Best Cheltenham Festival Online Racebooks

Cheltenham Festival betting sites are for bettors interested in one of the
premier stretches of jump racing anywhere in the world. The four-day event
features an incredible number of extremely competitive stakes races that deliver
great chances for bettors to make a profit. That’s why it’s so important to find
the proper online access to betting on these races.

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Many people who are fans of horse racing know all about the sport of
Thoroughbred racing, but they might not know much about jump racing. This sport,
which features several different types of races but is always characterized by
some sort of obstacle that the horses must jump, is ideal for betting on horse racing. There tend to be a lot of horses in each field and, because of the
jumps, races are generally less predictable than the typical Thoroughbred race
over a flat surface.

In the sport of jump racing, there are few events quite like the Cheltenham
Festival. After all, the four-day event in the city of Cheltenham,
Gloucestershire, England features 28 races, many of which are Grade One events
which are among the most prestigious in the sport. Quite frankly, it is one of
the pinnacles of the entire jump racing season in Great Britain and around the

Since that is the case, it is a seriously important event for horse racing
betting as well. Serious handicappers want to test their mettle in the very best
races around. Not to mention the fact that there are so many great horses in
those races that offer great value, meaning that bettors can conceivably make a
lot of money with a small wager.

But none of that can happen without first finding Cheltenham Festival betting
sites. It isn’t about simply finding any site on the internet, since you won’t
have too hard a time locating several with a quick glance at a search engine. It
is all about finding the best of these sites, since the search for an online
betting site should be serious business.

This is not as easy as it might seem. After all, many of these sites will
come at you with lofty promises about all of the money that you can make and all
of the betting bonuses they will throw your way. But finding the best Cheltenham
betting sites is about far more than flash.

These sites also need a lot of substance in terms of how you deposit and
withdraw your money, how you are treated by customer service, and how the site
operates when a lot of people are trying to make a wager. Any one of these
things can cause major problems if they happen to go wrong. Since your money is
at stake, you can’t afford to take any chances.

With that in mind, this article will present to you a list of what we believe
are the best Cheltenham Festival betting sites that you can use with confidence.
We’ll also talk about what it takes to choose these sites in terms of the key
aspects that need to be in place. And we’ll also explain a little bit about the
Cheltenham Festival and the races that are included.

Criteria That Cheltenham Festival Betting Sites Need to Meet

Horses Racing at the Cheltenham Festival and Cheltenham Festival Logo

If you are flying blind looking for the best Cheltenham Festival betting
sites, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a ton of sites which will allow
you to bet on the races during those memorable four days. But not all of them
should be trusted by you as a regular betting website. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

These sites have been researched by us so that you don’t need to go into
depth with your search. What makes them stand out? Well, first of all, they have
established themselves in the competitive world of online gambling, which is no
easy feat.

In addition, these sites have been long enough that there are no worries
about them being a kind of fly-by-night organization. You can expect that they
have the financial ability to handle serious wagers. And you can also expect
that they possess the infrastructure to cover all the bases on a big event such
as the Cheltenham Festival, which takes place over four days instead of just
being a single one-day race.

More than anything though, the betting sites for the Cheltenham Festival that we’ve
listed above have proven themselves reliable in the process from start to
finish, taking your bets and paying out your money. And that is a more involved
process than you might imagine. Many different considerations have to be made,
but, to make it easier, you can break them down into the following six

  • System of Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Options for Funding
  • Top-Notch Customer Service
  • Range of Betting Options
  • Competitive Bonuses and Perks
  • Technical Reliability and Mobile Betting

You can make an argument if you want to get really intricate that there are
other aspects that come into play when you get involved with one of the
Cheltenham betting sites. But you are really just splitting hairs if
you are looking for anything other than those six qualities listed above. If you
have them in the picture, everything else is likely to fall into place.

While the Cheltenham Festival betting sites we’ve listed all have strengths
and weaknesses, which you should explore as you look for what is most important
to you, they are at least adequate in all six of those areas. Having those
qualities in place practically guarantees you a positive experience when you
sign up and make your bets. In fact, you’ll likely find that you enjoy the
action at the site to the extent that you want to keep betting past that one

But what if you happen on a site that isn’t listed among the ones above?
Should you immediately dismiss it? Not necessarily.

Although we’ve done a lot of research to find the best Cheltenham
betting sites, there are sites that are coming into existence all the time. Some
of them might indeed have what it takes to move up into that upper tier of

How can you know? Very simple. Take those categories that you listed above
and apply them to these new Cheltenham Festival racebooks that you’ve
discovered. And don’t settle for them being strong in just one or a few of these
categories; make sure that they’re strong in all six.

You’ll see as we talk about the entire process of making wagers at sites like
this how they all come into play. Let’s follow it through from your decision to
sign up all the way through the process of collecting your winnings.

