Review of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

One of the newer casinos in Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan opened its doors in
mid-December 2010. At a staggering $3.9 billion, you would not be wrong to
assume that it is one of the most beautiful properties on the Las Vegas Strip.
In this guide, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to
have an incredible time gambling, eating, drinking, shopping, partying, and
relaxing at The Cosmopolitan.

We’ll give you the need-to-know information, but then we’ll go a step
further. Our expert review team is Las Vegas-based and has spent countless hours
in The Cosmo galivanting around the different floors collecting the tips,
tricks, and insider information you need to have a great time. After countless
hangovers, way too many calories, a lot of dancing, and some winning and losing
gambling sessions, we’ve compiled what we’ve learned here for your benefit.

So, whether you’re just curious about the property or you’re planning a trip
out to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, buckle up, because it’s going to be a fun

Where is The Cosmopolitan Located on the Strip?

The casino is located on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard with Flamingo
road to the north and Harmon Avenue to the south. To the north, Bellagio is on
the same side of the street and to the south, Aria and Aria Campus are on the
same side of the street. Aria Campus is known to most people as City Center.
Across Las Vegas Boulevard on the east side of the street is the Paris Hotel and
Casino and Planet Hollywood.

The Casino – The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The casino at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is an extremely high-energy,
action-packed area. The casino floor itself is surrounded by most of the hotel’s
bars on the same level and even above it at The Chandelier Bar. If you’re
looking for a quiet and sleepy casino to relax at, this is not the place for
you. That is, unless you’re willing to get up earlier in the morning or play
throughout the day. But once the evening rolls around (even mid-week), the music
starts bumping and the party starts kicking.

For us, we love high-energy casinos, so The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas fits
the bill perfectly. Additionally, the casino is well known for attracting the
beautiful people of Las Vegas as well as the famous and Hollywood elite. At any
given time, especially on the weekends, you should be able to locate someone
famous wandering through the casino, gambling at one of the tables, or at one of
the high-end bars surrounding the casino floor.

The casino itself boasts 100,000 square feet of floor space, which sounds
like a lot, but once you’re in there, it has a relatively small feel to it. A
better word for the feel might be “intimate,” because “small” gives off a
negative connotation. The floor plan helps you feel like you are in the action
no matter where you are on the floor. Compare this to other Las Vegas casinos
like the Wynn and Encore at 186,187 square feet or The Mandalay Bay at 160,334
square feet, and you can see that it is considerably smaller-err, more
intimate-even by the numbers.

Table Games

When you walk into The Cosmopolitan through the entrance on the Strip side,
you’ll immediately be in the area where all the table games are. If you enter
the casino through the parking garage, where the rooms are, or where the front
desk is, you’ll need to walk through the slots and video poker area to get to
the table games. Just walk towards the Strip from wherever you are in The
Cosmopolitan Casino, and you’ll run into the table games.

Regarding games offered, here are the different options you can expect to
find being spread.

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Casino War
  • Craps
  • Fortune Pai Gow Poker
  • High Card Flush
  • Roulette
  • Single Zero Roulette
  • Three Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold ’em

Cosmo Table Games

Regarding limits, most of the time you can expect higher limits at The Cosmo
in relation to some of the other properties on the Strip. During the week, and
during the day, you can find smaller limits (and can be grandfathered into the
night, at least according to the last time we played there). For those that have
never heard of that term before, it means that if they raise the limits while
you’re playing, you can still continue to play as long as you want at the old
limits because they don’t want to kick you off. But if you leave the table and
want to come back, you will need to play at the higher limits.

On the weekends, expect the limits to be some of the highest on the Strip.
They’re typically not astronomical where casual players can’t play, but don’t
expect to find any $5 blackjack tables here. The chic and trendy hotel and
casino are too good at attracting people with money, which means they can keep
their limits higher and still have a full table.

The casino at Cosmopolitan does have a high limit table game lounge for those
that want a little privacy and want to play for higher stakes. The lounge was
remodeled in June 2016, and we’ve seen it in person; they did a fantastic job.
Let’s just say we’re glad we didn’t have to foot the bill for the remodel.

As of the last time we visited, there are only four different games that are
spread in the high limit lounge at The Cosmopolitan casino across 17 tables.
These games include baccarat, mini-baccarat, single-zero roulette (awesome!),
and blackjack. The minimum bet in the high limit lounge is $100.

Slots and Video Poker

Surrounding the table games on all sides and stretching back into the hotel
towards the front desk are the slot machines and video poker games. The
Cosmopolitan’s casino website doesn’t advertise exactly how many slot machines
they have, but it’s a healthy number in the hundreds. Regarding the quality of
the games, it’s exactly as you might suspect from them-incredible. They have the
latest and greatest games made by the top-level game developers.

They have a lot of the most popular slot machines as well as the newest
games. One thing we did notice is that some of the older classics that may have
lost some of their popularity steam were nowhere to be found within The
Cosmopolitan casino. If there is an old game that isn’t a fan favorite you want
to play, you may need to head somewhere else to play. The good thing is that The
Cosmopolitan casino is right smack dab in the middle of the Vegas Strip, so it
will take you all of about five minutes to get to a casino that has the game you

On The Cosmopolitan Casino’s website, they advertise a list of their featured
slot machine games. They include:

  • Buffalo Diamond
  • Fortune Coin
  • Golden Egypt Grand
  • Heidi and Hannah’s Bier Haus
  • Pinball
  • Tarzan
  • The Wizard of Oz Munchkinland
  • Wheel of Fortune Cash Link
  • Wild Wild Nugget and Wild Wild Samurai
  • Willy Wonka Wonkavator
  • Wonder 4 Boost

Cosmopolitan Slots

Looking for some high-limit slot action at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas? You
can’t do that at the Cosmo. Kidding! The Cosmopolitan casino has a beautiful
high-limit lounge with 65 machines offering a nice wide array of high-limit slot
action. The games are equipped with one of the coolest new technologies for
high-limit slots, FASTPAY. FASTPAY allows you to process jackpots right at the
machine without the need of an attendant coming over.

The lounge itself is decked out with comfortable seating options, baller TVs,
private restrooms, and a dedicate cage and ATM. We haven’t used the ATM in there
ourselves, but we can guess the limit is higher than the traditional ATM to
accommodate higher limit players. There are also several hosts and attendants in
there referred to as CoStars to help you make the most of your high-limit slot

The Sportsbook

If you’re not actively looking for it, the Race and Sports Book at The
Cosmopolitan is easy to miss. No, this is not because it is small, but this is
because it is tucked away towards the end of the casino near the Strip. The
sportsbook at The Cosmopolitan’s casino is up to date, modern, and gives a great
vibe. Much smaller than a lot of other sportsbooks on the Strip, it’s clear this
is not the highlight of the casino, but they still didn’t skimp on the spending
to deck out the space.

You’ll see dozens of large, high-def TVs, lounge-style seating options, and
some really cool, state-of-the-art LED video walls that quickly let you know the
sportsbook at The Cosmopolitan casino is kept up to date frequently.

If you’re looking to gamble while you watch your favorite sports in the
sportsbook, you do have several options. You’ll find 23 video poker machines
within the sportsbook that you can play on while sweating games. On top of this,
there is a table games area that is directly adjacent to the sportsbook with
more high-definition TVs showing the most popular games currently playing.

Unlike many other sportsbooks on the Strip, the sportsbook at The
Cosmopolitan is not open 24 hours a day. The hours for the betting window are
listed below:

  • Monday – Thursday: 8:30AM – 10:30PM
  • Friday: 8:30AM – 11:00PM
  • Saturday: 7:30AM – 11:00PM
  • Sunday: 7:30AM – 10:00PM

Identity Rewards – The Player’s Club

Velvet Tier

Velvet Tier

Your membership starts at Velvet. Unlock special offers as soon as you join and once you earn 4,000 tier points, move on up to Sterling.

