Best Betting Sites for the Belmont Stakes

When it comes to finding the best Belmont Stakes betting sites, you shouldn’t
be careless with your choices. The race is one of the most important in the
entire sport of horse racing. As a result, you don’t want to get left out when
it comes to wagering on this American sports tradition.

In terms of betting on horse races, people often fall into one of two categories. There
are the hard-core followers of the sport, who watch races daily and bet on them
all through the year. And then there are the more casual fans, who might only
check out a few races per year, perhaps betting on them if the mood strikes

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The interesting thing is that both of those groups of people should be
interested in the methods for finding the best Belmont Stakes betting sites.
After all, the Belmont Stakes is ingrained in American sports tradition and
draws national attention every single year. As such, it draws betting interest
from diehard and casual racing fans alike.

First of all, the race has great tradition and has featured some of the most
memorable finishes and performances in all of racing history. On top of that,
the unique characteristics of the race make it a favorable one to bet. It is as
unpredictable as any of the top horse races in the world, meaning that those
visiting Belmont Stakes online betting sites have the potential of making a lot of
money from a small wager.

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The race is also important because it’s the final leg of American horse
racing’s Triple Crown. That means it’s the last chance for the finest
three-year-old horses in the world to win one of those three prestigious races.
Occasionally, a horse comes to Belmont having won the first two legs, meaning it
could be the rare horse that wins the Triple Crown.

All of these factors intensify the worldwide betting interest on Belmont
Stakes betting websites. For many people, the only way they can take part in
wagering on this race is by visiting one of the numerous Belmont Stakes gambling
sites on the internet. Others might have the capability of betting in person or
off-track but prefer the convenience and ease of online betting anyway.

With that in mind, we’re here to identify the best Belmont Stakes betting
sites that are currently available. Additionally, we’ll give you some advice on
what you should be looking for from these sites in case you want to check them
out on your own. Finally, we’ll talk a little bit about what makes the event so special to bettors, as well as how you might go about picking winners
for this amazing race.

Belmont Stakes Betting Sites – The Important Questions

Belmont Stakes Banner

You will find a multitude of websites on the internet where you can bet on
the Belmont Stakes. But out of all those sites, only a few can really be
trusted. That’s because there are a lot of shady characters who claim to run
legitimate wagering businesses but are either in over their head or are actively
trying to scam people.

How do you know the good Belmont Stakes betting websites from the bad? Well,
one way is to look at the banners above. Every one of the sites that we have
listed here can be trusted and should be considered if you’re looking to wager
on the Belmont Stakes or other events.

The bottom line is that we have done a lot of the studying and research for
you. We have subjected these Belmont Stakes betting sites to extremely rigorous
standards. Out of all the sites that we tested, the ones above ranked the best.

You can take our word for it and just choose one of these Belmont Stakes
betting sites. But you might have specific needs or desires for your horse
racing betting website of choice, in which case you might want to check out
these sites on your own. Or you might come upon a new site that’s not listed
here and wonder if you should check it out or perhaps open an account with it.

In any case, you should go in armed with a checklist of qualities that all
Belmont Stakes online betting sites should possess. And you should be ready to ask
certain questions surrounding those specific qualities. Let’s start by giving
you the checklist:

  • Strong Customer Service
  • Competitive Bonus Offers
  • Many Different Types of Betting
  • Options for Funding Your Account
  • Functionality with Different Devices
  • Smooth, Reliable Process for Deposits and Withdrawals

You should have these qualities in mind when you choose between Belmont
Stakes betting sites. Some might be more important to you than others, but they
should all be in play. Let’s take a look at each one now by talking about the
three questions you should be prepared to ask of these sites that offer odds on
the event for online betting.

Strong Customer Service

How Can I Get in Touch with the Site?

You should be able to reach any Belmont Stakes betting site within a moment’s notice should the need arise. That means they offer several different ways to get in contact, including phone, email, and live chat. And there should never be a point where there is no response to one of your queries.

How Hard Do They Work to Fix My Problem?

You should feel like you are their number-one priority, even if you aren’t betting thousands upon thousands of dollars with them. If you have an issue, and you feel that there’s no urgency on the site’s behalf, you can quickly lose confidence in them. Whether you are betting on the Belmont Stakes or any other event, you have to feel like your online betting site has your best interests in mind at all times.

