Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

Horse racing fans know how special the race known as the Kentucky Derby is
each year. It’s also one of the most heavily-bet events in the sport. Casual
fans might know a little bit about it as well, but they might be in the dark
about how to wager on it properly.

That’s why it’s important to understand which Kentucky Derby betting sites
can take your action and give you the finest betting experience.

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Few events in the world of sports transcend the specific sport to which they
belong and become a kind of cultural experience. Think in terms of the Super
Bowl in football, Wimbledon in tennis, the Daytona 500 in auto racing, and
events like that. The Kentucky Derby belongs to that same kind of group in that
it’s set apart from the
sport of horse racing

After all, every May, the world of Thoroughbred racing turns its attention to
Churchill Downs to watch “the greatest two minutes in sports”. What makes it different than many
of those other events mentioned above is how there is such an extreme betting
element attached to it. Only a small percentage of people who watch the Derby do
so without some sort of betting interest.

That’s why it’s so important for fans who might not know too much about it to
locate the best Kentucky Derby betting sites. After all, very few people can get
out to Kentucky and be part of the overflow crowd watching the action in person.
Most of the folks who bet on the race will do so in remote fashion.

That brings up a lot of issues for first-time bettors. Not only do you have
to know which websites could be considered the top online racebooks for the Kentucky Derby,
but you also have to know the mechanics of betting. After all, many people only
bet on one horse race all year long, and that race is the Kentucky Derby.

On top of that, those same casual fans might need a primer on how to go about
selecting their favorite horses. While it might seem like fun to just take a
stab and pick your favorite name or your lucky number, your best chance of
winning is if you use some strategy to make your pick. All of these subtleties
might be lost on new horse racing fans.

Even experienced horse racing fans can benefit from knowing how to choose the
best online betting site for Kentucky Derby. We’ve listed the ones that we
believe fall into this category in the banners on this page. But you should also
know the criteria for picking the right site on your own.

With that in mind, we’re here to talk about which Kentucky Derby online betting
sites you should be focusing on when you settle in to wager. We’ll talk about
the specifics of the Derby and how you can go about making bets and picking
winners. And we’ll also show you how you can choose a site based on your
preferences and some qualities that all reputable sites should have.

Choosing the Best Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

Kentucky Derby Betting Sites Banner

You can choose confidently among any of the online racebooks listed above. That’s
because we’ve subjected each of them to strict standards and criteria. We
wouldn’t have included any without them first having passed all these tests.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are the only Kentucky Derby online betting
sites you might encounter. Perhaps you’re the independent type who likes to make
their own choices. Or perhaps you’d like to choose a specific site out of the
ones that we’ve listed.

Well, the good news is that you can do it if you look for the same qualities
that we did when we made this list. In this way, you can independently judge the
top Kentucky Derby betting sites and decide which fits exactly what you’re seeking
from a site. If that’s the case, here are some of the things you should be

Customer Service

Being able to trust that you’ll have any concerns rectified in a timely
matter is invaluable when it comes to choosing safe betting sites for Kentucky Derby. That’s why
you should look for those sites whose reputation is spotless in this area. They
should have easily located contact information on their website, they should be
quick to respond when you do reach out, and their efforts to help you should
always be quick and courteous.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Make sure you’re comfortable with the policy for both putting your money into
a site and being able to withdraw it. You should also know what options they
allow you in terms of funding your wagers. For example, you might want to use a
site which allows you to
cryptocurrency in your gambling exploits
, which means you should find out if
they are amenable to that.


We know that we are talking specifically about Kentucky Derby betting websites
here. But you might want your site to be a one-stop shop for all your online
gambling needs, which could run beyond horse racing to other sports and even
casino games. The best sites will have a smattering of everything for you to

Smooth Experience

Imagine waiting to make your wager until you have the odds
where you want them, and then not being able to do so because of a glitch on the
website. This nightmare scenario is a real possibility if you don’t do your
homework about the site that you choose. Look over the site to see if it’s easy
to navigate, if the pages load quickly, and if it’s free of dreaded glitches.

