Complete Guide to Gambling in Wyoming

Wyoming isn’t a gambling friendly state. In fact, most types of gambling are

All casino games-except for social games-were completely outlawed until
tribal casinos were legalized. Wyoming originally refused to negotiate a compact
with the tribes of the state regarding casino games. Wyoming was overruled by
the federal Indian gaming act though, and several casinos have opened since.

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Online Gambling and Wyoming Law

Is online gambling legal in Wyoming?

No, online gambling is illegal in Wyoming.

Like most states, Wyoming doesn’t have any laws that specifically mention
online gambling. But their current gambling laws cover online gambling by
default. The state’s laws make no distinction for traditional gambling versus
gambling on the Internet.

The Wyoming Statues defines a gambling device as:

“means any device, machine, paraphernalia or equipment except an antique
gambling device that is used or usable in the playing phases of any professional
gambling activity, whether that activity consists of gambling between persons or
gambling by a person involving the playing of a machine”

Based on this definition, any computer, tablet, mobile device or any other
device that could be used to gamble online is considered a gambling device.
These are illegal in Wyoming unless they’re located in an approved location-like
an Indian reservation casino.

The only types of gambling device approved by Wyoming law are antique devices
that aren’t used for gambling. Wyoming Statutes define antique gambling devices

” a mechanically or electronically operated slot machine that is at least
twenty-five (25) years old and used only for display or personal amusement in
the owner’s residence, in public and private museums, in possession of a dealer
or distributor of lawful gaming equipment or displayed at state or local
historic sites;”

Can I get arrested for gambling online in Wyoming?

Since gambling online is illegal in Wyoming, yes, you could get arrested for
it. The maximum gambling penalty is 3 years in prison and $3,000 in fines.
Non-professional gambling has lesser penalties.

Although it is possible, no one has ever been arrested for online gambling in

We always offer the same advice to our readers. Don’t break the law. We also
think that it’s only fair to provide a clear view of the risks involved.

Running an online casino or online bookmaking operation is almost certain to
get you arrested eventually. Placing a bet on a football game with an offshore
gambling site is unlikely to result in anything bad-other than maybe losing some
money on the bet.

Is Wyoming going to legalize online gaming?

It’s unlikely that Wyoming will legalize online gaming anytime in the near

No push for regulated online gaming has been made in Wyoming. They’re one of
the stricter states when it comes to gambling laws.

For example, the Wyoming lottery wasn’t legalized until 2013; 46 years after
New Hampshire started their lottery.

It could take another 50 plus years to see online gaming come to Wyoming.

Are daily fantasy sports legal in Wyoming?

Daily fantasy sports are a gray area in Wyoming. No laws in Wyoming talk
about them.

We couldn’t find anyone that has been arrested or told not to play daily
fantasy sports in Wyoming.

Wyoming does recognize the role of skill versus chance when defining
gambling. Games of skill are legal.

It’s possible that daily fantasy sports can be legalized in Wyoming-if it’s
found to be a game of skill. Right now, there’s no court precedent in the state
regarding this

How do I choose a good online gaming site?

A seemingly endless number of online gaming sites are available. Most of the
sites we recommend (but not all of them) are happy to take action from Wyoming
residents. But not all Wyoming gambling sites are trustworthy.

Choosing a good online gaming site is possible by following the tips below:

Read reviews and complaints – The easiest way to find a legitimate gaming
site is to read reviews and complaints. Searching for the name of the site along
with keywords like “reviews” and “complaints” can bring up posts written by past
or present customers of those sites.

Reviews alert you of problems that members have with the site such as payment
issues or promotions that didn’t pan out.

You can also find extensive reviews and guides done by forums or gambling
review sites.

Try to locate reviews from members of the site and not large websites or
forums. It’s possible that they were paid to do a review for the site.

The difference between legit reviews and sales pieces can be subtle. Look for
reviews like the ones on our site-reviews that look at the pros and cons of the
site. If a review is too glowing, it’s almost certainly not written by a real

Customer Service – Any place that we give our business to, we want and expect
a certain degree of customer service. Online gaming sites should be no

Contact the customer service team to get a feel for the service they provide.
Imagine that you have a real problem. Is the level of customer service the team
gives you going to anger you or help you?

Keep in mind how long they take to get back to you and how thoroughly they
answer your question.

You might also want to check the customer service hours. See if they’re
available when you are going to be playing.

Games Offered – Research the variety of games offered on the site. Some sites
“specialize” in one type of a game or another. For example, a site that’s
specializing in blackjack might offer more blackjack promotions than poker

We’ve seen sites that offer slot machine and video poker games exclusively.
Blackjack players should probably skip signing up for such sites.

Deposit and Payment – Check out the deposit options and payment information
available on the site. Some payment information you might want to research
includes processing time, fees and whether or not you have to wait until you
have a certain limit to withdraw your funds.

Are offshore gambling sites safe?

Before sites are allowed to offer offshore gambling, they must first have a
license to do so. Look up the site’s license to make sure it’s current. Read
more information regarding the licensing jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction has its
own regulations about fees.

You should also check out how long a gambling site has been in business. The
longer the site has been in business, the more reviews and information you’ll be
able to find on the site.

If a business wants to keep running, a steady stream of customers is needed.
Sites that have been open for a lengthy amount of time probably have a steady
stream of loyal customers that are happy with the site.

We’re confident that any of the Wyoming gambling sites we recommend will meet
your needs.