Sterling Tier

Sterling Tier


  • 1 complimentary room night per year


  • 2X slot multipliers


  • Complimentary self-parking
  • One 2-for-1 Wicked Spoon buffet per month
  • 2-for-1 Opium tickets
  • Personalized offers
  • Dedicated reservation line
Gold Tier

Gold Tier


  • 2 complimentary room nights per year
  • 2 complimentary companion room nights per year


  • 2X slot multipliers


  • One 2-for-1 Wicked Spoon buffet per day
  • 2-for-1 Opium concert and show tickets
  • 2-for-1 special event tickets
  • Concert express entry
  • Complimentary resort fee
  • Complimentary valet and self-parking
  • Early check-in and late check-out when available
  • Personalized offers
  • Dedicated reservation line
Platinum Tier

Platinum Tier


  • At least 2 complimentary room nights per year
  • 2 complimentary companion room nights per year
  • Complimentary room upgrades when available


  • 3X slot multipliers


  • 2-for-1 Wicked Spoon buffet per day
  • 2-for-1 Opium concert and show tickets
  • 2-for-1 special event tickets
  • Concert express entry
  • Complimentary resort fee
  • Complimentary valet and self-parking
  • Early check-in and late check-out when available
  • Guaranteed valet and expedited taxi service
  • Airport transportation
  • Invited guest check-in line
  • $250 annual resort credit
  • Personalized offers
  • Dedicated reservation line

One of the things that we really like about The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is
that they lay out their rewards program way clearer than most of the other
casinos in town. They discuss exactly how to earn points, exactly where and how
you can spend your points, and exactly how to get to each tier level. Other
Vegas casinos tend to keep things a little cryptic. Why? Not really sure, but it
is annoying. Thankfully, The Cosmopolitan casino lays most everything out in
black and white.

There is one exception to this that we want to point out. They post that you
can’t earn rewards on anything but video poker or slots. This means no points on
table games, sportsbook wagers, or specialty games. From talking with some
insiders, though, it is said that you can be reviewed for potential tier status
on these other games. But nowhere is this confirmed or is it clearly laid out
how the process works. We assume that if you’re a small player, you may have to
work pretty hard to get any sort of recognition for your play. If you’re a
bigger player or a regular visitor to the property, you’ll probably have more
luck getting their VIP staff to rate your play for tier status.

If you’re a slot or video poker player, though, all you have to do is put
your player’s card into the machine, and you are immediately being tracked. In
the next section, we’ll talk about exactly how many points you earn for your

How to Earn Tier Credits

According to the website, you can earn tier credits through spending money at
the hotel, spa, on dining or shopping, and through slots of video poker. As we
already stated, they say on their website that you cannot earn points through
table games, sportsbook wagers, or specialty games. But according to insiders,
if you talk to the staff, you can get a rating for tier status on some of these
other games. We can’t confirm or deny this, but we recommend asking if you are a
regular at one of these other games. The worst they can tell you is no!

Update #1

We noticed in the FAQ section on one of The Cosmopolitan’s website pages that they state table
game play is evaluated monthly. This does contradict where on the exact same
page it says no points are earned for table gameplay. It’s our understanding,
though, that if you talk to a pit boss or someone in the VIP rewards section
that you can, in fact, have your play evaluated for tier status.

Update #2

It looks like we’ve gotten clarification on how table
games are treated for tier status at The Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas. You
will not earn Identity Points that you can use to convert into Identity Play,
resort credit, or pay at most every venue on the property.

But that does not mean your play is not being tracked. Table gameplay
still counts for tier status so you can move up the tier ladder, you just won’t
have the points to cash in from it. Additionally, you can earn promotional
offers and comps from your table gameplay at the discretion of the pit bosses.

So, bottom line, you’re not going to be forgotten as a table game
player. Show your player’s card every time you play, and you should be taken
care of for your play.

Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about the exact number of points
you’ll earn for what.

For every dollar that you spend at the hotel, spa, on dining, or in the
shops, you will earn 5 identity points. So, if you go out for a $200 meal in one
of the restaurants at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, then you’re going to earn
1000 tier credit points.

For every $2.50 you wager on slots, you’re going to earn 1 identity point.
So, if you wager $100 on a reel slot machine, you’re going to earn 40 tier
credit points. Remember, this is not the amount of money you lose, but the
amount you wager. So, if you put in $100 and play for a while, the amount you
actually wagered is going to be much higher than $100.

It’s also important to point out that gold and sterling tier members earn 2x
points on slots and platinum members earn 3x points on slots. So, if you are a
gold or sterling tier member and you wager $100, you will earn 80 points. If
you’re a platinum tier member in the Identity Rewards program, you’re going to
earn 120 points. Again, if you put $100 in the machine, you’re most likely going
to end up wagering much more than $100 and earning more points. The only way
that $100 in the machine would only be a $100 wager is if you lost on every
single spin, which shouldn’t happen unless you are super unlucky or betting all
of that on just a few spins.

For every $6 wagered on video poker, you will earn 1 tier credit point. So,
if you were to wager $100, you can expect to earn just over 16 tier points.
Again, the same rules apply as the slots where $100 is going to end up most
likely being a much higher total amount wagered.

It’s important to point out that you can earn points through all of these
methods. You do not have to select one and stick to it. For example, if you have
that $200 dinner, then wager $100 on slots as a velvet level member, you will
get 1,000 tier credits for dinner + 40 tier credits for your slot play for a
total of 1,040 identity tier credit points.

Earning Points in The Different Tiers of the Identity Rewards Program

Velvet Tier

The entry-level tier of The Cosmopolitan casino’s Identity Rewards program is
the velvet level. To earn this level, all you have to do is go to the player’s
club desk and sign up. Additionally, you can sign up for the program online
before you ever set foot in Las Vegas if you want to be an overachiever. You
will still need to get your hands on your player’s card in order to earn points,
though, so you will need to make a stop by the player’s club when you arrive.

According to the website, you do get some sort of benefits as soon as you
join, but we don’t see anything specific listed. This is the tier you’ll be in
until you earn 4,000 tier points and make the jump up to Sterling Tier.

Sterling Tier

In order to earn sterling level in the Identity Rewards program, you need to
earn 4,000 tier points. Based on the breakdown of how you earn points, here is
what that will look like if you earned all your points from one medium.

Shopping – Spend $800 in the hotel, spa, on dining, and/or shopping. This
will get you the 4,000 points needed to move to the Sterling Tier.

Slots – Wager $10,000 on slots, and you will earn enough points to achieve
this level. Remember, this does not mean you have to lose $10,000, it just means
that you have to cycle that much in bets. Typically, this is achieved with much
less money than you would think.

Theoretically speaking (meaning more precisely, if there were no variance
and the slot machine paid out exactly as it should on every single spin), the
average amount wagered if you played $100 down until you had nothing betting $1
per spin would be about $901. So, if the slot machine worked without any
variance (winning above or below the expected payout return of the machine), you
would have to bet about $1100 to get to this tier level. But this does not take
into account that you could win above the expected rate of return which would
make that number even lower.

That’s a lot of nerd math, but here’s the takeaway. You’re not going to
have to pump 10 grand into the machine to reach sterling level. Additionally,
the total amount that people wager is always way more than they think because
they forget it’s a different number than the total money lost or the total money
they put into the machine.

Video Poker – Wager $24,000 on video poker to earn this tier level status.
Again, this does not mean you have to put $24,000 into the machine or that you
have to lose $24,000. All it means is that a total of $24,000 has to be wagered.

Here are the benefits you’ll earn with the sterling level at The
Cosmopolitan. Keep in mind that there is a little bit of fine print that goes
with these things, like subject to availability on tickets, a need to book comp
rooms at least 14 days in advance, and those rooms also being subject to
availability. This fine print will be the same for all tier levels, and many of
the benefits are similar.


  • 1 complimentary room night per year


  • 2X slot multipliers


  • Complimentary self-parking, One 2-for-1 Wicked Spoon buffet per month, 2-for-1 Opium tickets, Personalized offers, Dedicated reservation line.

Gold Tier

The next tier in The Cosmopolitan’s Identity Rewards program is the gold
level tier. It is a pretty sizeable jump from the velvet level, as it requires
an additional 16,000 tier credit points to achieve. Percentage-wise, this is the
largest jump between any of the tiers, yet still smaller in absolute points for
the jump from gold to platinum (the highest level).

Here is the breakdown of what it would take if you earned all the points
exclusively from one channel. Remember, you can earn points through all of the
channels at once.

Shopping – You would need to spend a total of $4,000 (an additional $3200
after earning sterling) to achieve this level.

Slots – You would need to wager a total of $30,000 on slots (an additional
$20,000 after earning sterling) to achieve this level. Remember, once you
achieve the sterling level, you will be getting 2x points on slot machine play.
So, while it takes you $10,000 wagered to get the first 4,000 points, it will
only take an additional $20,000 to earn the remaining 16,000 points needed for
gold status.

Video Poker – You would need to wager $120,000 on video poker (an additional
$96,000 after earning sterling) to achieve this level.

Here are the benefits you can earn by achieving the gold level tier in the
Cosmopolitan Casino’s Identity Rewards program. Like most other Las Vegas VIP
rewards programs, you will earn all of the benefits of the lower level tiers as
you move up, plus additional benefits. Here is a complete list of everything you
will earn, including the lower level benefits.


