Top Florida Derby Betting Sites for 2021

Florida Derby betting sites give you access to a horse race that stands as
one of the best in the entire world. Not only is it a premier showcase for
three-year-olds who are just starting to peak, but it is also often a race that
gives bettors an indicator of what is to come in the racing world throughout the
Triple Crown season. And the only way for many people to bet on that race is to
do so by using a betting website that can take their wagering action and pay off
their winnings.

It can be a daunting task to sit down in front of a computer and try to find
the very best betting sites out of the many that can be located. While it might
not be a needle in a haystack situation, it certainly isn’t an easy job. That’s
especially the case if you are new to the world of online gambling and don’t
know quite what you should be looking for on your search.

That’s why we’re going to help you out. We’ve already done all the research
for you. Now all you have to do is look at this list of what we feel are the
best Florida Derby betting sites so that you can started.

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Horse racing and
betting have been linked pretty much for as long as the sport has existed, which
means we’re talking about hundreds of years of horse racing wagering. In the
past, it was all about going out to your local track to place your bets or
getting in touch with a local bookmaker. You also might have had to trudge out
to an off-track wagering facility if you wanted to place a bet on a race that
wasn’t in your vicinity.

The rise of the internet changed all of that and made horse racing betting
accessible to anyone, anywhere as long as they had a connection. That continues
today, as bettors are able to place wagers all over the world at any time of the
day or night. It really does make it easier than ever to bet on races such as
the Florida Derby in comfort and convenience.

Of course, that boom in online wagering has also led to much more competition
in terms of the websites fighting for your business. Where once there were only
a few sites from which to choose, there are now hundreds that you can find with
ease. Just do an internet search looking for Florida Derby betting sites
and you can see for yourself.

The only problem is that not all sites have what it takes to be among the
best. And if you settle for less than the best when it comes to online Florida Derby
racebooks, you are asking for trouble. You might miss out on betting an
important race and find yourself with money lost because of it.

Luckily, there are sites that have a pretty solid reputation that can handle
your account and give you peace of mind. Considering the popularity and
importance of the Florida Derby, you will certainly have your choices. But you
need to choose wisely so that you don’t end up on the wrong end of the outcome
even if you can pick the winner of this prestigious race.

In the following article, we’ll give you a list of what we feel are the
finest Florida Derby betting websites available. We’ll explain how we made those
decisions by giving you the qualities that you should be looking for in
horse racing betting sites. And we’ll also talk a little bit
about the Florida Derby in terms of how you can bet it and what makes it such an
important race on the Thoroughbred racing calendar.

The Very Best Florida Derby Betting Sites

These sites are highly rated among Florida Derby online betting sites. They each
have a distinguished reputation in the online betting world, and they have also
been in existence for a long enough period of time that they can be trusted. And
they have a wide range of customers who wager with them on a variety of
different events, often at pretty high levels.

What they also have is a broad base of qualities that are important to the
process of online wagering. You can break these qualities down to six important
ones which cover just about every possible scenario in betting online, from
signing up to making bets to collecting them. Those qualities are:

  • Excellence in customer service
  • Multitude of betting options
  • Many different ways to fund your account
  • Functional site with mobile betting
  • Aggressive bonus structure
  • Fair system of deposits and withdrawals

When you look at these qualities, you are pretty much dealing with the
entirety of the online horse racing betting process. They each come into
play at different points in the process, and some of them might seem more to you
than others. That can come down to personal preference.

No site that we’ve listed is perfect in all areas, as there can always be
improvement in the customer experience. But the best Florida Derby betting sites
all have a solid reputation for all of these qualities. Sites that are lacking
one or two of these aspects are essentially incomplete.

When you go out to find the top horse race betting
on your own, even if they aren’t listed here, you can always use
those six qualities as your benchmark. Do your research and see how they stack
up. Maybe you might be able to find an up-and-coming site that deserves to be on
the list. Even if it’s not quite at that level, it might have other
characteristics that make it just right for you.

Another way that you can ensure that the Florida Derby betting websites that you
encounter are up to snuff is by preparing a kind of test for them. Work up a
list of questions that will provide you with answers about the site and what
it’s all about. You can come up with your own questions, but here are some
sample ones to get you started.

10 Questions to Ask of a Florida Derby Betting Site

How Hard Do You Work for Your Customers?

You might not think that customer service is all that important a component
of Florida Derby online betting sites. That could be because you’re under the
impression that you just need to make your bets and get your money and that’s
that. Unfortunately, things often don’t work out that easily.

There is a good chance that some kind of problem will arise if you’re online
wagering for any significant length of time. Whether it’s a technical problem
with a bet, a misunderstanding about one of the site’s guidelines, or even
issues about getting your money, there are a number of ways that things can go
awry at Florida Derby betting sites. That’s not unexpected, and problems don’t
necessarily mean that the site is at fault.

