Finest Pacific Classic Betting Sites – Updated for 2021

Want to wager on an outstanding race? Check out a few of the top Pacific
Classic betting sites. The Pacific Classic is one of the best races on the
Thoroughbred racing schedule every year. Each July, in Del Mar, California, some
of the best horses around take to the track in search of a gigantic purse and
aim to solidify their standing among the top Thoroughbreds. To bet on this race
without actually attending it, you need to know how to find the sites that do
the best job of bringing the betting action to your doorstep.

With all of that research complete, we have compiled this list of the best
Pacific Classic betting sites on the web right now. Take a look at the banners
below and we’ll talk more about what it all means.

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The sport of horse
has been captivating fans from all over the world for hundreds of
years. And a big part of that fascination comes from the sport’s deep connection
with wagering. While many other sports were off-limits for gamblers, at least in
terms of legal wagering, horse racing has always been a sport where you could
win some money while rooting for your favorites.

That is still the case, even though the methods by which people wager have
changed over the years. No longer do you have to actually make it out to the
race track or find a bookie to take your bets. Now, you can do all of your
wagering through websites that allow you to do everything via the internet, from
making the bet to collecting your money if you win.

The Pacific Classic is one such race that attracts intense betting interest.
After all, it is a showcase for top racing talent that is not so restricted by
age like the Triple Crown races in America. As long as a horse is three years
old or older, they can compete, which means that you get an exciting mix of
young superstars and veteran standouts in the field.

As a result of the importance and popularity of the Pacific Classic, many
betting sites will focus promotions and bonuses around the race. You won’t have
too hard of a time finding these sites via an internet search. The problem is
that not all of the sites that you find will be the kind that you will want to
use as your primary or even secondary betting website.

Del Mar Starting Gate

You can’t just choose the first online Pacific Classic racebook that you find.
If you do, you could end up on a site that doesn’t work properly or might not
have the funding to pay you off on time. Even worse, you could end up on a
website that really isn’t out to give you a great betting experience, but
instead are looking to scam you out of your money.

But rest assured, it isn’t all doom and gloom. There are Pacific Classic
betting websites which are dependable and trustworthy, and these sites have been
around long enough that you can rely on them functioning in a professional
manner. Even more exciting than that, these sites can give you a great variety
of betting chances with bonuses that can improve your bottom line; you just need
to know how to find them.

In the following article, we’ll provide you with our recommendations for the
finest Pacific Classic online betting sites that you can find on the internet. You can
also learn from this article on how to find sites for yourself by focusing on
some key characteristics that relate to online gambling and are possessed by the
best sites. Finally, we’ll talk about the Pacific Classic itself, focusing on
the unique nature of the race and how you can bet it effectively.

The Very Best Pacific Classic Betting Sites

When you search for Pacific Classic betting sites online, you might be a
little overwhelmed to discover how many there are. Some are focused primarily on
horse racing wagering, while others give you more of an all-purpose feel. But
the bottom line is that there will be a lot of them.

How can you possibly make a good choice when confronted with so many
selections? Well, the first key is that you should do a little research on the
finest Pacific Classic betting sites. Since you’re reading this article, you
already have a head start.

After all, we have done that research ourselves to come up with the list of
Pacific Classic betting websites. That means going through each site with a
fine-tooth comb to see how they all operate and what they bring to the table. It
also means going directly to bettors to hear their feedback on the experiences
that they have had at these sites.

Theses sites have been examined by us and have come out on top in terms of
the standards that we require of them. If you don’t see a site on this list, it
could mean that it is new and wasn’t subjected to our tests. But it also could
mean that we did check it out and felt that it was lacking, at least compared to
the elite sites listed here.

What criteria did we use to judge these sites? Well, if you’re familiar with
the experience of online gambling, you’ll know that, no matter what site you’re
on, the mechanics of it are pretty much the same. And certain key aspects will
arise during this process, aspects which the sites must be able to effectively

This ability to handle all of the things that come up during a customer’s
time at a betting website means that a website has to possess certain core
qualities. We’ve broken them down into a group of six that pretty much cover the
whole experience of online wagering, from the moment you sign up at a site
through all of your bets to the time when you cash out. Those qualities are:

  • Aggressive Bonus Structure
  • Variety of Funding Options
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Choosing Your Horse Racing Bets
  • Mobile Betting Capacity and Site Dependability
  • Solid System of Deposits and Withdrawals

When you have these six qualities in abundance, everything else at Pacific
Classic betting sites should fall into place. But if there are one or more of
these qualities lacking, you could have major issues creep up on you when you go
to make your wagers. And these are the issues that can really dampen your

We suggest that you use these six qualities as a way to rate the sites that
we have listed above. Even though we’re telling you that they’re the best
Pacific Classic betting sites, that doesn’t mean that every one will be just
right for you. You should check them out to ensure that what they do well is
what you really want out of a site.

