Political Betting in 2021

For better or worse, politics affect the daily lives of just about everybody. For a number of reasons, it seems as though politics have never been more divisive than it is today. Heightened political tensions have led to sprawling political news coverage as well.

The increased attention on politics has led to a surge in political betting interest. While it’s currently illegal for American citizens to place bets on US politics at land-based sportsbooks in the USA, there is nothing stopping Americans from doing so at sites that operate offshore. Below we have listed the best sites for betting on political events not only in the US but all across the globe.

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Extra political news coverage as well as the advent of social media means more and more people are engaged in politics than ever before. Most will cite the United States as the most obvious example of how politics has devolved in recent years, but the US is far from the only country on Earth mired in seemingly-endless politics-related strife.

Betting on American politics also equates to big business overseas, particularly in the United Kingdom. Many of the sites with the best political betting odds happen to operate in the UK. But what goes into making quality political betting sites? We’re glad you asked.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started betting on politics today from where to bet on politics online, the types of real money bets you can place on politics, and how to bet on politics online. To help you navigate this page, we have included jump links below that will take you directly to the political betting information you desire.

What Makes These the Best Political Betting Sites?

Political Betting Coverage

Obviously, betting on politics is difficult if you’re betting at a site that doesn’t even offer political odds. So, before you sign up to bet on politics online, you’d better make sure the site you’re looking at offers extensive online politics betting coverage.

There is no shortage of betting options when it comes to the world of politics. Some real money politics betting sites may offer standard futures on things like the US presidential election, but you can also find sites that take bets on a variety of other political matters. The more options, the better.

Banking Options

Payment MethodsPayment options tend to be limited if you’re betting at a casino, but that isn’t the case on the internet. The best online sportsbooks with political betting odds afford their users a wealth of different banking methods with which to make their financial transactions. The convenience of political betting online is a one of its biggest advantages over land-based gambling.

Of course, having numerous banking options is also a necessity in some cases. Not all banks will allow customers to make financial transactions with known betting entities, even online. That’s why patronizing a site that accepts alternative forms of payment, like cryptocurrency or e-wallets, is vital to the overall online betting experience.

Fast Payouts

If you place a winning real money politics bet, the last thing you want is to have to wait forever for those funds to hit your betting account. The best political betting sites in the industry pride themselves on getting your money to you as quickly as possible.

Back in the day, you might have to wait days on end for a site to pay you your due winnings. Nowadays, that isn’t the case. The top sites on the web will make it a point to pay out cash winnings within a few minutes or hours of your winning bet.

These are just a few of the things that make some political betting sites stand out above the rest.

United States Political Betting

United States Flag

The world’s third-most populous nation happens to be the most popular political betting market on the web. The top political betting sites in the industry all offer an array of betting options when it comes to American politics. Betting on the outcome of a presidential election may be the most popular way to wager on US politics, and the market for it has exploded over the past few years.

The increased interest in US political betting coincides with Donald Trump’s shocking upset of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Most US politics betting sites had Clinton as a heavy minus-money favorite to win the presidency, but Trump managed to pull off a narrow victory thanks to favorable results in a number of key swing states.

Trump’s unexpected triumph proved that there is still value to be found in political betting odds. The 2016 election has also led to a number of sites deciding to increase their political betting coverage. In addition to presidential election odds, US politics betting sites will now constantly update props on a variety of other races, including congressional elections and presidential primaries.

United Kingdom Political Betting

United Kingdom Flag

While politics betting online may be a new concept to Americans, the same can’t be said for our friends across the pond. Political betting markets have thrived in the UK for decades. While British betting sites were also blindsided by Trump’s surprising victory in ’16, local handicappers were also caught off guard when Britain voted in favor of passing “Brexit” earlier that year.

Brexit, of course, was the referendum held in June of 2016 in which UK citizens voted in favor of the decision to leave the European Union. 52% of voters voted in favor of leaving the EU, while 48% wanted to remain.

If betting odds from back then are any indication, UK citizens voting in favor of Brexit was even more shocking than Trump’s win. One real money political betting site had the “remain in the EU” option as a massive -900 favorite. You could get “leave the EU” at +550. Needless to say, those that took a shot on the plus-money value came away happy with the results of the vote.

Online sportsbooks in the UK offer political odds on local mayoral elections, the political party of the next Prime Minister, and all sorts of different options.

