Top Epsom Derby Betting Sites for 2021

Epsom Derby betting sites are crucial to horse racing bettors that want to
wager on one of the most famous horse races in the entire world. These sites
allow people who have no chance of making it out to Surrey, England, where the
race is held each June, to make their bets on their favorite horses. For that
reason, you need to have a handle on how to find these sites and determine if
they are worthy of your wagering money.

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There are a lot of races in the world classified as a “derby.” The name comes
from the granddaddy of them all, the Epsom Derby, one of the oldest continuous
horse races that has been in existence since the 18th century. And,
for about that long, people have been betting on the outcome of this race.

The amazing thing is that the race hasn’t lost any of its impact. If
anything, it seems to have grown in influence and popularity over the years. It
remains perhaps the premier race in all of Great Britain and maybe the
preeminent race in all of Europe.

“Punters,” which is the affectionate name used in Europe for bettors, start
planning for the Epsom Derby far before the horses actually line up for the
race. While many of these people simply contact their local bookie, it has
become much more convenient to simply do your wagering online. And that’s where
Epsom Derby betting sites really come into play.

If you can find an Epsom Derby betting site that you trust, you can then use
it to bet on other horse races as well. You might even go beyond all that and
use the site as a one-stop gambling emporium for you, placing wagers on other
sports or maybe even casino games.

Due to the importance and popularity of the race, Epsom Derby betting online websites
are all over the internet. Many will make lofty promises about what they can do
for you as a bettor. But the problem is that many of these sites can’t deliver
on these promises, and many can’t even protect your wagering money.

That’s why it is crucial for you to choose your betting sites for the Epsom Derby as
carefully as possible. You should go in with a game plan and a checklist of
criteria that any sites you consider must meet. It also means that you should be
willing to step away from a site and keep on looking if you don’t like what you

In the following article, we’ll help you out by providing a list of the best
Epsom Derby betting sites. We will also talk about why we chose these sites in
terms of certain core qualities. Lastly, we’ll talk about the Epsom Derby
itself, what types of bets you can make, and how you can pick the winner out of
all the competitors.

Examining the Best Epsom Derby Betting Sites

Horses Racing at the Epsom Derby and Epsom Derby Logo

As promised, let’s start out by giving you a list of the best Epsom Derby
betting sites that will give you betting odds on the
Epsom Derby.
These sites aren’t the only good ones out there, but they are the top of the

Of course, some of you might prefer to be a little more hands-on with your
research and your selection process. That is totally understandable, and it’s
actually a smart move to give these sites a thorough once-over to see if they
fit your needs. At the very least, these sites with Epsom Derby odds are an
excellent place to start.

What’s just as important as identifying which of the Epsom Derby betting
websites are the best is figuring out why certain sites succeed where others fail.
You might think it’s a simple process for a betting website to set up shop and
start taking wagers. If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it and
earning a big profit from it.

Not only are there some sites which don’t have the competence necessary to
give you confidence, but there are also sites run by people who are basically
trying to scam you. When you enter the world of online gambling, whether it’s
for horse racing or other sports or even casino-style games, you are entering a
largely unregulated world. This means that, should you choose unwisely, you are
likely putting your money and possibly your identity at risk without much
recourse if things go badly.

All of the betting sites for the Epsom Derby that we have listed here, at the very
least, have a solid reputation and have been around long enough to fortify that
reputation. They might not be perfect. If they claimed to be, it might be an
indication of their dishonesty. But they are at least able to provide you with
betting services in a fair and honest fashion.

Beyond that, though, why do these Epsom Derby betting sites stand out? Well,
all of them score well in the following departments:

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Multiple Betting Options
  • Solid System for Withdrawals and Deposits
  • Many Ways to Wager in Terms of Devices
  • Aggressive Bonus Structure
  • Different Methods of Funding Your Betting

As you research these sites on your own, you’ll likely find that some sites
stand out in some of these areas, while others lack a little bit. Strengths and
weaknesses are understandable, as no site is dead-solid perfect. But they are
generally balanced enough that they’re at least sufficient in all six of those
sub-categories above.

How do you know they are? Well, we tested them all for you, and we can assure
you that we subjected them to rigorous testing. Only the very best made the

Now that you know which Epsom Derby betting sites we believe are the very
best on the internet, would you like to check them out for yourself? Each online
betting site provides you with betting exposure to this historic, unique race.
Here are some of the things you should be looking for as you go through the
process of betting with these sites, from signing up to wagering to collecting
your winnings.

