Gambling in Ohio 2021

Ohio gambling seems to be growing all the time to give more and more people in the state access to real money gambling. The state boasts a robust casino scene in many of the major geographical areas. And the online scene is pretty active as well, especially when talking about online casinos available in these Ohio gambling sites:

Rank VA Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Products Get Started
#1 Las Atlantis Logo
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000
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#2 Wild Casino Logo
Wild Casino
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#3 BetUS Logo
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Ohio has joined other states in legalizing many areas of gambling that had been shut down up to that point. In recent years, that has meant more opportunities for citizens wanting to get involved in real money gambling, both in casinos and through top Ohio online gambling sites. But it’s important for you to know what all of that entails before you get involved in any way.

To that end, we’ll help you out by providing you with this detailed Ohio gambling guide. We’ll explain how Ohio online gambling works and tell you about how to choose your real money gambling sites. In addition, we’ll examine the legal gambling scene in Ohio in terms of casino and other types of gambling, while also providing you with answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Best Ohio Online Gambling Sites

Ohio gambling has expanded a great deal in recent years. The state wisely saw how other states around them were benefiting from the financial windfall of casinos and now the state is full of them. On the other hand, state residents can just make it easy and bet from the convenience of their own homes with the top Ohio gambling sites listed below:

Las Atlantis Logo

Las Atlantis – Biggest Welcome Bonus for Ohio Gamblers

Las Atlantis is known for one of the best welcome bonuses in the business, a massive 280% bonus on your initial deposits. But the site is more than just a site for great bonuses. It’s an outstanding full-service online casino from top to bottom, and Ohio residents should strongly consider going to that site fist when looking to bet online.
  • Massive bonuses for new and existing users
  • Quick payback so you can realize your winnings
  • Mobile betting options so you can wager on the go
BetUS Logo

Bovada – The Best Ohio Online Sportsbook for 2021

Bovada stands out for being one of the best-known names in the industry. That reputation has been built over years in the industry providing the best possible service to customers. You can expect an excellent wagering experience if you use Bovada as your Ohio gambling site.
  • Sportsbook and casino all rolled into one
  • Customer service is highly-rated
  • Software for games is top of the line
Super Slots Logo

Super Slots – Best Ohio Online Casino for Slots

As you might be able to tell from the name, Super Slots is the place to go if you want the best online slots action. The variety of the casino games available there is second to none for Ohio online gamblers. Super Slots has all the other qualities you should be seeking from a site as well.
  • Sharp interface that makes gameplay easy
  • Slots action in all varieties
  • Other casino games for the complete experience
BetOnline Logo

BetOnline – Best All-In-One Ohio Gambling Site

In BetOnline, you’re getting both an online casino and a sportsbook. From this one Ohio online gambling site, you can get all the betting action you could possibly desire. And it comes via a site that is completely reliable and safe to use, which is an important characteristic that shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  • All your betting favorites in one site
  • Fair odds provided for casino and sports betting
  • Many different types of banking options

You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. But you should delve into them a little bit deeper in case you want to find specifics that will suit you as a gambler.

Why These Are the Best Ohio Gambling Sites

Novice online gamblers might think that all gambling sites are the same and, if they believe that, might choose the first site that they find. But nothing could be further from the truth, and choosing rashly could come back to haunt you. There are reasons why we believe the sites that we’ve listed stand above others in the state of Ohio.

When you gamble online, it’s more than just playing the games and collecting your winnings, although that’s part of it. There also needs to be a solid infrastructure in place so that your complete experience is handled correctly. To learn more about that so that you can always choose the best real money Ohio gambling sites, check out the characteristics listed below.

Safe and Secure Gambling Experience

BetOnline iPhoneThis comes into play because of what you need to do when wagering for real money at Ohio gambling sites. First of all, you need to provide financial data so that you build a bankroll for your bets. And you’ll also have to provide basic personal information as well.

With all of that in the hands of a gambling site, you’ll obviously want to know that it’s all safe. And that means safe from both those working at the site and others who might try to hack in and steal it. Luckily, the top Ohio gambling sites can put your mind at ease in this department and give you peace of mind that nothing will end up in the wrong hands.

