2021 Melbourne Cup Betting Sites

Melbourne Cup betting sites deliver access to a race that is certainly unique
in the beloved sport of horse racing. In terms of horse racing in the nation of
Australia, you really can’t get much bigger than this event. On top of that,
there is a worldwide interest in the race which means that you’ll need to have
your online wagering setup in order, so you can really enjoy all the action.

When you search the term “Melbourne Cup betting sites,” you might be
surprised at how many options show up. Some of the names might be familiar to
you and others not so much. Just keep in mind that not all horse racing betting
sites are created equal and, as such, you need to be careful with the selection
you make.

Luckily, we are here to help. Here is our list of what we recommend to you as
the best Melbourne Cup betting sites on the internet. Take a look:

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Horse racing and the ability for spectators to wage on the action have always been
linked up in the public imagination. While other sports have fought hard to keep
legalized gambling out of the picture, horse racing has always embraced the
betting aspect of the sport. For a long time in many jurisdictions, the only way
that you could be on a sport was if that sport happened to be horse racing.

It’s no surprise then that online horse betting has taken off in the way that
it has over the past few decades. Many fans don’t have access to a track near
them, nor do they even have any way to get to an off-track wagering
establishment. And even if they do have that capability, they might prefer the
convenience of the online experience over making the wagers in person.

This is especially true when there are big races in the offing. And in
Australia, no horse race comes close to making the impact of the Melbourne Cup.
They call it the “race that stops a nation” for the way that all of Australia
essentially halts what it’s doing on the first Tuesday each November to watch.
But it might be more accurate to say that two nations are watching, since New
Zealand also makes the day a kind of national holiday.

Melbourne Cup Logo

In the world of horse racing fans, just about everybody is watching. And
that’s why there is such a proliferation of Melbourne Cup online betting sites, all of
which you can find if you search the internet. The question is whether or not
they’re all worth finding.

Many of the online Melbourne Cup racebooks could be relatively new to the world
of online betting and might not have the infrastructure to deal with a rush of
bettors. Others might not be able to offer you the kind of perks and betting
variety that you deserve. And still others might not be on the up and up,
looking to scam you instead of providing you with a positive betting experience.

That’s why you need to have some resources to find the best Melbourne Cup
betting sites. They are out there, and when you find them, you’ll probably want
to do more than just bet on a single race.

In the following article, we’ll provide you with a list of what we believe
are the very best Melbourne Cup betting sites out there for you. We’ll also tell
you what our criteria was for choosing them so that you can make choices on your
own if you need to do so. And we’ll tell you a bit about the Melbourne
Cup and why it is so captivating to racing fans.

Finding the Melbourne Cup Betting Sites That Are Best For You

How did we arrive at the names above? Well, part of it is our extensive
experience on this topic. But the main part is the research that we’ve done, on
your behalf, to find the sites that are rock solid and throw out the ones that
don’t meet our standards.

The standards to which we’re referring are six categories which really
encompass the entire online wagering experience, whether you are dealing with
horse racing, other sports, or even casino games. They are involved from the
very beginning from when you sign up, and they’re a factor as you prepare to
cash out any winnings you might have amassed and move on (although, we think
you’ll be building long-term relationships with the sites on this list).

Those six categories are:

  • Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Options for Funding
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Reliability and Mobile Betting
  • Bonuses for Bettors
  • Betting Options Beyond Horse Racing

You might be able to pinpoint some other aspect of the online wagering
experience that is important to you and will factor into your selection process.
But you can certainly get by in this process by sticking with these six.
Everything else should fall into place.

The Melbourne Cup online racebooks that we’ve listed can boast of being average
to above-average in all six of the categories listed. That might not sound like
much, at least until you run up against a site that lets you down in one or more
of those qualities, then you’ll be wishing for the solidity of our

We easily could have given you our list of Melbourne Cup betting sites and
left it at that. But we tell you how we make these choices for a simple reason:
so you’ll know what to look for when you do your searching. You might indeed
come upon a site that’s just starting out that actually has enough potential to
be on this list in time.

To be safe, start with the ones that we’ve given you. Then, look at each of
them in terms of these qualities and see how they all hold up. Let’s talk about
those six categories and what you should be looking forwhen it comes to
breaking down these sites for betting on the Melbourne Cup online.

Factors to Consider in a Melbourne Cup Betting Site

Deposits and Withdrawals

When you deposit money into your account at a Melbourne Cup betting site, you’re essentially creating a bankroll for your wagers. Top-notch, reputable sites will give you all the details for this process. Keep in mind, some sites have a minimum amount required for an account before you can bet. This is a standard procedure at most online betting sites, but the minimum shouldn’t be too prohibitive.

