Best Breeders’ Cup Betting Sites and Racebooks

Breeders’ Cup betting sites allow gamblers from all over the world to place
their wagers on some of the best races in the sport of horse racing. The
year-end event provides a showcase for the best of the best in the sport of
horse racing. Thus, it’s not surprising that many horse racing betting fans want to
be a part of the action by betting online.

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The Breeders’ Cup is the kind of event that draws sports fans who might not
even follow horse racing on a daily basis. Meanwhile, hardcore racing fans wait
all year for the chance to check out these races. And yes, that’s races, plural,
as the Breeders’ Cup features 14 races over a two-day stretch.

That number represents a betting extravaganza for anyone who follows horse
racing events
. Current stars of the sport participate in at least one of the many
different divisions. The event brings together horses of many different
disciplines and features international fields.

None of that matters, however, if you can’t get your wager in on the event in
a safe, efficient manner. That is why you have to know how to find the best
Breeders’ Cup betting sites. You need to have a good starting point or at least
know how to find and choose these sites wisely on your own.

Contents of This Page

You have to be wary, because an event the with the magnitude of the Breeders’ Cup will
be featured at many different online betting sites. Not all of those sites will
be well-suited to what you need from your horse racing betting experience. This could lead to
a disastrous time betting on these races even if you win.

The top Breeders’ Cup gambling sites will be able to provide you with
everything you need to bet on these excellent races and much more. In fact,
you’re likely to find that betting on the Breeders’ Cup will be just the tip of
the iceberg in terms of your wagering future with a good site. When you find a
site that can handle your bets without any hassle, you’re likely to go back for

In the following article, we will provide you with a detailed list of the
Breeders’ Cup betting websites that have our most fervent recommendations. We will
also show you how to pick the best sites on your own in case you don’t have your
list handy. Finally, we’ll give you a quick briefing on what the race
is all about and why it has captured the imagination of racing fans and sports
bettors alike.

Examining the Best Breeders’ Cup Betting Sites

Breeders Cup Banner

We have made it easy for you by providing you with a list of the safest
Breeders’ Cup betting sites you can find on the internet. These are the sites
that should be your starting place when you look to create an account for the race. These are also the sites that should be in the mix when you are
deciding on long-term horse racing betting sites.

We’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve scoured the internet, through betting
sites of all shapes and sizes, in an effort to find the best Breeders’ Cup
online betting sites for you. You can rest assured that each one of these sites has met
our standards and passed the test in a number of important criteria.

Let’s say that you want to do some of the research on your own in choosing a
site that will provide odds on the Breeders’ Cup and take your wagers. You
should still have some idea about what you should be looking for. Here is a good
checklist that will help you on your search:

  • Betting Options
  • Funding Options
  • Customer Service
  • Functionality and Device Compatibility
  • Withdrawal and Deposits
  • Strong Perks

None of the Breeders’ Cup betting sites that we listed above are completely
spotless in all six of those categories. That is why you should do some checking
around yourself to make sure that their areas of strength match your needs.

What they all have in common is that they rate relatively high in all of the
areas we mentioned. They are also established and have proven, through their
track records, that they can take your bets on the race, protect your
money, and deliver your winnings in a timely manner.

In the following sections, we’ll dive a little bit deeper into what makes
certain Breeders’ Cup gambling sites better than others. By using these sections,
you can choose for yourself, keeping your own personal preferences and needs in

Lots of Options

When it comes to the best Breeders’ Cup betting sites, they are all very
flexible. Since the customer is always right, they make sure to design their
sites so that the customer can get what he or she needs. The idea of options can
come into play in a lot of different areas.

First of all, there is the idea of having more betting options than just this event. The Breeders’ Cup might be what draws you in to start, but a good
site should be able to have you covered no matter what your favorite sport or
game is.

Let’s assume that having an interest in the race means you’re
somewhat of a horse racing fan. What this means is that you’ll be looking to bet
on all of the major races, including international events. It also could mean
that you want to bet daily on tracks around the world and on races that might
not get a lot of attention in the sports pages but still provide opportunities
to win money.

Horse Running In Breeders Cup

The top-notch Breeders’ Cup online betting sites will allow you to do that. If your
interests go beyond horse racing to other sports, a full-service sportsbook is
what you’ll be needing. Again, these sites can give you that kind of variety,
whereas other newcomer sites might not be able to do so.

In fact, you might want your site to be a casino for you as well. Many people
love the ability to play table games, slot machines, and everything else you can
find in a casino without having to leave their homes. One-stop sites can give
you that luxury.

You also have to realize that the benefit of options goes beyond the idea of
what you can bet on. Options can also include the methods by which you fund your
gambling account. Breeders’ Cup racebooks that provide you with many choices
in this respect come out ahead of the pack.

