Top Royal Ascot Festival Betting Sites for 2021

Royal Ascot Festival betting sites provide access to a one-of-a-kind racing
event that all bettors will love. It is a five-day festival with 30 races held,
each one seemingly more star-studded and filled with racing talent than the
last. As a result, you’ll want to have all your betting opportunities squared
away on a site that you can trust with your wagering capital.

We have scoured the internet from top to bottom looking at all of the Royal
Ascot Festival betting sites and other horse racing sites that will allow you to
bet on these races online. And from all of those sites, we’ve compiled a list of
the sites that we feel are the best. Take a look:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
BetOnline Sports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
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Bovada Sports
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Betting on horse racing online has become a tradition in the relatively short
time since wagering sites became popular. For a sport that has long been
associated with betting and has been in existence for hundreds upon hundreds of
years, it didn’t take very long for the online wagering world to really grab a
foothold in the industry. It is now the preferred method of wagering for many
dedicated horse racing fans.

In the sport of thoroughbred racing, there are many big races. But the Royal
Ascot Festival is actually an event that compiled a number of important races
into one time and location. Every June, at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire,
England, the best of the best meet to battle. And bettors benefit the most, as
it gives them many opportunities to pick winners and make significant profits.

But let’s face it: Few of us will have the opportunity to enjoy the glitz and
glamour of these races, which are essentially run in honor of the British Royal
Family each year, in person. Instead, we’ll settle on watching from afar. And,
if you want to bet on these races, you’ll need a reliable online betting source
to do it, which is where Royal Ascot Festival racebooks enter the picture.

Since this event is so popular, you won’t have to look very hard to find a
host of sites for betting on the Royal Ascot Festival advertising excellent wagering access
to these races. But you might have to look a little harder to find the best of
these sites. That’s because the internet is full of online wagering sites, but
only a select few have what it takes to be the best.

You really have to make your choices carefully when deciding on the betting sites for the Royal Ascot Festival that you want to frequent. Choosing one of these
sites wisely will pay off long after the races are complete, since you can most
likely stick with that site and continue betting on all kinds of events on it.
But if you just sign up with a site without first really taking the time to see
what it’s all about, you could very easily come to regret that decision down the

In the following article, we will provide you with our thoroughly researched
list of the top Royal Ascot Festival betting sites on the internet. We’ll also
explain to you why we chose these sites by giving you the standards that we
expect them to meet. And we’ll also talk about the Royal Ascot Festival itself,
why it’s so unique and how you can bet on it and come out a winner.

Examining the Best Royal Ascot Festival Betting Websites

Horses and Jockeys Racing at the Royal Ascot Festival Horse Race and Royal Ascot Logo Banner

What makes these sites the best? Well, they have all established themselves
within the online wagering realm as being reliable and trustworthy, gaining a
good reputation with bettors in the process. In addition, these are all Royal
Ascot Festival betting sites that have been in business a while, meaning that
they aren’t fly-by-night operations that will go under when you least expect it.

But above all that, these are the top, legitimate Royal Ascot Festival
gambling sites because of how well they rate in a series of categories. These
categories essentially cover the entirety of the online horse racing wagering
experience, from the moment you sign on through your betting all the way to
collecting your money. Here are the six categories that we focused on the most:

The Royal Ascot Festival betting sites that we listed above have at least an
adequate reputation in all six of these categories. None are perfect, and each
has strengths and weaknesses. That’s why it’s important for you to take a look
at these sites before you even consider signing up for an account.

It’s also important for you to decide what is most important to you in the
Royal Ascot betting sites that you choose. For example, if you want
access to the widest variety of horse racing tracks in the world, you might
choose a site that is strong in that area even if it might give you the best
bonuses. Or maybe you are far more concerned with having a site with excellent
customer service than having one that can give you funding options like

Before you even go into the process of choosing horse racing betting
sites, you first need to identify what it is that you need the most from these
sites. Then you can use the list of recommended sites above as a starting point.
You really can’t go too wrong with any of them, but one or more of them might be
more well-suited to your needs than the others.

And what if you come upon a site that looks good to you that we haven’t
listed? Well, you should take the categories that we listed above and apply them
to the site in question. Don’t just sign on because you’ve been seduced by some
flash; make sure the site has substance as well.

Horses and Jockeys Racing at the Royal Ascot Festival Horse Race

Let’s talk about those categories a bit so you’ll know what to look for in
the Royal Ascot Festival betting sites you encounter, whether they’re ones that
we recommended or that you find on your own.

Reliable Customer Service

There are many qualities that go into a site having excellent customer
service. And they really come into play right from the beginning of your time
with a Royal Ascot Festival betting site. From the very start, all contacts with
you should be professional and courteous.