  • 2 complimentary room nights per year
  • 2 complimentary companion room nights per year


  • 2X slot multipliers


  • One 2-for-1 Wicked Spoon buffet per day with priority access, 2-for-1 Opium,
    concert and show tickets, 2-for-1 special event tickets, Concert express entry,
    Complimentary resort fee, Complimentary valet and self-parking, Early check-in
    and late check-out when available, Personalized offers, Dedicated reservation

Platinum Tier

The highest-level tier in the Cosmo’s Identity Rewards program is the
platinum level. In order to achieve this level, you will need to earn 50,000
tier level points. This is 30,000 more points than you need for gold level. In
terms of absolute points, this is the largest jump. In terms of percentage of
points, this is the second largest jump after the jump from sterling level to
gold level.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of spending and gambling needed to
accomplish this. Again, you can earn all your points through one medium or you
can split it up amongst the different methods of earning.

Shopping – You would need to spend $10,000 (an additional $6,000 after
earning gold) in order to earn the platinum level tier.

Slots – You would need to wager a total of $67,500 (an additional $37,500
after earning gold) in order to earn the platinum level tier. Again, you are
still earning the 2x points on slots. So, it takes $10,000 to earn your first
4,000 points to get sterling, an additional $20,000 to get you to gold level,
and then an additional $37,500 to get the remaining 30,000 tier credit points to
get you to 50,000.

Video Poker – You would need to wager a total of $300,000 (an additional
$180,000 after earning gold) in order to earn the platinum level tier.

Here are the benefits you’ll earn at the highest-level Platinum Tier of the
Identity Rewards program at the Cosmopolitan Casino Las Vegas.


  • At least 2 complimentary room nights per year
  • 2 complimentary companion room nights per year
  • Complimentary room upgrades when available


  • 3X slot multipliers


  • 2-for-1 Wicked Spoon buffet per day with priority access, 2-for-1 Opium,
    concert and show tickets, 2-for-1 special event tickets, Concert express entry,
    Complimentary resort fee, Complimentary valet and self-parking, Early check-in
    and late check-out when available, Guaranteed valet and expedited taxi service,
    Airport transportation, Invited guest check-in line, $250 annual resort credit,
    Personalized offers, Dedicated reservation line.

The Length of Your Idenity Rewards Tier Credit Status

Any status that you earn through this program is good for 12 months from the
day you earn it. For example, let’s say that you gamble at the Cosmopolitan in
February when you come out for the Super Bowl. You play some slots, eat a lot of
food, and you earn sterling status! Your sterling status is now good until
February of next year.

Let’s then say you come out over the summer in July and go on a crazy winning
streak and find yourself earning gold status at The Cosmopolitan. Your 12 months
would reset, and your gold status would be good until the following year in
July. Basically, whenever you earn a new tier status level, the 12-month period

Regarding maintaining status levels, your status level is determined by the
12 months prior to the current date. So, it basically works on a 12-month
rolling scale, minus the fact that you hold your status earned for 12 months
initially from the day you earned it.

Ways to Spend Your Identity Rewards Points

Your tier credit points earned are not just used to determine your status.
These points can be used in multiple ways, depending on how they were earned.

Points earned form gameplay can be used to pay
for things at almost every venue inside The Cosmopolitan, converted into resort
credit, or converted into Identity Play. Identity Play is free play on slots or
video poker that is loaded back onto your card.

Points earned from non-gaming sources (spending
money in the hotel, spa, dining, or shopping) can be used at almost every venue
inside The Cosmopolitan and converted to resort credit. Non-gaming points cannot
be converted to Identity Play.

Here are the conversion rates for points:

  • 100 Identity Points can be converted into $1 in resort credit.
  • 100 Identity Points can be converted into $1 in free play on slots and video poker

For example, let’s say that you earned sterling status by only playing slots.
Your 4,000 Identity Points can either be spent on property, be converted into
$400 in resort credit, or converted into $400 in free slot and video poker play.

Let’s say, in another scenario, that you earned sterling status by only going
shopping and eating at restaurants, and you did no gambling. Your 4,000 Identity
Points can either be spent on property or converted into $400 in resort credit.

Identity Rewards Tips

Your points will expire if you are inactive for over 12 months.

  • Make sure that you either use all of your Identity Rewards points if
    you are not planning on returning to The Cosmopolitan within 12 months. Or make
    sure you at least do some sort of point earning within the next 12 months. Even
    something as simple as spending a few dollars on property will keep your points
    from going inactive.

You will only get credit for your gaming if you put your card in the

  • This might sound like a no-brainer to casino veterans, but
    it’s probably news to people who are new to the scene. Every time you sit down
    at a video poker machine or a slot machine in The Cosmopolitan, you need to put
    your player’s card into the machine to ensure your play is being tracked.

You will only get credit for shopping and dining if you show your
card at the time of the transaction, charge to your room, or give a receipt to
someone at the Identity Desk (player’s club).

  • Don’t lose out on free points. We hear a lot of stories of people getting their tier points from
    gambling, but forgetting that you earn points just about anytime you pull out
    money in the casino. Buying something small from the store? You get points.
    Getting a bite to eat? You earn points. Paying for a massage at the spa? Yup,
    you get points. Don’t leave free points and free money on the table.

If you are a table games player, ask the Identity Desk about being
rated for your play.

  • It is extremely unclear and actually contradicting
    on the website whether table games count toward player’s points and tier status.
    Knowing the Las Vegas market, though, we would be shocked if they did not have
    some form of system in place to give people credit for table gameplay. If they
    didn’t, there is no way they could be competitive with the other major casinos,
    and if we’re being blunt, we really can’t see a casino as successful as The
    Cosmopolitan being that stupid.

You cannot link your accounts with someone else for tier status, but
you can for Identity Points.

  • If you want to link your Identity Points
    together with someone else living in the same household as you, you can. This
    means that whatever points are earned by both of you can be spent from either
    person’s card. But you can’t combine forces to try and gain tier status faster.
    Each player will still have to earn tier status individually, and any earned
    status will not carry over to the other linked card.

Marriott Bonvoy’s Connection to The Cosmopolitan’s Identity Rewards Program

If you’re a world traveler, or even just a domestic traveler, you’re probably
familiar with Marriott Bonvoy. It is the rewards program for Marriott hotel
members. The Marriott Bonvoy program and the Identity Rewards program from The
Cosmopolitan are interlinked, so you can move points back and forth between each

Although, there are some limits you should be aware of. Over a 365-day
rolling period, you can convert up to 100,000 points from one program to the
other. The conversion rate is 10 Identity Points converts to 8 Marriott Bonvoy
points. Going the other way, 10 Marriott Bonvoy points converts to 4 Identity
Rewards points.

It was a little strange to us that the conversion was not the same going in
both directions. It looks like converting your Identity Rewards points to
Marriott Bonvoy points is a much better deal than going the other way. That
being said, feel free to move the points either direction if there is something
you’re looking to use them for. Just be aware that you are getting a worse
exchange rate when you are going from Marriott Bonvoy points to Identity Rewards

Hotel Rooms Available at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

If you’re looking for modern-chic in your upcoming Las Vegas stay, you’re
really going to be a big fan of the hotel resort at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and
Casino Las Vegas. The company describes its rooms as creating a “calm,
comfortable ambiance,” with “unexpected, inventive details.” Amongst the 3,027
rooms on property, you’ll have plenty of options of traditional rooms, suites,
bungalows, and penthouses.

To be more specific, there are 17 different types of rooms available at The
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Here’s a quick look at your options listed from “normal”
to “baller.”

