Top Dubai World Cup Betting Sites for 2021

By locating the best Dubai World Cup betting sites, you can ensure that you
have a way to wager on this unique sporting event without having to be there in
person. Experienced horse players know how important it is to find these sites
so that their experiences can be positive. But even novices betting on horses
for the first time should be aware of how these sites work and what to look for
regarding the quality of the sites.

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In terms of
horse racing events
that attract a worldwide audience, few can match the
Dubai World Cup. It’s one of the richest nights of horse racing around,
culminating in a race known as the Dubai World Cup that attracts the very best
equine talents in the world. And it stands to reason that, if the best horses in
the world are there, you’ll also see the elite jockeys and trainers of the

To top it all off, the Dubai World Cup takes place in one of the most exotic
environments in the world. But it’s not a location that most people can reach in
their spare time. That’s why it’s important for those who love betting on horse
racing to know which are the best Dubai World Cup betting sites available to

Contents of This Page

By finding a Dubai World Cup betting website, you can ensure that your bets
will be placed remotely with confidence. It can be for any one of the nine
outstanding stakes races that take place on the night of the Dubai World Cup. Or
it can be solely for the race known as the Dubai World Cup, which features an
incredible field of international horses and gives out one of the top purses in
all of the sport.

Yet you should never take your decision about which Dubai World Cup betting
sites to choose lightly. After all, your money will be at stake, and you’ll want
to know that it’s in good hands no matter where it goes. That’s why you should
know what qualities a top sports betting website should have before committing
to the process.

In the following article, we’ll tell you our choices for the finest Dubai
World Cup racebooks. More than that, we’ll give you the reasons why they’re
the top selections and how you can choose your own sites by looking for certain
key characteristics. Finally, we’ll talk a little about betting on the Dubai
World Cup, how to pick winners, and why this event is so special in the world of
horse racing.

Identifying the Best Dubai World Cup Betting Sites

So how do you know how to find the premier Dubai World Cup betting sites
among the many that you might find on the internet? Well, here is a handy list
of sites that have all passed our quality control tests and that we can highly

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You can trust that these Dubai World Cup racebooks will be among the best
because we’ve already done all of the legwork for you in checking them out. All
have been subjected to only the strictest standards, and they came away from
that scrutiny looking fine. These are the best of the best in terms of sports
betting websites.

That doesn’t mean that they won’t have flaws. But these “flaws” will come
down more to your specific needs than to any kind of major general issues with
the sites in question. Basically, you might have something you need out of a
horse racing betting website that others might not, which is why you might
prefer one of the sites listed above to all others.

What do these Dubai World Cup betting sites have in common? Well, it can be
broken down to the following six characteristics, first and foremost

  • Timely Payment and Funding
  • Many Different Types of Betting Options
  • Aggressively Awarded Bonuses
  • Friendly and Effective Customer Service
  • Compatibility with Multiple Devices
  • Banking Options

Let’s break these six factors down. In this way, if you come upon one of the
sites we have mentioned or, even more importantly, one that you encounter that
isn’t listed here, you can put them to the test yourself.

Timely Payment and Funding

First of all, you’d like to know beforehand what kind of options you have for
funding the Dubai World Cup betting site in question. Can you use something like
cryptocurrency, or are you limited to credit card deposits? Also, for those who
are concerned about their privacy, what kind of personal information is required
before you can create an account?

You also have to make sure you have everything squared away in terms of
withdrawals when you choose your Dubai World Cup betting sites. The policy for
taking money out of your account should be clearly spelled out or explained to
you. If you’re not comfortable with the policy, you should ask their reasoning
for why they are set up that way.

Keep in mind that most sites will require a minimum on both ends. This means
that you usually can’t start betting without first putting a certain amount into
your account. And it means you’ll need to have bet a certain amount before you
can take away any of your winnings from the account.

This is a reasonable request from a website. What is unreasonable is when a
site refuses to release your winnings even though you have met the requirements
that they initially laid out for you. That’s a nightmare scenario, but one that
is highly unlikely to occur if you stick to the Dubai World Cup betting sites
we’ve listed above.

