Best Betting Sites for the Grand National

Grand National betting sites give hardcore horse racing bettors and even
casual fans the chance to wager on this famous race. There may not be a more
famous race in the entire sport of jump racing than this one. And there might
not be a better race for those who like to wager on the event, which is why you
need to know which sites can give you the best wagering experience.

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Casual horse racing fans often know all about some of the top Thoroughbred
races such as the Kentucky Derby or the Melbourne Cup. But there are certain
fans that are enamored with a different type of racing, one that requires the
horses to make periodic jumps over obstacles on the track. The fans that know
about this type of racing called chase, national hunt, or steeplechase racing,
know that the Grand National stands alone in terms of how unique it is and its
tradition of producing great champions and unpredictable results.

After all, the jumps during the race, 30 of them in fact, make it very
difficult for horses to come out unscathed, even those that are considered the
best of the bunch. In addition, jump races like the Grand National also feature
many more entrants on the average than the normal Thoroughbred race. That means
the odds are spread thinner, which means that you can make a lot of money even
by betting on a single horse with a small wager.

It all adds up to a prime betting opportunity that comes up once a year and
draws great interest from fans far before the actual running of the race. You
might be able to find futures wagers on the Grand National months in advance.
When you take all into account, you can’t pass this up if you are a horse racing
fan of any type.

But you need to have an association with a responsible, reliable Grand
National racebooks to really take advantage of it. The good news is that
finding sites that will let you bet on the race won’t be difficult. Online
betting sites are most active in the run-up to big events like this special
race, offering promotions to bettors to try to win their business.

When you try to identify the finest Grand National betting sites, you
shouldn’t settle for anything less than the very best. If you don’t take time
with this decision, you could end up regretting signing on with a site that is
either incompetent or untrustworthy.

In this article, you will discover our selections for the best, most
legitimate Grand National gambling sites on the internet. More than that, we will
explain what qualities these sites possess that make them so desirable for
bettors like yourself. And we’ll also give you a quick look at the Grand
National as a race, from the particulars of the betting to the details about the
race and why it is so important and unique to the sport.

Breaking Down the Top Grand National Betting Sites

Horses Racing at Grand National and Grand National Logo

We’ll get you started in your search for the Grand National betting sites the
best way possible: Giving you our list of the sites that we think you should
check out. These sites are known for their outstanding reputation in the world
of online gambling. And that reputation has been established over a decent
amount of time, meaning that there aren’t any unproven newcomers that are
getting the call here.

On top of all that, the Grand National online betting sites that we’ve listed all
have certain characteristics in common. You can consider these six
characteristics the bedrock for all online gambling activities, meaning that any
site worth your gambling business should be at least respectable in all six.
Those qualities are:

  1. An impeccable reputation for customer service
  2. A reliable system for deposits and withdrawals
  3. A website that works well on desktop and mobile
  4. Aggressive bonus offers
  5. Variety of betting opportunities
  6. Multiple ways to fund a betting account

These six core qualities come into play at different points of the online
betting experience at Grand National betting sites. Without any one of them in
order, a betting website must be considered incomplete. The best sites can boast
of a solid reputation for all six.

The Grand National betting sites that we’ve listed have that going for them.
That’s not to say any of them are perfect. In fact, if you inspect them closely,
as you should, you’ll note that some sites are better than others in certain
areas. When you do that kind of research, you’ll be able to tell which sites
have strengths that match what is important to you in terms of your betting

For example, you might really be adamant that the site that you frequent
gives you the widest variety of horse racing betting. Or it might be important
that they accept Bitcoin as a funding option. No two bettors are the same, which
is why there isn’t one website that is perfect for everyone.

But the bottom line is that these Grand National sportsbooks in our
recommended list are all solid enough for you to give them a look. They can be
trusted and aren’t going to go under. You can start with them when you’re
searching and know that you can’t really go too wrong no matter which one you

Should you come upon a site not listed here, you shouldn’t just throw it out
without giving it a close look first. Perhaps you might find a site that is on
the rise and just might be on the way to joining the elite sites that we’ve
listed. How can you tell?

It’s simple. Just go through the categories that we’ve listed and see if the
site in question can deliver the goods in each one of them. If they can, that’s
great, but if not, you should probably give them a pass.

Perhaps you’re new to the world of online gambling and aren’t sure what all
of those categories mean. Let’s talk about each one so that you know how they
apply to the process of betting on Grand National betting sites.