City Room

City Room

  • A calm, welcoming atmosphere
  • Large, luxurious bathroom with marble floors
  • 460 sq. ft. studio
  • Two queen-size beds

City Studio

City Studio

  • An oversized living area
  • Large, luxurious bathroom with marble floors
  • 630 sq. ft. studio
  • One king-size bed

Terrace Studio

Terrace Studio

  • Sliding glass doors open to an oversized private terrace
  • Large, luxurious bathroom
  • 620 sq. ft. studio, 110 sq. ft. private terrace
  • One king-size bed

Terrace Studio Fountain View

Terrace Studio Fountain View

  • Exceptional views of the Las Vegas skyline and famous fountains
  • Private terrace overlooking the heart of The Strip
  • 620 sq. ft. studio, 110 sq. ft. private terrace
  • One king-size bed

Terrace One Bedroom

Terrace One

  • Panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline
  • Telescoping doors separate living area from bedroom area
  • 610 sq. ft. 1 bedroom with 110 sq. ft. private terrace
  • One king-size bed

Terrace One Bedroom Fountain View

Terrace One

  • Panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline
  • Telescoping doors separate living area from bedroom area
  • 610 sq. ft. 1 bedroom with 110 sq. ft. private terrace
  • One king-size bed

Terrace Studio Two Queen Beds

Terrace Studio Two

  • Comfortable, open living space
  • Large, luxurious bathroom
  • 620 sq. ft. 1 bedroom with 110 sq. ft. private terrace
  • Two queen-size beds

Terrace Studio Two Queen Beds Fountain View

Terrace Studio Two

  • Panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline and famous fountains
  • Large, luxurious bathroom
  • 620 sq. ft. studio with 110 sq. ft. private terrace
  • Two queen-size beds

Executive Suite

Executive Suite

  • Spacious living area with 6 seat conference table
  • Master bathroom with bubbler tub and powder room
  • 760 sq. ft. studio
  • One king-size bed

Terrace Suite Fountain View

Terrace Suite

  • Spacious bedroom and living room areas
  • Large, luxurious bathroom with marble floors
  • 910 sq. ft., suite, 160 sq. ft. private terrace
  • One king-size bed

Wraparound Terrace Suite


  • Private wraparound terrace with breathtaking views of Las Vegas
  • Separate dining area & Sub-Zero wine chiller
  • 1,200 sq. ft. suite, 410 sq. ft. private terrace
  • One bedroom with a king-size bed

Wraparound Terrace Suite Fountain View


  • Panoramic views of the Las Vegas skyline and famous fountains
  • Separate dining area & Sub-Zero wine chiller
  • 1,200 sq. ft. suite, 410 sq. ft. private terrace
  • One bedroom with a king-size bed

Two Bedroom City Suite

City Suite

  • Spacious, separate living area
  • Two master bathrooms and one separate powder room
  • 1,615 sq. ft.
  • Two bedrooms with one king-size bed and two queen-size beds

Lanai Suite

Lanai Suite

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows with pool views
  • 800 sq. ft. plus private lanai with hot tub
  • Loft bedroom with one king-size bed
  • Most suites have private access to The Chelsea Pool
Lanai Suite Description

The Lanai suite is one of the coolest lodging options at The Cosmopolitan
of Las Vegas. The first level of the suite is built out perfectly for
entertaining friends and family. A staircase leads up to the second floor where
you’ll find the king-sized bed in the loft as well as a private bathroom for
whoever the host of the party is. Oh, did we mention there is a private hot tub,
and most Lanai suites have private access to The Chelsea Pool?

Reception Suite

Reception Suite

  • Wet bar, dining table, sub-zero refrigerator, and microwave
  • Marble bathroom and oversized shower
  • 1,050 sq. ft.
  • One full size pull-down bed
Reception Suite Description

If you’re looking for somewhere to hold a business meeting or entertain
clients, this is the ideal fit as the room is designed specifically for that
purpose. The fully equipped kitchen is also fully equipped with all the cooking
items you’d need to throw an elegant dinner party. If you really want to ball
out, consider booking this room and booking a private chef to come in and cook
for you.

In order to book this suite at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, you need to contact the hotel directly.



  • Three levels with a private terrace
  • Jacuzzi plunge pool and round-the-clock butler service
  • 1,695 sq. ft. bedroom, 750 sq. ft. terrace, and 135 sq. ft. patio
  • One bedroom with a king-size bed
Reception Suite Description

Jacuzzi plunge pool? Check. Around-the-clock butler service? Check. Private
patio with insane views? Check. The Bungalow Suite at The Cosmopolitan is the
perfect fit for a private getaway or for an intimate and awesome party. There’s
a reason this room is reserved for those guests that are 21+.

In order to book this bungalow at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, you need to contact the hotel directly.

The Chelsea Penthouse


  • Floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views
  • Wet bar and kitchenette
  • 2,400 to 3,700 sq. ft.
  • Two and three-bedroom suites
The Chelsea Penthouse Description

As you can probably guess, this is the top-level room available at The
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. The Chelsea penthouse comes in a two-bedroom option that
holds up to four guests and a three-bedroom option that can accommodate up to
eight guests.

In order to book this bungalow at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, you need to contact the hotel directly.

Restaurants, Buffets, and Dining Options at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

It is eco-nom-nom-ics these days for any top hotel and casino to offer
incredible options when it comes to food. Thankfully for our palates, The
Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino fully understands this. They have decked out all
levels of their property with some of the best dining options in town, including
one of our top picks for the best buffet.

Looking for options? Well, let’s put it this way… If you have problems
deciding when you have too many options, you will struggle at The Cosmopolitan,
because they have 27 restaurants to choose from. Unlike some other casinos, all
of these are unique restaurants (meaning none of these are Subways or anything
like that, except for the Starbucks).

Beauty & Essex

Beauty and Essex

  • Cuisine: New American
  • Cost: $$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Mon – Wed: 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM
    • Thurs: 5:30 PM – Midnight
    • Fri & Sat: 5:00 PM – Midnight
    • Sun: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Our Take: Trying to describe the food offerings here in a few simple words is
a challenge to say the least. The best way we can describe it is “a restaurant
whose menu has ADD, but somehow in a good way.” When Kale and Apple Salad is
squeezed between Chile Relleno Empanadas and Korean Fried Chicken, you know
things are interesting. If you’re looking for a meal that will require you to
look through the entire menu but will reward you for your work with a delectable
meal, you’re going to want to give Beauty & Essex on Level 3 of The Cosmopolitan
a try.

Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon

  • Cuisine: American
  • Cost: $$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Social Hour: Monday to Friday from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Hours:
    • Everyday: 5:00 PM – Midnight

Our Take: Packed with a lot of incredible protein options, Blue Ribbon is
definitely on our list of restaurants at The Cosmopolitan that you need to try.
If you’re feeling like a baller and want to drop some serious coin, you can even
try the caviar or the A5 Wagyu steak. Be prepared as the immature ones in your
party (that would be us, if you invite us) will laugh at the Pu Pu platter, but
they might just stop laughing when they realize how delicious of an option this
is. If you want to keep things simple and hit up their signature dish, you have
got to go with the Blue Ribbon’s Famous Fried Chicken. While we often disagree
with what a restaurant says is their best dish, this is not one of those

China Poblano

China Poblano

  • Cuisine: Chinese & Mexican
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM
    • Fri – Sat: 11:30 AM – 11:30 PM

Our Take: If Mexican and Chinese cuisine got together and discovered a way to
mix the best of both worlds, the result would be China Poblano. Some of our
favorites from the menu include the Guacamole which is prepared tableside (a
cool experience if you’ve never had that done before), the Silencio and Carnitas
tacos, and the Har Gow. If you’re a drinker, you’ll be excited to try one (or
several) of the many signature cocktails designed specifically for this
restaurant. Can’t decide what to order? The restaurant has an eight-item tasting
menu affordably under $50 as well as a cocktail tasting experience for $32
(prices as of the last time we had too much to eat and drink at China Poblano).
This is a great spot for dinner, but is also open for lunch, which is when we
usually find ourselves here.

District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew.

District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew.

  • Cuisine: Creative Comfort Food
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    • Fri – Sat: 6:00 AM – Midnight

Our Take: If you like fancy donuts, breakfast foods, and great coffee, you’ll
want to try this great restaurant that originally cut its teeth on the streets
of New Orleans. We’ll save the fluff and cut straight to the chase of what you
need to try here. You have got to try the donuts (flavors rotate daily), the
Croque Madame, and the Monte Cristo Donut Sandwich. Yes, we said donut sandwich.
If you’re staying at The Cosmopolitan for several days, we won’t judge you for
ending up here multiple days for breakfast or for a late-night snack more than

É by José Andrés


  • Cuisine: Avant-garde Spanish
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Tues – Sun: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
    • Tues – Sun: 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Our Take: If you’re looking to drop some coin on a fancy meal and enjoy some delish
Spanish food, you’ve found your home. The restaurant space is very small,
private, and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Cosmopolitan. There
are only two-seatings nightly that each lasts for about 2 hours, so plan to stay
awhile and get a full experience if you’re coming here. You HAVE to make
reservations, which can be done up to three months in advance. Recommendation-
exactly three months before your trip, call the restaurant and get on the list.



