2018 EGR Awards | Pinnacle Takes The Crown Yet Again

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EGR Awards might not be in the mainstream media but it’s safe to say they mean a lot to business in this particular niche. You can think of EGR Awards as The Oscars for the esports and gaming communities. The numbers don’t lie – more than 800 industry professionals attended this year’s EGR Awards, filling the gorgeous Grosvenor House in London for a proper industry spectacle. But, before we jump to EGR Awards 2018 winners, first let’s find out what EGR actually represents!

What is EGR?

EGR stands for eGaming Review. It is the biggest B2B publisher and membership networking group in the world as far as gaming and esports betting are concerned. Rich with industry experts, EGR delivers comprehensive B2B titles containing remarkable insights into the ins and outs of esports and supporting industries.

In addition to EGR itself (EGR Global, if we are to be more precise), there are 5 additional brands underneath it. They are as follows:

EGR Intelligence

The most comprehensive B2B information service in the industry.

EGR Technology

Network focusing on current and future technology trends in gaming and esports.

EGR Compliance

Provides businesses in this industry with the most recent info regarding legal issues.

EGR Marketing

Dedicated to providing intelligence for marketers in the industry.

EGR North America

A channel which specializes in NA-specific industry news.

Furthermore, EGR is also responsible for holding multiple global events for the biggest names in gaming and esports betting industries. Obviously, they hold the biggest awards ceremony in this sector as well – the EGR Operator Awards. So, with all that out of our way, let’s see why exactly did Pinnacle take the crown as the world’s best esports operator!

Pinnacle Still at The Top

EGR Awards 2018 confirmed Pinnacle’s dominance over the esports betting industry. And it has been this way for several years already. Promising esports operators come and go but the brilliance (and effort) of Pinnacle is becoming evergreen. So, for all of you who are wondering what’s so special about Pinnacle’s esports presence, here is a short list that may help you understand the matter a bit better:

Simple User Interface

The basis for Pinnacle’s recent success lies in its website, there is no doubt about it. It is fluid, responsive and very simple to navigate, making the user experience as clean and simple as it can be. This is especially important for beginners who aren’t used to navigating comprehensive betting tables and various adjustable options.

Huge Number of Available Esports

As far as this is concerned, Pinnacle definitely goes by the old saying – the more, the merrier. In addition to the biggest 4 esports out there (referring to Dota 2, LoL, CSGO and Overwatch), Pinnacle features a wide variety of additional ones. Titles such as Rocket League, King of Glory and Rainbow Six Siege are all there too.

Professional Customer Service

If you happen to stumble across any issues while using Pinnacle, you can rest assured their customer support channels will be at your service. They have highly skilled professionals leading their Customer Service department, ensuring the satisfaction of each user. It is a shame that many other esports bookies don’t do the same thing.

Solid Betting Odds

In all honesty, there are esports bookmakers with higher odds than Pinnacle. It’s a fact. However, their betting odds might not be the greatest out there but they aren’t bad either. Solid is the perfect word that can be used here. Still, considering all the positive things regarding their service, I’d say Pinnacle betting odds are right on point.

For more information on this feel free to check our comprehensive Pinnacle review!

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