By knowing what these six qualities are and how they relate to the online
gambling experience, you can also do some research on sites that we haven’t
listed. It isn’t impossible that you might find a site which has all of these
qualities in place, albeit maybe not quite on the same scale as the sites we
recommend. In that case, you might be able to find a diamond in the rough.

Before you do any of that research, however, you have to understand how it is
that those qualities relate to the online wagering experience. With that in
mind, we’ll walk you through what you can expect when you sign up for Pacific
Classic online racebooks and how the process progresses from there. Once you have
an understanding of how this works, picking the best sites should be a snap.

Aggressive Bonus Structure

When you first research Pacific Classic betting sites, you’ll notice that
pretty much all of the sites that you encounter will be offering up excellent
bonuses. But you shouldn’t get seduced with the first ones that you see. You
need to keep in mind that you will receiving the same kinds of offers no matter
what site that you find.

Betting sites need to be competitive with their bonuses because they need
customers to sign on to stay ahead of others in the market. As a result, you
should always be thinking about doing some competitive shopping. Look around and
see what kinds of bonuses you can get from a smattering of different sites,
especially the ones that are listed above as ones that we recommend.

The next thing that you need to do is take a look at whether or not the
bonuses are attached to something you might be interested in betting on.
Obviously, big sign-on bonuses that can be used in any way allow you
flexibility. Because of the importance of the Pacific Classic, you should be
able to find some sites with bonuses that are specifically tied into that race.

Another thing that is important to consider when looking at Pacific Classic online
betting sites that you might want to frequent and the bonuses that they offer is
the size of the rollovers. Rollovers are requirements that make sure that you
actually make bets with the bonuses you receive. These are standard issue in the
world of online gambling, but you should be concentrating on those sites where
the rollovers are the lowest, since that means you can collect your winnings
that much quicker.

One thing that you might not be able to tell when you sign on to Pacific
Classic betting websites is whether or not they will stay aggressive with their
bonus offers as you continue on the site. Many sites are aggressive in the early
going, but they should also continue to send promotions your way once you’re an
active member for a while. We can say that the sites that we listed are pretty
solid in terms of keeping up the bonus offers as long as you are a member.

Variety of Funding Options

Pacific Classic in Bitcoin

When you begin your journey at horse racing betting sites, the first
thing that you’ll have to do in order to start making bets is to deposit some
money. Your method of doing that might not be something that you think about
when you start the process. But it is something that can get tricky if you don’t
do your homework about it.

What you’ll find is that there are sites which don’t offer much in the way of
flexibility in terms of your funding options. That can be problematic if you
have a favorite way of doing business for whatever reason. It could be because
the method is the most cost-effective. Or it might simply be convenient for you
to use.

The good news is that Pacific Classic betting sites will usually provide
information right off the bat about the funding options that they provide. You
can usually find it on their payments page, or maybe even advertised right up
front when you go to the main page. Or you can ask about it when you first show
interest and talk to a representative at the site.

Funding options for Pacific Classic betting sites should go beyond credit
cards, which are usually the fallback method for most people. You might instead
prefer to pay using a bank transfer. Third-party payment systems such as PayPal
can also come in handy when you are dealing with the online gambling process.

You should also, if you haven’t already, look into the possibility of funding
your online gambling exploits at Pacific Classic betting sites with
cryptocurrency. These digital coins will allow you to gamble with absolute
privacy and also get settlement times that are much faster than when you are
dealing with credit cards. The sites that we have listed above can give you the
option of paying in top cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Excellence in Customer Service

If you sign up for Pacific Classic online betting sites without first actually
speaking to representatives, you are doing yourself a major disservice. Talking
to someone at the site should give you some peace of mind that you are dealing
with actual human beings and that the site is not a front for some sort of
nefarious activity. It could also be a good chance to get a feel for the
customer service at the site.

