Top Santa Anita Derby Betting Sites (2021)

Santa Anita Derby betting sites are in great demand every spring from horse
racing bettors who don’t want to miss out on the action for one of the best
races in the entire country. The race might be the showcase race for all horse
racing in the state of California and means a lot on a national level because of
how important it is going forward into Triple Crown racing. Knowing how to
choose the best betting sites from among your many options will help you wager
on and enjoy this race with great peace of mind.

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Each and every day, there are hundreds of
horse races held all
around the world at all times of the day and night. These races attract betting
interest from people who can actually attend the event and wager in person. But
the internet has opened up the opportunity for all of these races to be wagered
by anyone no matter how far away they might be from the actual event.

As a matter of fact, the internet has opened up wagering of all kinds that
wasn’t available to people within their own location. But the sites that offer
up those wagering opportunities can’t all be trusted to deliver on their
promises. That is why you need to know how to select the ones that deserve your
wagering money from those that should be avoided.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, since the online gambling world is now big
business and everyone wants a piece of that action. As a result, there are new
sites that are opening up their digital doors every day in an effort to get your
business. It can make choosing a real headache, especially for someone who might
be new to the process of online betting on horse racing.

This can especially be the case when you are talking about a major event like
the Santa Anita Derby. Media attention will be covering the entrants to this
race for weeks ahead of time, which means that bettors who might not have known
about it otherwise could be drawn in. On top of that, the reputation of the race
will also draw in the horse racing bettors who want to be involved with the top

You will easily find a lot of websites that will let you bet on this
prestigious race. But the best Santa Anita Derby betting websites can provide you
with a wagering experience that is second to none, one to which you’ll want to
return for other horse races and sporting events. Once you have the tools to
find these sites, your wagering activities will be all the better for it.

In the following article, we will provide you with the lowdown on the finest
Santa Anita Derby betting sites on the internet. Not only will we provide you
with our specific recommendations for sites that you can feel safe choosing, but
we’ll also explain what qualities they possess that make them so desirable for
regular horse racing bettors. And we’ll also talk a little about the Santa Anita
Derby and what makes it such an intriguing race out of all those hundreds taking
place at any time.

Qualities of the Best Santa Anita Derby Betting Sites

Santa Anita Banner

This group of Santa Anita Derby betting sites really doesn’t include a single
clunker. Each of the sites we’ve listed has been tested over time and over many
huge wagering events. Their day-to-day operations are smooth and their clientele
is consistently satisfied with their work.

Those are things that should never be taken for granted. Many sites out there
aren’t far enough along in their existence to be able to provide you with the
benefit of their experience. Others, quite frankly, might not be on the level
and could be actively trying to scam you.

This can be extremely problematic because you won’t really have any recourse
should things go drastically wrong. It’s not like there is an internet gambling
police force out there just waiting to solve your problems. Online gambling is
pretty much an unregulated gray area in terms of the law, meaning that you are
playing at your own risk when you gamble with one of these sites.

Right off the bat, we can tell you with absolute confidence that none of
Santa Anita Derby betting websites that we’ve included will be doing any scamming.
They know that the best business practices for them is to treat their customers
fairly, which will keep them coming back for more. But there is more to a
gambling site to just being trustworthy.

What you’ll find when you research the Santa Anita Derby betting sites that
we have recommended to you is that they all have certain core characteristics in
common. These qualities relate to the process of online gambling, from creating
an account to making bets to collecting your money. It is a process that can be
fraught with pitfalls if the site in question doesn’t have these key facets in

What are these key qualities that all Santa Anita Derby betting sites should
have. Well, they can be broken down into six major areas.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Practices
  • Multiple Ways of Funding
  • Customer Service Efforts
  • Betting Variety
  • Site Functionality and Mobile Betting
  • Various Bonuses Offered

These are the main things that should pique your interest when you decide
from among these sites. You’ll find that all of them rank pretty well in those
categories. Some Santa Anita Derby online betting sites are stronger in certain areas,
and you should check them out on your own in case those areas of strength are
really important to you when you make your wagers.

The other thing that knowing these qualities will do is that they will help
you if decide to go out on your own to choose a Santa Anita Derby betting site.
While there really is no way for you to swing and miss with the sites we’ve
listed, it’s understandable if you want to do a little searching on your own.
You could indeed happen upon certain sites that you feel warrant a closer look.

