Gambling in Oregon – The Complete Guide to Gambling in OR

Oregon gambling offers a nice mix of options for those in the state who want to do some wagering for real money. With Indian casinos and a variety of charitable gambling opportunities, you can wager legally in person in the state. But you can also switch it up by using the best Oregon gambling sites as well:

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The state of Oregon has been unafraid to give its citizens solid gambling opportunities, more so than in many other states. Although the state has no commercial, privately-owned casinos, the various Indian gambling establishments in the state can scratch that itch. But you can always fall back on Oregon online gambling sites when you’re looking for a convenient alternative that doesn’t require you to go to any physical location.

In the following article, we’ll provide an overview to tell you all about the gambling scene in the state of Oregon. We’ll talk about the different ways you can gamble in person and how state laws determine those options. And we’ll also get into the different ways that you can practice online in Oregon as well.

The Best Oregon Gambling Sites

You won’t have a difficult time finding a large number of gambling sites that will give you access to real money gambling in Oregon. But finding the best of those sites can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t have any help. Luckily, we can give you that help with the following list of the best Oregon real money gambling sites.

It’s important to realize that each of these sites is outstanding but they go about it in different ways. If you’re choosing, you might have personal preferences that push you in one direction or another. With that in mind, here is a brief overview of some of the best Oregon gambling sites.

Las Atlantis Logo

Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis stands out right off the bat with their impressive welcome bonus. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, as this is a site that will provide everything you could possibly want out of an online casino. They’ll make it so easy and convenient for you that you might not ever feel the need to stop by one of Oregon’s land-based casinos.
  • Perhaps the best welcome bonus in the business
  • Bonuses stay strong even after sign-on
  • Game variety is impressive
Super Slots Logo

Super Slots

Online slots are one of the main draws for those who frequent online casinos, because they’re easy to learn how to play and provide excellent payback opportunity. Super Slots is a great place to be if you really want to focus on your slots action. The rest of their casino offerings are pretty strong as well.
  • Practically every online slot you could want is at the site
  • Different jackpots and progressives to spice up the action
  • Payback is quick and easy to make happen
BetOnline Logo


BetOnline is useful as being an all-purpose site for Oregon gamblers. You can play the online casino if you choose, bit you can also get your action at the site’s online sportsbook. In any case, the service is top of the line, making this one of the most versatile Oregon gambling sites.
  • Fully operation sports book with events from all over the world
  • Bonuses tied into the specific betting you’re doing
  • Helpful customers service to put your mind at ease
Ignition Casino Logo

Ignition Casino

Poker sites are important because of the sheer popularity of the game and the need for some sort of online play. Ignition Poker is rated highly because of their ability to connect players for virtual tables. You can play tournaments or cash games and expect it all to happen without a glitch because of the top-notch software.
  • Poker players can find just the right game for them
  • The software is reliable and easy to use
  • Nice bonuses tied into the poker action

Different Types of Oregon Gambling Sites

The platforms we’ve listed are the best sites for gambling in Oregon and offer different types of gambling. Some are very specific in what they offer, while others provide more of a catch-all feel. Here are the different areas on which top Oregon gambling sites might focus.

Oregon Online Casinos

Online casinos should impress you with the different games they have to offer you. Those games should include the same odds as you might expect from them in the casino. The convenience of online casinos is the quality that makes them so popular.

Oregon Online Sportsbooks

Using Oregon sports betting sites brings the action of your favorite sports to you. And you can use your knowledge of sports, teams and athletes to make money. You can do this by betting one team to win, or maybe making specialty bets like spreads, points, props or futures.

Oregon Poker Sites

Poker is one of the most popular options at online betting sites. The combination of skill and luck that it requires always is a draw for real money gamblers. And with poker websites, you can play against others digitally, instead of having to be in the same room at the same table.

Oregon Gambling History


Greyhound racing begins in the state, allowing fans to bet on the races via pari-mutuel betting. The races would continue in the state until 2004.


The first horse racing track the state, Portland Meadows, opens its doors. Portland Meadows still exists as the lone full-time track in the state.


Oregon makes a provision in its laws for charitable gambling. Initially, games included blackjack and roulette for prizes that weren’t cash, but bingo for cash would be legalized five years later.


A social gaming law is put into place. It allows for legal gambling at public establishments as long as the establishment doesn’t take a fee for hosing the games.


The Oregon Lottery is created after a law is easily passed in that year’s election. Oregon sells its first lottery tickets a year later.


Oregon enters the sports betting market, legalizing “Sports Action” through the lottery. Bettors could make parlay bets on NFL games, meaning they had to pick multiple games instead of just one.


The first true Indian casino opens up in 1993, when the Cow Creek tribe signs a pact with the state. This comes five years after the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act makes it possible.