That would seem to go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how some
sites can be exactly the opposite in their dealings with customers. This
especially comes into play when they are trying to convince you to wager more
with them or to consider taking part in one of their promotional offers. Some
disreputable sites have been known to push the “hard sell” technique to the
extremes, badgering and even insulting customers in an effort to get them to

Luckily, the horse racing betting sites that we recommend are always
on the respectful side. They might still try to solicit more wagering out of
you, but they’ll do so in a way that doesn’t make you feel pressured or
insulted. That can go a long way in getting you to trust that they have your
best interests at heart.

When you first come upon a Royal Ascot Festival betting site, the contact
information should be easy to find. And there should be multiple ways of getting
in touch with them. Problems may arise at any time and knowing that you can talk
to somebody from the site will help ease your mind.

Don’t be surprised if the site connects you with a representative who is
assigned to your account. This can be really helpful, as this representative
will know your likes and preferences when it comes to betting. They might be
able to come up with promotions that are tailored well to what you’re betting.

Finally, reliable customer service at Royal Ascot Festival betting sites
means that the representatives there will do whatever they can to fix any
problem that comes up. And, if they can’t fix it, they’ll at least be honest
about why not. You should feel like any issues that arise on your part are a top
priority on theirs, even if you’re not exactly a high roller on the site.

Variety of Funding Options

You might not realize all of the options that you can consider when it comes
to betting on the Royal Ascot Festival. Most people think about doing their
online gambling with credit cards and that’s it. But you might not realize that
there are various ways that you can fund your account, some of which might be
more advantageous than others.

For example, have you ever considered cryptocurrency as a possible way to
fund your account? For those who might not have heard of it, cryptocurrency is
comprised of various digital coins that act just as physical currency does for
those who are in possession of them. Each coin is worth a different amount in
terms of traditional currency, based on their popularity and the amount of coins
in supply.

If you use cryptocurrency on a Royal Ascot Festival betting site, you’ll find
that there are a lot of benefits for you (the bettor). For instance, you’ll
notice how quickly your deposits go into your account and how quickly your
withdrawals return to your digital wallet. You’ll also notice that you don’t
have to give out a lot of unnecessary personal information, which can come in
handy when you’re trying to keep your gambling activity on the down-low.

Cryptocurrencies are just one of the methods allowed on certain sites for betting on the Royal Ascot Festival for funding. You also might be able to pay by third-party
systems like PayPal. Or you might be able to use prepaid cards or bank transfers
to get started.

Funding options are a quality that many people overlook when it comes to
online wagering at Royal Ascot Festival betting sites. But they can really come
in handy if your preferred method might be a little off the beaten path.

Clear, Fair Procedures for Deposits and Withdrawals

Betting on Horse racing sites means that money will be changing hands
often. Knowing how that takes place is important before you make a decision
about any of the Royal Ascot Festival betting sites that you find. If you don’t,
you could be surprised later on, and not in a good way.

In terms of deposits, you’ll need to know how soon it will take before you
can start wagering once you have inserted some money into your account. And, as
we stated in the above section, you’ll need to know what funding options you
have available to you. You should also be aware if there is any minimum amount
required for you to begin.

Withdrawal procedures should also be understood before you get started on any
Royal Ascot betting sites. This can definitely get tricky because sites
have been known to throw some roadblocks your way before you can take money out
of your account. After all, if it’s not in your account, you can’t bet with it
at their site.

The key thing to understand is that it is not unusual for a site to have
requirements that you must meet for withdrawals and deposits. Nor is it unusual
to place some kind of limit on when you can make withdrawals. In fact, if there
weren’t these restrictions in place, you might actually have to worry about the
site in question.

Think about it: If there aren’t any procedures listed concerning withdrawals
and deposits, the site you’re dealing with can just make them up as they go
along. The best online horse racing betting websites will have guidelines in place
that they won’t keep secret from you. More important than that is the fact that
they stick to these guidelines.

Site Functionality and Mobile Betting

You should always take a bit of a tour of Royal Ascot Festival betting sites
before you make a commitment to sign up. This will help you to see if there are
any issues that you have with navigating the site. It will also help you to see
if there are any glitches that crop up during the length of your tour.

Such research will help head off any potential problems at the pass. It seems
quite obvious that the site that you choose should be functioning without any
problems. But if you don’t double-check beforehand, you might find out after
you’ve signed on which is too late.

First of all, you should be checking to see if you can easily locate the bets
that you want to make. And you should also be aware of how quickly it takes each
page on the website to load. A slow-loading page can be disastrous if you want
to bet on a horse race or other sporting event in a hurry.

You should also be looking for other potential warning signs, such as broken
links or any pages that are down for maintenance. The good news is that if you
choose the Royal Ascot Festival sites that we’ve recommended, you can
pretty much guarantee to be free of any potential glitches. These sites have
been around long enough to have all the potential kinks worked out.