If that’s the case, you can simply take those six qualities listed above and
see how those sites rank in those areas. Should you find one or more that you
feel are adequate or better in all six, you can feel free to proceed. But any
that are lacking in one or more departments could cause some issues.

Understanding how the process of online wagering works, whether it comes to
horse racing or some other kind of betting opportunity, will enlighten you about
how these qualities come into play. So, let’s talk about the six categories in
question and some key points related to each. That will help you understand the
decision-making process of selecting sites for betting on the Santa Anita Derby and ensure
that you can’t make the wrong choice.

Deposit and Withdrawal Practices

You should always check on the guidelines for deposits and withdrawals right
off the bat when you visit a website. If you happen to notice that the
guidelines aren’t readily available, either on the site or when you contact a
representative, you could be dealing with a site that might be a bit murky about
deposits and withdrawals. These guidelines should be followed to the letter
regardless of the situation.

Depositing money into your account should be a process that is completely
intuitive and easy to handle. Some sites might have restrictions about when and
how much you can put into your account. You should make sure that those
restrictions aren’t too daunting or unnecessarily harsh.

Withdrawing money from your account can sometimes be a sticky bit of business
on Santa Anita Derby betting sites. No site is going to be too eager to see
money leaving them and returning to you. If the money isn’t in your account, you
can’t bet with them, and that means that they’re losing out on your business.

Even though withdrawal restrictions are commonplace, they aren’t always fair
to bettors. That’s why you should only be looking at online Santa Anita Derby racebooks that don’t make it an overly complicated process to actually get a hold of
your money. Sites that make you jump through too many hoops or are constantly
putting conditions upon your receiving your money will take a lot of the
enjoyment out of your bets.

Multiple Ways of Funding

Santa Anita Starting Gate

You might not consider funding flexibility to be a big deal when you are
choosing among Santa Anita Derby betting websites. But it can become a big deal if
your preferred method of funding isn’t one that is available to you. You might
force yourself to fund your account with a method you aren’t really comfortable

Credit cards are the fallback option for many people who frequent betting
sites for horse racing or other events. But not all credit card companies are
keen to release funds for online gambling. On top of that, you won’t want to use
a card that has a high interest rate, since that would cut down on your profit
margin, but you might have to if the site in question doesn’t give you a lot of

Ideally, Santa Anita Derby betting sites will go beyond credit cards when it
comes to the different ways to deposit money into your account. Wire or bank
transfers might be a more convenient method for you. Or you could be interested
in a payment system such as PayPal to get the job done.

One of the newest methods of funding at Santa Anita Derby betting sites for horse racing bets is to
use cryptocurrency. These digital coins are really ideal for gambling online,
since they allow you great privacy and provide almost instant settlement times
in terms of deposits and withdrawals. The sites listed above are capable of
taking wagers in Bitcoin and other popular forms of cryptocurrency.

Customer Service Efforts

Santa Anita Derby online racebooks should promise that they will treat you the
same as any other bettor, no matter how much you bet. It isn’t fair to the
casual bettor if they find themselves tossed aside in favor of high rollers. All
problems should be tackled with the same energy and haste by the site’s customer
service department.

Not all problems are solvable at online betting sites, or at least they’re not all solvable to the liking of
the customer. Even if you can’t quite get the answer that you want to hear, you
should still feel like the site did everything in its power to try and help you
out. Being treated courteously can go a long way to easing the frustration of
not getting what you want out of problematic issue.

Being able to contact the Santa Anita Derby betting sites that you choose at
any time is really important to the process. Ideally, you should have a number
of different avenues by which to contact a site. Even better if the site
provides a customer service representative that can actually be assigned to your
account, so that the process of communication will be significantly streamlined.

Santa Anita Derby betting site representatives will likely contact you from
time to time with offers that they feel would be suited to you. Many of these
offers might seem like they’re not up your alley, and you have every right to
turn them down. If you experience a site trying to make too hard of a sell on an
offer to the point where they become rude or disrespectful, it is time to move
on to another site.

Betting Variety

You likely found this website because you are specifically interested in
making online wagers on the Santa Anita Derby. If you know about this race,
which is popular but not quite to casual fans in the same way that the Kentucky
Derby is, it proves that you are a horse racing enthusiast. And that likely
means that you’ll want exposure beyond just a single race.

As a matter of fact, you might be interested to see how far the Santa Anita
Derby betting sites that you are researching go in terms of daily races. It
could be okay for you to just concentrate on the big stakes races like the Santa
Anita Derby. Or you might want to be involved in daily races from all types of
racing anywhere in the globe. Only the best sites can give you that variety.