Video poker games are installed in bars and taverns throughout the state. It’s an effort for the state to combat the illegal video poker games proliferating in the state.


The last Sports Action betting takes place in the state. This is done so that Oregon can host games in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.


Sports gambling is once again legalized. Bettors can take part at participating Indian casinos or through the state-run Scoreboard website and app.

More Oregon Gambling Laws

  • Casino Games: Legal
  • Sports Betting: Legal
  • Poker: Legal
  • Horse Racing Betting: Legal
  • Lottery: Legal
  • Bingo: Legal
  • Charitable Gaming: Legal
  • Social Gaming: Legal

Oregon Gambling Laws Overview

On the whole, Oregon is one of the most permissive in terms of its gambling laws. The fact that the state was allowing a form of sports gambling even after it was deemed illegal on a federal level (Oregon could continue offering it because of a grandfather clause). For the most part, the state has been ahead of the curve in allowing most types of gambling.

This is the one big area that’s missing is in terms of private, commercial casinos. They are still illegal in the state, although there have been many efforts throughout the years to get them legalized. Other than that, you have an excellent variety of in-person gambling options if you live in the state.

In terms of the basic gambling statute in Oregon, the state legal code defines it as the following:

“‘Gambling’ means that a person stakes or risks something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance or a future contingent event not under the control or influence of the person, upon an agreement or understanding that the person or someone else will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome.”

As far as internet gambling, state law 167.109 references it, but talks about those accepting vets via the internet. That is a Class C felony. But it makes no mention of those making the wagers.

Casino Gambling: Legal

As mentioned above, casino gambling in Oregon is limited to Indian reservations. There are no commercial casinos in the state. But the nine state-recognized tribes were able to open casinos upon signing pacts with the state government.

It’s hard to measure the impact of Indian gaming in the state of Oregon. But research compiled by ECONorthwest, as reported by, regarding relatively recent gambling stats (2012-13) give an idea:

  • $1.4 billion in economic impact in the state
  • 11,500 jobs supported
  • $237.1 million in wages and benefits
  • $6.9 million in grants and donations to local charities

Sports Gambling: Legal

The state of Oregon’s return to sports betting, after the parlay betting they had for nearly two decades from the ‘80s to ‘00s, has been somewhat limited. Lawmakers quickly legalized sports wagering again once the PASPA was essentially rendered toothless by the Supreme Court. But even after that 2019 law was passed, sports betting revenue is a bit modest.

That’s partly because only one Indian casino currently offers a sportsbook. Meanwhile, the Scoreboard site is the only game in town when it comes to betting on sports online in the state. In recent months, according to, Oregon has posted some of its most impressive betting numbers in terms of revenue:

  • October 2021: $2.75 million
  • November 2021: $4.12 million
  • December 2021: $3.05 million
  • January 2021: $3.87 million
  • February 2021: $2.68 million
  • March 2021: $1.37 million

Poker: Legal

Poker Chips

Several of the state’s Indian casinos feature poker among its offerings. In addition to that, you can play live real money poker in one of the state’s poker rooms, which are generally located in the bigger cities such as Portland and Eugene. Take a look at what the state has to offer in terms of its standalone poker rooms:

  • 15 total poker rooms
  • 6 in Portland
  • 8 in Eugene and Southern Oregon
  • 1 in Salem
  • 84 total tables

Horse Racing: Legal

Horse racing betting is legal in the state of Oregon and has been a part of the state since the 1946 opening of Portland Meadows. The state allows off-track betting at that track and a number of the other sites in the state. In addition, you can make pari-mutuel wagers through hub websites devoted to horse racing.

You can also use Oregon sports betting websites that offer fixed odds betting on horse races. By fixed odds, we mean that the odds stay the same even after you’ve made your wager. This is opposed to pari-mutuel wagering, where odds aren’t determined until all bets are finalized.

A law allowing the Oregon Lottery was passed into existence in 1984, and the first games were offered a year later. Among the offerings are scratch-off tickets and drawings that are held periodically. The jackpot drawings offered in Oregon include the following:

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Oregon’s Game Megabucks
  • Lucky Lines
  • Win for Life
  • Pick 4

In addition to the drawings, the Oregon Lottery is also in charge of running the Scoreboard sports betting site. It’s also in charge of video lottery terminals located throughout the state. These offer an experience somewhat akin to a casino slot machine.

Bingo: Legal

Legal bingo came to Oregon in 1976. As is the case with most US states, you can only play via games put on my nonprofit organizations. The only exception to that would be if you played at a bingo hall operated by one of the state’s Native American tribes.