You might be okay with using a credit card, as most Breeders’ Cup gambling
sites allow you to fund your account using your favorite piece of plastic. But
what about more seamless methods of payment such as PayPal or other payment
services? And what about if you were an adopter of cryptocurrency and wanted to
pay your bets and receive your payment in those digital coins?

Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting prospects for online gamblers,
because it provides transparency and privacy all at once, leads to immediate
settlement in terms of both deposits and withdrawals, and generally makes the
whole process a lot more streamlined. Many up-and-coming sites can’t work with
cryptocurrency, while the ones listed above can certainly manage it.

Helping You Out

We live in a day and age where we look for instant gratification in just
about everything we do, but there are still times we need some assistance if
things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. That’s why customer service is such
an important element to any safe Breeders’ Cup betting sites that you should consider

It might seem old-fashioned to consider customer service to be an important
characteristic when everything is done on the digital level. But when you have a
problem, it will be reassuring to know that there are people who work for these
Breeders’ Cup betting websites that can help you out in a quick and effective
fashion. This is especially true since you’ll be dealing with money.

When exchanging money, you have to be able to communicate with the website in
question about the process of depositing and withdrawing funds to your account.
With deposits, you need to know how quickly the money that you earmark for your
account can be used in bets. This will come into play with the event,
since there are so many races involved all going off at different times.

What’s even more important is that you understand how and when you will
receive your money. There is nothing more frustrating than winning a good chunk
of money betting on horse racing or doing other sports betting and, then,
watching that money languish in your account because the site is holding it up.
Many disreputable sites will do this as a way of keeping your business, but the
best Breeders’ Cup gambling sites will have a clearly-defined process and time
table for your withdrawals.

It isn’t out of the ordinary for a site to demand that you bet a certain
amount before you can collect winnings. There is an issue if the site seems to
be changing their rules all the time. That’s why the ability to communicate with
representatives about how this process will go down is crucial for Breeders’ Cup

In fact, it is crucial that you can get answers from the site for any
possible issue that might arise. You should be able to speak with a
representative, ideally one that knows your account pretty intimately, at a
moment’s notice. You should also expect that getting to your problem will be
their first priority, and that should be the case whether or not you’re a high

It’s easy to overlook customer service when making your choice among the
horse racing betting sites available, but it is a decision you could easily
come to regret. Make sure that you keep this high on your checklist when making
your choice on where to bet on the Breeders’ Cup.

Getting Your Perks

If you’ve never bet on websites before, you might not realize that part of
the process is that the website will show some salesmanship towards you. The
online gambling world is extremely competitive with new sites showing up every
day to compete for the betting money of customers all over the world. As a
result, you should feel like you’re wanted when you check out Breeders’ Cup
betting sites.

What does this mean? Well, first of all, you should be able to secure some
sort of bonus for signing on. In fact, considering the importance of the
Breeders’ Cup as a betting event, you shouldn’t be surprised to see promotions
that are tied directly into the races.

These promotions might come in the form of a bonus on your initial deposit.
For example, if you deposited $1,000 to open an account, the site might add
$250, or 25%, into your account as a perk. It’s also not uncommon for these
Breeders’ Cup online betting sites to allow you some free bets to start and see if the
site is a good fit.

While these are all excellent bonuses, you have to keep in mind that there
are requirements and restrictions surrounding them. In most cases, they will be
subject to a rollover. A rollover requires you to bet a certain multiplier of
the amount you receive in the promotion before you can collect your winnings.

For example, you might have to bet 10x the amount you deposited plus the
amount of the bonus. While that might sound like a lot, you have to remember
that the amount bet could also include winnings that you put right back in. Most
regular horse bettors, for example, should be able to meet those requirements
with no problem.

Rollover requirements are an indication that you can’t expect to be just a
casual bettor who only wants to bet on the event and nothing else yet
still take advantage of bonuses. Basically, the more that you play, the more
bonuses you can expect to receive from some of the best sites for betting on the Breeders’ Cup. If you feel
like the bonuses are starting to get stingy or that the rollover requirements
are too high, you can always shop around for better deals.

Horses Turning The Corner In Breeders Cup

One other kind of perk that you should be looking for from sites to bet on the Breeders’ Cup
is the ability to make wagers on the go. After all, it is rare
these days that any of us have the opportunity to relax for long periods of
time. We tend to be going from one place to another, and that means we need the
functionality to do what we want to do, including making wagers, from wherever
we might be.

The Breeders’ Cup gambling sites we have listed above give you that
functionality. Betting apps can give you access to not just horse racing but
anything else offered on the site. Since these sites have been around for a
while, they have generally worked out the kinks in these apps, so you can expect
them to work like a charm when you need them.