Getting Started

When you happen upon a site that you’ve identified as a possible destination
for your horse racing wagering exploits, you have to first start thinking about
what happens when you sign up. And your first order of business will be deciding
how you are going to fund your accounts. This is an underrated part of the
process of betting on Cheltenham Festival betting sites that you might not
consider but is actually quite important.

Most people know that credit cards are the main way that people fund their
accounts. But the problem with credit cards is that some credit card companies
refuse to let their cards be used for online gambling purposes. If you have just
one option from which to choose, you could find yourself left out in the cold.

That’s why the Cheltenham betting sites with the widest array of
funding options are beneficial to bettors. Obviously, there should be a variety
of credit cards that you are able to use. But just as important, you should have
the option of using other funding methods like:

That last option for funding your Cheltenham Festival betting sites account
is an interesting one. Cryptocurrency allows the bettor complete privacy for
their betting exploits along with quick settlements and transparency to make
sure that is no reneging on the site’s part. But many sites that are up and
coming might not give you the capability of betting with cryptocurrency.

Horse and Jockey Jumping over fence at Cheltenham Festival Race

Another part of the opening stages of your time with Cheltenham
betting sites is knowing how long it will be before you can bet with the money
you’ve deposited. As you’ll also learn when you get to talking about
withdrawals, it is important to know the site’s policy for when you can bet once
you deposit money. That will have a lot to do with whether there is any delay
between when the money is deposited, when you can bet, and the settlement times
that the site provides.

The Nitty Gritty of Betting

When you sign up with Cheltenham Festival betting sites, you are obviously
going to take a keen interest in what kind of betting opportunities will be
provided for you. As a horse racing betting fan and a fan of jump racing in particular,
you’ll want to discover what kind of exposure to those races the site provides.
And that interest could well go beyond the biggest stakes races to the kind of
daily competition that can be found all over the world at any time of the day.

The best online Cheltenham betting sites can give you exactly that kind of
variety. But what if you want to go beyond just horse racing? What if your
betting interests are more of a widespread group and horse racing is just a part
of the picture?

The Cheltenham racebooks that can give you access to a full
sportsbook will have an edge over those with limited wagering opportunities. You
should also be on the lookout for those sites that can give you the widest
variety of vets. Many experienced bettors like to approach games and events from
a variety of betting angles in an effort to maximize profit.

What makes a top wagering site a complete experience is if you can also get
exposure to casino-style gambling. Many bettors like to go beyond the sports
world and get action from slot machines, table games, video poker, and the rest.
And the ability to do all of that via a website can be really convenient and
save on the hassles and expense of getting to a casino in person.

Your betting on horse racing, no matter what the type of
wagering you’re doing, should be boosted by a solid program of bonuses and
. You have to think about your wagering as an investment. As you would with
any investment, you should be thinking about grinding out as much profit as
possible, especially because the house has a built-in advantage no matter how
good you are with your picks.

Bonuses can help offset that. When you first sign up, you should expect to
receive a bonus on top of your deposit. You might even be able to score a free
bet or two on the Cheltenham Festival, since it is such a popular event and
betting sites will be looking to promote it. That could be an incentive for you
to choose one site over another.

But the bonuses should go beyond just when you first sign up for the site. If
you stay on to bet often, you should be inundated with VIP perks. And when you
haven’t bet in a while, don’t be the least bit surprised to receive offers to
reload your account with a little bit of a bonus attached.

You should keep in mind that none of these perks and bonuses at Cheltenham
Festival betting sites will come without some sort of restriction. If they do
come untethered to any kind of rollover requirements, it could be a sign that
the site in question is trying to pull a fast one you. After all, if they didn’t
include rollovers, the bettor could just take the money away and the site would
be at a loss.

When it comes down to it, the notions of betting variety and wagering bonuses
represent the flashiest aspects of the online wagering experience. It’s for that
reason that you might want to consider these elements to be tiebreakers when
deciding between sites. Make sure all of the technical stuff in terms of getting
your money in and out of your account and the site working properly are in place
before you worry about betting variety and bonuses.

Daily Betting Site Operations

As you settle in to bet at Cheltenham Festival betting sites, you’ll want to
know that the process is as simple and drama-free as possible. You should be
looking for sites that can deliver as much peace of mind as they can. And part
of the way that happens is if you can take for granted that you can get a bet in
at the moment you want to without any hitches.

How does that happen? Well, first you need to know that there won’t be any
malfunction of any kind on the site. You can’t make a wager if the site isn’t
working, and you’d be surprised at how many glitches you will find in sites that
are just starting operations.

It often takes a significant amount of time before an online betting site can
be considered free of such problems. The Cheltenham betting sites that
we have listed have been around long enough to have dealt with just about every
type of technical problem. What you’ll see when you visit these sites are
smooth, streamlined operations free of errors.