Some Melbourne Cup betting sites may put in some roadblocks for your withdrawals. This is because they want you betting with them as often as possible. And customers who withdraw their money too often won’t be using it to bet. Again, this is understandable and all part of the process.

Still, these restrictions need to be realistic, and it shouldn’t be impossible to obtain your winnings. After all, the reason you’re betting is to win money in the first place, and how much you win won’t make much of a difference if you have to go through too many hoops.

Options for Funding

Horse Inside Bitcoin

Finding a Melbourne Cup betting site that gives you a lot of different options is important because a lot of credit card companies stop their clients from spending at certain gambling websites. Having multiple options is crucial.

You’ll find that the best Melbourne Cup betting sites can handle the most credit card choices, but credit cards aren’t the only way to fund a betting account. In fact, cryptocurrency is an ideal fit for the realm of online gambling, and that includes Melbourne Cup betting sites. It’s fast, private, transparent, and no third parties are involved. It’s just what most people need out of an online betting experience.

Unfortunately, not all sites offer this method. But our list for sites to bet on the Melbourne Cup all have some Bitcoin capability and offer other popular cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and prepaid cards.

Customer Service

Ideally, there’ll be more than just a phone number listed on the site you choose. Otherwise, you could find yourself experiencing long wait times. The best Melbourne Cup betting sites assign a representative to your particular account and provide you with a way to get in touch at all times.

These people should be familiar with your account so they can address your problems in a hurry. They should also offer promotions you might be interested in and know all about your track record.

There’s no one governing body that handles complaints about online betting sites because it’s a largely unregulated domain. So, you have to pick Melbourne Cup betting sites with an excellent reputation for solving problems. You should feel like your issue is being taken seriously and solved promptly.

Technical Reliability

Most people get excited about finding Melbourne Cup betting sites and sign up without so much as a test drive. And if they aren’t the savviest, they might find that they can’t get around the site as easily as they would like to. Some less than reliable sites don’t function properly, have slow-loading pages, or are frequently down for maintenance.

Race Gate Inside iPhone

The lack of technical reliability could be really problematic if gamblers need to make horse racing bets quickly. With Melbourne Cup betting sites, you’ll want to get the full experience of betting on your favorite horse races.

Some sites aren’t mobile-friendly, which isn’t ideal in this day and age. Luckily, the Melbourne Cup online racebooks we’ve listed are established enough and offer mobile betting. You’ll really come to appreciate that when you make wagers with just your smartphone.

Bonuses for Bettors

Bonuses are a must-have for Melbourne Cup betting sites. After all, even savvy bettors have a hard time covering losses because of the house edge. Getting bonuses from horse racing betting sites help make up the difference.

Most sites will set you up with a deposit bonus to get you started. And since you’re interested in the Melbourne Cup, you may find promotions for this specific race. Betting sites compete for your capital, so you should look for bonuses available for existing customers and not just new members.

If you haven’t bet in a while, legitimate Melbourne Cup betting websites come knocking at your door with bonuses for you to “reload” your account. You should always expect VIP perks for your loyalty. And if a site neglects this, there are many others that are more than willing to give you lucrative bonuses.

Betting Options Beyond Horse Racing

One of the most intriguing recent developments in the world of gambling is how easy it is to legally bet on most professional and college sports. Online betting sites have managed to circumvent regulations, so now, there are little to no legal ramifications.

Online sportsbooks bring all the action, and the Melbourne Cup betting sites we’ve listed have an operational sportsbook with odds and betting opportunities on just about any event you can imagine. Sports betting can be an excellent way for you to supplement your horse racing.

Many sites are limited to only betting on sports or even only on horse racing, but the Melbourne Cup betting sites we’ve offered are full-service sites. Not only do they have you covered with varied horse racing betting and a fully operational sportsbook, but they are also connected to an online casino. That means you can play your favorite table games and slot machines without having to leave home.

About the Melbourne Cup Horse Race

On the first Tuesday in November, seemingly all of Australia has its eyes on
Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. After all, they don’t call it the “race that
stops a nation” for nothing. And all over the world, people tuning in to watch,
having bet on Melbourne Cup betting sites, are keenly interested in the outcome
as well.

horse racing
has a hard time finding attention from other sports. But there
is a brief time late in the year when horse racing takes center stage, and the
Melbourne Cup is the highlight of this stretch. In existence since 1861, it
easily stands as the most prestigious horse race in the country, due to both its
history and the big purse afforded to the winners.