Best Perks

Kentucky Derby betting sites, and gambling websites in general, will do
whatever they can to secure your business. As a result, you should be looking
for the site which most aggressively offers bonuses to you. These bonuses can
come in the form of free bets, deposit bonuses, and VIP rewards for loyal play.

These are just some of the qualities that you should seek out when looking for the best site to bet on Kentucky Derby. There might also be some specific needs that you
have that you want addressed. Don’t be afraid to do your research, either by
reaching out to the site in question or by connecting to online gamblers, to see
if these needs can be met.

How to Bet on the 2021 Kentucky Derby

Before you choose a Kentucky Derby gambling site that fits you best, you
should know how
to bet
on the race. For many people, the system of horse racing betting can
be confusing, especially if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, it doesn’t
take much practice to get the hang of it.

The most basic way to bet on the Kentucky Derby is to pick a horse to win.
It’s pretty simple: If your horse comes up a winner, you do too. And it’s also
easy to see what you can get out of betting a horse to win because the listed
odds are based on the win bet.

For example, if you’re at one of the aforementioned Kentucky Derby betting sites and you place a bet on a horse who is listed at 5 to 1 , it means that you
will receive $5 back for every dollar that you bet if the horse wins. If you bet
$2, and you win, you will receive $12 in return. That includes the $10 of profit
and your original $2 wager.

Kentucky Derby Betting

You can be a little safer by betting on a horse to place or show. A horse
must finish first or second for you to win a place bet, while it must finish
first, second, or third if you bet on it to show. These bets give you better
chances of winning, although the payoff generally won’t be as high as if you
were to bet a horse to win.

The more adventurous of you might choose instead to pick several horses at
once for what is known as an exotic wager. A typical exotic wager is an exacta,
in which you attempt to pick the first two horses in the race order of finish.
There is also a trifecta (first three horses) and superfecta (first four
horses), along those same lines.

Some wagers take place over multiple races and could include the Kentucky
Derby as one of them. For example, you can try to pick both the winners of the
Kentucky Oaks, which is for fillies, and the Derby in what is known as a Daily
Double. Exotic wagers, while difficult to hit, at any of the Kentucky Derby betting sites, will pay off a lot for a
relatively small wager.

How to Choose Which Horses to Bet on the Kentucky Derby

Just as important as choosing from among the various Kentucky Derby betting
sites is deciding which horse, or horses, you plan on betting. This is a
difficult task in any horse race. At the Kentucky Derby, where just about every
competitor is elite and there are usually 20 of them to choose from, it’s
especially tricky.

Luckily, there are some tried and true techniques that bettors have been
using since the beginning of the Kentucky Derby back in the 19th
century. Your first order of business is to pick up a program or racing form for
the race. The good news is that, even if you can’t make it out to the
track, the Derby is so popular that you can easily find the information you need
online and then print it out.

But what should you be looking for? Here are some of the key determining
factors to seek out when trying to separate the potential winners from the

Past Performances

If you come upon a horse that has an excellent record, that’s a great place
to start. Some horses have a knack for winning, regardless of the competition
that they’re facing. By the same token, horses who are always coming up just
short might be good plays in the exotic wagers.

Running Style

Sometimes you’ll come upon a Kentucky Derby that is short on horses who show
a lot of early speed. If that’s the case, one who does have that good getaway
ability might be able to steal the race with a relatively soft pace. By
contrast, a field with a lot of speed horses might create a fast pace, which
then would play into horses who like to come from way off the pace and make a
late run.

Kentucky Derby Betting Sites Secretariat


It’s good to look at wins and losses when trying to pick between horses, but class can be even more important. For example, a horse
that has been battling top performers throughout its career, and might have a
spotty record because of it, can be a better choice than a horse that has been
dominant against weak competition. Look at the purses of past races to determine
how classy a given horse might be.