Many Different Types of Betting Options

The Dubai World Cup is just one horse racing event out of many. And horse
racing is just one sport out of many. Unless you are hyper-focused on this one
event, chances are you’re going to want to dabble in some other betting once you
get started, especially if your experience is positive on this event.

Since the Dubai World Cup is a relatively well-known, worldwide event, it’s
likely that you’ll be able to find odds for the event on many different sports
betting websites. But what about if you’re a hardcore horse racing bettor who
wants exposure to daily racing at many of the fine tracks around the world? Or
what if you’re someone who likes to bet on a wide variety of sports at all times
of the year?

If the latter two examples match your interests, you’re going to want to zero
in on the Dubai World Cup betting sites that give you the widest possible range
of betting options. The only way you’ll know if the site in question provides
you with that kind of variety is to visit it and look around. Or, as we’ve said
throughout this article, you can check out the sites in the banners above, since
variety is a calling card for all of them.

Beyond the sports betting realm, there is also casino betting, which might be
of interest to you. If you’re looking for an all-purpose site, you might be let
down by sites that are more sports-oriented. Again, doing a little bit of
research can prevent any disappointment in this area.

Aggressively Awarded Bonuses

Most gambling websites will help entice a possible customer by offering them
bonuses and perks to get them to sign on. These can come in a variety of shapes
and sizes. Many are deposit bonuses, which offer players a percentage of their
initial deposit as a kind of free play reward, albeit with a minimum and a
maximum amount usually set into the promotion.

In the case of deposit bonuses, Dubai World Cup racebooks will usually
set a rollover amount that you must play through before you can collect winnings
from the bonus. A rollover is rendered as a multiplier which is figured out
according to how much free play you get from the bonus. For example, a 20x
rollover on a $1,000 bonus would mean you would have to make $20,000 worth of
bets before you can collect your winnings.

In other words, the lower the multiplier, the better it will be for you if
you want to cash in on any winnings you amass from the free play. Betting
websites will also offer bonuses for “reloading” your account, which basically
means you are putting more money into your existing account. After all, these
sites not only want to get your business, but they also want to keep it.

Another way Dubai World Cup betting sites will try to garner your loyalty is
by awarding perks that come up with the more bets you make at the site. These
are known as VIP perks, and they work similarly to the programs that physical
casinos have in place for their regular gamblers. What you have to consider when
choosing which site to frequent is which one can give you the most for the bets
you make.

Friendly and Effective Customer Service

The Dubai World Cup betting sites that we have listed above all rank very
highly in terms of their customer service. If you’re seeking out a site on your
own, it’s highly advisable that you consider this aspect very important before
signing on to bet on horse racing or any other event. You might not think it’s
that big of a deal compared to other things, but it will be if a problem arises.

You need to know how you can get in touch with the betting website. Contact
information should be easy to find on their website, and there should be
multiple ways that you can get in touch with representatives.

Once you have a way of talking to these people, you should then be assured
that they will do everything they can to fix your problem. And if it’s something
they can’t fix, can they offer you something to compensate for your frustration?
Legitimate Dubai World Cup betting sites have the proper protocols in place to
deal with problems quickly and effectively, keeping their customers happy at all

One other aspect of customer service that can be important is when the site
reaches out to you with offers. They will also often contact you when you
haven’t wagered with them in a while. When they do reach out to you in this
manner, representatives from the site should be courteous and respectful of your
wishes even if you aren’t interested in what they’re attempting to sell you.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

In this day and age, people are always on the go. Rarely are you tethered to
your computer for a long period of time, unless you’re lucky enough to have a
lot of free time on your hands. If not, you’ll likely want to make your bets
from whatever your location might be.

That is why you should consider the Dubai World Cup betting sites that give
you the ability to bet from multiple devices. Betting apps are extremely helpful
because you can access them without any issues no matter where you are. As long
as there is some sort of wireless connection, you can make a wager from wherever
you are at the time with these apps.

This can be extremely helpful in terms of betting on the Dubai World Cup or
other horse racing events since the odds are always changing. If you want to
keep up with this, you’ll need to be able to do it even if all you have handy is
a smartphone or a tablet. In this way, you can be ready to pounce with a bet
when the time is right.