Royal Ascot Festival Ceremony

These sites also give you the ability to wager on the move. You can’t expect
to be able to sit by your computer day and night in an effort to make all the
bets you want to make. Sites that offer betting on the Royal Ascot Festival have betting apps
attached to them can allow you to wager whenever you want wherever you are,
which will really come in handy when you’re dealing with a busy horse racing

Numerous Betting Options

We have titled this article Royal Ascot Festival racebooks, but in truth,
these sites should give you far more on your plate for your betting pleasure.
Anything from other sporting events to casino wagering should be on the docket.
But first, you should make sure that your horse racing betting needs are

When it comes to wagering on horse races, you have to understand that there
are tracks running at practically any time of the day or night all across the
world. And it isn’t just limited to thoroughbred racing. Harness racing and jump
racing are two of the other types of racing in which you might be interested.

As a result, you’ll want a site to bring all of this right to your computer
or mobile device. And it goes beyond just the biggest races like those within
the Royal Ascot Festival. It also includes everyday races at tracks all over the
world, races that, while they don’t get much publicity, allow you the same kind
of wagering opportunities as the biggest stakes races.

Once you get beyond horse racing, the top Royal Ascot Festival online betting sites
should also allow you access to any type of sporting event you might find. And
the odds provided for you should be comparable to other sites if not downright
favorable to the bettor. Sportsbook capability is a must that you should demand
out of your site.

Finally, as mentioned above, many Royal Ascot Festival betting sites also
have some kind of connection to an online casino. It might be part of the main
site or it might be an adjunct of some sort that you can access with your
account. Considering that some people don’t live near casinos and others don’t
enjoy the hassle of getting to one, having an online casino with every type of
table game and slot machine you could want is a real convenience.

Lucrative Bonuses for Betting

Part of the experience of online wagering on Royal Ascot Festival racebooks is the expectation that you will be receiving bonus offers from the sites.
That’s the way that they lure in customers, and it’s also the way that they keep
you in the fold. You should be aware of the kinds of bonuses that are available
to you from the various sites competing for your business.

When you are first signing up, the site might offer you a deposit bonus. For
example, they might add 20% to whatever you deposit into your account. This will
give you some extra enthusiasm to begin wagering.

Once you have an account, the site will keep track of how much you’re
wagering. If they sense that your betting activity has become a bit light, they
might try to goose you into more action with what’s known as a reload bonus. Any
money that you put into your existing account will get a percentage boost or may
even be matched by the site.

One of the cool things about Royal Ascot Festival betting sites online is that
they’ll offer you bonuses if you aren’t betting a lot, but they’ll also offer
you bonuses if you are. VIP perks come to those bettors who are constantly on
the site and wagering. Betting sites will be grateful for a lot of business and
will do what they can to encourage that from you.

Just keep in mind that Royal Ascot Festival online betting websites will also impose
restrictions on the bonuses, usually in the form of rollovers. Rollovers require
you to bet a certain amount after the bonus that you receive before you can
collect your winnings from that bonus. The lower the bonuses, the better for you
as the person making the bets.

Types of Bets on the Royal Ascot Festival

The Royal Ascot Festival gives you a whole bunch of races which you can enjoy
as a spectator and as a bettor. If you understand
the types of
that you can make, you’ll have the best chance of making a profit.
Since you should consider your wagering, on horse races or otherwise, to be an
investment, you should do whatever you can to get a hang of the betting system.

You can basically break down the kinds of bets that you can make on Royal
Ascot Festival betting sites into two main categories. First of all, there are
the bets that involve just one horse in a single race. Then there are the bets
that involve multiple horses, either in a single race or over multiple races.

The bets with just one horse involved are called straight bets. On most Royal
Ascot Festival sites, straight bets can be broken down into the

Straight Bets:
  • Win: The horse that you pick has to win the race
  • Place: The horse that you pick has to finish first or second
  • Show: The horse that you pick has to finish first, second or third

In a pari-mutuel wagering system, the odds that you get on these bets will be
based on how much money is bet on the horse in question. As opposed to that,
fixed odds will lock in your odds for the horse that you bet at the moment that
you make the wager, regardless of who else does or doesn’t bet on the horse.
Some sites will have a smattering of both pari-mutuel odds and fixed odds bets,
although pari-mutuel wagering is the dominant form of betting in modern horse

With straight wagers, you generally have to wager a lot of money to win a lot
of money. For example, if you bet on the race favorite in one of the races in
the Royal Ascot Festival to show, you might only get cents on the dollar if it
comes in. The one way that you can win a lot with a straight bet is if the horse
that you pick is a long shot, which means that they aren’t expected by many to
do well.

Moving on the bets which involve multiple horses, which are sometimes called
“exotics” or “accumulators,” these are the wagers that provide opportunities for
big payoffs on small bets. But they also aren’t easy to win. There are a lot of
variables involved to win these bets.