But where they would be at fault is if they didn’t tackle your problems in a
timely fashion and attempt to get them straightened out as quickly as possible.
Maybe it’s an issue that might not be solved to your satisfaction, but at least
you need to know that their customer service team went all-out to try to help
you. That kind of effort is what separates a top site from one of the also-rans.

What Is the Best Way to Contact You?

This question, by its very nature, implies that there is more than one way to
get in touch with the Florida Derby betting site that you’re considering. And
that is a very important quality for the site to have right off the bat. If
there is just one phone number taking dozens of customer calls at a time,
chances are, you are going to have a hard time getting through.

What you’ll often find from the finest Florida Derby betting sites
is that they will assign a customer service representative specifically to
handle your account. This person should provide you with multiple ways of
contacting them in a pinch. And they should also be responsible enough that they
will answer you when you do reach out, without you having to try multiple times
before they respond.

The advantages that a dedicated representative can provide for you are
numerous. They can be aware of your betting habits, so that they can provide you
with promotions that will really be up your alley. Their familiarity with your
account will also help immensely, since that will save you a lot of time
explaining if any problems do pop up.

Do You Have Ways to Pay for My Bets Other Than Credit Cards?

Florida Derby Horse Inside iPhone

Credit cards remain the predominant way for bettors to do business on online Florida Derby racebooks.
But the ones that we’ve listed above generally provide you
with a few more options in that department. That can be a crucial feature,
especially if you have a credit card that you don’t want to use because of a
potentially high interest rate or one that doesn’t allow its funds for online

If you prefer to use a funding option that’s a bit different from the norm,
the top Florida Derby betting sites can handle that for you.
Bank transfers are one way you might choose to do your business. Another way is
through payment systems like PayPal, which can be extremely convenient. Since
it’s already online, it helps streamline the process.

If you are someone who is progressive about funding options, cryptocurrency
might be your choice. More and more sites are allowing the digital coins as a
method of payment, as Bitcoin, Ether, and the rest are very beneficial to both
bettors and sites alike. Some of the sites that are new to the online gambling
realm might not have the ability to handle all of these different options, which
is why you should be checking prospective Florida Derby betting websites for
banners showing you all the different ways you can fund your account.

How Deep Into Horse Racing Do You Get With Your Wagering Options?

The Florida Derby is a major horse race, which is why you shouldn’t have any
trouble finding a lot of sites that will allow you to bet it. But if you are a
true fan of the sport and someone who likes to gamble on a regular basis, you’re
probably looking for a site that will give you more of a deep dive into the
action. And that’s why you should be checking prospective Florida Derby online racebooks for what kind of racing exposure they can provide.

Horse racing fans also know that there is more than just Thoroughbred racing
that can be on the docket. Harness racing and jump racing are also extremely
popular with many bettors. Those who want to bet on events of all kinds should
make sure before signing on that the site in question can handle that kind of

On top of that, you’ll want to know if the Florida Derby online betting sites can go
beyond just the biggest events. As talked about, horse racing is a sport where
races are going off seven days a week, 24 hours a day somewhere in the world. No
matter the size of the purse or the attention the race receives, you might see a
betting opportunity in it, and that’s why you’ll need a site with a wide breadth
of tracks and races that you can bet.

What If I Want to Go Beyond Horse Racing to Bet on Other Events?

Many people who bet on horse racing also like to spread
their wagering money to many other sports. You can find a lot of betting sites
that are horse racing only on the internet. But they won’t do you any good if
you want to bet on football, hockey, soccer or whatever happens to suit your

All-purpose Florida Derby betting sites that can provide a sportsbook
experience can be really valuable to bettors. You might think now that you only
want to bet on one horse race and don’t have interest in anything else. But, as
time passes and certain sports come into season, you might begin to think

On top of wagering on sports, you might also want the full online casino
experience where you can play slot machines, table games, video poker, or
anything else that you can find at a casino. When it comes to variety, the
Florida Derby betting sites that we have listed above certainly have you
covered. And all that will come in handy when you decide to bet on more than
just a single race.

What Are Your Guidelines for Deposits and Withdrawals?

This is a crucial question for you to ask when it comes to horse racing betting sites.
It will let you know what to expect in terms of the money flowing
into and out of your account. You should find out about any restrictions in
terms of minimums or timing, as it relates to if there are any set days or times
of the month or year when you are allowed to withdraw.

You can expect there to be some restrictions, as they help even the best
Florida Derby betting sites with their cash flow and keeping everything
balanced. What should worry you is if you look into a site and find that there
are no guidelines whatsoever. This could be an indication that the site is
playing a little fast and loose with their customers’ money.