Of course, the technology offered by one of these sites is only useful to you
if it works. Make sure any website where you entrust your money, like the ones
above, are in solid working order and free of technological glitches. Otherwise,
you can be frustrated by not getting a bet in because the site or app isn’t
working when you need it.

Banking Options

We mentioned this briefly above, but it bears repeating because of its
importance. You should be looking to bet with the Dubai World Cup racebooks
that are most convenient to you. And that means they should be well-suited to
deal with whatever banking options you prefer.

How can you know that? Well, the sites should have banners on their home page
that show you what kinds of credit cards they accept. They should also display
which kinds of cryptocurrency they accept, if any.

Again, this is the kind of service that you might not consider when choosing
a site. But it can be a hassle if the banking options that you prefer don’t
match up with the ones that are offered. The sites listed above don’t all have
exactly the same options, but they all are generally wide-ranging in terms of
their banking choices.

Betting on the Dubai World Cup

Perhaps you’re an experienced horse racing bettor. In that case, you won’t
need to follow along too closely with this next section. You can just choose the
site that has odds on the Dubai World Cup that fits your needs the best and
start wagering.

For those who might be relatively new to the sport of horse racing and want
to start betting away, here is a little primer so that you can be comfortable
once you get started. Or you can look
here for an in-depth explanation.

Straight Bets

When betting on a horse with a straight bet, you are generally guessing where
it will finish at the end of the race. The three main straight bets are:

  • Win = Your horse must win the race
  • Place = Your horse must finish first or second
  • Show = Your horse must finish first, second, or third

In terms of payouts, the win bet tends to pay out the most, followed by the
place and the show. The reason for this is that the money bet on horses to win
will all go back to those who placed a bet on that particular horse.

Meanwhile, the place betting pools have to be divvied up among the people who
bet on the horses that finished first and second. And the show betting pools are
divided up among those who bet the horses that finished first, second, and

Pari-mutuel wagering, which is the kind of betting that horse racing uses, is
based on pools. The odds on a given horse to win, place, and show are based on
the amount of money in each pool.

Here’s an example:

The horse who has the most money
on it to win will be the favorite, while the one with the least money bet on it
will be the longest shot.

In general, a place or a show bet on a horse with good odds is a safe play,
giving you a chance to get something in return. And, for the most part, straight
bets are safer plays than exotic plays, which we’re about to describe.

Exotic Bets

When doing your Dubai World Cup betting online, you might want to take a bit
of a risk in the hopes of getting a hefty reward. That’s where exotic bets come
into play. They are difficult to hit, but they don’t cost too much money if you
keep them simple, and they can also bring back a lot of money if you manage to
hit one or two.

Basically, exotic bets require you to pick multiple horses and be right with
them all. These horses can be picked in a single race or over multiple races on
the same racing program. Here are the most common forms of exotic bets:

  • Exacta = Pick the top two horses in the order of finish in a
  • Trifecta = Pick the top three horses in the order of finish
    in a race
  • Superfecta = Pick the top four horses in the order of finish
    in a race
  • Daily Double = Pick the top four horses in the order of finish
    in a race
  • Pick 3, 4, 5, or 6 = Pick the winners of several races in a

As you can see, these bets can go wrong in a number of ways. For example, you
could pick a 1-2-3-4 superfecta, but you would lose if the final order of the
race was 1-2-3-5. Even though you diagnosed the race almost perfectly, you still
wouldn’t win the bet.

Yet the difficulty of hitting an exotic wager is also why it pays off so
much. Very few winners mean that there are fewer people to divide up however
money is in each pool. Exotic wins can often return bettors hundreds or even
thousands of dollars.

Considering that you can make an exotic bet for as little as a couple bucks,
you can see the kinds of profit that are in play. But it takes some great
betting skill to win one of these bets on Dubai World Cup betting sites, or at
least a little luck. Still, exotic wagers create a lot of excitement for those
betting on horse racing, no matter the event.

Handicapping the Horses for the Dubai World Cup

If you’re a novice bettor, you might not know how to pick the horses who have
the best chances of winning the Dubai World Cup, either the main event or the
preliminary races on the card. Veteran horse racing bettors know how to handicap
the races to find both the horses who are likely to win and those that are
likely to provide excellent betting value. Handicapping is just the term used in
horse racing circles for the study of the race for betting purposes.