Customer Service

This one sounds pretty self-explanatory, and in some ways, it is. Like you
would expect of any business or company with which you interact, you want to be
treated with respect and courtesy. You should feel that they have your best
interests in mind when dealing with you, and they should make fixing any
problems that you have a priority.

But how does customer service come into play when you are talking about an
online gambling operation? Well, the first thing that you need to do is find out
the contact information for the site you’re researching. And it should be more
than just some 1-800 number that rings forever when you dial it up.

You should really have the ability to reach out and contact a site
representative and expect a quick response. In fact, there should be a
representative at Grand National betting sites that knows your account without
having to search for it. Having a regular contact person will make it easier for
you to get through when you need to do.

Once you’ve established these lines of communication, you’ll want to know
that your demands and questions are being taken seriously. Many sites will give
you lip service about how they want to help in any way they can. But you’ll want
to see that they can back it up with action when it counts.

Remember that problems on Grand National online often mean that your
money is at stake. That’s why you should feel confident that a site’s customer
service team will take quick and decisive action when push comes to shove. They
might not always be able to solve your problem to your liking, but at least they
will give you confidence that they have tried the best that they can.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Horses and Jockeys Jumping over Fence at the Grand National

When it comes right down to it, your relationship with online Grand National betting
sites will come down to money. At different points, you’ll be inputting money
into your account to use as a bankroll for your betting. You’ll want to take
some out at different points as well so that you can use the money for your own
purposes besides betting.

Those transactions are known in the online gambling world as deposits and
withdrawals. This is the most important aspect of a Grand National betting site
for you to check out before signing on. If you rush into getting an account with
knowing about deposits and withdrawals, all kinds of problems might ensue.

The most reputable betting sites for the Grand National should have a policy for
deposits and withdrawals that is pretty much set in stone. You can expect some
restrictions in the flow of money. If there weren’t any in place, the site would
pretty much be a free-for-all and would probably end up going out of business.

It is incumbent on you to make sure that these restrictions aren’t out of the
ordinary or overly harsh. And you need to find out if the site sticks to these
guidelines. For example, if you can only withdraw on a certain day of the week,
there should never come a week when you go to withdraw some money on that day
and aren’t able to do so.

When you find out about the guidelines for depositing and withdrawing money
from Grand National betting sites, you should then make sure that the sites
follow through on every occasion. If they keep switching up their story, you
will ultimately become extremely frustrated. And that frustration will
eventually lead to you having a lousy experience on the whole; that’s how
important deposits and withdrawals can be.

Website Functionality and Mobile Betting

Signing up for a Grand National betting site without testing it first is a
big mistake. You should always consider touring the site to see what it looks
like and how it operates. Doing this can help you identify problems that might
cause big issues once you’ve already established an account.

Grand National racebooks have all been around long enough that you
shouldn’t have to worry about them not working properly. You can rest assured
that the technical ability to take bets and pay out winnings to its customers
has been proven time and again. With sites that you have found on your own, you
might not be able to make that same claim.

There are many ways that a betting site can go awry in terms of its basic
operational ability. A poorly constructed page might take forever to load, which
can cost you if you’re trying to get a wager in on time. Or you might have a
site that simply glitches out at the worst possible moments.

The betting sites for the Grand National you choose should also be easy to get
around. If you can’t figure out how to get to the betting page you want, you
might get annoyed and lose your taste for betting. Even computer novices should
be able to handle maneuvering around the page.

Finally, you should only consider Grand National betting sites that have some
sort of mobile betting element. With mobile betting, you can be assured of
getting your wagers in no matter where you are and at any time of the day with
just a phone in hand. Betting apps are a must-have in this era where everybody
is always on the go.

Bonus Offers

Horses and Jockeys Racing on Grass Track at the Grand National

As soon as you visit any betting site, you will likely notice that there are
offers all over the main page promising you excellent bonuses. Maybe they’ll be
offering you what they call “free” bets. Or they could be telling you that
they’ll match your deposit with a certain percentage of money for you to bet.

First of all, you need to know that you shouldn’t be seduced by the first
offers that you see. They might seem like a great deal, but you can find great
deals on most Grand National betting sites, especially the ones that we’ve
listed. You should consider comparing the offers with others of a similar kind
on other websites.

On top of that, you shouldn’t be confused into thinking that you’re getting
anything for free. That’s because there are restrictions placed on just about
every betting website bonus that you can name. If there weren’t, you’d have a
lot of those sites going under in a hurry.