Customer service isn’t the most exciting element of Pacific Classic betting
sites. But it just might be the most important. Since you will be always be
dealing with money changing hands at these sites, you will need to know that
problems can be addressed in a timely fashion.

Ideally, this process should begin, as we said above, before you even sign
up. Once you do make the decision on a Pacific Classic betting site, you should
then make an effort to get a representative specifically assigned to your
account. The best sites, such as the ones that we’ve listed above, will probably
assign you a rep before you even have to reach out.

The good thing about having a customer service representative who knows your
account well is that it will quicken the process if problems arise. First of
all, you should be able to contact them much faster than if you were dealing
with just some general contact number. And you also won’t have to do a lot of
explaining, since this person should already be familiar with your wagering

Once you have a good hold of how to contact customer service at horse racing betting sites,
you should then be able to judge the content of that
contact, so to speak. Do they deal with you respectfully, or are they simply
trying to hard sell you on more bets? And can you trust that they are working as
hard as possible to deliver some sort of solution to the problems that can
sometimes arise when gambling online?

Choosing Your Horse Racing Bets

The reasons that you are reading this article is most likely because you are
a big horse racing fan who wants to wager on races like the Pacific Classic. But
you might be interested in more than just the biggest races. In fact, you might
be interested in more than horse racing, for that matter.

Let’s stick with horse racing for a moment. The Pacific Classic is a major
stakes race that draws a lot of wagering attention. But there are hundreds of
races going every single day around the world which, while not as popular as
this particular race, provide ample betting opportunities.

What that means is that Pacific Classic betting sites should go beyond just
the major races. They should also include those routine Thoroughbred races that
take place at all hours of the day. And it should also be the case that the
sites allow for wagering on other types of horse racing, such as jump racing or
harness racing.

You could be interested in more than just horse race betting. Pacific Classic online racebooks that also included a fully
operational sportsbook could give you access to events all around the world.
Ideally, these sites should also include the chance to make special wagers like
proposition or future bets, which can give you different ways to approach
popular events.

Finally, online casinos are very popular these days, allowing people to play
games like video poker, slot machines, or table games from in front of a
computer or even a smartphone. This can also happen at certain Pacific Classic
betting sites, such as the ones listed above in our recommendations. Ideally,
your site should be a one-stop shop for online gambling.

Mobile Betting Capacity and Site Dependability

Pacific Classic in iPhone

Just as you should talk to someone before signing up for a site for betting on the Pacific Classic, you should also tour the site before making any kind of
commitment. Obviously, you won’t be able to get the full experience because you
won’t be able to make wagers. But you should be able to at least get a feel for
what the site is all about and if it seems easy to use.

You might be able to spot problem areas in terms of glitches or other areas
of the site that don’t seem to be working. Look out for slow-loading pages,
which can be a problem when it comes to trying to make a wager in a hurry. That
can especially be the case in the world of horse racing where you might want to
wait to see the last-minute odds before making a commitment to a wager.

The good news is that, even if you can’t do a full tour, you can trust the
Pacific Classic betting sites that we’ve listed above are reliable in terms of
site functionality. After all, many of the sites that we’ve listed have been
tested over many years of existence. As a result, the technical issues that can
sometimes crop up early on have likely all been ironed out.

In addition to all of that, you should be looking out for Pacific Classic
betting websites that give you the chance to do mobile betting. You can’t expect,
in this day and age, to get away with sitting at a computer all the time to make
all your wagers. Again, horse races take place all the time, so that makes it
even more unlikely that you can stay tethered to your computer and make your

Betting apps are all the rage these days, and Pacific Classic betting sites
should have some sort of app to give you the full experience. Just as you would
with the site itself, check out the app to see what kind of reputation it has.
Get some feedback from reviews that other customers have left behind.

Solid System of Deposits and Withdrawals

The reason you’re at Pacific Classic betting websites is because you want to
win some money. But if you haven’t bet online before, you might not realize that
the money that you win doesn’t automatically show up in your bank account. It
has to go through the withdrawal process, and that is something that you should
really be checking out before signing up.

First of all, Pacific Classic betting sites should make it clear to you what
their process is for both deposits and withdrawals. You should be able to see it
on their website. Barring that, it should be communicated to you in-depth when
you first sign up.

It’s important as well that Pacific Classic online racebooks also have a
reputation for following through on their guidelines. Some sites might talk a
good game about releasing your winnings to you. But then, when it comes time for
you to try and take some money out, you find out that you have to jump through
hoops to get it done.