  • Cuisine: All-day breakfast
  • Cost: $
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Mon – Fri: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    • Sat – Sun: 12:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Our Take: While the restaurant boasts some lunch and dinner menu items, Eggslut is all
about breakfast. While the menu is short and low on options, that’s because they
specialize and absolutely crush the options they do have. Now, the line for this
counter-ordered food can get impressively long, but based on the fact people are
willing to wait, you know that this place is worth every second you spend in
line. The two must-try menu items are the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and
the Slut. No, that’s not a typo, that’s the “classy” name of one of their
signature dishes.

Estiatorio Milos

Estiatorio Milos

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean Seafood
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Lunch | Daily: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM
    • Dinner | Sun – Thurs: 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM
    • Dinner | Fri – Sat: 5:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Our Take: OMG, the calamari. Seriously, it’s not that often that we get insanely
excited about an appetizer, but if you want to try the most amazing calamari on
the face of this earth, you need to go to Milos. While this is certainly a great
dinner spot, we tend to enjoy going here for lunch because it has never been too
busy, and you get the same great level of service. Additionally, for those of
you that are indecisive, they have a great prix fixe menu that can help point
you towards the favorites and rock stars of the menu. The prix fixe menu also
guarantees you get your three-course meal in under 45 minutes, so you can still
eat like a king or queen without taking up all of your day.

Ghost Donkey: Mezcal & Tequila Bar

Ghost Donkey

  • Cuisine: Mexican Spirits and Snacks
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Dinner | Sun – Thurs: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM
    • Dinner | Fri – Sat: 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Our Take: Tequila is a food group, right? Okay, so this is more of a bar with bar snack
foods, but the snack plates are so good that we felt like it earned its spot on
the restaurant list. There are currently only six choices on the menu, and five
of them are nachos. But the nachos are incredible, and the lone “other guy” on
the menu is guacamole, which is awesome especially if you pay a little extra to
add the spicy crab. While we rave about the nacho selection here, the main
attractions are the selections of mezcal and tequila.

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken


  • Cuisine: Southern Flair
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Dinner | Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    • Dinner | Fri – Sat: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Our Take: We love simple menus because it usually means if a restaurant can survive
making one thing, they must be really good at that one thing. If you love
Nashville-style chicken, you have got to give Hattie B’s a try at The
Cosmopolitan. Reasonably priced, this is a great spot to get a quick chicken
sandwich and some southern comfort-style sides like the Pimento Mac and Cheese
or the Red Skin Potato Salad. If you’re feeling dangerous, select the Damn Hot!!
Fire Starter heat level for your chicken. Eater beware, it is HOT. There are
mild options for those less crazy folks out there.

The Henry


  • Cuisine: American
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 1, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Everyday: 24 Hours

Our Take: We’d describe The Henry as a traditional café, except with a smaller menu.
Most Vegas cafés have obnoxiously long menus which can make it tough to decide
what you want. The Henry, on the other hand, hits all the favorites fast and
hard and hits them well. Our recommendation is to give the all-day breakfast a
try, the French Dip Sandwich, or The Henry Cobb Salad if you’re watching the
waistline. Also, don’t forget to look at their list of truly delectable
signature cocktails if you’re getting the party started again or nursing a
hangover. Yes, there are several Bloody Mary-style cocktails on the menu.



  • Cuisine: Elite Burgers
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – Midnight
    • Fri – Sat: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Our Take: We don’t usually like to give out “The Best” awards to restaurants in Vegas
because it is typically very close at the top between a few restaurants and that
distinction is going to depend on your personal preference. Holsteins is an
exception. If you’re looking for the best burger in Las Vegas, this is where you
need to be. We’re not going to tell you which burger to get because they are all
awesome, but our favorites are The Gold Standard, The Billionaire Burger (most
expensive but made with Wagyu and Foie Gras), and The Classic. Also, do not
leave or let any of your friends leave Holsteins at The Cosmo without trying one
of their Instagram-friendly milkshakes. We guarantee if you don’t order one
right away, you’ll order one as soon as you see one being delivered to a table



  • Cuisine: Spanish Tapas
  • Cost: $$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: Noon – 11:00 PM
    • Fri – Sat: Noon – Midnight
    • Lunch | Noon – 4:00 PM
    • Dinner | 4:00 PM – Close

Our Take: If you are extremely indecisive or love to try a bunch of different foods,
Jaleo is going to be a great fit. It’s a tapas-style place, so come with people
you don’t mind sharing with if you want to have the best experience. Also, plan
on dropping some cash here if you really want to enjoy yourself, because the
bill will add up once you start drooling over the menu. But it’s all going to be
worth it because the food is great. Must-try items are any of the quesos, the
Chorizo Casero, and the Coca de Escalivada.

The Juice Standard

Juice Standard

  • Cuisine: Cold-Pressed Juice Bar
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Everyday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Our Take: A Las Vegas staple, The Juice Standard is a phenomenal place to get something
healthy if you need some natural energy or a pick-me-up drink. With locations in
the Las Vegas area for locals, the Strip location at The Cosmo has something
unique-alcohol. Not only can you get fresh-pressed juice, but you can also get
cocktails made with said fresh juice. If you want to feel (and actually be)
healthy while getting your “drank” on, The Juice Standard might be your main



  • Cuisine: Bold Sandwiches
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    • Fri – Sat: 9:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Our Take: The restaurant literally has the word “lard” in the name, which means fat,
which means to us-flavor, flavor, flavor. No, this is not a great restaurant for
those on a diet, but seriously, who comes to Vegas on a diet? Kudos to you if
you have that discipline, but we might not be able to be friends. This sandwich
shop has a short menu, but a lot of favorites you need to try. While you can’t
go wrong with anything on the menu, we recommend getting either the Grilled
Cheese, the Bronx Bomber, or the Korean Pork Shoulder and pairing it with the
Dirty Fries. You can thank us later.

Milk Bar

Milk Bar

  • Cuisine: Bakery Treats (with some quirks)
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 9:00 AM – 1:00 AM
    • Fri – Sat: 9:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Our Take: This bakery is not somewhere you’ll want to plan for a full meal, but is
somewhere to snag a delicious sweet snack from sometime during your stay (or
multiple times). Everything on the menu is good. Seriously, everything. What we
recommend doing is ordering one of each. It’s priced affordably, so you can get
a really awesome array of snacks that will last you a while for under about $25.
The only thing on the menu that we might tell you to shy away from are the
MilkQuakes which are milkshakes. This is NOT because they aren’t delicious, but
if you’re going to get a milkshake, go to Holsteins.



  • Cuisine: Multicultural
  • Cost: $$$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Everyday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM & 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Our Take: Anytime a restaurant has two Michelin Stars, you know you’re in store for
something magnificent. Momofuku is the brainchild of world-renowned Chef David
Chang. Again, you can’t go wrong with anything at this restaurant, but we do
have some favorites we’d like to recommend. You will definitely be pleased with
the Heritage Pork Chop, the Grilled Lamb Ribs, or if you really want to go all
out, the 5 Spice Roasted Duck is something for the ages.

Overlook Grill


  • Cuisine: Café Dining
  • Cost: $$$
  • Location: Level 4, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    • Sat – Sun: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Our Take: If you’re on the hunt for somewhere casual for breakfast or brunch that is
not over the top (like a lot of the restaurants at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas),
you’ll probably want to check out the Overlook Grill. Some great food options to
try are the Overlook Omelet, the Signature Fish Tacos, or The Breakfast Burrito
if you’re looking for something filling. If you’re thirsty, yeah, they’ve got
you covered. For around $25-$40 per person, you can get bottomless mimosas, and
Bloody Mary’s to accompany your brunch. The price range is based on the quality
of champagne or juice mix you’re looking for.

Pok Pok Wing

Pok Pok Wing

  • Cuisine: Thai and Vietnamese
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    • Fri – Sat: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Our Take: Not only is the name of this restaurant oddly fun to say, but the food in
this Portland-born restaurant is yummy. Small menu, but the foods they do, they
do right. A few recommendations to get you started are any of the Pad Thai
offerings, Ike’s Chicken Wing Special (available in Tofu, but we’ve never tried
them this way), and the Shrimp Chips.

Red Plate

Red Plate

  • Cuisine: American Chinese Cuisine
  • Cost: $$$$

  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Everyday: 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Our Take: Is pretty Chinese food an official type of cuisine? Well, if it is, Red Plate
is a leader in that world. Not only does the food at Red Plate inside The
Cosmopolitan taste great, but it will set your Instagram on fire and make your
friends and family back home instantly start drooling. If you and some friends
want to ball out, get the entire suckling pig for a few hundred bucks! You will
need to call ahead and order this, though, so plan accordingly. A few other
great options are the Braised Lamb Szechuan Style, the Short Ribs, the Peking
Duck (order ahead as well), and the Stir-Fried Lobster with Lemongrass and Thai

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.


