Best Election Betting Sites for 2020

If you’re a fan of entertainment and/or political wagers, chances are you’ll
love the many election betting sites available these days. While political
betting is a genre that can cover a broad range of markets on which to bet, this
specific category deals with upcoming elections exclusively.

Voting Pins, Podium,and Someone Voting
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Putting money on your favorite candidate is already commonplace in many
European countries with legalized betting and is seen as a sign of support.
Often, the candidates themselves will go to the bookmaker a few days before the
election to place a wager on their success, as a symbolic gesture and sign of

Since 2016, gambling on politics has seen its popularity grow steadily, and
the 2020 Presidential race has election betting sites bracing for the most
action this sector of gaming has ever seen. The earlier you familiarize yourself
with this revolutionary new style of gambling, the sooner your bets will pay

The Benefits of Election Betting

Drawing of a Man Standing at a Podium

A Sign of Support

In Europe, where election betting is a normal and fully-accepted part of the
culture in some countries, bets are often placed on candidates as a sign of
support. Not only are you willing to cast your vote their way, but you want to
be financially invested as well. Then you can share your ticket with friends,
family, or social media to show them all you “put your money where your mouth

Additionally, a high volume of wagers on a particular candidate can influence
the election itself. Imagine a massive wave of betting action coming in on one
of the choices, enough to move the line. That could become a newsworthy story
that inspires their voter base. While polls often have a bias, handicappers
rarely do, so supporting your pick at the sportsbook to the extent that the odds
change can have real-world consequences.

Raise the Stakes

These days, voter turnout has become a serious issue in many countries.
People aren’t feeling represented by their elected officials, nor do they have
confidence that their vote will make a difference. Election betting sites give
you a reason to participate in the political process, regardless of how you feel
about their impact on your day-to-day life.

Putting a few bucks on the line can drastically increase the excitement of
election night. Let’s be honest; most people follow politics as a form of
entertainment, despite how dramatic and urgent they may seem when discussing the

Why not improve the viewing experience by raising the stakes a bit? Plus,
your willingness to risk real money is an excellent way to demonstrate your
confidence – which comes in handy during a heated debate.

Drawing of a Vote Going into a Ballot Box

The “I Told You So” Factor

Is there a better feeling in this world than getting to say “I told you so?”
When you’re going back and forth with a friend and neither of you are willing to
budge, offering to put money on the line is the perfect way to settle things.
The wager essentially ends the argument, agreeing to risk hard-earned cash to
prove you’re right. Plus, you may want it to sting (just a little) when they
finally know they’re wrong.

Then, when the election goes your way, not only do you get to dance around
and let them know “I told you so,” but you get a financial reward too. Can a day
get any better than that? Election betting is the ultimate display of confidence
in your opinion and makes winning twice as sweet.

Lots of Value Available

The other huge advantage election betting sites offer to players is a market
that’s still somewhat under the radar. It’s nearly impossible to win money
wagering on the most significant sporting events, where the handicappers devote
most of their time, and the sharp bettors move the lines early. Election odds
are still secondary markets which makes them easier to exploit.

In nearly every race, the oddsmakers will overestimate the betting value of the favorite’s
likelihood of winning. If only a couple of underdogs win on election night, you
can quickly turn a profit. Just imagine: In 2016, you could have bet on Donald
Trump as a massive dog, getting +900 odds in some locations.

About Our Recommendations

Sports betting laws are still in a transitional stage in the United States
since PASPA was repealed, ending the federal ban and making it a states’ rights
issue. Because political gambling is still illegal, the best places to wager on
elections are offshore betting websites.

This is hardly a setback, as the best online election betting sites in the
world are all provided by international gaming corporations hosted in foreign
jurisdictions. But it does mean you must be more cautious when choosing a
location at which to sign up.

When using offshore betting sites, you won’t have any local regulatory
agencies keeping your money and information safe. You need an honest, reliable
operator who will treat you fairly, even if they could get away with not doing

Choosing betting sites for elections doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Our
team considers hundreds of factors when reviewing websites before deciding which
to recommend to our readers. Any gaming provider you find at the top of this
page has consistently demonstrated the following traits.

Coverage of Election Betting

Election betting is gaining popularity in the world of online gaming at an
increasingly fast pace. The 2016 US Presidential race, 2018 midterm elections,
and Brexit have all helped to set records for this growing market. As a result,
we’re seeing more online oddsmakers setting lines on elections taking place all
around the world. The recommendations you find here are the best election online betting sites,
meaning they offer a wide variety of election wagers. That includes odds on
party primaries, congressional elections, senatorial elections, and-of
course-the Presidential elections. If it involves politics and the need to vote,
our recommended websites have you covered!

Ease of Use

Obviously, our primary mission is to recommend sites for election betting that
are legitimate, safe-to-use, fair, and accessible to the vast majority of our
readers. Still, we require much more; our favorite online providers operate
high-quality, well-designed websites and applications that anyone can use. Not
only does every site look professional, but the ease of navigation is key as
well. Did you suddenly get the urge to place a bet late on election night, mere
hours before the winners are announced? Without much time, you need to be able
to find the market you’re looking for and submit your pick before the odds are
pulled off the board.

Safety and Security

As we pointed out earlier, it’s crucial that you’re extremely careful when
utilizing offshore oddsmakers. If you’re accidentally scammed by a fraudulent
website, you are likely to lose any money deposited into your account, in
addition to valuable financial information.
That’s why our most urgent priority is ensuring that every election betting
site recommended on our pages is legitimate and offers the highest
levels of security. We put each operator through an intense review
process, so you never have to worry about anything other than winning!