A sportsbook is another way that a Santa Anita Derby betting site can give
you the variety that you crave. Having the chance to bet on football, golf,
soccer, or any other major sport, team or individual, means that you never have
to go without action for very long. A site that lets you bet on these sports in
creative ways can really be beneficial.

Finally, many people are interested in the possibility of online casino
action. After all, why deal with the traffic and hassles of going to a casino
when you can play all of your favorite games for real money from the comfort of
your home? The best online Santa Anita Derby racebooks can give you poker,
blackjack, slot machines, video poker, and other casino entertainment that you
can imagine.

Site Functionality and Mobile Betting

Horse Racing in iPhone

It might seem a bit obvious to you to say that the Santa Anita Derby betting
sites in which you place your focus should have a solid reputation for
functionality. Signing up with a site that is not working properly seems like a
no-brainer. Yet many people can be seduced by big bonuses tied to the Santa
Anita Derby or other top horse races and they may overlook the fact that the
site offering them bonuses has a poor reputation in the area of simply being
consistently operational.

When it comes to this category, it goes beyond just the fact that the site
should always be working. The site should be easy to use and navigate. Getting
from page to page effortlessly so that you can make your bets should be a high
priority for you. You should also be aware if some of the pages on the site are
slow to load, since this can be a problem area when trying to make bets in a

Mobile betting is something that should be an absolute must in this day and
age. Santa Anita Derby betting sites must have apps attached to them in some way
to facilitate wagering on the go. Just as is the case with the website itself,
the apps should be free of glitches and be simple to use even to newcomers of
online betting.

When you are looking into Santa Anita Derby online racebooks, you really should
take a quick tour of the sites you might be considering. This will help you
expose any problems that might be evident in terms of the site working properly.
And it will let you know if you can get to your wagers in a hurry, which could
come in handy when it comes to wagering at the last minute.

Various Bonuses Offered

Don’t get too excited if you happen upon a site offering you a big bonus to
your deposit or even a free wager on the Santa Anita Derby just for signing up.
This is par for the course in the online gambling world. The key is to know how
to tell great bonuses from run-of-the-mill ones and being able to determine if
the site will consistently hand those bonuses out.

Many Santa Anita Derby online betting sites will approach you with big bonuses for signing up. But how many will also reward you with perks for gambling a lot at
the site, making you a “VIP?” And what about if you aren’t a high roller but
would like something to get you involved in wagering again after a long period
where you didn’t bet?

The top Santa Anita Derby betting sites will be offering bonuses from the
time that you sign on until the moment you no longer have an account with them.
Best of all is that they will be able to tailor those bonuses to your specific
betting interests. That means that you’ll get the most bang for your buck on the
events that matter most to you.

When you see bonuses offered at online Santa Anita Derby racebooks, you’ll also
probably notice references to rollovers. A rollover is a guideline that ensures
you take your bonus and bet with it and then some, so that you can’t just cash
it out. Look for the sites that have the lowest rollovers for the events that
you are most likely to bet on a consistent basis.

Which Bets Can I Place on the Santa Anita Derby?

Straight Bets to Make on the Santa Anita Derby

  • Win: Your horse must win the race for you to win your bet.
  • Place: Your horse must finish first or second for you to win your bet.
  • Show: Your horse must finish first, second, or third for you to win your bet.

Exotic Bets to Place on the Santa Anita Derby

  • Exacta: Bet on the first two horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Trifecta or Triple: Bet on the first three horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Superfecta: Bet on the first four horse in the order of finish in a single race.
  • Daily Double: Pick the winner of two consecutive races on the card.
  • Pick 3 (4, 5, 6, etc.): Pick the winners of three races in a row or however many are listed in the name of the bet.

Understanding how to choose a horse racing betting sites is only half the
battle of placing horse racing bets. You also need to know the process of betting on the Santa Anita Derby itself. That
means understanding simple horse racing
betting terminology
and practices
, learning how to pick horses, and getting the lowdown on what
makes the Santa Anita Derby such a special race.

Learning betting terminology can be a tricky thing for a newcomer. What makes
it even more difficult is the fact that you’ll find certain bets called
different things depending on the type of racing or what part of the world
you’re inhabiting. It can make for an extremely confusing situation.

Luckily, you can overcome it by just simplifying the process as much as
possible and taking it a step at a time. Think about whether you want to bet on
a single horse or multiple horses at once. Along with that, decide if your goal
is to come away with a small profit as more of a sure thing or if you want to
try for a big payout on a small wager.