That kind of assurance is not something you can always expect from
fly-by-night sites who are trying to secure your horse racing betting business. In fact,
technical capability is one of the areas where these newcomer sites trail the
more established online betting sites the most. And when you have an app that
doesn’t work, that means that you won’t be able to get your bets in on time.

Speaking of functionality, the top Breeders’ Cup betting sites are
refreshingly free of glitches of any sort. Again, when you are dealing with the
timing of betting on horse races right up to the last minute before a race, this
is crucial. It is also crucial if you are dealing with online casinos where a
glitch in the middle of, for example, a game of poker can be disastrous.

What it all boils down to is that you shouldn’t be afraid to demand the most
out of your Breeders’ Cup betting websites. This means that you should look for the
best bonuses for your bets. It also means that you shouldn’t settle for anything
less than complete mobile betting and an utterly glitch-proof site.

Breeders’ Cup Basics

So far, we have told you how to choose your Breeders’ Cup betting sites and
why it is so important to make these choices as carefully as possible, using all
the criteria we listed as a basis. Now, we’ll give you a quick look at what the
event means to the sport of horse racing. We’ll also talk about how to
bet on the race and what some of your betting strategies should be when you sit
down to wager on the races.

Let’s start by dealing with some frequently asked questions about the
Breeders’ Cup.

What Is the Breeders’ Cup?

The Breeders’ Cup is a series of 14 races that takes place every year in
America. There is no set track for the event. It usually toggles between many
popular tracks, switching from year to year.

When Did the Breeders’ Cup Come About?

The Breeders’ Cup was first held in 1984. It was created by some of the leaders of the horse racing
industry who were frustrated that interest in the sport waned in America after
the completion of the Triple Crown
races (the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes).
They also wanted to see attention bestowed on different types of horses who
weren’t included in the Triple Crown.

They decided to create an event that acted as a year-end championship much
like the World Series in baseball or the Super Bowl in football. A series of
races was scheduled, pitting the best horses of all ages and racing disciplines.
It was known as the Breeders’ Cup because of the work done by the Thoroughbred
breeding industry to help create the event.

What Are the Races Involved?

Here is a schedule of how the races of the Breeders’ Cup are generally held
and who is involved, along with the purses for each race. The Breeders’ Cup
takes place in November each year.


Race Age Distance Surface Gender Purse
Juvenile Fillies Two 1 1/16 miles Dirt Fillies $2 million
Juvenile Fillies Turf Two 1 mile Turf Fillies $1 million
Juvenile Turf Sprint Two 5 1/2 furlongs Turf Either $1 million
Juvenile Turf Two 1 mile Turf Either $1 million
Juvenile Two 1 1/16 Dirt Either $2 million


Race Age Distance Surface Gender Purse
Mile Three and up 1 mile Dirt Either $2 million
Turf Sprint Three and up 5 1/2 furlongs Turf Either $1 million
Filly and Mare Sprint Three and up 7 furlongs Dirt Fillies and Mares $1 million
Mares Turf Three and up 1 3/8 miles Turf Fillies and Mares $2 million
Sprint Three and up 6 furlongs Dirt Either $2 million
Dirt Mile Three and up 1 mile Dirt Either $1 million
Distaff Three and up 1 1/8 miles Dirt Fillies and Mares $2 million
Turf Three and up 1 1/2 miles Turf Either $4 million
Classic Three and up 1 1/4 miles Dirt Either $6 million

Where Can I Bet on the Breeders’ Cup?

Betting is held at the site of the event. You can also wager at off-track
facilities that are located throughout the world. Most people enjoy the
convenience of betting at Breeders’ Cup betting sites.

Can I Bet on All of the Races?

You can bet on as many of the events as you want. As we get into the section
on betting on the races, there are a number of ways that you can bet on
Breeders’ Cup online betting sites.

How to Bet on the Breeders’ Cup

Betting on horse racing
can seem like a confusing thing to the uninitiated.
There is a lot of terminology involved that many people might not understand,
but you can keep it simple on Breeders’ Cup betting sites until you learn how to
bet on a more intricate level.

Basically, when you sit down to bet on a horse racing betting site for the Breeders’ Cup, you’ll
need to know the following:

  • The race that you plan to bet on
  • The horse or horses that you plan to bet on
  • The type of bet you want to make
  • The amount of money you want to bet

Let’s break that down a little bit to make it clearer for you.

The Race

You can see the names of the races listed above for a typical Breeders’ Cup.
It’s a good idea to also know the number of the race on the particular program.
For example, the Turf might be the fifth race of the day, so you
would know when you bet that it’s “Race 5”.

Most Breeders’ Cup betting sites will allow you to identify the race by its
name. But even so, it’s still a good idea to have the information about the race
number when you sit down to make your wager.