Betting on the Epsom Derby: Getting Started

The first thing that you’ll have to do with any type of Epsom Derby betting
site is sign up for an account. That’s where one of the six categories we listed
above will come into play. This is the point in the process where you should be
concerning yourself with possible options for funding your account.

In most cases, no reputable site will allow you to start wagering without
some sort of exchange of financial information. You want to be able to choose
what kind of method to use for putting money in your account. The standard way
to do it is to enter your credit card information, so you can then utilize the
card whenever you wish to make deposits.

Of course, credit cards aren’t the only way for you to fund your accounts on
Epsom Derby betting sites. You might also prefer to use a payment system like
PayPal. This can streamline the process a little bit and provide more control
over what goes into your account.

You can exercise even more control by using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is
digital currency that can be used in lieu of fiat money (such as dollars or
euros). Once you have purchased some, you’ll see that they allow for fast
transactions, heightened privacy (which is always a good thing when you’re
gambling), and a general sense of control that traditional money can’t quite

The problem is that many novice sites don’t allow for digital coins as
funding simply because they don’t yet have the technical capability. Most of the
Epsom Derby racebooks we have listed above do allow for funding with
cryptocurrency. And that’s an option that can make a lot of difference in the
long run.

One other thing you should be aware of as you start to get involved with
Epsom Derby betting online are the regulations that the sites may have concerning
deposits. Many sites have a minimum amount that you must put into your account
before you can start wagering. In addition, you also need to know how long it
will be before you can start betting once you’ve made a deposit.

Horses and Jockeys Racing on Grass Track at the Epsom Derby

Again, that might depend on the kind of funding that you utilize. But it’s
important that deposits make it into your account quickly, especially when
you’re dealing with horse racing where the timing of betting is important. The
Epsom Derby betting sites that we have ranked high allow for little lag time
between deposit and wager.

Making Your Bets

First of all, it’s important to know if Epsom Derby betting sites will allow
you the opportunity to bet from anywhere. Betting apps have become prominent for
that very reason. If you can find a site that gives you the opportunity to bet
on the go, it can be extremely helpful to you.

This might not seem like a consideration that’s important to you at first,
especially when you are taking the time to make the decision between numerous
sites. But it will come into play on occasions where you desperately want to
make a wager, perhaps on a horse race or even on some other sport, and you’re
nowhere near your home computer. Having an app that will allow you to bet from
whatever device you have handy, including your smartphone, can be extremely

Along those same lines, you need to know that your Epsom Derby betting site
can handle your action without any technical difficulties coming into play. If a
site is down due to a glitch or maintenance a good percentage of the time, it
will severely limit your chances of betting on horse racing or any other event.
You need a site that runs smoothly no matter what device might be accessing it
at any time of day.

And what if you want to stretch your bets beyond some wagers on the Epsom
Derby? After all, it is a wonderful event, but it is far from the only major
horse race in Great Britain. In fact, it is part of a Triple Crown of British
races for three-year-old horses that all demand major betting interest.

You might even have an interest in horse racing that spans the globe to
include tracks from all over the country and horses of many different
disciplines. But why stop there if you find a site on which you can rely? What
about the chance to bet on other sports of interest?

Finally, you could even have the desire to play casino games for actual money
online. Obviously, there are sites devoted to just casino gambling, but a site
that gives you access to horse racing, sports, and casino-type wagering can
simplify your choices. You might even be able to do all of your wagering with a
single account.

But that would only be the case with sites that do provide you with that kind
of betting variety. Don’t settle for a site that won’t give that to you.
Instead, you should focus on the Epsom Derby betting sites that go far beyond
just that prestigious horse race.

Getting in Touch

Even on the most reliable horse and sports betting sites, it is possible for you
to encounter some problems. That is where solid customer service can enter the
picture and ease your mind. Knowing that a site has your back can really provide
peace of mind.

The best Epsom Derby betting sites will give their customer service contact
information up front so that you can easily locate it. There should be multiple
ways of getting in touch with them, including phone, live chat, and email. In
addition, these sites might even assign a specific representative just to deal
with your account, especially if you remain an active bettor.