  • Cuisine: American Chinese Cuisine
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Location: Level 2, The Chelsea Tower
  • Hours:
    • Wed – Sun: 5:30 PM – Midnight

Our Take: Pricey, but if you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, this is
definitely a must-do. We highly recommend getting reservations as early as
possible, though, to ensure that you can get on the list. If you want to order
individual entrees, some of our favorites are any of the oysters, the Tamarind
Glazed Bone Marrow, the Short Rib Stroganoff, and the Ginger Glazed Chilean Sea
Bass. If you want to do the ultimate experience, go with the Rose. Rabbit. Lit.
Experience. Last time we went, it was $125 a person ($75 for the beverage
pairing), and it includes an assortment of signature dishes for the entire table
to enjoy. If you’re going to do this, make sure that you allow at least two
hours for dinner and that everyone in your party is partaking.



  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Cost: $$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Everyday: 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Our Take: Looking for some great Vegas Italian food? Scarpetta at The Cosmopolitan is
going to deliver an experience of epic proportions. Some of our favorites are
the Veal, the Salmon, the classic Spaghetti, and the Grilled Asparagus (with
egg, crispy pancetta, and a pistachio vinaigrette). Yum. Make sure you dress to
impress, and we do recommend allotting a decent amount of time to eat here
because it is typically not a quick meal. The steak here is fantastic, but if
you’re looking for steak, you may be better off going to STK because that is
what they specialize in.



  • Cuisine: Coffee
  • Cost: $
  • Location: Level 1, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Everyday: 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Our Take: This is Starbucks. If you don’t already know the details on this iconic
coffee shop, you’ll need to go ahead and move your permanent residency out from
under the rock it currently is located at. We say this all with love, of course.



  • Cuisine: Steakhouse
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 4:30 PM – 11:00 PM
    • Fri – Sat: 4:30 PM – Midnight

Our Take: When you walk into STK, you may not be sure if you’re in a steakhouse or a
nightclub. If you’re looking for a steak-eating experience that also has the
feel of a hip nightclub, you’ll love STK. There are some quieter areas of the
restaurant, but for the most part, you’re going to feel like you’re right in the
heart of the action here. The steaks? Amazing. We’re officially going to give
you zero recommendations when it comes to steak here as they are all good and
you really should just order the cut of meat that you prefer. We highly
recommend getting a reservation as far in advance as possible, but you can
usually squeeze in last-minute here as long as it’s not an overly busy time of
the year in Vegas.

Tekka Bar: Handroll & Sake


  • Cuisine: Sushi Bar
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 2, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    • Fri – Sat: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Our Take: A quick and casual sushi bar that is literally a bar the entire way around
where the chefs work, Tekka Bar is a very affordable place to catch a quick bite
to eat. Whether you’re doing lunch, dinner, or a snack after a night out, they
will be able to deliver. There is somewhat limited seating, so you may have to
wait a bit to be able to cozy on up to the bar. One thing you’ll definitely want
to be aware of is that this Cosmopolitan sushi bar only offers hand rolls and no
cut rolls. Hand rolls are the ones that come wrapped in seaweed paper, and cut
rolls are the ones with rice along the outside. Why? No idea, but something to
be aware of if you are picky. Whatever you get, do get the spicy dipping sauce
to go with it!

Va Bene Caffe

Va Bene Caffe

  • Cuisine: Coffee and Pastries
  • Cost: $$
  • Location: Level 1, The Chelsea Tower
  • Hours:
    • Fri – Tues: 24 Hours
    • Wed & Thurs: 5:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Our Take: Looking for a coffee shop that is not Starbucks? Va Bene Caffe will be your
go-to. They have coffee, espresso beverages, and a nice selection of freshly
baked pastries to choose from. Not a place for a full meal by any means, but a
great spot to grab a snack, your coffee for the day, or a quick breakfast if you
don’t eat much early in the morning.

Wicked Spoon


  • Cuisine: Multicultural (Buffet)
  • Cost: $$$
  • Location: Level 2, The Chelsea Tower
  • Happy Hour | Everyday: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Hours:
    • Brunch | Mon – Thurs: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    • Brunch | Fri – Sun: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    • Dinner | Mon – Thurs: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Dinner | Fri – Sat: 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    • Dinner | Sun: 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Our Take: Alright, the fanboy and fangirl in our team here is about to come out. Wicked
Spoon at The Cosmopolitan is one of (if not the) best buffet on the Strip,
especially for the price point. Some might argue the Bacchanal at Caesars is
better, but we would disagree first on quality (not by much), then heavily
disagree when you start talking price. If you’re looking to get the Vegas buffet
experience and you want quality at an affordable price, Wicked Spoon is made for
you. Additionally, they offer some add-ons to your meal you can pay for
including bottomless alcoholic beverages and a pass to skip the line that can
get lengthy from time to time. Go here, splurge on the line passes if you can
afford it ($10 weekday or $15 weekend per person), and thank us later.



  • Cuisine: Modern Japanese
  • Cost: $$$$
  • Location: Level 3, Boulevard Tower
  • Hours:
    • Restaurant | Sun – Thurs: 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM
    • Restaurant | Fri & Sat: 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM
    • Bar | Everyday: 5:00 PM – Midnight

Our Take: Last on the list, but certainly not last on our favorites list is Zuma. The
menu is an eclectic mix of Japanese cuisines with a very modern twist. On the
menu, you’ll find sushi and some sushi rolls, skewers, cold dishes, tempura
dishes, and several different interesting protein options. It’s tough to make
recommendations, because a lot of the choices are heavily dependent on your
personal preferences. But that’s not going to stop us! Our favorites include the
spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, red chili, and sweet soy, the grilled Chilean
seabass with green chili and ginger dressing, and the tomahawk (32oz) 14-day
dry-aged steak with black truffle. If you’re visiting on a budget, it’s
definitely not a restaurant you want to include on your list. But if you’re
planning on living it up and have room in the budget, this is a meal you will
not soon forget.

Secret Pizza

Secret Pizza

No matter how long you spend on The Cosmopolitan website, you’re not going to
see any information about their secret pizza place. What used to be a
locals-only secret has slowly spread to the veteran visitors of the city. The
place has affordable, incredible pizza, as well as beers on tap. It’s open every
day from 11AM to either 4 or 5AM depending on the night.

How do you find it? Well, there are no signs, so listen up and take notes.
Head up the escalators to the third floor. When you get off the escalators, you
will be facing Jaleo. To the left of the restaurant, you’ll see a narrow hallway
that may or may not have a line of people coming out of it. This is the gateway
to heavenly pizza!

Is this a gimmick? Yes. Is it an awesome gimmick that you should include in
your trip plans? You betcha’.

Shows, Events, Nightlife, and Entertainment

As you can probably already tell from the vast number of restaurants at The
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the creators of the property care a lot about
attracting guests that like to do more than just gamble. In order to accomplish
this, the entertainment lineup needs to be top notch. Do we think they
accomplished that? Yes, yes, we did. While they don’t have any massive
production-type shows like some other properties on the Strip, they do have some
great intimate theater shows, unique special guest musicians and comedians, and
one of the best nightclubs in the entire world.

Let’s take a look at the different entertainment offerings at The
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

The Chelsea

One of our favorite concert venues in the entire city is The Chelsea at The
Cosmopolitan. It’s small enough to have an intimate feel, but big enough to be
able to bring in major names. The design is unique, the drinks are affordable,
and the clientele that attends the events are people enjoyable to be around. The
40,000-square foot facility can be standing room only for some events or
transformed into a seated concert venue depending on the type of show.
Click the link below to find tickets to events happening during your stay!

Marquee Nightclub


It doesn’t take much argument to convince anyone that Marquee Nightclub is
one of the top nightclubs in the entire world. If you’re looking for the hottest
parties, the biggest DJs, and the most beautiful people, you’re looking for
Marquee. Now, as you might suspect, one of the hottest nightclubs in the world
is going to be extremely busy, and you will need to plan ahead to have a
successful trip.

The club is open Monday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM.
Regarding dress code, you’ll want to dress to impress. The Cosmopolitan’s
website regards it as “upscale casual” which means button-down collared shirts
and dress shoes for the men. Don’t even try getting in with a baseball hat,
tennis shoes, open-toed shoes, or baggy pants.

There are tons of table options available if you’re wanting to spend some
money and get an elevated experience. If you’re not familiar with how tables
work in Vegas nightclubs, you basically pay a bunch of money for a bottle(s) of
alcohol and a place for you and your guests to sit. It’s a fun experience, but
depending on where in the club you want to be and what you want to drink, it
will be fairly pricey. If you split that price amongst a bunch of friends, the
cost does come down significantly. It all depends on what type of nightclub
experience you want to have.