Also On This Page

More Gambling Laws in Wyoming

  • Casino Games: Legal in Tribal Casinos
  • Sports and Race Betting:Pari-mutuel Only
  • Lottery: Legal
  • Bingo: Charitable Bingo Only
  • Social Gambling: Legal

According to Section 6-7-101 of the Wyoming Statues, gambling is defined as:

“risking any property for gain contingent in whole or in part upon lot,
chance, the operation of a gambling device or the happening or outcome of an
event, including a sporting event, over which the person taking a risk has no

Gambling in Wyoming is a misdemeanor that can land you up to six months in
jail and a $750 fine.

Some forms of gambling are an exception to the Wyoming gambling law, which we
will cover below:

Casino games: Legal in Tribal Casinos

Under the federal Indian Gaming Act, since Wyoming allows class 3 gaming,
such as poker, in social settings, they must allow class 3 gaming in tribal

Tribal casinos are allowed to offer poker, blackjack, roulette and slot

Only two casinos in Wyoming offer poker, blackjack and roulette.

The other two casinos in Wyoming are slot machine casinos with restaurants
attached to them. One of them also offers a bingo hall.

Sports and race: Pari-mutuel Only

Calcutta wagering is allowed in Wyoming. That includes wagering on horse
races. Here’s what the Wyoming statutes defines Calcutta wagering as:

“means wagering on the outcome of amateur contests, cutter horse racing, dog
sled racing, professional rodeo events or professional golf tournament in which
those who wager bid at auction for the exclusive right to "purchase" or wager
upon a particular contestant or entrant in the event and when the outcome of the
event has been decided the total wagers comprising the pool, less a percentage
"take-out" by the event’s sponsor, is distributed to those who "purchased" or
wagered upon the winning contestants or entrants;”

Greyhound racing is illegal in Wyoming.

Here’s a list of the current off track betting locations in Wyoming.

Some of the off-track wagering locations offer simulcasting-where betting on
past races is allowed. The horses’ names are removed from past races to avoid
anyone looking up the results to gain an edge.

Lottery: Legal

The Wyoming lottery was legalized in 2013. Each year, the first $6 million
dollars from the state lottery goes to the state treasury. Anything after $6
million, the lottery gives to the state fund for education.

Wyoming doesn’t have the typical scratch off lottery tickets. They only offer
draw games.

Here’s what the Wyoming lottery website says about scratch off tickets:

“Will there be scratch games?

No. The legislation that authorized the creation of a lottery in Wyoming
specifically prohibits scratch games. However, we are currently researching
other draw games that we will introduce in the future.”

Wyoming lottery games include:

  • WyoLotto Cowboy Draw
  • Wyoming Powerball
  • Wyoming Mega Millions
  • Wyoming Lucky for Life

The Wyoming Lottery website says they’re currently researching off draw type
games to offer Wyoming residents.

Wyoming has 448 lottery retailers currently. Here is a link to a list of all
the retailers

Bingo: Charitable Bingo Only

Wyoming gambling laws exclude charitable bingo games from their definition of

Here’s what the Wyoming Statues says about bingo:

“Bingo games conducted, or pull tabs sold, by charitable or nonprofit
organizations where the tickets for the bingo are sold only in this state and
the pull tabs are sold only on the premises owned or occupied by the charitable
or nonprofit organization provided that:

Bingo games and pull tab games shall only be conducted by charitable or
nonprofit organizations, which have been in existence in this state for at least
three (3) years;”

Here’s a list of Wyoming bingo halls that offer legal charitable bingo.

Social Gambling: Legal

Wyoming gambling laws exclude some social gambling if they’re performed by
people with a bonafide relationship. A bonafide relationship means that you and
the other players have a relationship outside of gambling.

Only games of skill, speed, endurance or strength are allowed under bonafide
gambling. This includes games like poker.

Here’s what the Wyoming Statutes has to say about accepted social gambling:

“Bona fide contests of skill, speed, strength or endurance in which awards
are made only to entrants or the owners of entries;

 Any game, wager or transaction which is incidental to a bona fide social
relationship, is participated in by natural persons only, and in which no person
is participating, directly or indirectly, in professional gambling”

Gambling Venues in Wyoming

Wyoming has four casinos, two of which only have slot machines.


    1) Wind River Hotel and Casino

    10269 WY-789

    Riverton, WY 82501

    Phone number: (866) 657-1604

    Table games and slot machines are available.

    2) 789 Smokeshop Casino

    10368 WY-789

    Riverton, WY 82501

    Phone number: (307) 856-6789

    Only slot machines are available.

    3) Little Wind Casino

    685 WY-132

    Ethete, WY 82520

    Phone number: (307) 335-8703

    Only slot machines are available.

    4) Shoshone Rose Casino and Hotel

    5690 US-287

    Lander, WY 82520

    Phone number: (307) 335-7529

    Table games and slot machines are available.

History of Gambling in Wyoming


The pari-mutuel racing commission is established to rule over racing and wagering on racing.


The Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act is passed, and Wyoming refuses to negotiate with tribes in their state.


The Federal court gives the Arapaho tribe permission to run casino games on reservation land.


Wyoming and 2 tribes sign compacts to run casinos on the Wind River reservation.


Wyoming lottery is legalized.

Additional Resources

The Future & Your Views

Wyoming gambling laws aren’t likely to change much in the future. Wyoming has
a reputation for strict gambling laws with no craps, roulette or any other
chance-based gambling legalized aside from pari-mutuel horse race betting.

Wyoming might be one of the last states to see state regulated gaming
sites-if they ever approve it. Currently, only two states have regulated
gambling sites, and if it takes Wyoming as long as it did to approve state
lottery, we’re looking at another 50 years, at least.