Basics of Political Betting Online

Types of Political Bets


While some people like to treat politics betting online like sports betting, they are certainly not one and the same. That goes for the discrepancies between political and sports betting, too. There’s no point spread when it comes to betting on the presidential election.
Most political bets are futures bets on what will ultimately occur. Take the US 2020 presidential election odds as an example.

Odds to Win 2020 US Presidential Election
Futures Bet
Joe Biden
Donald Trump

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has emerged as a slight minus-money favorite to unseat the incumbent, Trump, in 2020. Sites will also offer futures bets on congressional races, US Supreme Court appointments, the next British Prime Minister, and so on.

Political Prop Bets

Elections happen only so often, of course. Presidential elections in the US, for example, take place every four years. In the meantime, political betting sites want you to have other things on which to place bets. That’s why sites like to get creative with their prop bet offerings.

Trump’s term in office has made political prop betting incredibly popular. The 45th American president seems to be the constant focus of the 24-hour news cycle, thanks in large part to his exploits on Twitter, as well as numerous other controversies that have embroiled his first term in the White House.

Trump’s uncommon presidency has naturally lent itself to an array of Trump-specific prop bets that you can find at online politics betting sites.

For Example

Several US political betting sites are always updating their odds on whether Donald Trump will get kicked off of his favorite social media platform, Twitter.

There’s really no limit to how outlandish the props can be. Some sites have offered political odds on whether Trump will spill the beans on the existence of aliens at some point during his first term. Others have slapped odds on whether Trump will be impeached a second time before his first term comes to a close.

Betting US Presidential Elections vs. UK General Elections

As mentioned, interest in betting on American politics has increased massively since Trump beat Clinton in 2016. Trump, who was previously best known as a reality TV personality, essentially proved that anything is possible when it comes to political races. Trump won despite just about every major poll favoring Clinton before Election Day.

That the results differed so drastically from the polls proved that there is no certainty in the outcome of a political race, which lends itself naturally to betting. It’s understandable that most of the top sites that take bets on politics expect the 2020 presidential election to be the most popular political betting market of all time.

Betting on the next British Prime Minister has also grown in popularity in recent years. In 2019, Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson expectedly beat Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbin to replace Theresa May. While betting on American politics is popular worldwide, most of the online betting interest in British politics is localized to the UK.

United States Political Parties Betting

Familiarizing yourself with the American political party system can help you better understand the odds. The US currently has two major political parties, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The US federal government also features three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. The branches are divided in a way designed to prevent one specific branch from wielding too much unchecked power.

Republican and Democratic LogosRepublicans and Democrats account for the vast majority of politicians populating Washington DC nowadays. There are other parties, like the Green Party, but candidates from lesser parties generally don’t fare well in actual elections. As a result, those candidates are typically not worth considering if you’re looking to bet real money on politics.

Trump will represent the Republican Party in the upcoming United States presidential election. The Democratic Party had over 20 candidates throw their hats into the ring at one point during the primary campaign, but at the time of writing, Biden is likely to emerge as the choice to take on Trump in the general election. Biden, of course, served in the US Senate for decades before leaving to serve as Vice President of the United States during the Obama administration.

Biden is currently a heavy minus-money favorite to top the Democratic ticket, but the odds shifted considerably over the course of the campaign. The former VP was as low as +1600 to be the nominee at one point in early 2020, as other contenders like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren gained steam. The fact that Biden was able to turn the tables so quickly and become the frontrunner shows how volatile political betting markets can be.

The primaries typically offer more value than presidential elections given the aforementioned variance when politics betting online.

Political Events You Can Bet On

While American presidents serve four-year terms, the same can’t be said for senators or members of the House of Representatives. House members serve limited two-year terms, while senators are in office for six years after being elected. As a result, there are important political races on which you can bet at least every other year. Certain special circumstances may arise that result in at least one congressional election in each calendar year.

Knowing the make-up of the houses of Congress is useful if you’re betting on certain political props. Let’s take Trump’s impeachment as an example. Trump faced minus-money odds of being impeached by the House of Representatives last year, thanks in large part to the fact that Democrats hold a majority in the House. While Trump was essentially a lock to be impeached, his chances of being removed from the White House by the Republican-controlled Senate were almost nonexistent.