History and Reputation

It means something if a site has been around for a long time. For one, it means that they’ve survived in a very competitive industry, which is growing with new sites all the time. In addition, it means that they’ve been pleasing their customers for a long time without any major hiccups or scandals.

For example, Bovada has been doing business in the United States since 2011. And the site from which it originated in Europe, Bodog, has been around even longer than that. That means that you’re dealing with a site that has seen it all and is well-versed in providing Ohio gamblers with the best possible experience.

Large Bonus and Promotional Offers

There is nothing better than getting to play with house money when you’re doing some gambling in the state of Ohio. The best way to do that is to sign up for a site with bonuses offered to you just for giving them business. Top OH gambling sites will make their bonuses worthwhile to you in a number of ways.

First of all, like Las Atlantis does with its 280% welcome bonus, these sites will impress you with the sheer size of the bonuses you can get, much higher than what you would receive from a physical casino. More than that, they attach these bonuses to games that you want to play. In that way, Ohio gambling site bonuses really boost your bottom line.

Gambling Variety Available

Some gamblers might just want to settle with playing the same game over and over. But if you’re looking for a little variety, maybe playing different games or even playing different types of a certain style of game, the best Ohio gambling sites have you covered. They can create a scenario where you have many more choices than you would have even in the most elaborate casino.

For example, if you choose to sign up with BetOnline, you’ll have access to a rich assortment of casino games. On top of that, you can use their real money online sportsbook via the same gambling account. The end result is a one-stop scenario where you can do all your wagering from one source.

Versatility for Deposits and Withdrawals

Ohio BitcoinWhat we’re talking about here is the process of depositing and withdrawing and the options that you have. If you wind up at a site where your options or limited, your preferred method of taking out and putting money for your account might not be available. As a result, you might find that you’re using a method of banking that’s inefficient in terms of costs.

But the best sites for real money gambling in Ohio can solve that problem for you. For example, Super Slots lets you fund your account by credit card. On top of that, they allow you to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrency, which many online gamblers prefer for its privacy and quick settlement times.

Fast Payouts of Winnings

At various times, when you’re playing at Ohio online casinos, you’ll want to get access to your gambling funds. That’s when you’ll make a request for a withdrawal. When you do that, you’ll ideally hope to see your funds show up in a hurry without having to wait weeks on end.

The top Ohio gambling sites pride themselves on their fast payback. They provide clear guidelines for the process, give you an anticipated time frame and deliver on it. In that way, you can actually get your hands on the fruits of your successful gambling in a hurry.

Mobile Gambling Sites or Apps

There will likely be times when you want to access your Ohio gambling site of choice when you’re away from your computer. Maybe you have some time to kill while waiting for an appointment and want to fill it with some hands of real money blackjack. Or maybe you want to get a bet in on a game at the last minute.

If you have mobile gambling, you’ll have an option in scenarios like this. You might be able to use an app that you’ve downloaded on your phone, or maybe you’ll find a version of the website that is tailored for mobile devices. In any case, you really should insist that any Ohio gambling site that you use gives you mobile opportunities.

Excellent Customer Service

For the most part, if you choose one of the top Ohio gambling sites, your experience should run pretty smooth. But even at these quality sites, you might run into problems now and then. Or you might need to reach out to the site just because you have a pressing question about your account.

That’s when you’ll be glad that you’ve chosen a site that does a nice job with customer service. It means that you’ll be able to get in touch with them quickly and that they’ll respond in just as timely a fashion.

And it also means that their response will be courteous and seem like they are genuinely invested in solving whatever problem you might have.

Easy to Use Interface

We understand that not everyone reading this article is going to be a certified technological whiz. That’s why it’s important that sites for online gambling in Ohio make wagering easy for everybody. And the user interface is a key component of that.

When you check out a gambling site that you might potentially want to use, you should see how easy it is to move around from page to page. You should also take note if it seems confusing or you have a hard time finding what you want. Remember, when choosing gambling sites in Ohio, you should be able to do what you want to do without having to stop and think about it.