As for who is allowed to conduct bingo in the state, the FAQ page of the Oregon Department of Justice answers the question:

“Only organizations exempt from paying federal income taxes may conduct charitable gaming events in Oregon. This includes public agencies and public schools. Private organizations qualify if they are active nonprofits. An organization must have held tax-exempt status for at least one year and been engaged in its charitable, fraternal, or religious purpose during that time.”

Charitable Gaming: Legal

In addition to bingo, there are other games allowed by Oregon that can be administered by nonprofit organizations. Games include raffles, Monte Carlo nights, and Texas Hold’em. Here is what the DOJ in Oregon considers a raffle:

“A raffle is a form of lottery in which each participant buys a chance for a prize, and the winner is determined by a random drawing. As with all lotteries, a raffle includes the elements of consideration, chance and a prize. Consideration is presumed to be present unless it is clearly and conspicuously disclosed to prospective participants that tickets may be acquired without contributing something of economic value.”

And a Monte Carlo night:

“With Monte Carlo, players compete against the house on contests of chance using purchased imitation money. The event encompasses casino-style gambling, using cards, dice and roulette wheels. Players wager and win imitation money, chips, or tokens, and no cash is wagered or won. Players may exchange imitation money for non-cash prizes or use it for a chance to “purchase” prizes at an auction.”

And finally, Texas Hold’em:

“Texas Hold’em is a type of poker game. Oregon law allows for the use of this and similar games at Monte Carlo fundraising event. With Texas Hold’em, players are limited to spending no more than $500. This limit includes the original buy-in, as well as all ‘add-ons’ and ‘re-buys’. Licensees are expected to have a system in place which will adequately track player spending to ensure that no one is allowed to violate the $500 limit. If a licensee charges guests a fee to attend their fundraising event in addition to the buy-in for Texas Hold’em, the licensee must describe what, in addition to the Texas Hold’em tournament, the player is receiving for the additional fee.”

Social Gaming: Legal

Oregon is one US state that is okay with social gaming. Many states have specific language in their code prohibiting it. Or they don’t mention it at all, which implies that it is part of their general anti-gambling laws.

But, as the Department of Justice clearly states, games such as a local poker get-together or a Super Bowl pool are OK, as long as they stick to guidelines:

“A ‘social game’ is one in which all the money wagered is returned to the players in the form of prizes. The house cannot take a ‘cut’ or percentage of the money or otherwise profit in any manner from the operation of a game. Social games in businesses, private clubs, or places of public accommodation can be conducted only if there is an enabling ordinance (usually a social gaming ordinance) by the local jurisdiction. Social games that are conducted in private residences are permissible.”

List of Casinos in Oregon

As we said earlier, there are casinos in the state of Oregon that are run by Native American tribes. Most of these have been in place since the early 1990s, when the tribes started making pacts with the state. Some of the casinos offer a limited range of games, while others are more like casinos that you might see in Las Vegas, offering just about every kind of game.

  1. Chinook Winds Casino Resort: 1777 NW 44th Street, Lincoln City, OR 97367-5094
  2. Indian Head Casino: 3236 Hwy 26 PO Box 891, Warm Springs, OR 97761
  3. Kla-Mo-Ya Casino: 34333 Highway 97 North, Chiloquin, OR 97624
  4. The Mill Casino Hotel: 3201 Tremont Avenue, North Bend, Oregon 97459
  5. Plateau Travel Plaza: U.S. Hwy 26 and Cherry Lane, Warm Springs, OR 97761
  6. Seven Feathers Casino Resort: 146 Chief Miwaleta Lane, Canyonville OR 97417
  7. Spirit Mountain Casino: 27100 SW Salmon River Highway, Grand Ronde, Oregon 97347
  8. Three Rivers Casino Resort: 1297 Ocean Boulevard, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
  9. Three Rivers Casino Resort: 5647 Highway 126, Florence, Oregon, 97439
  10. Wildhorse Resort and Casino: 46510 Wildhorse Blvd., Pendleton, OR 97801

Oregon Casino Gambling vs. Online Gambling

You have plenty of options when it comes to real money gambling in Oregon, but it ultimately comes down to the choice between gambling online and in person. Each have their own advantages, but it could come down to what you prefer. Here are some of the things that each has in its favor.

Casino Gambling Advantages

  • Casinos give you the chance to experience something other than just gambling. You can eat, drink, shop, and be entertained by all of the amenities included in casinos. That can make a casino visit more of a memorable experience.
  • The atmosphere in a casino can be a lot of fun if you like the stimulation. All the flashing lights and excited noises can really be an adrenaline rush. If you’re looking for something thrilling, casinos are a great place to make that happen.
  • Some people like the tactile experience that you get from a casino. Touching the cards or stacking your chips is something that you don’t get to do when you’re gambling online. Those little moments can make you feel connected to your gambling.