So how do you handicap a race on Dubai World Cup betting sites? Well, there
are endless ways of going about it. Here are some places to start, and then you
should be able to develop your own style once you’ve done it a few times:

  • Checking out the Program: This will give you information
    about all of the past performances of the horses competing in the Dubai
    World Cup. Using this information, you can determine the chances of each
    horse based on their results, speed, class, distance, and many more tidbits
    of information. There is usually information at the beginning of the program
    explaining how to read it, since all the numbers and figures can be a bit
    confusing to a newcomer.
  • Watching Past Races: Even hardened handicappers who know
    every nook and cranny of a racing form will often shun all that information
    in favor of judging how a horse looks during its races. Watching races will
    help you determine if a horse passes the “eye test,” which can be every bit
    as important in handicapping as any program information. Past races of top
    horses, like the ones found in the Dubai World Cup, can usually be easily
    found online.
  • Judging the Jockeys and Trainers: In the sport of horse
    racing, certain jockeys and trainers have a knack for winning big races and
    events. These are the gentlemen and ladies you should be focusing on when
    you look at a big race like the Dubai World Cup. Their experience in guiding
    a horse is sometimes as important as the ability of the horse itself.

Handicapping is something that should be a fun endeavor for you. And if you
find a style that works, don’t worry if others find it unorthodox. The bottom
line is enjoying yourself and maybe winning some money in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dubai World Cup

Where and when is the Dubai World Cup?

The Dubai World Cup is held every year on the last weekend in March at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Is it just one race or many races?

Well, technically the answer is that it’s both. The Dubai World Cup can refer to the entire night of racing, which includes nine major stakes races. Those stakes races are:

  • Dubai Kahayla Classic
  • UAE Derby
  • Dubai Golden Shaheen
  • Dubai Sheema Classic
  • Godolphin Mile
  • Dubai Turf
  • Dubai Gold Cup
  • Al Quoz Sprint
  • Dubai World Cup

But as you can see, the last race of the night is also known as the Dubai World Cup. This is the highlight of the evening. The race features the best horses in the world, ages three years old and up, going 1 1/4 on the dirt track for huge purses.

The Dubai World Cup race is one of the richest in the world, so it attracts serious talent. But the entire night of racing is filled with some of the finest performers in the sport. When you visit Dubai World Cup betting sites, you most likely will be able to bet on all nine races on the card..

Can you wager on the Dubai World Cup if you attend the race?

Ironically enough, strict gambling laws in the jurisdiction prevent traditional pari-mutuel gambling on the races from taking place. The only thing resembling a wager allowed at the event is a kind of lottery where participants have to pick the winners of six races in a row. This ban on most bets at the event is why it’s so important that bettors have access to Dubai World Cup betting sites.

How long has the Dubai World Cup been in existence?

The first event was held in 1996. Many were skeptical about whether it could be a success considering the relative novelty of racing in Dubai. But the big purse attracted top performers, including the legendary Cigar, an American champion who won the first-ever running of the signature event and helped to legitimize it.

Since then, Dubai World Cup racebooks have been busy because the event has only grown in popularity. Compared to other famous horse races like the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes, all of which have been around for over a century, the Dubai World Cup is still a relatively new event. And yet it has risen in stature in that short time to become one of the most prestigious horse races and events in the entire sport.


We hope this article has given you enough of a background on Dubai World Cup
betting sites that you can choose one with confidence. Remember that you should
always do a lot of research before making a decision. Most people wouldn’t
blindly try to pick a winner of the big race, so why would they even consider
blindly choosing a website that they don’t know if they can trust with their

It’s important to realize that the world of online gambling is filled with
scammers and unscrupulous types who would try to illegally separate you from
your money. And since gambling sites like Dubai World Cup racebooks are
largely unregulated, you won’t have much recourse should that happen to you.

That’s why you should undertake the decision of which Dubai World Cup
betting site to choose with the utmost caution. In this way, if you come up a
betting winner on that big night, you can make sure those winnings will actually
be realized.