How Aggressive Are They in Dealing with Me?

Most sites will try to sell you different promotions and deals once you have signed on, so this shouldn’t surprise you. But the service representatives at your Belmont Stakes betting sites shouldn’t do so by insulting you or trying to shame you into betting with them. Any betting site that allows that kind of boorish behavior should not even be considered.

Competitive Bonus Offers

What Kind of Offers Will I Get for Signing on at Belmont Stakes Betting Sites?

Betting websites are battling with one another for every new customer, which is why you should expect bonuses to come your way for signing on. On many of these sites, you might even find a specific promotion tied into Belmont Stakes betting. As a result, you should shop around for the site that gives you the best deposit bonus or free play when you get started.

Will They Offer Me Continual Offers After I Sign Up?

It’s customary for the top Belmont Stakes betting sites to offer you reload bonuses to freshen up your account every now and again. You’ll also find horse racing betting sites that offer VIP perks to those who bet often. Again, it’s important that you do your research to see which of the sites in question can give you the most for doing business with them.

Can I Collect Winnings from These Bonuses Immediately?

Most Belmont Stakes betting sites and gambling sites of all kinds have rollover requirements. Rollovers require that you bet a certain amount, usually a multiplier of the original bonus, before you can withdraw any of the money associated with it. Ideally, you can find a sports betting website that keeps those multipliers nice and low so that you can get a hold of any winnings quicker.

Many Different Types of Betting

Will I Have Exposure to Other Horse Racing Betting on the Site?

Most Belmont Stakes betting sites will also give you betting access to other
major races like the

Kentucky Derby
or the Preakness Stakes. If you are a regular horse bettor,
however, you might want the site to go beyond all that and allow you to wager on
races around the world on a daily basis. Before signing on, make sure you look
around the site to see what kind of horse racing betting offerings are available
to you.

Can I Bet on Other Sports?

If you like betting on horse racing, it stands to reason that you also might have a yen for all other sports betting. Should you desire that, make sure that the Belmont Stakes online betting sites that you choose among have a full sportsbook. Look for specific sports and teams that you like to bet in their offerings as part of your research.

What About Online Casino Gambling?

Some people love the action generated by table games, video poker, slot machines, and all other betting diversions that can be found in casinos. Wouldn’t it be great to get access to all of that without having to leave the comfort of your own home, or even if you are in some far-flung location without access to a casino? The best Belmont Stakes betting sites will deliver that kind of variety.

Options for Funding Your Account

Can I Legally Bet Money with the Site?

The world of online gambling is unregulated and largely unpoliced, but it can be tricky at times to know if you are dealing with any legal gray areas. Luckily, established Belmont Stakes betting sites are ones that have no issues with legality. That’s why you shouldn’t stray too far off the beaten path when looking to bet on this race or betting on horse racing in general.

Will My Credit Card Work on Your Site?

Again, this is something you should look into beforehand, as some credit cards try to stop any payments that go toward online gambling. In most cases, however, you won’t have any issues with Belmont Stakes online betting sites. They will offer the widest variety of credit card funding options.

What About Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are perfect for horse racing
betting sites and other online gambling because of the ease and speed of the
process. Your deposits and withdrawals can be realized in a fraction of the time
it takes with credit cards, and cryptocurrency also strengthens your ability to
remain anonymous while wagering on the Belmont Stakes and other events. For
those reasons, you should look into cryptocurrency if you’re a regular online
gambler, and you should seek out which Belmont Stakes gambling sites allow
payments with the digital coins.

Functionality with Different Devices

Can I Easily Bet with a Tablet or Cell Phone?

Belmont Stakes betting sites should be equipped with some sort of mechanism that allows you to bet in some other way than through a basic computer. Many people conduct all kinds of business on their cell phones and tablets. They should be able to do their online Belmont Stakes betting in that manner as well.

How User-Friendly Is the Betting App?

If the site has an app that can be downloaded for the mobile devices you have, it needs to be easy to navigate and use. There’s no sense in signing on for Belmont Stakes betting websites and then being unable to get around the site to make your bet. Read reviews about app functionality on whatever device you might have.

Is the Site Free of Glitches?

The Belmont Stakes betting sites that we have listed above have been in existence for several years one and all. That means they have had time to work out any kinks that might cause problems for bettors. If you end up on a site that is new or untested, you could find yourself missing out on betting opportunities because of dreaded glitches.