Another concern would be if you find that the guidelines are constantly being
changed by these sites. Or that they don’t follow the ones that they have
previously set up. This could all mean that the site is either having issues
coming up with the money to pay out or are out and trying to scam you. Either of
which would be an outcome that could be extremely damaging to your bank account.

Horses Racing in iPhone

Can I Make Horse Racing Bets on the Go?

Mobile betting, via apps, has been one of the most exciting developments in
the world of online wagering sites. No longer do you have to be settled at your
computer for the entire day or night just to get your horse racing bets in on time. In a
world where people are always on the move throughout the course of their daily
routines, an app that can allow you to bet on the go is crucial.

The Florida Derby betting sites that we recommend are well in front of that
trend. They have apps in place that essentially do everything that can be done
on the site, only they allow you to do it from whatever device you happen to
have on hand at the time. That includes your smartphone, tablet, or anything
else with a wireless connection.

Ideally, the apps, as well as the sites themselves, will be easy to
understand and use. This is a big factor with any Florida Derby betting site
app, because you will be using them on a much smaller screen than normal. If you
can’t bounce around to where you need to go and make the bets that you need to
make, it really won’t make that much of a difference.

Can I Trust That Your Site Is Always Operational?

One of the reasons that Florida Derby betting sites like the ones we’ve
listed above provide such comfort is because of their experience. Having been in
operation for at least several years, they likely have been able to get through
the technical problems that often trip up new sites. And that means that you can
breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to worry about some sort of glitch
tripping up your wagering experience.

Horse racing betting is all about timing, getting the odds that you want at
just the right moment or getting your bet in at the very last second before the
start of the race. But what would happen if your timing was disrupted because of
some sort of malfunction on the site that you’re using. You probably wouldn’t be
able to get the bet in or you might find that the odds aren’t what you hoped
they would be even if you could get the bet in on time.

This issue of timing also comes into play if you are using a sportsbook at
Florida Derby betting websites. And if you are dealing with an online
, you need to know that you can play your games without having
the system break down at a crucial moment. All of this comes under the umbrella
of site functionality, something that you might take for granted at the best

What Kind of Bonuses Can You Offer Me?

Betting is all about the bottom line, trying to maximize the wins and
minimize the losses. In that way, it’s a lot like if you were investing your
money, and, in fact, you should really think of your wagering along those lines.
Any kind of boost to that bottom line should be greatly appreciated, which is
why you should be looking into Florida Derby betting sites that offer the most
aggressive bonus structure available.

As soon as you visit a betting website, you will immediately notice banners
promising you all kinds of bonuses if you sign up. You might see one that offers
you a certain percentage bonus on top of whatever you deposit. Or you could
possibly see another offer that promises you free bets when you first sign on
and create an account.

While this is all well and good, introductory offers are pretty much
commonplace in the online wagering industry. What you should be seeking is a
site that can give you bonuses and perks consistently, even after you’ve been a
member for a long period of time. The good news is that the Florida Derby
online racebooks that we’ve listed are all pretty aggressive in how they offer
bonuses to their clients.

Are There Restrictions on These Bonuses?

Well, unfortunately, there have to be some sort of restrictions on the
bonuses offered by the Florida Derby betting sites that you encounter. If there
weren’t, those sites would go out of business pretty quickly. After all, you’d
be able to take whatever bonus you receive, leave the site, and pocket the bonus
without ever making a bet.

That’s why you’ll see the word “rollover” attached to most of the bonuses
that you find on Florida Derby betting sites. A rollover
essentially tells you how much you’ll have to bet with the bonus that you
receive before you will be able to withdraw any winnings associated with the
bonus. Rollovers are usually expressed in multipliers, meaning that you would
have to multiply the rollover number by the size of your bonus amount to see how
much you’ll have to bet.

The good news is that rollover amounts also take into account winnings that
you may have accrued and bet back, meaning that they aren’t that difficult to
reach if you are a regular bettor. That doesn’t mean that you should just accept
rollovers if they seem ridiculously high. If all other things are equal among
two Florida Derby online racebooks, you can use rollover levels as a possible
tiebreaker to make your selection.

What Type of Bets Can I Place on the Florida Derby?

Straight Bets

  • Win: Pick the horse to place first.
  • Place: Pick the horse to place first or second.
  • Show: Pick the horse to place first, second, or third.

Exotic Bets

  • Exacta: Bet on the first two horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Trifecta or Triple: Bet on the first three horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Superfecta: Bet on the first four horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner of two consecutive races on the card.
  • Pick 3 (4, 5, 6, etc.): Pick the winners of three races in a row or however many are listed in the name of the bet.

We have listed all the ways that you can find the best Florida Derby betting
sites, and we’ve also given you our choices. None of that matters much if you
don’t know the basics of horse racing betting or if you aren’t familiar with why
the Florida Derby is such a special race. We’re here to help you out with all of
that now.