As we’ve mentioned, the Kentucky Derby is often the first time that the
horses in the race will be running for 1 1/4 miles in a race. As a result, look
closely at their lines to see how the horse was finishing in previous, shorter
races. If they were coming on strong at the line, it could mean that they are
well-suited for the extra distance.


There’s a reason that all racing programs include information on the identity
of each horse’s parents. If those sires and dams were successful in their racing
careers, chances are that their offspring will be excellent as well. You can
also search for which horses have provided offspring that have performed well,
which proves that they can produce winners.


There are owners, trainers, and jockeys who have excellent records in the
Kentucky Derby and other high-class races. These are the folks on which you
should be focusing when you look at possible Derby winners. Occasionally, a
winner will come with inexperienced connections attached, but it is rare.

What Makes the Kentucky Derby So Special

Let’s assume that you are only a casual horse racing fan and that you only
know the Kentucky Derby from other people talking about it. Maybe it’s because
you don’t know much about horse racing in general. Or perhaps you might think
it’s something that doesn’t interest you.

In many cases, all it takes is one chance to watch the race, and you’ll be
hooked. You’ll see the incredible equine athletes and the skill and daring of
the jockeys, and you’ll hear the excitement of the crowd as they bust out of the
gate, make their way around the track, and then leave nothing behind as they
speed toward the finish line. There’s a reason that they call it the most
exciting two minutes in sports, after all.

On top of that, there is the whole betting element to it. Watching the race
with no betting interest is exciting enough, as you can concentrate on the
intricacies of the sport without having any stake in who wins. But watching it
with the idea that you can come out with some monetary winnings if your horse
comes out on top pushes that excitement to another level.

Of course, you can say those things about just about any horse race held
daily on tracks throughout the nation and world. But the Kentucky Derby stands
out among them for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.


A horse that wins the Kentucky Derby joins a long line of champions whose
names are still recalled with wonder by fans of the sport. The race’s
history is a topic in itself, as you can sit with a record book and be amazed at
the exploits of these amazing winners. Since we’re concentrating on the Kentucky
Derby online betting sites here, we’ll keep it short when talking about the past of
this great race.

Kentucky Derby Betting Sites History

The Kentucky Derby has been held since 1875. That means it’s been in
continuous existence for longer than any other sporting event in America. The internet
might not have been in existence back then, but
it’s safe to say that the betting interest in the race has always been quite

Along the way, a who’s who of great champions have won the race. There have
also been shocking upsets along the way. In any case, every year brings with it
a new horse who will embed itself into Thoroughbred racing lore.

Of course, the horses can’t do it alone. The history of the Kentucky Derby is
also filled with some of the finest jockeys, trainers, and owners of all. In the
same manner as the horses they lead, these men and women have gained a kind of
immortality thanks to their association with this one-of-a-kind race.

In short, the running of the Kentucky Derby each year is more than just a
singular event. Each race adds to the incredible sense of history stretching out
long before it. And that’s something that no other horse race, or other sporting
event, can really match.


Here’s the thing about the Kentucky Derby: It might seem to the casual eye to
be all glamour and glitz. But the reason that it stands out as a great
accomplishment is that it is an extremely difficult race to win, which also
means it’s a great race to bet on since the race
is wide open. That’s why many of the race winners stand among the greatest
champions in the sport.

First of all, the race is open only to 3-year-old horses. That means that a
horse has one chance to win the race. And that puts extreme pressure on all

If they aren’t peaking at just the right time, they could come up a bit short
of the ultimate prize. Many horses end up having stupendous racing careers, but
they don’t win the Derby. And that’s something that’s hard to replace on their

Not to mention that the race is the most coveted in the entire sport. Many
horses are bred with the intent of them being Kentucky Derby champions. They
also train with the Derby as their sole goal.

Because the race is so desired, there are usually in the neighborhood of 20
horses that line up for the race. That’s much more than your standard
Thoroughbred race. As a result, you’ll have many more wagering choices when you
visit some of the Kentucky Derby betting sites to make your selection.