The Horse

Again, it is a good idea to have a program handy when making your bets on
Breeders’ Cup betting sites. Luckily, Breeders’ Cup programs are pretty easy to
find. At the very least, you can find the lists for each race with the horses
and their numbers.

Some Breeders’ Cup betting websites will allow you to bet on the horses you want
if you have their names. But just like the race number, it’s good to know what
the number is for each horse in the race. That way, you can provide the
information if that’s what the site requires.

The Bet

Bets on horse races, including the ones held at the Breeders’ Cup, can be as
simple or as complex as you want them to be. As you bet more often, you will
learn little tricks in terms of bets to cover more of the field and give you
better chances of winning. But even if you are just starting out, it’s not
difficult to learn the types of wagers you can make on horse racing betting sites for the Breeders’ Cup.

Straight wagers require you to bet on just a single horse. If you bet on a
horse to win, which is the most basic bet made by casual fans, it’s a pretty
simple equation. Should your horse come home a winner, you will win the bet,
returning whatever the odds listed on the horse might be.

Win, place, and show bets and more conservative straight bets that you can
make on Breeders’ Cup gambling sites give you more chances to win but also
diminish the amount that you are likely to win. With a place bet, you win if the
horse that you pick comes in first or second in the race. With a show bet, you
win if the horse that you pick comes in first, second, or third.

If you’re the type that wants the opportunity for a big score, you should try
your luck with exotic bets. Exotic bets require you to involve multiple horses
in your wager. They can take place in a single race or over a series of races.

With exotic bets, you can conceivably wager a very small amount and walk away
with hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the odds and how many other
people have made the same bet. Of course, winning an exotic bet isn’t easy,
because you have to get every part of the bet right to win. Here are some of the
most common exotic bets available to you on Breeders’ Cup betting sites:

  • Exacta: Pick the first two horses in the order of finish in a single
  • Trifecta: Pick the first three horses in the order of finish in a
    single race
  • Superfecta: Pick the first four horses in the order of finish in a
    single race
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner in two consecutive races
  • Pick 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.: Pick the winner in several consecutive races

The thing that you need to know about exotic wagers is that there are a
number of ways to improve your odds, but those methods require you to bet a
little bit more.


You might decide to “box” a superfecta instead of a straight
superfecta where if you pick horses #3, #5, #7, and #9 to come in first, second,
third, and fourth, they have to come in that order. A “boxed” superfecta will be
a winner if those four horses come in any order in the first four. For example,
it could come in 7-5-9-3 or 5-9-7-3.

For example, you might decide to “box” a superfecta instead of a straight
superfecta where if you pick horses #3, #5, #7, and #9 to come in first, second,
third, and fourth, they have to come in that order. A “boxed” superfecta will be
a winner if those four horses come in any order in the first four. For example,
it could come in 7-5-9-3 or 5-9-7-3.

Or you can also cover more of the field. Imagine that you really love the #4
horse in the first half of the Daily Double, but aren’t sure about any horses in
the second. You can bet #4-ALL on Breeders’ Cup racebooks, which means that
you would win the Daily Double as long as the #4 wins the first race of the two,
since you have the second race entirely covered.

Of course, to make those bets, you have to bet a lot more than the standard
minimum of $2 for horse racing bets. You are basically trying to balance out the
risk of the bet with the kind of reward you’ll get if you win. And that kind of
decision will come into play for all of the bets that you make on Breeders’ Cup
betting sites.

Tips for Picking Horses for the Breeders’ Cup

Keep in mind that there are different surfaces and distances in play for each
of the races on the Breeders’ Cup schedule. That means that you should be aware
if the horse that you’re planning on picking has the kind of record that fits
each particular race. This is one of the first considerations that you can make
when selecting horses on Breeders’ Cup betting sites.

Look for the jockeys and trainers who have proven track records in the
Breeders’ Cup and other top races. Over the years, the human performers with the
most experience succeed in these major races. Chances are, if they have done it
before on the biggest stage in the sport of horse racing, then they can probably
do it again.

Look at the most recent performances of the horses in each field. It often
takes a horse only a race or two to get into top form, even if it had been
previously slumping. Make sure to look for the hottest horses on the program
when making wagers on Breeders’ Cup betting sites.


The Breeders’ Cup is such a big horse racing event that you don’t want to get
caught without having a great betting website in place. Considering how busy
those two days are, you’ll need a site to be functioning without any issues for
a good stretch of time. And you’ll obviously need a solid site in terms of
getting your money in on time and giving you excellent bonuses.

What you’re likely to find is that the best Breeders’ Cup betting sites
actually take you well beyond the world of horse racing. You’ll want to bet with
them no matter the sport or game that you’re interested in betting, and that
will make you a winner in the long haul, even if you come up empty on a few
Breeders’ Cup races.