Marquee Dayclub


Looking to party during the day? Well, Marquee also has a Dayclub (fancy term
for a party pool) that’s open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM during pool season. Much
like the nightclub, you’ll be enjoying musical performances from some of the top
DJs in the industry, except you’ll be outside in the sun.

Much like the nightclub, you can upgrade your experience to a cabana or a
bungalow. You’ll get your own private spa, infinity plunge pool, and you’ll be
able to order drinks or bottle service. If it’s a slower day at the pool, you
may be able to get one of these locations for a food and beverage minimum.
Basically, instead of paying a fee to rent the space, you agree to spend a
certain amount of money on food and alcohol.

If you’re interested in going to the Marquee Dayclub, make sure you either
get your passes early (and plan on arriving early), or book out a cabana
reservation far out ahead of time. They will fill up fast, especially if there’s
a major DJ performing (which happens most days the pool is open).


An adults-only show from the creators of Absinthe (a wildly popular and
successful show over at Caesar’s Palace), Opium is an extremely exciting,
entertaining, and hard-to-describe show. The website does a pretty great job
describing Opium as, “Rocky Horror Picture Show met Buck Rogers and exploded in
Captain Kirk’s pants!” Please go ahead and take a minute to process that one.

The show does not play every night of the week (typically dark on Tuesdays),
and we’re really not sure how long it will be playing at The Cosmopolitan. But,
if you’re looking for a quirky, variety-type, science fiction-esque show that is
sure to entertain (people rave about it), then you’ll want to give Opium a go.
If you’re looking for dinner and a show, there are dining packages that pair
tickets to Opium with Wicked Spoon (the buffet) or Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

The Barbershop

Alright, The Barbershop at The Cosmopolitan is just plain, old-school cool.
It’s a cross between a bar, an actual barbershop, a concert venue, and a place
to just hang out. For the barber side of things, you can get facials, haircuts,
cleanups, brow work, beard trims, and the super-popular, classic straight razor
shave. On the entertainment side of things, just being in The Barbershop at The
Cosmo is entertaining. To spice things up, they regularly have live bands and
even karaoke on Tuesdays.

For alcohol, you’ll be treated to an extensive selection of bourbons and
whiskeys as well as beers, champagne, mezcal, tequila, and signature cocktails.
You can buy drinks by the glass or if you’ve got several friends (or can drink
like a fish), you can purchase by the bottle. Ladies, don’t be shy; you’re
welcome here as well! Can’t let the boys have all the fun now, can we?

Clique Bar and Lounge

If you’re searching for someplace casual to grab a drink with friends and/or
a quick snack, you’ll want to take a look at the Clique Bar. The bar has a nice
mix of table snacks (appetizers), signature cocktails (tons of them), and wine,
champagne, and beers to choose from. This is a great place to escape the fast
pace of the rest of The Cosmopolitan casino and enjoy a slightly slower pace.

One thing that may also interest some of you is that Clique Bar and Lounge
currently celebrates Taco Tuesday. They offer a $29 all-you-can-drink tequila
package with your choice of three tacos! This is a very affordable way to get
the party started and enjoy some delicious tacos in the process.

Clique Bar and Lounge is open daily from 4PM – 3AM with the kitchen being
open from 4PM – 1AM.

Dive-In Movies

During the summer months at The Cosmo, you can partake in one of the coolest
events on the Strip known as Dive-In Movies. Dive-In Movies is a cheap source of
entertainment that will most likely be like something you’ve never done before.
Every Monday from early May to around Labor Day, The Cosmo shows a classic movie
on the Marquee at the Boulevard Pool. So, you can relax at or in the pool, chill
out on a daybed, and watch a movie on a big screen while enjoying some great
cocktails and appetizers available for purchase. Pricing for non-hotel guests is
$7, and pricing for hotel guests is completely free!

The Chandelier Bar

The coolest bar by a long shot in The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is The
Chandelier Bar. Basically, the entire middle section of the casino floor going
up several floors is a massive chandelier built around a bar. It’s an art
exhibit, meets bar, meets incredible cocktails, meets architectural wonder. No
matter whether you plan on drinking or not, you need to plan to take a few
minutes to walk through and experience The Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan
Las Vegas.

Housed at The Chandelier Bar are three different bar experiences all
depending on what level you are on. The first level of the bar is your classic
casino bar easily accessible from the casino floor. As you move up to what is
known as floor 1.5, you’ll be inside the chandelier somehow tucked away from a
lot of the action of the hotel and casino. The top level of the bar is the top
of the chandelier, where you’ll find a lounge-style area.

All levels of The Chandelier serve beer and wine, but you’ll find a different
menu of signature cocktails at each of the three different levels. We highly
recommend taking some time to check out the menus for each level before going,
so you can decide where to go to get the drink that you want. We’ve conveniently posted pictures of the most recent menus below our suggestions for you, go ahead and click on them and take a closer look.

The Study

No, this is not a library where there will be any tests or quizzes. The Study
is a bar located at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. equipped with comfortable seating,
signature cocktails, appetizers, and even a record player you can play your
favorite vinyl records on! Drink prices here are somewhat higher than most other
bars or lounges in The Cosmo, but the quality certainly matches the increase. If
you’re looking for a very chic and classy place to grab a drink or two, this is
a must-try. For those of you that love Old Fashioneds, you’ll definitely want to
try their R.R.L Old Fashioned. For our gin fans out there, the Bohemian Rhapsody
is a big win with Hendrick’s Gin, Novo Fogo Cachaca, Strawberry Fassionola
Syrup, Citrus, and Pineapple.


Open 24 hours a day, Vesper is a hit lounge located on the Strip-side of The
Cosmopolitan Casino. If you’re looking for somewhere to get a few drinks before
heading out for the night and you want to experience some awesome signature
cocktails, Vesper will be a hit with your group. They boast several signature
cocktails, wines by the glass, beer, and a pretty decent bourbon and whiskey
selection. A beer is going to run you about $8 – $10 here which is typically the
cheapest anywhere on the property. Signature drinks are in the $17 – $20 range,
wines by the glass in the $11 – $30 range, and bourbon and whiskeys from the low
teens up into the four figures with the Macallan “M”.

Pools, the Spa, and Other Amenities

Mixed with the nice array of casino action, the great restaurants, and the
exciting entertainment are several other amenities available to guests of the
property. Below, we’re going to take a quick look at what you can expect from a
stay at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Some of these amenities are available to
non-hotel guests, but you will need to check on a day-by-day basis with a member
of the hotel staff.


At The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, there are three different pools that you can
choose from, each with a different level of energy attached to it. We’ve listed
these three pools below with some important information about each in order from
the most chill and relaxing to the highest energy Vegas-style party pool.

The Chelsea Pool

If you’re looking for relaxation at the pool, you’ll want to make your way to
The Chelsea Pool on level 14 of The Chelsea Tower. Open daily during pool season
from 8AM – 7PM, the pool is designed for seclusion away from the hustle and
bustle so you can actually unwind. There is no thumping club music here, just
soothing ambient sounds to give the feeling of being in a desert oasis. There
are plenty of food and drink options available for purchase without needing to
leave the pool area.

The Boulevard Pool

The step-up in energy level with pools is The Boulevard Pool at The
Cosmopolitan. Open from 8AM – 6PM on Mondays and from 8AM – 7PM the rest of the
week, this is a good mix between upbeat Vegas and relaxing escape. The music
here will be upbeat, and the design and arrangement of furniture foster an
environment of meeting new people or interacting with the guests you came with.
Food and drink are also available for purchase here, so feel free to spend some
time getting some rays during pool season. For those wondering, the menus at The
Chelsea Pool and at the Boulevard Pool are identical.

Marquee Dayclub

The highest energy level pool at The Cosmo is Marquee Dayclub. Open from 11AM
– 6PM during pool season, Marquee Dayclub is basically a nightclub shifted to
daytime and mixed with a pool. You’ll catch the hottest people dancing, the
hottest DJs spinning, and the hot Vegas days melting away in the relaxing pool.
To find out more about Marquee Dayclub, click here to head over to our full
write up on the Dayclub.

The Spa and The Salon

The spa at The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino in Las Vegas is open daily from
7AM – 8PM. Located on the 14th floor of The Chelsea Tower, the spa is
somewhere you can pay to just hang out or get services completed. For those
looking just to get away, you can pay a daily fee for the use of the facilities
every day of the week except for Friday – Sunday, unless you are also getting a
treatment those days. If you are getting a treatment of more than $105
completed, you will be able to waive the facility fee and enjoy the amenities
free of charge.