You’ll also see sites that are easy to understand and navigate. Pages will
load quickly, and it won’t seem like you’re entering a maze every time you make
a bet. Especially when you’re dealing with horse racing, timing is of the
essence, and that timing can easily be interrupted by a malfunctioning site.

Many people who look to bet on horse races online aren’t the type who are
computer exploits. If that’s you, you’ll be grateful for Cheltenham Festival
racebooks that don’t make it difficult for you to find what you need.
High-tech graphics and fancy artwork are fine, but the most important thing is
that you can easily find the pages and the links that you need to make your

The interface where you assign certain money towards your wagers should also
be easily understood at Cheltenham Festival betting sites. You shouldn’t have to
think twice when it is time to make a bet. Luckily, the sites we’ve listed also
have this under control.

What our recommended Cheltenham betting sites also have to offer you
is the ability to make bets on mobile devices. Whether you’re talking about
horse racing, other sports, or even online casino offerings, betting apps are
provided for your convenience by these sites. That means that wherever you are,
even if you’re away from your computer, you should have no trouble getting your

Horses and Jockeys Racing at Cheltenham Festival Race

Just as we talked about in terms of the website, betting apps should be
easily manageable. Once you sign on with a site which has all of its technical
ducks in a row, all you have to worry about is choosing which bets to make. And
that is a real luxury which will make a great difference in your experience.

When Problems Arise

It is nice to think that you are going to do business on a website to wager
on a horse race or anything else that you’ll be able to sail right through
without any problems. But it is unrealistic and unlikely. More likely than not,
some sort of issue will crop up at some point or another that will require some
assistance from the site in question.

When that does occur, you’ll be extremely glad that you chose a Cheltenham
Festival betting site that possesses a top-notch reputation for customer
service. There are two aspects to this: being able to get in touch with the site
and their reaction once you do. The sites that we have listed do a wonderful job
in both respects.

In terms of being able to contact betting sites for the Cheltenham Festival, there
should be multiple ways for you to do it. Most sites will put up a phone number,
but they could also make things easier with a direct contact form on their
website or an active customer service email address. The more ways that you have
to get in touch, the better.

When a site assigns a representative to your account specifically, it shows a
personal touch that can really be beneficial to you. The representative can act
as a direct sounding board for any problems that you have. They can also come in
handy by offering you promotions that will fit what you’re seeking, since they’d
be more knowledgeable about what you like to bet than someone unfamiliar with
your wagering habits.

Once you have someone’s ear at a Cheltenham Festival betting site, you’d like
to think that taking care of your problems or addressing your concerns is a top
priority. At the very least, you should expect to be treated with fairness and
courtesy. You shouldn’t have to wait for an answer, especially if the problem in
question involves some of your money.

You might be lucky enough to get away without having to test the customer
service of the site that you choose. But you could regret it if you neglect
customer service reputation as part of your search. When some problem comes out
of nowhere and your betting site doesn’t want to hear about it, you’ll wish you
took it more seriously.

Cashing Out Your Winnings

In most cases, if you find a Cheltenham Festival betting site that you really
like, you’ll want to keep a long-term association with them and keep your
account active. But there will certainly be times when you want to cash out some
of your winnings and pull them into your possession. Circumstances might also
arise that require you to take all of the money out of your account.

Whatever the case, this is another process that should come with as few
hassles as possible. And there should be a clear-cut policy for how this is
supposed to happen. By that, we mean that you should know about any restrictions
in terms of minimums or maximums needed for withdrawal or any questions with the

Most Cheltenham racebooks are going to try to do what they can
to keep you betting with them, so it’s understandable if they try to put up some
obstacles to keep you from cashing out. That is part of the online gambling
business and it’s something for which you should be prepared. But there should
never be a time where it seems like the site is making up these restrictions as
they go along in an effort to keep your money from you.

At some point, you are going to want your winnings from betting on the Cheltenham Festival. Make sure that the site that you choose has a fast payout system in place and doesn’t make this too
difficult for you. Otherwise, you could be dealing with an extremely stressful
situation knowing that you’re being denied your rightfully earned money.

Betting on the Cheltenham Festival

One of the great things about the Cheltenham Festival is that it provides you
with a number of different types of jump paces for your wagering pleasure.
Considering that jump races already are a great value because of the
unpredictability of how the horses will handle the obstacles, your chances of
making big profits are really multiplied.

But first, you have to know how to speak the language. In other words, you
need to know what types of bets that you are able to make on Cheltenham Festival
betting sites. Once you have that down, you can set about trying to pick some

Types of Horse Racing Bets

It’s important to realize that
horse racing bets
are often called by different names depending on the country of origin and the
website that offers them. The principles are generally the same regardless of
what the names might be. You will generally be betting on a single horse in a
single race or multiple horses over a single race or multiple races.

