2,000 Guineas Stakes Betting Sites

2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites are your ticket to betting on one of the
most unique events in all of horse racing. The race is held in Great Britain
each spring and stands as one of the most important races on the annual
Thoroughbred racing schedule. To bet on this race online, you’ll need to know
what kind of betting website to choose that will provide you with the best and
most convenient service.

After a lot of time spent checking out as many of the various sites with 2,000 Guineas Stakes odds, we’ve narrowed down the list to the choices we
have listed below. This list should provide an excellent starting point for you
to find a site that suits you well. And it will also provide excellent examples
for how these sites should operate so you could compare them to other sites that
aren’t on the list, in case you want to go out on your own.

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Horse racing takes place all over the world on a daily basis, giving fans
excellent betting opportunities along the way. Some races rise above the usual
to gain a position of honor among racing fans for their special nature or their
high stakes. The 2,000 Guineas Stakes certainly occupies rarefied air in the
racing world and attracts a lot of betting interest because of it.

In fact, it is such a popular race on an international basis that many online
wagering sites will be offering you the chance to bet on it. If you do a quick
internet search, you’re likely to come upon dozens of 2,000 Guineas
betting sites filling up several pages. You might be tempted to pick the first
one you see, sign up, and be done with it so that you can get started betting on the 2,000 Guineas Stakes.

But such haste can turn out to be a big mistake down the road. Choosing 2,000
Guineas Stakes betting sites without taking the time to do a little research
could lead to you signing up with a site that isn’t quite set up properly to
take your wagers efficiently. Even worse, it could lead to you ending up at a
site that is looking to scam you out of your money.

After all, if you plan to bet on more than just the 2,000 Guineas Stakes at
this site, you could be committing a great deal of money to the endeavor. You
likely will take your time picking the horses who you think will do well in the
race. Why wouldn’t you also take that kind of time choosing 2,000 Guineas Stakes
betting websites that you can trust and enjoy.

In the following article, we will provide you with our recommendations for
what we believe are the top, legitimate 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites. We
will also explain our criteria for making those choices so you’ll understand
what to look for when you start researching on your own. Then, we’ll give you
the lowdown on the betting at the 2,000 Guineas Stakes, from the types of bets
you can make to the strategies you might use for picking winners.

Our Top 2,000 Guineas Stakes Betting Sites

Horses Racing at the 2,000 Guineas Stakes and Qipco British Champions Logo

From our list, you can begin to narrow down your choices based on your own
personal preferences. After all, you might have specific considerations that you
want to make concerning your online wagering that could be a little bit unique.
Only if you look into each of these 2,000 Guineas Stakes racebooks in an
in-depth manner will you know if they satisfy their needs.

You might be wondering how we decided upon this list. Well, first of all, the
2,000 Guineas betting sites that we’ve listed have all established
themselves in a crowded field of online betting websites over time. In addition,
they have built solid reputations that let bettors know there won’t be any funny
business going on when they make their wagers.

Most of all, though, our selection process came down to how well each of
these sites ranked in six major aspects of the online betting experience. Each
of these qualities come into play at some point in the process of wagering with
a horse racing betting site. And they should be taken seriously by you as you
sift through possibilities. These categories are:

Not every one of the betting sites for the 2,000 Guineas Stakes we’ve listed for you
can boast being at the very top of the list for all of those categories. But
they can at least say that they are adequate in them all. The sites each have
strengths and weaknesses for you to discover as you look closer into the

Knowing how we rated these sites can help you rate sites on your own. This
might come into play if you happen upon a new site that we might not have had
the chance to consider. If you find one that gives you the kind of betting that
you’re seeking for the 2,000 Guineas Stakes and other major events, apply those
six criteria and see how they rate compared to the others.

Let’s review each of the six categories we’ve mentioned. By breaking them
down, you should be able to learn why each one is so important to the big
picture. You can then use this knowledge going forward, before you sign on with
a betting site and once you are wagering with them.

Customer Service

It seems to be a no-brainer that customer service would be an important part
of any respectable 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting site. But some bettors are so
eager to start betting that they fail to consider this aspect. They will regret
that when problems arise with the site in question.

Here’s the thing: Even if you’re betting with the 2,000 Guineas Stakes
betting sites that we’ve listed as the very best, issues are still likely to
crop up from time to time. That’s not a deal breaker by any means. What’s
damaging is if the site’s representatives don’t make any effort to fix whatever
the problems might be, or at the very least address them in some way. Remember
that the world of online gambling is not exactly regulated. You will have a hard
time finding any help from outside sources if you can’t get it from your 2,000
Guineas Stakes online betting sites.