Different Types of Ohio Gambling Sites

Ohio Shaped Keyboard With Dice and Chips

Best Ohio Online Casinos

Online casinos essentially mimic all the action that you get in an actual casino, only you don’t have to battle traffic to get there. You’ll get not only machines, but also the best table games. And you’ll get robust bonuses to make your gambling money go much further.

Ohio Shaped Betting

Best Online Sportsbooks in Ohio

Ohio is a state rich in sports history. And many of the residents like to wager on all their favorite teams and games when they have the opportunity. With the Ohio sports betting sites listed above, they’re able to do that legally and safely, while getting a rich selection of bets to make.

Ohio Shaped Chips and Cards

Best Ohio Poker Sites

Whether you’re a Texas Holdem fan or like other variations of the game like Omaha, you’ll be able to find the poker games you like at these top Ohio gambling sites. You’ll be able to find both tournaments and cash games which hook you up with similar players.

Ohio Gambling Laws

Before we take a look at the different gambling laws in Ohio, lets take a look at the history of gambling in the state and how it has evolving throughout the years.

History of Gambling in Ohio

  • 1933: The state first legalizes some form of gambling by allowing wagering on horse racing. This wagering takes the form of pari-mutuel betting, in which the bets are collected in pools which then determine odds and payback.
  • 1973: A law is passed setting up the first Ohio State Lottery. A year later, the first game—Buckeye 300—goes into effect.
  • 1983: Ohio’s first even Lotto drawing takes place. Money raised from lottery games is later earmarked for educational purposes.
  • 2009: An amendment to the Ohio state constitution is pushed through to allow casino gambling in the Ohio cities with the highest population. It ushers in legal casino gambling in the state.
  • 2011: The Ohio Casino Control Commission is created. This body is tasked with overseeing casino expansion in the state.

Casino Gambling Laws in Ohio

There were two turning points where Ohio lawmakers essentially opened the floodgates for legalized casino gambling. In 2009, they passed a law allowing casinos at the four most populous locations in the state. Two years later came a law with allowed slot-machine like video lottery terminals in the state.

What has that meant to the state? Well, the revenue generated from these casinos has provided a massive boost to the state economy. Take a look at the revenue figures from a typical year (2019) as found in the Ohio Casino Control website:

Ohio Sports Betting

Sadly, sports betting has not yet been legalized in the state of Ohio. What’s frustrating for residents who want to legally bet on sports within the state is how other neighboring states have adopted the practice. Among the Ohio neighbors who are already in the legal sports gambling market:

  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania

The good news is that lawmakers in early 2021 were preparing a sports betting bill to be introduced. One of the major holdups is deciding if an existing Ohio commission—such as the ones that govern horse racing, casinos, or the lottery—should be in charge, or if a separate body should be created for that purpose. That could be the last stumbling block.

Since PASPA was struck down in 2018, many states have jumped in to legalize sports gambling. Ohio is likely to get that done. The question is how soon that will take place.

When it does happen, expect Ohio residents to hop on board. After all, they have a rich tradition of professional and college sports teams that they call their own. Take a look at the Ohio teams found in the four major US professional sports:

Poker Laws in OH

Poker is legal in the state of Ohio in any of the four standalone casinos in the state. There are no poker rooms found in the so-called “racinos” in the state, as only VLTs are allowed there. But there are four poker-only establishments found in the state, bringing the total of poker rooms in the state up to eight.

Take a look at a list of all the places you can play poker legally for real money in the state of Ohio:

  • Deep Stack Poker and Card Room in Hilliard: 9 tables
  • Gemini Poker Lima in Lima: 7 tables
  • Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati in Cincinnati: 19 tables
  • Hollywood Casino Columbus in Columbus: 15 tables
  • Hollywood Casino Toledo in Toledo: 19 tables
  • Jack Cleveland Casino in Cleveland: 15 tables
  • Mad River Poker Club in Dayton: 11 tables
  • Mansfield Gemini Poker Club in Ontario: 8 tables
  • Ruggles Blue Cincinnati in West Chester: 14 tables
  • Ruggles Dayton in Beaver Creek: 12 tables
  • Shark Tank Poker Club in Columbus: 17 tables
  • The Reserve in Toledo: 14 tables

Ohio’s Horse Racing Betting Laws

Horse racing betting has been the form of wagering that has been legal the longest in the state of Ohio. That means bettors have been able to make pari-mutuel wagers at both the state’s tracks and tracks throughout the country. In addition, online wagering on horse racing is also legal.