This last possibility can help in a number of ways. First of all, a site rep
can let you in on all of the latest promotions at the site. And, as we mentioned
above, bonuses are a big part of the online betting experience.

You should be getting bonuses on a semi-regular basis, as these bonuses will
help to atone for any losses you might incur with your wagers. Bonuses can
include percentages tacked on to an initial deposit or an account reload, free
bets, or various perks that come to frequent bettors. Most of these bonuses will
come with restrictions known as rollovers, but the best sites keep those
rollovers to low levels that don’t strain your budget.

You have to realize that the site is always going to try to sell itself to
you, and betting bonuses will be an important way for them to achieve this. When
they do make their sales pitch, it should always be a soft sell, and their
representatives should be respectful if the answer from you is occasionally
“no.” Sadly, there are many sites who will badger bettors to keep the money
coming in to the site.

Historical Painting of Horses and Jockeys Racing at the Epsom Derby

The Epsom Derby betting websites listed above know how to draw the line between
lucrative bonus offers and overaggressive hard sells. The reps who work for them
will also do whatever they can to rectify any problems that might arise in the
course of your doing business with them. Customer service should really be at
the top of the list of things that you require in a betting site.

Getting Your Winnings

Of course, the goal in engaging in Epsom Derby betting sites or any other
type of online betting is to win big money. The problem is that there are sites
out there on the internet which will make it extremely difficult for you to
collect those winnings. And that can take a positive experience and turn it into
a negative one in a heartbeat.

Warning signs include any site that doesn’t publish their withdrawal
procedures right on their site or doesn’t communicate them to you upon signing
up. You should also be wary of a site that always seems to be altering the rules
they have for you to get your money. When you win a bet, or multiple bets, it’s
a reasonable expectation that you shouldn’t have to wait forever to see those
winnings make it back into your personal account.

As you can see from the description of this process, you should be able to
smoothly go through every step along the way of betting on Epsom Derby racebooks.
If there are hiccups along the way, you might find that any joy that you
experienced in winning your bets will quickly diminish. Again, the Epsom Derby
gambling sites that we have listed should generally be able to provide you with a
process free of these annoying and frustrating nuisances.

When you look at this process from start to finish and consider all of the
possible issues that can come up when betting online, you can see why it is so
important to have a site that covers all the bases. If you do choose one of the
Epsom Derby betting sites listed above, you can be sure of the fact that they
will have comprehensive coverage. Any other site that you come upon should be
able to say the same before you commit any money to an account with them.

Learning About the Epsom Derby

There are few races in the world with the kind of history that the Epsom
Derby possesses. Many American fans who grew up with the Kentucky Derby might
not realize that the name of that race was borrowed from the Epsom Derby, which
preceded it by over a century. And the race continues to be the centerpiece of
British horse racing.

Here are some fast facts about the Epsom Derby that will help you out when it
comes to making your wagers on Epsom Derby betting sites.

Epsom Derby Facts

Importance: First of all, the Epsom Derby is an important
race just for the tradition that it holds. Held for the first time in 1780, it
has long been a pivotal event in British horse racing. It is also at the core of
a great cultural event known as the Epsom Fair.

  • Where: Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey, England
  • When: The first Saturday each June
  • How Long: 1 1/2 miles
  • What Kind of Surface: Grass
  • Who Competes: Three-year-old horses

Even more important is the fact that the Epsom Derby is the middle part of a
series known as the Triple Crown. Most countries that hold Thoroughbred horse
racing have a
Triple Crown
of some sort. In Great Britain, it consists of the 2000 Guineas Stakes, the
Epsom Derby, and the St. Leger Stakes.

Winning all three races is an extremely difficult accomplishment, one that
has only been managed several times in all the years it has been in existence.
Considering how difficult it is to win on three different tracks at three
different distances against absolutely top-notch competition, it’s a wonder that
it has even been achieved. That’s why any horse with a chance at the feat
garners great national and international attention.

Types of Bets You Can Make on the Epsom Derby

When you sign on to one of the Epsom Derby betting sites we have provided for
you (or choose one on your own), you then have to decide how you want to bet on the Epsom Derby. It will obviously depend on your penchant for risk
and what kind of budget you have. It might also depend on how many horses you
want to include in your bets.

You also have to keep in mind that different wagers might be called different
things in different countries. For example, a place bet in Europe usually refers
to a horse finishing in first, second, or third. But in America, a place bet
refers to a horse finishing first or second, while a show bet is for horses that
finish in the top three.