Luckily, the sites that we have listed all possess impeccable reputations for
customer service. You can expect them to deal with you in a professional manner.
And you can probably expect them to reach out to you with offers for promotions
from time to time.

Ideally, you will have a representative from the site who knows your account
well and is the point person for your communications with the site. This
representative should give you multiple ways of contacting them so you can reach
them at a moment’s notice. This way you’ll be able to head off any problems
early on in the process before they get too major.

Horses Racing at the 2,000 Guineas Stakes

Don’t be fooled into sloughing off customer service. It might not be
something that garners a lot of attention, like big bonuses or being able to bet
on a lot of different events. But it just might be the bedrock of a successful
2,000 Guineas Stakes betting site or any online betting site for that matter.

Deposits and Withdrawals

How money travels back and forth into and out of your account at 2,000
Guineas Stakes betting sites is absolutely crucial to you. This is especially
the case if you plan on being an active bettor at the site. Knowing the timing
of deposits and withdrawals can really make a difference when you are trying to
get in on as much betting action as possible.

In terms of your deposits, this process should be as streamlined as possible.
You would like the time between when you initiate a deposit and when it becomes
active in your account to be as minimal as possible. When you’re dealing with
horse racing betting at 2,000 Guineas betting sites and there are a lot
of races going off in a short span of time, you’ll need that kind of quickness
to be on display.

Many people focus on the withdrawal policies of horse racing betting sites,
and understandably so. After all, winnings from wagers on horse races or any
other type of sporting event don’t mean much if they can’t eventually be
realized. Yet many lesser sites will make it extremely cumbersome for you to
actually get your hands on your money.

It is totally within the right of a 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting site to come
up with their own policy in terms of when they allow bettors to withdrawal money
from their betting account. You may or may not agree with it. If you think it’s
too strict or doesn’t fit in with the schedule that you had planned, you can
always move on to another site.

But what is really problematic is when a site doesn’t have clear guidelines
for their deposits and withdrawals. Or, even worse, if they have them but don’t
follow them. There is nothing more frustrating than having accrued betting
winnings that you can’t get your hands on when you want to do so.

The 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites each have their own policies regarding
when and how much you can deposit to and withdraw from your account. More
importantly, though, they stick to those policies. Being able to trust what your
site claims when it comes to money going in and coming out will give you
much-needed comfort and peace of mind.

Betting Choices

Choosing to have a wide variety of betting options will depend upon your
personal preference more than anything else. If you plan on limiting your
2,000 Guineas Stakes betting online to the race itself and maybe a
smattering of other events at the most, you probably won’t care about what other
betting events the site can make available to you. But if you plan on using this
site as your go-to location for online wagering of all types, you’ll want to
know just how much exposure you have to the widest variety of horse racing bets.

Obviously, if you’re interested in the 2,000 Guineas Stakes, it probably
means that you are a horse racing fan. As a result, you’ll be seeking out sites
that can take you to every track in the world on any given day and let you bet
them as if you were right there on location. And that means more than just
betting on the big events, but also having the chance to wager on simple, daily
races that take place at race tracks all over the globe.

Your next step might be to want to venture out into the world of sports
betting. The 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites that we recommend feature sports
books that give out odds on all of the major sports on an international level.
When it comes to sports betting, you might want to bet on individual games or
matches or take a look at futures wagering, which can be quite lucrative for
relatively small wagers.

These sites can give you all of that action. On top of that, these sites can
also help you out with online casino action. Whether you love the interactive
action of Texas hold ’em poker or want to play a slot machine for hours by
yourself, the best sites can do it all, and you won’t have to visit anywhere

Flexibility of Devices

When you first consider betting online on horse racing or any other kind of
betting site, you might not think about the chance that you’ll need to make a
wager at an unexpected time and place. You might not have the luxury of being
able to veg out in front of your computer, picking and choosing what to bet.
Life can get busy sometimes, and mobile betting can cover you in the
circumstances when you aren’t tethered to a computer but still want to place
your bets.

The 2,000 Guineas Stakes racebooks that we have listed for you all
provide betting apps and the ability for you to bet on the go. This means that,
if the mood strikes you and you see a horse race or game that seems like a great
play, you won’t have to be sitting at home to make the wager. All you’ll need is
some kind of internet-connected device like a smartphone or a portable tablet to
get it done.