Finally, there is the distance of the race, which is 1 1/4 miles. At the point
when the Derby is run, many of the 3-year-olds competing haven’t yet encountered
a distance that long. That makes the race an extreme test for horses who are
still relatively early in their racing careers.

All of these factors add up to make this race a truly difficult
battle, and it means that most of the horses who win it are worthy champions.
If you wager on one of these winners at a Kentucky Derby betting website, you can
feel like you’re part of the tradition as well.

The Betting

We talked about it a little bit earlier, but the Kentucky Derby and the
extreme betting on the race are always connected. It’s fun to watch the race and
see who comes out on top. But it’s even more fun if you can pick a horse, make a
wager, and come out a big winner.

To give an example of the intensity of the betting, the 2018 Kentucky Derby
featured a handle of over $227 million. Not bad for a single race. For many
people, it is the only event on which they will bet all year long.

The unique nature of the race makes it perfect for wagering. After all, you have 20 horses going to the gate in most
instances, barring a scratch or two. Because horse racing betting is based on
the pari-mutuel system where the amount bet on each horse determines their odds,
you are guaranteed to have very few horses with short odds.

As a result, you have many chances to get great value with your bets. If you
can pinpoint a horse that might be overlooked by the bettors, you can make a
tidy profit on a very small wager. That kind of opportunity is why it’s so
important to identify the best sites for betting on the Kentucky Derby.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

How Do I Know a Betting Site for the Kentucky Derby Is Trustworthy?

Well, one way to do it is to make sure they are listed on this page in our rankings. That’s because our
standards require that we only include the safest online racebooks for betting on the Kentucky Derby.
You can simply work with one of these Kentucky Derby
betting sites and expect to come away with a good experience.

Otherwise, look for reviews in gambling forums and on social media. Make sure
to read the reviews to try and separate those that are legitimate from those
that seem like marketing copy that might have been thrown on there by the site
itself. If the review of a Kentucky Derby gambling site seems to good to be true,
it just might be.

Finally, you should take a good look at the site beforehand. If you spot
mistakes or poor spelling of horse’s and jockey’s names, it might be an
indication that this site is poorly run. There should also be a clear indication
of the policies and guidelines at the Kentucky Derby betting site you choose, so
that you don’t end up with a bad experience down the road.

Can I Bet on Other Triple Crown Races at This Site?

In most cases, a site that gives you exposure to the Kentucky Derby will also
have betting opportunities for you for the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes,
and other top horse races. Certainly, the sites that we have listed here give
you those options.

But you might want to double-check with any site that we haven’t listed
before committing. Talk to a customer service representative to find out what
kind of races they include. Your chosen sites for betting on the Kentucky Derby should be flexible
enough to bring a lot of betting action to your doorstep.

When Can I Collect My Winnings from a Kentucky Derby Betting Site?

You should always find out beforehand what the policies are for a withdrawal
from any betting website. Betting sites are often stubborn about letting you
have your winnings because they fear that you might take them and never come
back. That’s why you should find out the policies before you commit.

Most sites will require that you put a certain amount of money through the
site in bets before you can withdraw. That can come from your original amount
deposited. It can also come when you win money and then use that to put money
right back into the site with more bets.

Again, most reputable Kentucky Derby betting sites will allow you to wager on
far more than just a single race. By building your wagers up to a certain
amount, your winnings will then be made available to you. Just be realistic
about your expectations in terms of receiving winnings and make sure you know
the policy before you decide.


The Kentucky Derby will be one of the most exciting gambling experiences you
can possible have. You can turn an amount as little as a few dollars into
monster winnings with the right play. It might even turn you into a lifetime
horse player if things go well with your experience.

Just make sure that experience isn’t spoiled by trying to bet with an
inadequate gambling site. Demand only the best Kentucky Derby betting sites.
That would only be fitting, since it just might be the finest horse race in the