In terms of horse racing betting, it can be somewhat intimidating to those
doing it for the first time. There are a lot of different names for the bets
that you can make that might not make sense to you. And trying to pick the
horses that you think will perform well can be confusing if you don’t know what
to look for in a particular race.

Luckily, it won’t take long to get acclimated with horse racing
. Make a few bets and you’ll start to feel more comfortable with
the lingo and the process. Once you start to pick horses and see how those picks
do, you’ll get a feel for what works and what doesn’t in terms of looking at the

Types of Bets You Can Place on the Florida Derby

You can usually break down the wagers that you can make on horse races at
Florida Derby online betting sites into two main types: straight and exotic. Straight
wagers only require you to pick a single horse in a single race that you think
will do well. Exotic wagers involve multiple horses and can be held in a single
race or over multiple races.

To make a straight wager, you’ll just need to pick one horse out of a race
that you think is ready for a great performance. You’ll then have the choice of
betting on that horse in one of the three ways listed above.

In terms of exotic bets, there are more choices you can make. Many tracks
contain exotic bets that are unique to them, while certain Florida Derby betting
websites might even have special exotic bets that are different than the norm.

Basically, straight wagers are easier to win but generally pay less, unless
you bet a lot or happen upon a successful long shot. By contrast, exotic bets
are very difficult to hit, but they often pay off a lot of money even for a
small amount bet. How you choose to play the Florida Derby or
any other race you might bet could come down to your feelings about that race,
your tolerance for risk, the money that you have in your betting budget, and the
money that you hope to win.

What Factors Should I Consider When Betting on the Florida Derby?

  • Form: The way the horse has been racing recently, in terms of if it is winning, coming close to winning, or struggling.
  • Class: This is the term for the types of horses that the horse has been facing,
    which can come in handy if you notice that it is either dropping in class
    (meaning, it could outclass its opponents) or moving up in class (meaning, it
    could be in over its head).
  • Connections: The horse’s owners, trainer, and jockey, all of which can have an important impact on the race.
  • Pedigree: The bloodlines of a horse which can indicate its potential.

You can get lucky betting on the Florida Derby by picking your favorite
name or your lucky number. But, if you want to be a regular horse racing bettor,
you should really come up with some sort of system for handicapping the races.
Handicapping is the term for taking the information provided to you about a race
and using it to pick the best horses in the field.

There are a million different ways to size up a race. You can glean
information about the race from the program, which gives you statistical
information. Or you can base your bet on what you see from watching replays of
past races or even watching the horses warm up.

These are just a few of the tools you can utilize when betting on horse racing at Florida Derby betting
websites, and there are many more that are available to you. You should find out
what works for you and stick with it. That will allow you to handicap races in a
much faster fashion, allowing you to make more wagers.

Details on Betting on the Florida Derby

The Florida Derby is held in the spring of each year, either on the last
weekend in March or the first in April. The race takes place in Gulfstream Park
in Hallandale Beach, Florida. It is a Grade One stakes race, which means it
carries a hefty purse and attracts the best competitors.

Only three-year-old horses compete in the event, which takes place over a
distance of 1 1/8 miles on the dirt track at Gulfstream Park. Because it is only
open to three-year-olds, it is a race which features many of the same horses who
will be competing on the American
Triple Crown
that year. It is part of a series of races which offer points to the
horses who perform well, points which can be used to qualify for the Kentucky

Gulfstream Park is one of the
top tracks in the country, and due to its location in Florida and the fact that
its racing meet takes part early in the year, it is known as the place where a
lot of top three-year-olds start their quest for greatness. The Florida Derby
culminates the meet and offers both glory and big purses to the horses who
perform well. But many of the horses who
win the Florida Derby go on to distinguish themselves in the Triple Crown races.

It is a great race to bet because of the wide range of horses who compete.
You’ll find a lot of horses who are used to racing at Gulfstream in the race, as
well as others from other parts of the country who ship in from the event. There
will also be a nice mix of established starts who are used to big-stakes races
and up-and-comers who want to test their mettle against the best to see if they
are Triple Crown material.

Conclusion on Florida Derby Betting Websites

In terms of so-called “Derby Prep” races, which is the term for the races
that get horses prepared for the Kentucky Derby, few have the prestige and
impact of the Florida Derby. It features some of the best three-year-old talent
in America. And its track record of producing superstar horses is impeccable.

Quite frankly, it’s the kind of race you’ll want to bet if you are a
horse racing
enthusiast. But you can’t do that efficiently and
effectively without first locating the best Florida Derby betting sites. If you
make sure to make that selection with the same kind of carefulness and diligence
that you would when picking the winner of the Florida Derby, you’ll come out a
winner in the long term, even if your horse comes up short in the big race.