Once you decide those things, which might change from race to race and depend
upon your betting budget, everything else will fall into place. If you are
concentrating on a single horse in a race, a straight bet is probably the way to

These bets are the kind that you want to make if you are more interested in
making a small profit with your best chance of winning. Unfortunately, the
drawback is that you won’t have as much of a chance to win a lot in one fell
swoop. To do that with a straight bet, you’ll need to either bet a lot of money
or bet on a long shot, which is a horse whose odds of winning aren’t very good.

On the other hand, exotic bets are what you want to focus on if you want to
really come out with a big score from a single race (or, in some cases, multiple
races). The basic gist of exotic bets, sometimes called accumulators, is that
you have to include multiple horses in them. And every one of those horses has
to do what you expect them to in the race (or races) or else the bet is loser.

Again, you might find some of these races called by slightly different names
elsewhere. Or you could also find different combinations being allowed as wagers
as well. But for American Thoroughbred racing, which is what the Santa Anita
Derby is considered, these are usually the exotic bets you will encounter.

It is by no means an easy feat winning an exotic wager. You need a lot to go
right to win an exotic bet and even then, it can be derailed by just one of the
horses involved coming up short of expectations. But winning one can often be
like a lottery ticket, since the average payoff is significantly higher than
what you can expect from a straight bet.

Choosing Which Horse to Bet on at The Santa Anita Derby

  • Past performances: How well a horse has performed in terms of wins or
    losses in recent races. You can also look at the time that the horse takes
    to run the races, but that can be affected by track conditions, distance,
    the overall pace of the race, and many other factors. Wins and good finishes
    show how the horse has performed against others facing the same conditions.
  • Class: This is a measure of the competition that the horse has been
    facing. If you see a horse that has been in a lot of races with big purses
    and it is racing for much less in the current race, it could be a sign that
    it is ready for a big effort. By contrast, a horse that is facing much
    tougher competition than usual might have a hard time hanging with the rest.
  • Jockeys and Trainers: It is impossible to overlook the impact that the
    human element has on big races like the Santa Anita Derby. Trainers need to
    know how to have their horses peaking at the absolute right time for the
    race. And jockeys need to know what it takes to find a good trip for their
    horse as well as at what point during the race to ask them for the most

When it comes to the Santa Anita Derby or any other type of horse race, you
should have some sort of system by which you choose the horses you want to bet.
It doesn’t have to be an overly complicated system. But it should be consistent
and should include a few key factors on which you want to focus when you’re
examining the horse in the race.

There are many different things that you might want to consider when deciding
on the horses you want to bet at Santa Anita Derby betting sites. You can find
the information you need in a racing form or perhaps by watching replays of past

Santa Anita Derby Information

The Santa Anita Derby would be a great horse race even if it had no
connection to the bigger picture in American Thoroughbred racing. It is held at
one of the most prestigious tracks in the entire country. In addition to that,
its big purse draws some of the best three-year-old racing talent to California
to contest for the title.

But the Santa Anita Derby gains much of its importance as an indicator of horses that have a
solid chance to perform well in the American Thoroughbred racing Triple Crown.
In fact, many of those horses that have won the Santa Anita Derby in the past
have since gone on to either win the Kentucky Derby or the races that follow it
in the Triple Crown series, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. In
fact, it’s hard to imagine a Triple Crown that doesn’t have the Santa Anita
Derby winner in the mix.

The race is held at 1 1/8 miles on the dirt surface at Santa Anita in April.
Only three-year-old horses are allowed to compete in the race, both genders
(although it is usually only male horses who are in it). Because of the
excellent field and the long distance of the race, the race really makes for an
interesting test for bettors looking for value on horse racing betting sites.

Conclusion on Santa Anita Derby Betting Sites

Horse racing bettors want to test their mettle on the biggest races in the
sport, and the Santa Anita Derby can certainly be put in that category. It
delivers in terms of showcasing up-and-coming stars of the sport. And because
these horses are still in the early stages of their career and haven’t raced
that often, there is still an air of unpredictability about the race as well.

What that means is, it is a race that you’ll want to have a good chance to
bet on without any hassles, which means you need to know how to choose the top
Santa Anita Derby racing sites. If you don’t take the time to choose the best
site, you could regret it later. Luckily, our list at the top of this page and our guidelines should
help you make a solid choice for this important decision.