Of course, these betting apps have to be easy to use. They should also be
free of glitches that can take you out of the betting action at the worst
possible time. Again, our recommended 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites have
already proven themselves in this area.

That kind of usability and functionality should also be evident in the actual
website. When you go on it to make a wager, you shouldn’t feel like you’re
trying to make your way through a labyrinth just to place a bet. It should be a
smooth intuitive process.

Horses Racing at the 2,000 Guineas Stakes

It should be a process that works on a consistent basis. The problem with
some up-and-coming 2,000 Guineas betting sites is that they might not
have worked out all the kinks in their operations. You shouldn’t have to suffer
from lost betting opportunities while they try to figure things out.

Valuable Bonuses

Bonuses are a must-have for online gamblers. Gambling usually favors the
institutions that take the bets. Even if you are astute at betting on the 2,000 Guineas Stakes,
there is a good chance that you still might lose more in bets than you take in
over a long period of time.

But bonuses help even it out and give you a better chance when dealing with
2,000 Guineas betting sites. You can expect your site of choice to be
aggressive in offering you incentives to wager with them. After all, they want
to secure your business and don’t want to see it end up with competitors.

What kind of bonuses can you expect? Well, many 2,000 Guineas racebooks will try to lure you with free wagers to get started. Or they will match a
certain percentage of your initial deposit that you can then use as wagering

If you already have an account with a certain site, you can still expect to
see bonus offers coming your way. For example, with a big race like the 2,000
Guineas Stakes, the site may give a bonus just to make a wager on the event,
especially if you haven’t been actively wagering in a while. Finally, if you are
an active bettor, these sites may even award you VIP perks to encourage you to
keep after it.

While all this might sound pretty sweet, you have to realize that 2,000
Guineas Stakes betting sites aren’t giving money away. They will generally
require you to bet a certain amount on top of anything that they give you before
you can withdraw any of the winnings. Otherwise, bettors would simply grab the
bonus and take it out for their own use.

These requirements are known as rollovers and they generally require that you
bet a certain amount before you can collect any money that comes from the
promotion. That amount is reached when you multiply the preordained number
determined by the website with the amount that you collect in the bonus.
Ideally, you want the bonuses to be as low as possible, so don’t be afraid to do
a little comparison shopping when choosing 2,000 Guineas racebooks.

Overall, you have to look at bonuses as part of your profit-making structure.
Without them, you would have a hard time coming out ahead of the site. With
them, you can score big, especially if the horses you pick, or any other bets
that you make, turn out to be winners.

Funding Options

Finding horse racing betting sites with funding choices that suit you
is very important. Being able to use whatever credit card or other method of
payment that you prefer will provide you with a little bit of a comfort level
going into the online gambling process. Therefore, the sites with the most
choices should be high on your list.

One way of funding your gambling exploits at 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting
sites that you might not have considered is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency can
be used in the same way that you use traditional money, even though they have no
physical presence. Instead, they are digital coins that allow great
transparency, quick settlement times, and, in general, a process for paying and
receiving payments that’s nice and streamlined.

You might also want to pay with electronic payment systems like PayPal or
Venmo. Basically, the more options that the site gives you the better. This is
an underrated aspect of the process of looking for 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting
online, but you’ll know how important it is if, unfortunately, you sign up for
one and find your options suddenly limited.

Remember that the sites we listed above have generally high ranks in all of
the categories that we mentioned. But don’t be afraid to do some research and
find out for yourself how they rank. Once you have your betting website of
choice down pat, you can get down to the business of betting on the 2,000
Guineas Stakes.

Betting Tips for the 2,000 Guineas Stakes

The first step in making a wager on the 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites is
to take a look at the field. And a good way to do this is by finding a program
page. A program page will show you all the details of the horses in the race,
including biological and statistical information as well as the owners,
trainers, and jockeys in charge of the horses.

Program pages can usually be found online for events as important as the
2,000 Guineas Stakes. You can simply print one out for easy access. If you plan
on being a big-time horse racing bettor, there are also subscriptions for which
you can sign up which will give you access to program pages from all sorts of

While looking at a program page can help, you can also help your chances by
watching videos of past races of the horses in the field. Sometimes this can
help you distinguish some key factors about the horses in the race that you
couldn’t find from the program pages. The best horse bettors know how to combine
information from the page with information that you can see with your own eyes.