Smooth, Reliable Process for Deposits and Withdrawals

Is There a Policy Spelled out Concerning Deposits and Withdrawals?

Most bettors don’t have an issue with a Belmont Stakes betting site having a certain protocol for deposits and withdrawals. The problem comes when this protocol isn’t clearly listed or seems to be changing all the time. Stick with reputable sites that can be trusted to follow their policies.

What Is the Minimum Amount for Deposits and Withdrawals?

It’s pretty much standard operating procedure for sites that allow betting online to have minimum amounts installed to protect themselves. In most cases, you’ll see around the same minimums at most of the sites that we’ve listed above. If you see some sites where those amounts are significantly higher, that could be a red flag.

When Can I Collect My Money?

Of all the questions we’ve asked here, we’ve saved what’s probably the most important one for last. After all, you absolutely have to trust that you will receive your winnings in a timely fashion and that all of those winnings should be present and accounted for. Don’t settle for anything less than 100% assurances of this happening when you pick your horse racing betting site.

What Bettors Need to Know About Belmont Stakes

Some people enjoy horse racing purely as a spectator sport. After all, the
horses are magnificent athletes. The thrill of watching them burst out of the
starting gate or come charging home for the finish line in a bunch is

But let’s face it: Many people get interested in horse racing because it’s a
sport that has long been associated with legal gambling. And since the Belmont
Stakes is one of the most popular horse races of all, it stands to reason that
betting interest in the race is extreme. As a result, you won’t have to look too
hard to find Belmont Stakes betting sites willing to take your wager without
your actually having to make it out to the race track.

So what is it about the event that makes it such a wonderful betting
race that would cause so many gambling sites to focus on it? Well, first let’s
talk about the specifics of the race.

The Belmont Stakes is contested every year at Belmont Park in Elmont, New
York. Horses must be three-year-olds to compete. Those horses will have to cover
1 1/2 miles around two turns on the dirt track at Belmont.


The race is held on the first or second Saturday in June. Its timing depends
on the Kentucky Derby, which is held on the first Saturday in May. Five weeks
after the Derby, the Belmont Stakes are held.

The purse for the race is extremely high and tends to go up a little higher
after a span of several years. As of the last running of the race, the purse
stood at $1.5 million, with the winner claiming $800,000 out of that. Colts and
geldings must carry 126 pounds, while any fillies who compete (it is rare that
they do, but they are eligible) need carry only 121 pounds.

That’s the race in a nutshell. But what about it creates the betting frenzy
on Belmont Stakes betting sites? Here are some of the main factors.


When we mentioned the distance above, it might not have registered as
anything special to you if you are somewhat of a newcomer to horse racing. But
the distance of 1 1/4 miles is pretty intense for horses at such a young age. Most
of the horses in the Belmont Stakes field will not have run that long in a race
when they head to the starting gate.

So as you choose among the horses on your Belmont Stakes betting sites, you
should be aware of which horses are capable of going that extra distance. The
best way to do that is to find the horses that have been finishing strong in
their previous races. Even if they came up short of a victory, the fact that
they were getting stronger as the race got longer bodes well for their ability
to handle the extra distance of the Belmont Stakes.


Not only are the horses in the Belmont Stakes racing a distance that they’ve
never handled before, but many are also in the middle of a schedule that’s
busier than any they’ve followed in the past. Because of the tight time window
of the three Triple Crown races, horses who compete in all three have to do so
in a short span of five weeks. Especially for any horse who has been lucky
enough to win the first two legs of the Triple Crown, the fatigue factor
definitely could come into play.

That’s part of the reason why there have been many instances of a
horse winning the first two legs of the Triple Crown only to come up short
in the Belmont Stakes. And that’s also why you should consider horses who might
be coming in fresh when betting on Belmont Stakes sites. These are the horses
who could easily upset the apple cart in that famous race.


Triple Crown
is an extremely rare achievement in the world of horse racing.
It’s hard, first of all, just to win the first two legs. Then when you add the
pressure of trying to add the Belmont Stakes crown to the first two, you can
understand why many horses, often heavy favorites, can’t get it done.