Most bonuses at Grand National racebooks come with what are known as
rollover requirements. These require that you make a certain dollar amount of
wagers with any bonuses that you receive, usually registered as a multiplier of
some kind. Rollovers are often based on the kind of bet you’re making, so that
the rollover requirement you have for a horse racing bet might be different than
one that you’d receive at an online casino.

If you’re vigilant about searching for the best offers, you might come upon
one or more that are exclusively tailored to beef your bet on the Grand
National. The key, as we said, is to not just jump at the first offer that you
see. And don’t be afraid, once you have signed up with one site, to ask for more
bonuses to help you out with your betting bottom line.

Betting Opportunities

You are likely here on this website because you are interested in wagering on
the Grand National race. But it would be unlikely, once you’ve whetted your
appetite with that race, that you’ll want to stop there. And the Grand National
betting sites that give you the most betting variety will have you covered no
matter what your favorite action might be.

Horse racing action, whether you’re talking about exclusively jump racing or
stretching out to other forms like Thoroughbred or harness racing, will likely
be at the center of your search. Many sites will give you access to the biggest
stakes races such as the Grand National. But not as many will provide you with
exposure to your everyday racing that can be found on days and nights all
throughout the year.

These sites, such as the betting sites for the Grand National we’ve provided for you,
are also the ones that can give you a fully operational sports book. That means
that you can branch out from horse racing to baseball, football, soccer, golf,
or whatever sport might be in season. You should also be looking for sites that
give you the largest variety of bets for those sports, instead of just your
run-of-the-mill, win-or-lose type wagers.

Are you also the type that loves to go to your nearby casino, or maybe even
travel to one a bit out of the way? Would you like the ability to do some casino
wagering from your computer or your smartphone or tablet? Well, there are
certain Grand National racebooks that can allow you to do that as well.

The bottom line is that the finest Grand National betting sites online can deliver
every type of betting to you. And they will do so with all of their other
qualities intact, meaning that you get a well-rounded convenient experience.
When you find a site like this, your wager on the Grand National will be just
the tip of the iceberg.

Different Ways to Fund Your Account

In terms of all of these different characteristics that are important to a
website, funding options is one of the most underrated. You might get lucky if
you’re happy with a certain card that just happens to be accepted at the site
that you plan to use. In that case, you don’t really need to know what other
options are in the offing.

But you might be surprised at how often you might need to go down the line to
a second or third choice in terms of what you use to fund your account. That
could sometimes be because the source of the funding won’t allow you to use it
at a gambling website. Many credit card companies deny usage of their cards for
such purposes.

In other cases, it could be because the site itself doesn’t have the
capability of taking payments from some of the sources you might want to use.
Most Grand National betting sites can take wagers using credit cards, although
not all sites can give you much leeway past the most popular cards.

But what about if you wanted to make wagers using cryptocurrency? These
digital coins, which are gaining more and more popularity every day, are ideal
for online gambling. With cryptocurrency, you can make wagers with absolute
privacy, not have to worry about any reneging on the site’s part, and will see
settlements at a faster rate, even more rapid than with credit cards.

Beyond that, you might want to use a bank transfer to fund your account. Or
perhaps you have signed up with an online payment system such as PayPal for the
purpose of online gambling. A Grand National betting site that gives you the
most options can really come in handy if you prefer to pay with a method that is
a bit off the beaten path.

Betting on the Grand National

For those who are most used to betting on Thoroughbred racing, getting used
to something like the Grand National might take a little bit of time. Once you
do get yourself acclimated to what
type of racing
it is, however, you should have no problem proceeding with your wagering on
Grand National betting sites. That’s because the actual types of bets you can
make are very similar to those from any other kind of horse racing with which
you might be familiar.

What you’ll find when you research the Grand National is that the type of
racing it inhabits can be called many different names. It’s officially known as
National Hunt Racing, although nobody is actually hunting anything out on the
track. You’ll sometimes see it referred to as a steeplechase, although the
umbrella term “jump racing” pretty much encompasses it all.

When it gets down to the specifics of the Grand National, here are some
things you should know as you sit down and start to look at who might be your
selections at Grand National betting sites:


The Grand National takes place at a distance of slightly over four miles on
Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. For those used to Thoroughbred racing,
where horses are rarely asked to go much longer than one-and-a-half miles, that
can be an eye-opener. Stamina is one of the most crucial elements of the event.