The state of Ohio hosts eight race tracks. Here is the list:

  • Belterra Park in Cincinnati
  • Cedar Downs in Sandusky
  • Dayton Raceway in Dayton
  • JACK Thistledown in North Randall
  • Mahoning Valley Race Course in Youngstown
  • Miami Valley Racing and Gaming in Lebanon
  • Northfield Park in Northfield
  • Scioto Downs in Columbus

Lottery Laws in Ohio

Ohio enacted the State Lottery with a law passed in 1973. As is the case with most states, the lottery takes the form of both live drawings and through scratch-off tickets sold in stores in the state. In addition, Ohio allows its residents to take part in interstate drawings such as MegaMillions.

Some notes on the lottery that you should know in terms of the legal issues:

  • 50% of the revenue earned from sales goes to payback minus expenses for distribution
  • 30% is earmarked for the Lottery Profits Education Fund
  • Prizes of $600 are subject to garnishment
  • You have 180 days to claim your prize before the state declares it unclaimed
  • Unauthorized sales include those to minors or those at a higher price than is listed

OH Bingo Laws

You can indeed play bingo in the state of Ohio for real money. These games must be put on by religious or charitable organizations and not by for-profit entities. From there, you’ll find that there are three types of bingo, according to the Ohio Attorney Generals website:

  • Type I: Traditional bingo (numbered and lettered balls in a hopper corresponding to bingo sheets)
  • Type II: Instant bingo tickets sold in conjunction with a traditional bingo session
  • Type III: Instant bingo tickets sold apart from a traditional bingo session

In order to be considered as a possible organization for holding bingo, the following must occur:

  • provide a copy of its IRS Determination Letter to verify its tax-exempt status.
  • be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.
  • provide proof of continuous existence in Ohio for the two years preceding the bingo application.
  • be registered and current with their annual filings with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.
  • provide a letter of good standing from your state headquarters, if a veteran’s organization.

Charitable Gaming Laws in Ohio

As long as the organizations qualify in the manner listed above in the bingo section, they can conduct charitable gaming operations in the state of Ohio. We told you about Ohio bingo above. But other types of charitable options in the state include the following:

  • Raffles: You can hold a raffle if you belong to one of the following groups, according to the Attorney General: “…a charitable organization, a public school, a chartered nonpublic school, a community school, or a veteran’s organization, fraternal organization, or sporting organization that is also a … tax-exempt organization.”
  • Games of Chance: Ohio state ordinance 2915.01(D) includes the following in their list of games of chance: ““poker, craps, roulette, or other game in which a player gives anything of value in the hope of gain, the outcome of which is determined largely by chance, but does not include bingo.”

Ohio’s Social Gaming Laws

Social gaming is usually what we’re talking about when mentioning simple home games like a weekly poker game with buddies. And the good news is that you can have that kind of fun while playing for real money in the state of Ohio, as long as you don’t get carried away. There are two ways you can cause some issues that might draw legal scrutiny:

  1. Playing games where there is a house edge. This is a no-no in most states, as that essentially means that someone is profiting just from putting on the games, which muscles into casino territory. Poker is OK, since there is no house edge, but games like blackjack or craps would be prohibited.
  2. Playing for large sums of money. The Ohio laws mention that making gambling a “substantial source of income or livelihood” is illegal. While they’re not quite clear on what a “substantial” amount might be, you probably shouldn’t push them too hard to find out.