One of the most fascinating things about the Melbourne Cup is its length. It
is contested at a distance of about 3,200 meters which translates to two miles.
There aren’t too many horse races of that length that still are as important on
the schedule as this race is. The length of it provides a challenge for those
betting on Melbourne Cup online betting sites since you have to find horses that have
the kind of staying power to sustain for the entirety of that long distance.

In addition, the Melbourne Cup is conducted under handicap
conditions. A governing body decides which horses are the top competitors in
the race and then assigns them a greater weight to carry than other
less-regarded horses. What a handicap does is even out the playing field a bit,
which means that bettors often don’t have to worry about a prohibitive favorite
dominating the wagering at Melbourne Cup betting sites.

The race is run on a grass surface and is available for three-year-olds and
up. In recent years, the handicaps assigned to top horses have not been as
severe as they used to be in the past. More and more of the best horses from
both Australia and other parts of the world are journeying to Melbourne for the
chance to win this fantastic race.

Betting Odds at Melbourne Cup Betting Sites

When choosing online Melbourne Cup racebooks, you’ll want to find the sites that
give you the biggest variety of bets on the race and the best possible odds. In
terms of odds, they can usually be broken down into two types: pari-mutuel and
fixed. Some sites may have one or the other, while others might give you access
to both.

When talking about fixed odds, as the name implies, your odds will remain the
same once you have wagered all the way until the race. Fixed odds are the kind
most associated with the old-time bookmakers who once dominated the horse racing
scene before online betting became available. They let you lock in favorable
odds on a horse that you like regardless of what other people are betting.

As for pari-mutuel odds, which is the favored system of betting in most horse
racing circles in the modern era, odds continue to change right up until race
time based on what others are betting. For example, you might bet on a horse on
a Melbourne Cup betting site at odds of 5 to 1 a day before the race. But a
surge of betting on that horse could bring the odds down to something like 2 to
1 by the time that the race goes off.

Which Bets Can I Place on the Melbourne Cup?

  • Exacta: Bet on the first two horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Trifecta or Triple: Bet on the first three horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Superfecta: Bet on the first four horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner of two consecutive races on the card.
  • Pick 3 (4, 5, 6, etc.): Pick the winners of three races in a row or however many are listed in the name of the bet.

Now that you know about the odds, it’s time to talk a little bit about what
kind of horse racing bets you can make at Melbourne Cup betting sites. It
basically comes down to a choice between two main categories, although you can
make many different kinds of specific bets within those larger categories. You
just have to decide based on the kind of budget you have for betting and what
kind of profits that you’re seeking with your wagers.

If, for instance, you’re seeking to make bets that give you the best
percentage chance of winning, straight bets are the best choice for you at
Melbourne Cup betting websites. These bets only involve one horse in a single race.
You might pick a horse to win the race, or you could even pick a horse to finish
somewhere in the top three in the order of finish.

With straight bets, you can make the biggest profit if you can identify
single horses at longer odds. Or you can make more money from the bet by putting
more money at stake. Straight bets are about as safe as you can play it on
Melbourne Cup betting sites.

By contrast, exotic bets, sometimes known as “accumulators,” require you to
bet on multiple horses at once. They can take place over a single race or over
multiple races. And most sites that offer Melbourne Cup betting can provide you exotic bets
in all shapes and sizes, such as the ones listed above.

As you might imagine, it is not easy to hit an exotic wager. After all, it’s
hard enough to figure out what one horse is going to do in a wide-open race like
the Melbourne Cup. Imagine trying to predict where two, three, or more are going
to finish.

The lure of exotic wagers on Melbourne Cup online betting sites is that you can
usually win a lot of money for a very small wager. In fact, for a couple
dollars, you can sometimes walk away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
You are making a trade-off for that potential payoff, however, as your chances
of hitting an exotic wager are generally pretty small.

Conclusion on Melbourne Cup Betting Websites

In terms of Australian horse racing, the Melbourne Cup stands pretty tall.
And over the years, it has transcended just being popular in Australia to being
an extremely exciting betting event for horse racing fans all over the world.
The length of the race and the handicap conditions really open it up for value
plays among bettors.

For all those reasons, you really need to take your decision about which
Melbourne Cup betting sites you choose very seriously. The best of those sites,
such as the ones that we listed above, can really enhance the enjoyment of
betting on the race with their reliability and convenience. In fact, don’t be
surprised if you become a regular bettor once you get a taste of these sites
during the Melbourne Cup.