Your best chances of winning some sort of profit come with bets on a single
horse. For example, you can just pick one horse in one of the Cheltenham
Festival races to win. Or you can pick a single horse to come in somewhere high
in the order of finish.

When you are dealing with these bets, you can often come closest to
guaranteeing yourself some return by betting one of the race favorites to come
in somewhere in the top three. The problem with that is, while you might get
that profit, it might end up being only cents on the dollar.

If you are going to bet just a single horse in a race on a Cheltenham
Festival betting site and you want to win a good deal of money, you’ll have to
pick what is known as a long shot. A long shot is a horse who hasn’t received a
lot of betting attention and can fetch you a good profit, especially if it wins.
Beyond that, you’ll need to put a lot at stake if you are going to be a single
horse to win or place somewhere near the top at short odds.

What about if you want to make a good chunk of money at Cheltenham
betting sites without putting a lot at stake? That’s when the bets on multiple
horses can really help you out. Here are some of those bets that you are likely
to find on the site that you choose:

  • Exacta: Bet on the first two horses in the order of
    finish in a single race
  • Trifecta or Triple: Bet on the first three horses
    in the order of finish in a single race
  • Superfecta: Bet on the first four horses in the
    order of finish in a single race
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner of two consecutive
    races on the card
  • Pick 3 and so on: Pick the winners of three races
    in a row or however many are listed in the name of the bet

These bets can be like lottery tickets for you if the odds are right, winning
hundreds or even thousands for you even if you only bet a small amount. After
all, there are so many different combinations that come in during a race or
multiple races, meaning that bets get spread around widely. You can expect, in
most cases, that there won’t be a lot of money on a single combination.

The only problem is that these bets are extremely difficult to hit. You need
a couple, or even several horses, to perform exactly as you think they will. In
a sport as wild and crazy as jump racing, that is a lot to expect.

When it comes down to choosing which bets you’d like to make on Cheltenham
Festival betting sites, consider what you want to get out of them in terms of
profit. Check the odds constantly, so you’ll have an idea of what to expect out
of certain bets. And make sure to bet based on your budget limitations or lack

Details on the Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival takes place over four days in the month of March
every year at Cheltenham Racecourse. It is an extremely well-attended event and
draws intense betting interest for the variety and competitiveness of the
racing. Since most people can’t make it out to the course to make their wagers,
Cheltenham Festival betting sites are extremely popular with jump racing

In recent years, there have been seven races held on each of the four days of
the Cheltenham Festival, making 28 races total. Of those 28 races, half of which
stand above the rest as Grade One events. Grade One events are reserved for only
the final horses and feature the biggest purses.

The Grade One races held during the Cheltenham Festival betting are:

  • Supreme Novices Hurdle: 2 miles and 1/2 furlong over hurdles
  • Arkle Challenge Trophy: 2 miles over fences
  • Champion Hurdle: 2 miles and 1/2 furlong over hurdles
  • Mares’ Hurdle: 2 1/2 miles over hurdles
  • Baring Bingham Novices Hurdle: 2 miles and 5 furlongs over hurdles
  • RSA Chase: 3 miles and 1/2 furlong over fences
  • Queen Mother Champion Chase: 2 miles over fences
  • Champion Bumper: 2 miles and 1/2 furlong on the flats
  • Golden Miller Novices’ Chase: 2 1/2 miles over fences
  • Festival Trophy: 2 miles and 5 furlongs over fences
  • Stayers’ Hurdle: 3 miles over hurdles
  • Triumph Hurdle: 2 miles and 1 furlong over hurdles
  • Spa Novices’ Hurdle: 3 miles over hurdles
  • Festival Gold Cup: 3 miles and 2 1/2 furlongs over fences

Just a few clarifications about this list:

  • Fences are stationary obstacles that are fixed on the track, while
    hurdles are movable and offer a little bit more give if the horse should
    clip them
  • A novice is a horse that has never won a jump race
  • Stayers is just a term for a horse that runs long distances

You can see the variety in terms of the distances and obstacles that take
place during the Cheltenham Festival. There are also different age groups
specified for each one of the races. What it all means is that bettors have a
great selection before them when they log on to wager on the event via
Cheltenham betting sites.


It’s hard to top the Cheltenham Festival when it comes to jump racing. If you
don’t like the looks of one race, wait just a bit, and a completely different
one will be coming down the pike. You might just love them all and have a lot of
bets to make.

Just be prepared to choose your Cheltenham Festival betting sites with the
same kind of care you would use picking horses to bet at the festival. If you
get the job done well, you could be settling in at that site for far more than
betting on horse racing. And that would make a winning proposition regardless of
how well your bets do.