Competitive Lines

One of the best things about wagering online is that it’s an incredibly
competitive marketplace. The sites for election betting we recommend are some of the
top oddsmakers in the industry, and thus always competing for new clientele.
This benefits the player because sportsbooks can’t afford to set lines that
don’t possess positive value; otherwise, you’d go somewhere else. All of the
providers listed above offer competitive election betting odds, allowing you to
find an edge and profit.

Banking Options

Accepting a broad range of banking methods is a significant consideration in
our website rankings. When using an offshore online sportsbook, you’re rarely in
a situation in which you may deposit or withdraw money through a direct
transaction with your checking account or debit card. In the United States, the law prevents banking institutions from allowing the
payments to occur, while other jurisdictions block them to reduce problem
gambling. The best election betting sites grant you ultimate flexibility with a
variety of e-wallets, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and payment processors
that give you options to work around any banking hurdles.

Reputation and History

Beyond merely verifying that a website offers election bets and is legitimate,
we also do our homework in order to guarantee our readers enjoy their online
gaming experience. To do that, our team of experts must do a deep-dive into each
website provider’s past. We research their history in the industry, looking into
the ownership behind the URL and any other domains they may operate. We like to send our readers to election betting websites with an excellent
reputation among customers and industry professionals alike. Our team consists
of experts from throughout the professional gaming world, so we only send you to
where the top handicappers know to play.

Bonuses and Promotions

Oh, how we envy those of you who are new to online election betting. There’s
nothing better than sign up and deposit bonuses when you’re first getting
started. You’ll notice in the
bonuses listed with our recommendations above that many betting sites agree to
match 100% of your initial deposit, doubling your money before you ever place a
bet. Then, no matter how lousy your picks may have been during the latest election
season, the top online betting sites make sure you still feel like a winner.
Sportsbooks enroll you into loyalty rewards programs which accumulate
value the more you wager. Usually, a point system is involved in which you
collect credits which can then be exchanged for cash back, merchandise, gift
cards, and much more.

Withdrawal Speeds

Payout speed is one of the most crucial factors when
reviewing a website for a few reasons. First, the money sitting in your online
account belongs to you and should be accessible at your convenience (within
reason, some banking methods take longer than others). Second, one of the first signs a betting operator is becoming unethical or
experiencing financial problems is that their average payout timelines start
increasing. Sometimes, withdrawal requests are purposely ignored, in the hope
that you’ll get bored and bet your profits. In other cases, it’s meant the site
was about to fold, disappearing with the cash in all the accounts. Third, websites that respond to and complete withdrawal requests swiftly are
usually the healthiest behind the scenes.

Quality Customer Service

Speaking of customer service departments, that’s another priority during our
extensive review process. For us to recommend an election betting site, they
must have an efficient help desk that’s always available for players
experiencing issues. If we’re to trust a website operator, it’s essential that there are multiple
ways of contacting a customer service representative, and that your problems
will be resolved quickly. We test every method of communication for each
betting website for elections, verifying that they’re all actively supervised and that
the responses are helpful, courteous, and fair.

Mobile Compatibility

We are spending less time in front of computers and laptops and
choosing mobile devices to engage with the internet instead. Any election
betting site worth recommendation works just as seamlessly in the palm of your
hand as on your desk. Whether the online sportsbook has designed their website for optimization on
mobile devices’ internet browser or they offer a dedicated app (or both), the
best election betting sites are convenient to use from anywhere. You never know
when you’ll want to place a last second election wager, making mobile
compatibility a must.

Election Betting FAQs

What Are Some Common Election Bets?

Election betting sites mostly set lines on the most prominent races.
Bookmakers typically set moneyline odds on every seat in the House of
Representatives and Senate, as well as the Presidential election.

They also accept wagers on party primaries along with various props on issues
such as “which party will have control of the Senate at the end of the night?”

Is Betting on Elections Allowed?

Not in the United States. All political gambling is currently illegal, due to
fears of corrupting the races more than they already are somehow. That being said, it’s only illegal to offer political betting. The individual
bettor may place wagers online without breaking any laws.

Is It Legal to Use Offshore Election Betting Sites?

While it’s not technically legal to use offshore election betting sites, it’s
not illegal either. Online gaming exists in a gray area in the US. The
government doesn’t regulate internet gambling in most states, but there are no
laws restricting individual players from accessing foreign websites either.

How Do I Find Value Betting on Elections?

If you’re looking for election betting value, the most important thing to do
is remove your emotions from the equation. You must be completely objective and
honest about what’s most likely to happen, not necessarily what you want to have

Most mainstream news outlets cater to specific audiences either on the
political right or left. They operate as echo chambers, only telling viewers
what they want to hear, making them especially unreliable for handicappers.
Don’t trust their polls or predictions; they’ll always overestimate their side’s

Instead, use statistically driven sources like or
websites that cover election betting like this one. During the 2018 midterms,
Nate Silver’s site gave each candidate’s likelihood of winning in percentage
form for every race.

All an intelligent gambler had to do was go through each race, compare his
numbers with the implied probability of the betting odds, and put money on any
pick where FiveThirtyEight’s percentage was higher than the oddsmaker’s. Anyone
who did so made a pretty penny that night.

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