In addition, American racing has bets known as “exotic wagers” which allow
you to include multiple horses in multiple races or even a single race. In
Europe, those races are sometimes called “accumulators.” You need to be aware of
the subtleties and realize that although the bets are essentially the same, they
are often called by different labels.

Another factor that you have to realize is the difference between fixed odds
and pari-mutuel betting. In a fixed odds system, which is used by many
bookmakers in Great Britain and Europe, the odds that you get on a bet do not
change once you’ve placed the wager. For instance, if you were to bet on a horse
to win the Epsom Derby a month before the race at 5 to 1, you would get those
odds at the time of the race no matter what happened in the interim.

A pari-mutuel system determines the odds based on the pools for each wager.
That means that your odds aren’t final until all bets are in right before race
time, and they can change from what they originally were when you first placed
the wager. For example, the horse that was 5 to 1 when you bet could end up at
15 to 1 if not too many others like its chances to win.

Anthony Van Dyck Racing at the Epsom Derby

Your online Epsom Derby racebooks might have access to one or the other or maybe
even both of those two systems of wagering. If you prefer one to another, you
could use it as a deciding factor in choosing a site. But you should really only
do that if the site has all the other qualities that we’ve already discussed.

When you do decide upon your bets at Epsom Derby betting sites, just remember
that the simplest bets, like those involving just a single horse, tend to pay
the least. They also have the best chance of returning something for your wager.
But unless you end up picking a long shot winner, you might not have too much of
an opportunity for big winnings.

On the other hand, the wagers where you have to pick multiple horses give you
the chance to win a lot of money for a small wagering amount. Winning one of
these bets can even get you winnings similar to what you could expect from a
lottery ticket if there are enough horses involved and the odds are long. But
you need a lot to go right in order to hit either an accumulator or exotic
wager, and even expert horse racing bettors have a hard time hitting these
wagers on a regular basis.

In the Epsom Derby, the chances for great value on your wagers increases.
There are generally a lot of horses in the field, which means the odds can get
spread around a little bit more than normal. And most of these horses come in
with impressive racing records, which results in a race where a prohibitive,
dominant favorite is relatively rare.

Yet all of these factors make this a tough race to handicap as well.
“Handicapping” is the term for looking at a race, either by studying racing
forms or watching past races of horses in the field, and determining who you
think will win. That’s why you should go in with somewhat of a plan about how to
pick a winner or multiple horses that you think will finish well in the Epsom

Tips for Handicapping the Race at Epsom Derby Betting Sites

Recent Form

In the case of three-year-old horses, which are the horses that compete in
the Epsom Derby, they often don’t have too much of a track record established by
the time they run this important race. It often takes just one or two good races
for them to reach their peak form. Timing is everything, which is why you should
be aware of the horses who are coming into the race on a nice streak of racing
when you decide on your wagers at Epsom Derby betting sites.

Jockeys and Trainers

The Epsom is not a race where you can get away with uncertainty, whether that
means a trainer who is new to conditioning their horse for such a big event or a
jockey who has never been up against such a massive and talented field. That’s
why, when you pore over your choices on Epsom Derby online racebooks, you should
consider horses with connections who have been in the race before and have been
successful. Having navigated the Epsom Derby before, they likely have the stuff
to do it again.

Beyond the Numbers

A racing form will give you plenty of information concerning the horses in
the race, but it shouldn’t be an absolute substitute for you putting your actual
eyes on the field. By watching past races of the competitors, you might see
something that the program doesn’t show, such as a horse who had a bad trip or
another who suffered through traffic problems. These are the horses that might
get you favorable odds because others, including the oddsmakers at Epsom Derby
betting sites, are fixated on the program pages.


When you’re dealing with a race as prestigious and as friendly to bettors as
the Epsom Derby, you don’t want to leave which site you’re using to chance. It
should be a process of weeding out inferior sites, and then narrowing it down to
the very best Epsom Derby betting websites. Luckily, we’ve already helped you with
that process with the list that we provided at the top of this page.

The next step is for you to decide, based on the relative strengths and
weaknesses of each site, which site is the ideal fit for you. Your choice will
be important, especially if you want to use the site for much more than this one
race. If that’s the case, the top Epsom Derby betting sites could indeed be
great sites for all of your wagering needs.