Complete List of Ohio Casinos

There are currently 11 casinos which are available to gamblers in the state of Ohio. Four of them are standalone establishments are offer the full menu of casino games that you might expect. Seven more are attached to racetracks and are only allowed to offer VLT’s to their patrons.
Here is the list of games available to you:

Ohio Casinos

Click Here to View the Full List of Ohio Casinos

    1) Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment

    6301 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230

    2) Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield

    10777 Northfield Road, Northfield, OH 44067

    3) Hollywood Casino Columbus

    200 Georgesville Road, Columbus, OH 43228

    4) Hollywood Casino Toledo

    1968 Miami Street, Toledo, OH 43605

    5) Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway

    777 Hollywood Blvd, Xenia, OH 45385

    6) Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course

    655 North Canfield Niles Road, Youngstown, OH 44515

    7) Jack Cincinnati Casino

    1000 Broadway St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

    8) Jack Cleveland Casino

    100 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44113

    9) JACK Thistledown Racino

    21501 Emery Rd, North Randall, OH 44128

    10) Miami Valley Gaming

    6000 OH-63, Lebanon, OH 45036

    11) Scioto Downs Racino

    6000 S High St, Columbus, OH 43207

Casino Gambling vs. Online Gambling in Ohio

To this point, we’ve been telling you about your options for Ohio gambling. We’ve detailed how you can gamble in casinos in the state, and we’ve also explained how you can get the job done via online gambling websites. But you might be wondering which is right for you.
The best way to figure that out is to explore what each form of gambling has to offer you. Along those lines, you should know what you get out of each format. Here are some of the advantages each has over the other.

  • You can take advantage of the amenities around the casino. For example, you might be able to get food, drinks, watch a show, or, in the case of the racinos, step out and watch (and bet) a horse race. It’s more of a complete entertainment option than if you were just gambling online.
  • Some people might prefer the idea of interacting with real people while they gamble. This could mean chatting up the dealer while you’re playing blackjack or cheering with other gamblers at the craps table. You can’t really do that while gambling online, which is a solitary experience.
  • Many people make casino gambling a key component of a getaway. For example, they might schedule a vacation or weekend trip around a casino visit. If you were gambling online, you’d lose that element of it.
    • We mentioned above that online gambling is a solitary experience. That actually might be a draw for you depending on your personality. If you’re all about the nitty-gritty of the gambling and don’t want to be distracted, you’re better off using one of the top Ohio gambling sites.
    • At the top Ohio online gambling sites, you’ll get bonuses that regular casinos can’t afford to match. When you use a casino club card, you have to play for a long period of time before you get free play or a cashback offer. At OH gambling sites, you’ll have offers right off the bat.
    • It might be all that convenient for you to get to a casino. Ohio is a big state, and you might not be located near one of the 11 casinos. And even if you are, it might just be easier for you to simply fire up your computer or other connected device and play the games in that manner.

Ohio Gambling FAQ

Is Online Gambling Legal in Ohio?

This is a tricky question because of the different jurisdictions involved. Even though there is no mention of it in state gambling laws, online gambling for real money is generally considered to be an illegal activity. There are no legal online gambling operations that are located in the state.

But what about betting on overseas websites, like the ones we’ve listed as the best Ohio gambling websites. Those sites are located in areas where there are no laws against online gambling. As a result, you can gamble with these sites and not have to worry about running afoul of any local gambling laws.

When Did Ohio Legalize Gambling?

For the first form of legalized gambling in the state of Ohio, you have to go all the way back to 1933. Up to that point, all forms of gambling were considered to be illegal. But that was the year that the state decided to allow horse racing pari-mutuel wagering.

It would be many years before casino gambling would come to the state. When Ohio legislators saw how neighboring states like Pennsylvania and Kentucky were benefitting from casinos, they quickly moved. That led to the legalization of casino gambling in the state in 2009.

Can Online Casino Games Be Played for Real Money in Ohio?

Even though there are technically no online gambling sites located in Ohio, you can play games for real money if you’re located there. That might seem like a contradiction. But it makes sense when you consider that the sites in question will accept bettors from Ohio even though they don’t operate from there.

In addition to real money games, you can also play free casino games at many of these sites. The idea behind this would be to get a feel for the games before you can play them for real money. Or you might like the idea of simply playing for fun.