Online Gambling Advantages

  • When you gamble online, you can avoid any distractions. You can put yourself in a comfortable environment and remove anything that can take your mind off the action. That can mean better decisions and better results.
  • Online casinos can give you more choices. At a land-based casino, especially some of the smaller ones in Oregon, you might only have a handful of different games to play. There aren’t those kinds of limitations at the best online casino gambling sites.
  • If you play online, you’re going to get more substantial bonuses than from land-based casinos. These bonuses can come when you sign up, when you deposit more money, for holidays and birthdays, and so on. Every little bit of a bonus can help when you’re up against the house edge.

What’s Next for Oregon Gambling?

We’ve been talking about where Oregon gambling stands right now. But there could be changes coming. Here are some of the things to watch for in the coming weeks, months, and years.

  • There could be more challenges to some of the Indian dominance on in-person gambling in the state. In Salem, there has been an attempt to install historic race betting machines, which has caused a stir among the Native American tribes who feel that there’s a conflict. That challenge could be just the tip of the iceberg.
  • More operators could be stepping into the online sports betting arena. That’s because the oversight of sports gambling could be changing hands to the Oregon Racing Commission. And they could be looking for more competition for the Scoreboard site and app.
  • Even if the state keeps just one sports betting site, look for a possibility that the operator of it changes. The state might feel less pressure if an experienced sports betting site comes into play. No matter how it happens, the days could be numbered for the Scoreboard site.

Oregon Gambling FAQ

When Did Oregon Legalize Gambling?

It started with greyhound racing in the 1930s, which was followed by horse racing a decade later. Indian casinos arrived in the ‘90s, just a few years after the original form of sports wagering was introduced. Sports gambling returned in 2019.

Where Can I Gamble Online in Oregon?

You can make sports bets at the authorized Scoreboard site run by the state lottery. Or you can get all kinds of betting, including casino and poker, at the Oregon betting sites located overseas. These sites can give versatility if you like to spread your wagers around.

Is It legal to Play at Online Casinos in Oregon?

Although state law prohibits online gambling, it essentially mentions only the entity taking the bets. There is no mention of those making the bets. That makes it a bit of a confusing area from a legal standpoint.

Will I Get Arrested for Making Online Bets in Oregon?

As we said, it’s not certain that gambling at online websites is legal or illegal. But we’re pretty certain that the state won’t look to prosecute individual gamblers. There isn’t much of a history of that, not only in Oregon, but even in other US states.

Can I Win Real Money at Gambling Sites in Oregon?

You first have to risk real money at top gambling sites if you want to win some in return. That means creating an account and funding it in some manner. But if you do, you can win real money if you win your bets.

Can I Bet on My Phone in Oregon?

Most Oregon gambling sites have some sort of mobile gambling component that you can use. That means that you can bet on any device that you have available to you. In that way, you never have to miss out on any action just because you’re not at your computer.

Is There Sports Betting in Oregon?

There is now legal sports gambling as authorized by the state. You can wager through the state lottery’s Scoreboard website. And you can also make bets via the online gambling sites that are located offshore in areas where gambling is legal.

Can I Use Offshore Sites Instead of the State-Owned Sports Website?

You can definitely choose the offshore sites that offer sports gambling in Oregon. One of the advantages of that is that you won’t be restricted in any way. The Scoreboard site run by the state lottery prohibits you from betting on college sports involving teams located in Oregon.

Can I Sign Up for Multiple Oregon Real Money Online Gambling Sites?

You can sign up for as many sites as you wish. That will help you to secure more bonuses, especially the welcome bonuses that are so lucrative. Just make sure that you’re always choosing sites that are reliable and trustworthy so that you don’t have any bad experiences.
What are the best Oregon gambling sites?

The sites that we’ve recommended at the top of the page are among the best online gambling sites because they cover all the bases in terms of the qualities needed for a smooth and enjoyable process. These sites should be your first choices when you search for potential gambling outlets.

Additional Resources

Oregon is unique in that their state police have a hand in supervising the
gaming industry. Agreed upon in the state’s compacts with local tribes, the
Oregon State Police work with tribal officials to ensure fair gaming.

You can see more details on this arrangement below along with info on other
Oregon gaming agencies.

  • Oregon Department of Justice
  • The State Department of Justice handles charitable gaming matters, including
    licensing and enforcing rules. Their website offers charity gambling laws and

  • Oregon Tribal Gaming Division
  • The OTGA is a coalition of federally recognized tribes that own and run the
    state’s casinos. This organization also looks out for the welfare of their
    tribes and distributes gambling revenue to the appropriate channels.

  • Oregon State Police – Gaming Division
  • The State Police works with the OTGA on a number of gaming matters.