Regarding the services available, you can get just about anything you would
be able to at a traditional spa along with several unique treatments. We’ve
attached the most recent rate sheet below for the spa at The Cosmo. Keep in mind
that we work hard to update this pricing as often as possible, but the most
up-to-date pricing will have to be retrieved from the hotel.

Attached to the spa at The Cosmo is the salon where you can have a ton of
different services completed. These include things like nail care, haircuts,
styling, coloring, bridal services, tanning, and waxing. You will want to try
and book these services as far in advance as possible, but there is still the
possibility to get same-day or same-week treatments booked. We’ve attached the
most recent pricing sheet below for your convenience.

The Fitness Amenities

There are two fitness centers for you to use on Cosmo property. Additionally,
you have the ability to take group fitness classes, yoga, or get personalized
training. So, even though you’re on vacation and may be slightly punishing your
body, you can still do what is important to keep healthy and looking good for
pool parties or a night out!

The Boulevard Fitness Center

Open 24 hours a day and located on Level 15 of the Boulevard Tower, you can
access the fitness center with your hotel key and get in a workout. Listed below
is the breakdown of equipment and amenities available:

Boulevard Gym

  • 2,087 square feet
  • Personal lockers
  • State-of-the-art Technogym equipment
  • Seven treadmills
  • Five elliptical machines
  • Upright and recumbent fitness bikes
  • Resistance strength equipment and free-weight area

The Chelsea Fitness Center

Located on Level 14 of the Chelsea Tower, The Chelsea Fitness Center is the
much larger facility at 5,250 square feet, but it is only open from 5AM – 8PM
daily. Due to the larger floor space, you will see more machines as well as
several different types of machines that are not offered at The Boulevard
Fitness Center.

Chelsea Gym

  • 5,250 square feet
  • Personal lockers
  • State-of-the-art Technogym Fitness equipment
  • 12 treadmills
  • Six elliptical machines
  • Two Technogym Vario machines
  • Upright and recumbent bikes
  • Movement studio
  • Resistance strength equipment and free-weight area
  • Tennis courts
  • Kinesis Wall offering zero-impact exercises


Offered several times throughout the week for $15, this 60-minute boot
camp-style workout is a group fitness class ready to whip your butt into shape.
Advertised as appropriate for all fitness levels, the class boasts a calorie
burn of between 600-800 calories! Included exercises include boxing,
plyometrics, strength training, and core stability exercises. Also for $15 and offered several times per week, you can take a group yoga
class targeted to yogis of all skill levels.

Personal Training

If you’d like some individual attention, The Cosmopolitan Hotel has certified
personal trainers on staff ready to give you the workout you’re looking for.
Rates are subject to change, but you can get a 30-minute workout for around $65
or a 60-minute workout for around $95.

If you have a large group planning to take any of these classes, contact
the hotel first. We’ve heard rumors that you may be able to get a group rate on
some of these classes.


Did someone say shopping? The Cosmo did! If you’re looking to get out and do
some shopping, The Cosmo has a ton of eclectic shops offering some really unique
things you aren’t going to be able to find many other places on the globe. This
includes swimwear, shoes, jewelry, close, eyewear, cosmetics, and many other
unique items that you might need for your stay or to take home for yourself or
as a gift.

Remember, make sure you sign up for the Identity Rewards Program so that you
get your rewards points and tier status for all the shopping that you do.
Shopping is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn points and rewards!

You are also going to be within walking distance of the Aria Campus (formerly
known as City Center and most locals and tourists have no idea the name
changed). This area is filled with a ton of high-end shops where you can truly
set your credit card on fire buying jewelry, clothes, suits, handbags, and
anything else that is priced with a lot of zeros! Even if you’re not planning on
torching the credit card, it’s a really cool place to check out and is only
about a five-minute walk south on the Strip. Exit The Cosmo by Beauty and Essex,
and you’ll be able to get there the quickest.


The Cosmopolitan itself is like one big art museum that happens to have
casino games, restaurants, and shops inside of it. We HIGHLY recommend you allot
some time to walk the entire property and take in all of the awesome art hanging
on the walls and staged throughout the property.

If you want a really cool souvenir to take home, make sure you look for one
of the six Art-O-Mat vending machines located around the property. These vending
machines are loaded up with small works of art from over 400 different artists.
These machines will look like old-school cigarette vending machines, but they
spit out little works of art instead of little sticks that are bad for your

Parking at The Cosmopolitan

Free parking, right?! It depends. Several years back, most major casino
properties on the Strip began charging for parking, and The Cosmopolitan
followed suit. Thankfully, things were dialed back at the property where hotel
guests can now park for free, but non-hotel guests will need to pay for parking.

In the next few sections, we’ll show you the parking rates for self-parking
and valet as well as a few ways you can get free parking if you are not a guest
staying at The Cosmo.

Valet Parking Rates

  • 0-4 Hours: $15
  • 4-24 Hours: $20
  • 24 Hours+: $20 per day
  • Registered hotel guests receive complimentary valet parking

Self-Parking Rates

  • 0-1 Hour: Complimentary
  • 1-4 Hours: $10
  • 4-24 Hours: $15
  • 24 Hours+: $15 per day
  • Registered hotel guests receive complimentary self-parking

Ways to Get Free Parking at The Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas

  • Be a registered guest of the casino and valet, and self-parking is free
  • Be a Sterling Level Identity Rewards Club member or higher and get free self-parking
  • Be a Gold Level Identity Rewards Club member or higher and get free valet or self-parking

Things to Know About Parking at The Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas

  • During special events and peak periods, prices are subject to change.
    This means it can get a lot more expensive with the sole purpose of
    deterring non-hotel guests to ensure space for hotel guests.
  • You can park in some surrounding properties and get free parking.
  • Your parking spend does count towards rewards points and tier status, so
    make sure you take your receipt to the rewards desk to get credit.
  • The self-parking garage is underneath the casino and can be accessed
    from the south on Harmon Avenue or from the Strip (signs are clearly
  • The maximum vehicle height allowed in the garage is 8 feet 2 inches.
    There are no additional fees for larger vehicles as long as they fit in the

Pro Tips: Experience The Cosmopolitan the Right Way

Go to Secret Pizza

You’re not going to find this anywhere on the hotel’s website or listed on
any of their directories. While a lot of people do know about this hidden
amenity, it is still a great addition to your trip. Show your friends how
“in-the-know” you are and take them to Secret Pizza. Click here for more
information on how to get there (since the map at the casino won’t help you).

Experience the Taste Bud-Altering Drink, the Verbena, at the Chandelier Bar

One of the coolest drink experiences available in Las Vegas is the Verbena,
available only at the middle level of The Chandelier Bar. Order this drink, and
it will come with a special flower that will make your mouth tingle and actually
alter how your taste buds work for several minutes!

Look for the Art-O-Mat Machines

Take home a unique piece of art from over 400 different artists courtesy of a
vending machine. Look around The Cosmo for what will appear to be a cigarette
machine, but is actually an art vending machine. Put in a few bucks, and you’ll
get a unique piece of art that will make the perfect souvenir or gift for
someone back home.

Look for the Shoe Dispensers Outside of the Club

Ladies, ever get done at the club and want nothing more than to take your
heels off but don’t want to get your feet dirty? Well, some genius somewhere has
created vending machines where you can purchase disposable slip-on shoes for
just a few bucks. This is the best way to save your feet after a nice long night
of dancing. These machines have moved around some, but they are typically
located right outside the clubs. Hotel staff should be able to help point you to
them if you need help.

Get a Milkshake from Holsteins

They’re epic. Seriously. You won’t know whether to dig in or start up an
Instagram photo shoot when it’s delivered. We recommend you do both!

Join the Identity Rewards Club

You earn points anytime you pull money out at The Cosmopolitan. Whether you
are gambling, eating, or shopping, you are earning points. Heck, you’re even
earning points when you’re parking, as long as you turn in your receipt! Don’t
miss out on free rewards and tier credit. Pull your Identity Rewards card out
everywhere and start building up your status.

Redeem Your Identity Points If You Won’t Be Back Within 12 Months

Your points expire after 12 months of inactivity. If you’ve earned points
during your stay and are not planning to be back at all within the next year,
cash your points in and reap the rewards. Remember, though, even one purchase or
use of your card at one game during the next 12 months will reset the countdown
for inactivity, so there is no need to force anything if you’ll at least be back
for a few minutes at any point during the year.