Can I Play Real Money Online Poker in Ohio?

Again, you can, but you have to do so through Ohio gambling sites in offshore locations. Although there is legal poker in person at Ohio casinos and card clubs, there is no provision for online poker in state law. That means that you have to get your online action from sites located in legal gambling areas.

The best Ohio gambling sites will give you plenty of poker options. That can mean different ways to play the game or different limits. Online poker has become increasingly popular in recent years, and you can definitely partake in the state of Ohio.

Will Offshore Gambling Sites Accept Ohio Players?

Truth be told, there is no guarantee that every gambling website will accept players from every state. The good news is that the top Ohio real money gambling sites are relatively flexible in terms of the players that they accept. You should double-check as you research the sites.

What you’ll find is that most overseas websites are eager to accept as much business as possible. The general rule is that if they accept players from the United States in general, that usually means that they also accept most other states. But there are rare exceptions, so keep that in mind before plunging in.

Do I Have to Worry About Getting Arrested When Playing at Real Money Gambling Sites in Ohio?

There are two main reasons that you don’t have to worry that the law will come after you when using the Ohio gambling sites we’ve listed. First of all, these sites are licensed to operate in the jurisdiction where they are housed. They are on firm legal footing to accept gamblers under a licensed authority.

The second part is that these sites are responsible for their actions if they were operating illegally. Law enforcement doesn’t have the time or resources to chase down individual gamblers for something that might not even be illegal in the long run. That means you’re in the clear if you wager at these sites.

Are There Any Sports That I Can Wager on in Ohio?

You can wager on horse racing without any problems. Either you can visit an Ohio racetrack in person, or you can use an off-track wagering facility. In addition, you can make wagers online via sites attached to the tracks in the state.

If you want to bet on sports other than that with Ohio online sportsbooks, you have to utilize offshore betting sites. You’ll be able to bet on all other major sports using these sites. And you can make a wide variety of bets at these sites, including straight win bets and specialty wagers like futures, props and in-game betting.

Is It Legal to Bet at More Than One OH Gambling Site?

There is nothing to stop you from signing up to multiple Ohio betting sites. The advantage to this would be that you could get bonuses from multiple sites. You also may be able to pinpoint certain games that are only available at specific sites.

One word of caution: Make sure that you do the research necessary to find out if any site that you’re thinking of using is a good one. Don’t get carried away looking for as many bonuses and games as possible that you overlook red flags. That could undo any benefits that you get from the multiple Ohio online gambling sites.

Where Can I Gamble Online in Ohio When I Want the Best Betting Sites?

When you’re looking for Ohio gambling sites, remember to consider everything that goes into the gambling process. That means you should be seeking out sites that are safe and trustworthy and deliver reliable action. They also should provide a wide variety of games and banking options, while also providing you mobile capability, big bonuses, and excellent customer service.

What Is the Future for Gambling in Ohio?

This overview tells you about the current situation for gambling in the state of Ohio. But gambling laws are always in flux, changing as new lawmakers come into power after election cycles. That means change is always a possibility.
With that in mind, here are few things we’re anticipating in the near future in terms of Ohio gambling:

  • Sports gambling should be legalized in the near future. There have been some rumblings that this might take place before 2021 is out. While that might be ambitious, it seems likely the momentum in the legislative branch in Ohio is strong enough to carry this one home without too much more delay.
  • The gambling revenues in the state will keep rising. As recently as March 2021, Ohio’s casinos and racinos shattered records for revenue in a month. Don’t expect that trend to die down anytime soon.
  • Online gambling might take a little bit longer. With the focus on sports gambling at the moment, it could be a bit before the state’s governing bodies turn their attention to online gambling. Luckily, you can still wager at offshore sites like the ones we’ve listed throughout this article.

Final Words on Gambling in Ohio

We hope that you use this article as a reference when you’re making your decisions about gambling in the state of Ohio. With more and more options becoming available for real money wagering—both in the online gambling world and in physical locations—it can get a bit confusing. But if you focus on the options that suit your gambling needs the best, you’ll have the best possible experience with Ohio gambling.