It is relatively routine for even the best
horse racing sites to place
restrictions on when and how much of your money you can withdraw. That is just a
sign that they are trying to keep track of all the funds going in and coming
out, which is simply excellent business practice. But these restrictions
shouldn’t be so harsh that it seems like you can’t get your money under any

Deposits and withdrawals are a lot like customer service in that it isn’t an
area of online betting that is too exciting when you’re considering which site
to choose. It is absolutely paramount that you choose Pacific Classic betting
sites that has this area in complete control and makes it fair and efficient for
you, the bettor, as well.

Which Bets Can I Place on the Pacific Classic?

Straight Bets to Make on the Pacific Classic

  • Win: Your horse must win the race for you to win your bet.
  • Place: Your horse must finish first or second for you to win your bet.
  • Show: Your horse must finish first, second, or third for you to win your bet.

Exotic Bets to Place on the Pacific Classic

  • Exacta: Bet on the first two horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Trifecta or Triple: Bet on the first three horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Superfecta: Bet on the first four horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner of two consecutive races on the card.
  • Pick 3 (4, 5, 6, etc.): Pick the winners of “X” races in a row.

There are probably two different reasons why people might be checking out
this article. Some might be experienced horse racing bettors but might not be
too up on the mechanics of wagering online, which is why we included the
previous sections. But there might also be some people who are new to horse
racing betting in general.

When you haven’t bet a horse race before, it can be somewhat intimidating to
try it for the first time. Luckily, all it takes is a few wagers before it
should become second nature. Then, it’s just a matter of choosing the races and
the horses that you want to bet at Pacific Classic betting sites from that

When you sit down to make your bets at online Pacific Classic racebooks, you have to be cognizant of three
things: the horse or horses you are choosing, the amount that you want to bet,
and the type of bet you wish to make. The horses that you choose will be based
on your examination of the field for each race in terms of past performances,
pedigree, class, jockeys, trainers, and other factors. As for the amount of
money that you wish to bet, that will come down to what you have in your budget.

For the types of bets that you make, there are two main categories you will
have to consider. Straight bets are bets that involve only a single horse in a
single race. Exotic bets include more than one horse and can be played out over
a single race or multiple races.

When you make a straight bet, you are usually giving yourself the best chance
of getting some sort of return on your wager. Straight bets can be lucrative,
but only if you are betting a long shot or putting a lot of money on the race.
Still, if you’re all about walking away with a profit, straight bets are the
best way to go at Pacific Classic betting sites.

On the other hand, exotic bets are more for the adventurous types. When you
hit an exotic bet just right, you could easily win hundreds or even thousands of
dollars even with a very small wager. Of course, you need all of the moving
parts to go right for you, which takes both great handicapping skills and a
little luck, so your chances of this happening are actually pretty slim.

About the Pacific Classic Horse Race

The Pacific Classic is held every July at Del Mar Racetrack in Del Mar,
California. It is held at a distance of 1.25 miles, which takes the horses over
two turns on the dirt surface. Three-year-olds and older are eligible to run in
the race, which carries a significant purse.

Del Mar is known as one of the most scenic tracks in all of America. It
combines great horse racing traditions with West Coast glamour. It is a racing
meet that most horse racing fans adore, and the Pacific Classic is the highlight
of the meet.

The Pacific Classic comes at a time when many aged horses (four and older)
are looking for a major test in preparation for even bigger races down the road,
such as the Breeders’ Cup Classic. It is also after
Crown season
for three-year-olds, meaning that some of the younger stars
could test their mettle against older competition for the first time in their
careers. As a result, this race brings forth one of the most diverse and
talented fields in all of horse racing, which means that bettors should be able
to find excellent value plays throughout the field at Pacific Classic Betting

Conclusion on Pacific Classic Betting Sites

As a horse racing bettor, you want to have the opportunity to bet the biggest
races. And the Pacific Classic, an amazing combination of setting, racing
talent, and betting excitement is one of those races. You should have it circled
on the calendar all year long.

To get the best experience betting this race, however, you really need to be
able to find the best Pacific Classic betting sites on the internet. Once you
do, it’s likely you’ll want to continue beyond this fantastic horse race. You
just might find yourself coming back again and again to sites like these for
long-term online wagering excitement.