Trying to gauge who has what it takes to handle that pressure should be part
of the considerations that you make when making your pick on Belmont Stakes
betting sites. It could be that the favorite has what it takes and gets through
on top. But you should also be aware of the horses, jockeys, and trainers who
seem to have what it takes when it comes to dealing with the pressure.

How to Bet on Belmont Stakes Betting Sites

Some of you might be experts at betting on horse races through years of
experience. But the Belmont Stakes is one of those races that will draw in many
new bettors as well. As a result, many of those newcomers might not know how to
carry out placing Belmont Stakes bets.

Horses Leaving The Gate At The Belmont Stakes

Here Are Some Things You Should Remember:

  1. You should know the number of the horse you’re betting on. While some Belmont Stakes betting websites will give you the name, information, and everything about the horse, ultimately you are betting on the number.
  2. Make sure you have the right track and race number. The Belmont Stakes will be one of just many races on the track that day at Belmont. As a result, you might need to identify the exact number when placing bets.
  3. Finally, you should know how much you want to wager. Most horse racing betting sites use a minimum of two dollars and then allow you to move up in increments from there. In case you find some Belmont Stakes betting sites that perhaps use foreign currency as the basis, you should know how to make the conversion.

Types of Bets on the Belmont Stakes

Horse racing betting is based on a system known as pari-mutuel wagering. This
means that odds are determined by how much is bet on each horse, not on what
oddsmakers determine. Your Belmont Stakes betting sites might give you
preliminary odds, but the final odds will be based on how much is bet on each

That goes for all the individual bets that we’re about to describe to you.
Each bet will have a pool of money attached to it, and the winning bettors will
divvy up that pool between them. Ideally, you will find a big pool and be one of
the few people to win the bet, thereby guaranteeing yourself hefty winnings from
betting on horse racing.

There are many different types of bets you can make on Belmont Stakes gambling
sites. Here is a brief rundown of them.


You have to pick the horse that wins the race. When you see odds attached to
a horse in a program or on Belmont Stakes betting sites, those odds refer to his
chances of winning. This is the most popular form of bet in horse races.


The horse that you pick has to come in first or second. It will generally pay
less than the win bet but more than the show among straight bets.

Horse Running With Jockey At Belmont Stakes


The horse that you pick has to come in first, second, or third in the race.
This is the safest bet available in a horse race. Many fans like to pick the
favorite to show in a race in an effort to get a little something back from
their original bet, which is usually only cents on the dollar.


The exacta is what is known as an exotic bet, as are all the ones to follow
in this description of bets available on horse racing betting sites. To win an
exacta, you must pick the two horses in the race that come in first and second.
You can also box them, meaning that you are okay if the two horses that you pick
come in first or second in either order.


This is also known on some Belmont Stakes betting sites as a triple. You win
if you can pick the first three horses in the order of finish. This bet can also
be boxed, but it will cost you more because of all the combinations you have to


This is one of the toughest bets of all, and usually also one of the most
lucrative horse racing bets for winners. You have to pick the first four horses
in the order of finish. Even great handicappers struggle to hit superfectas
because it’s hard to project how the race will play out to that degree.

Daily Double

This bet requires you to pick the winners of two races in a row. Daily
Doubles are usually placed at the beginning or the end of a race card. In terms
of betting Daily Doubles on Belmont Stakes betting sites, you might find some
that offer you the chance to pair the event with another race that day
on the card.

Pick 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

Whatever the number is following the word “Pick,” that’s how many winners you
have to pick in a row. These are truly difficult wagers to hit, especially when
you get up into the Pick 5 and Pick 6 level. Sometimes these are progressive
wagers on Belmont Stakes online betting sites, meaning that the prize keeps going up if
no bettor wins them on a given day.

In general, the straight bets are a little bit easier to hit than the exotic
bets, which require either great betting acumen or a little betting luck. Most
Belmont Stakes betting sites should offer you all of these bets, no questions
asked. If not, you might want to think twice about that site.


The thrill of wagering on a horse race is hard to describe for someone who
has never done it before. When you get the chance to wager on a race like
Belmont Stakes, that thrill is amplified. It’s the reason that there are so many
Belmont Stakes betting sites willing to take your business.

But the downside to that is that you might find some sites that aren’t worth
your time. The Belmont Stakes betting sites that we’ve listed above can be
considered safe, effective, and friendly to bettors. Make sure you don’t settle
for anything less when it comes to wagering on this classic horse race.