In addition to congressional or presidential elections, many politics betting sites also offer users the chance to bet on political events online. Whether a certain piece of legislation will pass or fail is a common prop bet. For example, you may be able to bet on whether a certain state will be the next to offer legalized sports betting in the US.

Why Bet on Politics Online?

Politics on LaptopIf you live in the United States, the only way to bet real money on politics is to do so online. Conflict of interest concerns mean it’s illegal for casinos based in the US to accept wagers on American political matters. West Virginia briefly tried to skirt that law, but the error was quickly corrected.

Political betting online may have been a novelty at first, but the 2016 US presidential election changed everything. Now that political interest has spiked, online sportsbooks are serious about offering a vast array of politics-related bets. Fortunately, there are plenty of offshore or international sites out there that will accept online political bets from American bettors.

Political Betting Tips

Polls Are Still Useful

The 2016 election forced many in the political media to conduct autopsies on how they cover current events. How could Trump have won despite every single poll indicating he would lose?

While that’s a valid concern, it’s also fair to suggest that the 2016 results were somewhat anomalous. Clinton wasn’t exactly the most popular candidate the Democrats have ever put forth, especially among those within her own party. Her controversial triumph over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary only fractured the party’s voter base.

That Trump beat Clinton shouldn’t be a huge surprise, in retrospect. While polling proved to be incorrect, we still have a much longer track record that suggests that political polls are historically accurate. New polls are being conducted all the time, so be sure to read up on the latest numbers before placing your wagers.

Don’t Lean on Slanted Coverage

24-hour cable news and social media have changed the way people get their news forever. Now, more than ever, it seems as though most Americans live in political echo chambers. People want to hear what they want to hear. Those on the right side of the aisle may lean heavily on Fox News for their news coverage. Their friends on the left may be more inclined to see what MSNBC has to say.

Personal bias doesn’t help you when it comes to betting on sports, so why should it help you when it comes to betting on political matters? While most people have their own private political preferences, you’ll need to put those aside if you plan to actually make a profit betting on politics. Betting with your heart instead of with your head can lead to some poor decisions.

Read as Much as You Can

There is a seemingly endless demand for news coverage nowadays, and there are plenty of outlets out there willing to try and meet that demand. You should have little trouble finding news sites or political blogs that try and make sense of all of the latest developments in the world of politics.

GamblingSites.org is no exception. Our team of writers is always staying on top of everything that happens in Washington DC and around the world, and we are dedicated to giving you, the reader, the most accurate, unbiased information we possibly can. Check out our constantly updating political blog for the latest political betting coverage:

Political Betting FAQ

Is It Legal to Bet on Politics in the US?

As mentioned, the US has laws in place that prevent Americans from placing bets on politics at land-based casinos. While sports betting is getting legalized in more and more states, the restriction on real money political betting likely isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, that’s where offshore sites come in. There are no laws in place that prevent Americans from placing bets at offshore betting sites, including those that take bets on politics.

Can You Make Real Money Betting on Politics?

Yes! If you couldn’t make real money betting on politics, we wouldn’t bother to make the effort to cover it. Risk-tolerant bettors that took fliers on Brexit (+900 to pass) and Trump (+400 to win the presidency) back in 2016 will tell you that there is definitely plenty of money to be made betting on the world of politics. Considering how frenzied the political cycle has become, there is always something new out there worthy of your attention.

How Do You Know If a Political Betting Site Is Safe?

Unfortunately, not all political betting sites have your best interests in mind. So, before you sign up and place your bets, you need to take the time to do a little research into a site’s background. Our experts are constantly grading the top sites in the industry using a specific set of criteria in order to determine the best political sites out there.

Safety is the top concern. If a certain site has gotten poor reviews, or if you can’t find their legal info, it probably isn’t worth your time. You’re putting your hard-earned money on the line, and the last thing you want is for that money to get into the wrong hands. Finding a trustworthy political betting site is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, it’s usually pretty easy to tell whether a site is legitimate.

Is There Value in Political Betting Odds?

Absolutely. That’s why it has become such a massive industry in such a short span of time. Back in March, Joe Biden surging to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee would have sounded insane. A month later, anyone other than Biden becoming the party’s nominee would have sounded insane. Things can change in a heartbeat in politics, which is why it makes for such a compelling betting market.

If you pick your spots wisely and take advantage of the odds when they’re at their most profitable, you can make quite a bit of extra cash online politics betting.