Common types of bets involving multiple horses include.

Multiple Horse Bets:
  • Exacta: Pick the first two horses in the order of finish in a single
  • Trifecta: Pick the first three horses in the order of finish in a
    single race
  • Superfecta: Pick the first four horses in the order of finish in a
    single race
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner in two consecutive races
  • Pick 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.: Pick the winner in several consecutive races

Again, the payments for each of these bets will be based on how many people
are betting on the particular combination that you’ve chosen. There might be
some situations when an exotic or accumulator bet might pay off less than a
straight bet if there are mostly favorites involved. You should be able to tell
based on the odds on each horse roughly what you can expect.

For the most part, though, these types of bets are the kind you want if you
want to make a lot out of a little. The chances of you hitting these bets on a
regular basis aren’t great. But all it takes is one or two sometimes to earn you
a hefty profit at Royal Ascot Festival betting sites.

Choosing Your Horses

There is no right or wrong way to pick the horses that you want to bet on
Royal Ascot Festival betting sites. Picking horse race winners is in no way an
exact science. And sometimes you can get lucky just by picking a horse or two at

If you plan to wager on horses on a regular basis, however, you should learn
some of the keys to handicapping, which is just another word for the process of
picking horses. The first thing you need to do is to find a racing form or
program which tells you the information that you need to know on each horse in
the race. For important races like those in the Royal Ascot Festival, you can
usually find these pages online, or else you might have to subscribe to them if
you want to bet at a lot of different tracks.

The program pages will tell you all the pertinent information you need to
know about the competitors. First of all, you’ll want to look at the past
performances of the horses, in terms of where they finished in the order of
finish. You should also note the caliber of competition for each of those races,
which you can usually tell by the purse of each race.

Horses and Jockeys Racing at the Royal Ascot Festival Horse Race

Other important information that you can glean from a racing form include the
pedigree of the horse. You can often tell a lot about a horse’s potential by
noting who its parents and grandparents were. Finally, information about jockeys
and trainers, who make such an impact on the outcome of a race, is also
available on these pages.

While all of this information can be helpful, it’s also a good idea, when
considering who to bet on Royal Ascot Festival betting websites, to do more
research than just looking at a piece of paper. You should consider looking at
video of past races involving the horses in the race. By doing this, you might
be able to find out some things that you didn’t realize from the program.

Compiling all this information can seem like a lot, especially if you plan on
using Royal Ascot Festival betting sites on a regular basis to wager on a lot of
races. That’s why your best plan might be to focus on some factors that you feel
are important and work for you when choosing. By doing this, you can streamline
the process and come to decisions about which horses to bet much more quickly.

About the Royal Ascot Festival

Many horse racing events are all about a single race like the Kentucky Derby
or the Belmont Stakes. Then there are events like the Royal Ascot Festival that
are an extravaganza. 30 races over the course of five days captivates all of
Great Britain and much of the horse racing world.

For some people, the lure of the Royal Ascot Festival is the pomp and
circumstance. But bettors who frequent Royal ascot festival vetting sites don’t really care too much
about which member of the Royal Family might be showing up on a particular day.
They want to know all about the races.

Of the 30 races on the slate, eight of them are what’s known as Group One
events. These are stakes races that attract the very best horse racing talent in
the world because of the high purses. Here is a look at a typical schedule for
the eight Group One events at the Royal Ascot Festival:

Day Race Ages and Gender Distance Purse
Tuesday The Queen Anne Stakes Four years old and up 1 mile 647,500
Tuesday The King’s Stand Stakes Three years old and up 5 furlongs 538,750
Tuesday The St. James’s Palace Stakes Three-year-old colts 1 mile 538,750
Wednesday The Prince of Wales’s Stakes Four years old and up 1 1/4 miles 750,000
Thursday The Gold Cup Four years old and up 2 1/2 miles 500,000
Friday The Commonwealth Cup Three-year-olds Six furlongs (three-quarters of a mile) 500,000
Friday The Coronation Stakes Three-year-old fillies One mile 538,750
Saturday The Diamond Jubilee Stakes Four years old and up Six furlongs (three-quarters of a mile) 600,000

You can tell that there is a great diversity in terms of age and gender of
the horses and the length of the race. That adds spice to your wagering, since
you can find all kinds of angles in your handicapping. Instead of just having
one race on which to focus, the Royal Ascot Festival gives you a smorgasbord of


The Royal Ascot Festival presents a ton of great horse racing action in a
very small span of time. If you are a bettor, you really can’t ask for much more
in these five days. But you can’t take advantage of it unless you have your
online horse racing betting sites in order.

In this article, we’ve given you a great starting point for choosing Royal
Ascot Festival betting sites. We’ve given you our recommended list and provided
you with the tools to choose the sites on your own. Now you can concentrate on
picking those winning horses for this amazing event.