or Passion For) Sports Is Required

Maybe you just like the concept of sports betting. After all, it is a
process. Of course, there are some people who just quickly make a wager on a
favorite team. But, the best sports bettors know their stuff. There’s an
elegance to studying the odds and coming up with the best prediction possible.
While it’s still gambling and anything can happen, the more you know, the better
your chances of success.

If you like the concept of the sports betting but aren’t necessarily a fan,
political betting could be a good viable option for you if you have more of a
passion for it. It’s the same process where you study the odds, and knowing your
subject matter is key, but you don’t have to watch a game or a match or know if
a player has an injury. You just need to immerse yourself in current events.

The Action

There are many reasons why people place bets on politics, but, first and
foremost, you have to figure that it’s the action that’s number one. The
possibility of winning money is exciting. If it weren’t, no one would be

So, no matter how you look at it, putting some money down on a bet that you
feel confident is a winner, is a fun prospect. And, it’s even more so, if you’re

Politics Is Big Business for Bookmakers

That one bet alone in 2016 on whether or not Britain would remain in the EU
provided record-breaking action for UK’s top bookies. William Hill processed £20
million, and the betting exchange, Betfair, matched close to

£60 million in stakes on just this one political prediction

Politics, like entertainment and current affairs, open up a sportsbook’s
clientele to new customers. There’s no need to be an avid sports fan and follow
any teams. It’s an entirely different market for bookmakers, and an additional
revenue stream. In fact, it doesn’t cost the operator anything more to add in
political betting. They don’t have to set up a brand new site or make a
significant software investment. Politics can be combined with the “Futures” or
“Specials” area.

Political bettors are known to be well-informed, as well as prone to making
substantially-sized bets, especially when it comes to the more prominent
elections or governmental hot topics of the time. Bookmakers may take in fewer
overall stakes, but the combined action makes it well worth it for them to
attract these non-traditional punters.

A Tip

Political betting does fall under the realm of sports betting, so, just as
you need to register with the site and deposit funds into your player’s account,
you should also be able to reap the benefits that other sports bettors receive.

Compare bookmakers for new player offers like a free bet or a deposit-
matching offer. If customers who are betting on traditional sports are eligible
for promotions, you should be as well. Just be cautious when accepting a bonus,
as you want to understand the intricacies of it. You may be required to stake a
certain amount of money, or you may be restricted to bets with specified odds.

Take a look at our list of best political betting sites, and, if
you’re interested in value adds, compare a few of them for the best rewards
. You can also take a look at our picks for what we find as good value betting opportunities.