Once you’ve honed in some horses and learned how to bet that you think could be good plays in the
2,000 Guineas Stakes, it’s time to decide what kind of bet you want to make.
Here are the two main types of bets that you can consider on horse racing betting sites.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are those that only include a single horse. For instance, you
might pick a horse to win the race. Or you might decide that you think a certain
horse is going to finish either second or third in the race and bet them that
way at 2,000 Guineas betting sites.

The key with straight bets is that they give you the best chance of pocketing
something in return for your wagering investment. Imagine if you bet the race
favorite to show, which means that the bet will pay off if the horse finishes
first, second, or third. You have a pretty good chance of coming up a winner
doing it that way, maybe even better than 50% if there aren’t many horses in the
race and your horse is a deserving favorite.

But the payoff for such a bet might only be cents on the dollar because the
horse has short odds. That is why it can be difficult to make a lot of money off
a straight bet. Those looking for a jackpot-style score might be better served
looking elsewhere on Guineas betting sites.

There are a couple ways that you can make a decent amount of money by making
straight bets on horse racing. One way is if your horse has long odds to win.
You could conceivably bring in a pretty good amount that way if the horse

Another way to win a lot on straight bets is to wager a lot of money. For
example, if your horse goes off at 2 to 1 odds and you bet it to win, you would
only win four dollars on a two-dollar bet. But if you bet $200, you would come
away with a $400 profit.

Straight bets are best utilized if you want to keep your wagers at 2,000
Guineas Stakes betting sites simple. And they’re also effective if you only
really feel strongly about one horse in the race. Just don’t expect to get rich
from them without putting a lot of money on the line first.

Exotic Bets

Sometimes called “accumulator bets,” exotic bets are a little bit like the
lottery tickets of the horse racing world. If the ticket is involved and
intricate enough and everything breaks your way, you could conceivably walk away
with a huge payout for a very small wager. But it’s not as easy as it sounds; in
fact, sometimes it might seem easier to hit the lottery.

Exotic bets are characterized by the fact that they involve multiple horses.
For example, you might try to pick the horses who you think will finish in the
first four in the order of finish in the 2,000 Guineas Stakes. Or, if you want
to try an exotic race over multiple races, you might try to pick the winner of
three races in a row on a racing card.

As you might imagine, wagers like these are not an easy thing to pull off in
any race, let alone a race like the 2,000 Guineas Stakes, which might contain 20
or more horses. You need to have an excellent ability to diagnose races, and you
need to be a little lucky as well. But your reward can be really substantial if
you pull it off, possibly as high as thousands of dollars or pounds.

If you like the idea of winning a lot by putting a little at stake, exotic
bets on 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites will probably be more your speed. If
you prefer more of an approach where you grind it out with small winnings while
keeping your eye out for the bigger scores, straight bets could be the way to
go. Your decisions will be based on your temperament, your budget, and the
particular race.

Facts About Betting on the 2,000 Guineas Stakes
  • The 2,000 Guineas Stakes takes place in late April or
    early May ever year at Newmarket Racecourse in Suffolk, England. It is open
    to horses who are three years old. It is contested for a purse of 500,000
    British pounds, quite the raise from its original 19th-century
    purse of 2,000 guineas, which gives the race its name.
  • It is contested at a mile but is unusual among mile races for being on a
    straight track. Most one-mile Thoroughbred races require horses to navigate
    one turn. The odd distance makes for some interesting strategy.
  • The 2,000 Guineas Stakes serves as the first leg of the British Triple
    Crown of racing. It is followed up by the Epsom Derby and the St. Leger
    to round out the trio. Very few horses have made it through this trip
    of races by winning them all.
  • This race is known for having an extremely diverse field. Entrants often
    include sprinters who think they can get away with a little bit longer
    distance, milers who are used to the distance of the race, and horses
    wanting to get in Triple Crown contention and are shortening up. All of
    these classes of horses make for some fascinating wagering chances at 2,000
    Guineas Stakes betting sites.


As you might be able to tell from those facts, the 2,000 Guineas Stakes is
one of a kind. Seeing all of those horses charging straight ahead at that mile
distance makes for quite the spectacle. And that spectacle is heightened if you
happen to have some money bet on one or more of the participants.

But you can’t get to that point until you make a good effort to choose the
best among the 2,000 Guineas Stakes betting sites like the ones available at the top of this page. Choose
poorly and you might regret the decision for a while. Should you choose wisely,
however, you’ll be a winner in the long run even if your picks for the 2,000
Guineas Stakes stakes are also-rans.