The good news is that most of the horses who will compete in the Grand
National are used to such long distances. Still, it is important to take note if
any of the competitors might be stretching beyond a distance with which they are
comfortable. And you should also be aware of any horses in the field that seem
to thrive at the particularly long distances.


In the Grand National, horses must jump over
30 fences during the
course of the race. They will make 16 jumps in the first lap, and then 14 in the
second and final lap. In the final stretch of the race, the horses can skip the
final two fences for what is known as the “run-in.”

Horses and Jockeys Jumping over Fence at the Grand National

As you can imagine, the ability to jump those fences as the race gets longer
and longer is extremely difficult. In the average Grand National race, many
horses will struggle over a jump or fall, and many won’t finish the race. It’s
great if the horses have speed, but their ability to last over the jumps may
trump any other characteristic when it comes to the top competitors in this

Size of Field

It’s not unusual to see 30 to 40 horses in an average field for the Grand
National. Again, for Thoroughbred fans who rarely see over ten horses in a race
except in the biggest stakes races, this can be really stunning. And it might
also seem like it makes betting extremely difficult, since you have so many
horses from which to choose at Grand National betting sites.

The other way to look at it is that the more horses there are, the better the
odds will be. Rarely do you see a prohibitive favorite in the Grand National at
odds of even money (one unit won for every one bet) or lower. What that means is
that you have the opportunity, even betting on just a single race, to win a
decent amount of money, even if you are betting one of the favorites.

Types of Bets at Grand National Betting Sites

As we mentioned above, if you are familiar with the types of bets you can
make on Thoroughbred races, you should also have a pretty good idea of how to
bet on the Grand National. You might see some differences.

For example, because of the size of the field, you might be able to bet on a
horse to finish as low as sixth in the final order. That’s opposed to
Thoroughbred races, where you generally will only get paid if your choice comes
in the top three in the order of finish.

When betting on Grand National betting websites, you likely will be able to make
a choice between betting with fixed odds or as part of a pari-mutuel wagering
system. In terms of fixed odds, you will know absolutely what you’ll be getting
when you make your bet. For example, when you bet on a horse to win the Grand
National at 4 to 1, those odds will remain in place no matter what happens
between the time you make the bet and the start of the race.

By contrast, the odds in pari-mutuel racing are always changing. That means
that you could bet on a horse at 4 to 1, and those odds could either drop or
soar by the time race begins. It all depends on what other bettors are doing
with their wagers.

Some Grand National betting sites might give you the choice between the two
styles of wagering, while others might allow only one or the other on their
site. You might not particularly favor one over the other. If you do, you might
want to research the site for their horse racing betting system before you sign

What is pretty uniform among online betting sites for the Grand National are the bets that
you can make. Straight bets focus on a single horse in the race. You can bet on
a horse to win the race, or you might choose to play it safe and pick them just
to come in somewhere high in the order of finish.

Exotic or accumulator bets require you to pick multiple horses in the race.
You can even find bets that take place over multiple races. Here are the most
popular of those bets:

  • Exacta: Pick the first two horses in the order of finish in a single
  • Trifecta: Pick the first three horses in the order of finish in a
    single race
  • Superfecta: Pick the first four horses in the order of finish in a
    single race
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner in two consecutive races
  • Pick 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.: Pick the winner in several consecutive races

When you make straight bets, you are generally in a better position to win
the bet than if you bet exotic wagers, since you only need one horse to perform
well for you. But exotic bets give you the better chance to return a lot of
money for a very small wager. You’ll have to decide what types of bets you want
to make at Grand National betting sites based on each particular race, the size
of your wagering budget, and what kind of profit you’re looking to make on the


If you were comparing the Grand National to a Thoroughbred race, you might
say it is similar to the
in America or the Melbourne Cup in Australia. The only difference is
that you could argue which is the greatest Thoroughbred race, but you would have
a hard time getting any argument against the Grand National as the greatest jump
race of them all. Needless to say, as a bettor, that is the kind of race that
you don’t want to miss at any cost, especially when you add in how
bettor-friendly the race can be.

But none of that matters if you can’t find the Grand National betting sites
that will give you the best experience from the time you sign on to when you go
to collect your winnings. Many sites will make promises about how great they
are, but unlike the sites that we recommend at the top of this page, they might have a hard time
keeping them. Choose your sites with extreme care, using this page as your guide
when you’re in doubt.