Using Skrill to Gamble Online in 2021

There a lot of options when it comes to banking that make online gambling
transactions possible. Almost TOO many, if you ask us.

Were you hoping for someone to honestly review this plethora of options and
let you know what they are all about? If so, you’re in the right place!

This review will focus on the e-wallet known as Skrill. Before we get
started, here is the list of sites that we recommend using when signing up for

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Now that you know where to play, we will now dive into the pros and cons of
having a Skrill account, as well as give you some tips to getting started.

What Exactly is Skrill?

First off, we should know what Skrill is. We looked to Wikipedia to provide
us with this definition:

Skrill (Formerly Moneybookers)

Is an e-commerce business that allows payments
and money transfers to be made through the Internet, with a focus on low-cost
international money transfers.

In normal English, Skrill is an e-wallet that is used to store or transfer
money in 40 different currencies. It comes in very handy when trying to pay a
friend. It can also be useful when trying to pay for an online service such as a
gambling or a gaming site.

Benefits to Using Skrill

Instant Transfers

If you manage to keep your account open and your funds are not hijacked, you
will be able to send money instantly to other users for a small fee. Deposits
onto gambling sites are instant as well, making it extremely convenient for
people who are in the gambling mood.

Fee Cap

In a classy move that potentially costs them a lot of money per year, they
placed a $20 cap on a single transaction’s fee. This is great for high rollers
as they do not have to worry about paying a ridiculous amount to move their
personal fortunes around. Unfortunately, this benefit is negated by the fact
that we do not recommend keeping a large amount of money on Skrill at one time.

Gambling Compatible

Skrill is certainly one of the most common banking options available o
gambling sites. It is very tough to find a gambling site that does not offer it.

We really like that Skrill has re-entered the US poker market and is
available for use on the legal poker sites of Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey.
They are not available on the underground illegal sites such as America’s
Cardroom or Bovada, which is probably a smart move on their part.

Downsides to Using Skrill

Annoying Fees

Like most people, we hate to see fees of any kind. This is especially true
when it involves simply moving our own hard-earned money around the internet.

If we want to deposit using a Visa or Mastercard, we can expect a 2.9% fee.
If we want to send money to another user that has a Skrill account, we will pay
a 1.9% fee. There is also a base fee of $5.50 for every withdrawal.

Verification Stalling

There is a common complaint all over the internet that the identity
verification process used by Skrill’s security department is very slow. We have
personal experience with this problem and can confirm these complaints. During
this time, users claim that they cannot get ahold of Skrill. This leaves Skrill
users hanging out to dry while their money is being held captive by slow Skrill

Slow Response Time

Hello? Is anybody in there? For Skrill, the answer is no. They refuse to
communicate with customers in a timely fashion, which is quite annoying when
combined with their slow verification processes. There are reports that they do
not reply to emails in under 2 weeks.

You would think that a company who is taking fees from every transaction
could afford to pay more support members to make things run more smoothly.
Instead, they send out multiple robotic replies and don’t update users on the
progress of the issue at hand.

Money Trap

It appears that sometimes Skrill waits until users have deposited or received
money before they force an in-depth identity verification. If completing the
verification is not possible, the money can be trapped for good.

For large deposits, this is unacceptable and their slow response times only
add to the frustration. There are numerous complaints about 5-figure amounts
being trapped due to random account closures. We recommend never putting a large
amount of money on this e-wallet, as you might not see it for a while, if ever.

3 Steps to Getting Started

Now that you know what Skrill is, as well as the pros and cons of using it,
you can decide if you want to use them or not. For those who do want to use
their services, we will now provide you with three steps to using Skrill to
gamble online

Pick a Site for Gambling

The number one priority for this step should be finding a site that is
trustable. How can we know which ones are trustable and which are not?

Well, there are numerous companies which provide licenses and require these
gambling sites to be subjected to audits. Just find a site that belongs to one
of these regulatory bodies, or
check out our article on picking the right gambling site if you need more
information on how to proceed.

Make a Personal Skrill Account

Once we make our way to their homepage, we can see a large button in the
middle of the screen that reads “OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT”. This button brings us to
a bunch of pages in a row that ask us to enter our personal information. After
we fill everything in, we should have a Skrill account that is connected to our
bank account for funding.

Deposit Money onto a Gambling Site

Now that we have an account and have chosen a site to play on, we simply need
to deposit money onto that site. Every site has a cashier button which contains
the deposit options, and once we click on this button we will be able to see if
Skrill is offered on the site that we chose to play on.

Once we locate the Skrill option in the cashier, we simply need to enter the
amount that we want to deposit and we will be gambling almost instantly. Be sure
that you have enough funds in your Skrill account before attempting this


To wrap things up, we must admit that we are not impressed by Skrill’s
services. They seem to make people angry more than they make people happy. Their
lack of reliable customer service is unacceptable for a site that charges such
high fees.

Even though they do offer a convenient way to deposit money onto gambling
sites, we recommend using a different method if possible. This is especially
true if you plan on moving large amounts of money.

Skrill is known for shutting down accounts and confiscating money with little warning.

Skrill FAQ

Does anyone other than random internet reviewers have a problem with

Yes, they do. Proof of this lies in the fact that the Better Business
Bureau handed them an insulting rating of “D- “.

Does Skrill offer any extra security features for my account?

Yes, they do offer 2-factor authentication. Whenever a user logs in to
their account, they must enter the code that was texted to their phone to gain
access. Losing access to your phone will require you to go through an extra
identity verification process to prove that it is your account.

Is it free to send money to another friend who has a Skrill account?

No, there is a 1.9% fee on ANY person to person transaction. Fortunately
for high-rollers, this fee is capped at $20

Is there a VIP Club offered with Skrill’s services?

Yes, this club is for high-volume users and claims to offer 24/7 support,
special promotions, and extra security measures. Silver members or above also
have their own personal account manager.